Kirby Sentria (G10) Vacuum Cleaner 10 Year Warranty Included

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Because of the Kirby's patented multi-speed power plant, it makes all housecleaning chores possible. Made of die cast aluminum, not plastic, it easily converts to a Deep-Cleaning Upright, a Carpet Shampoo System, Canister Vacuum, and more. It's not just a vacuum. It is a complete home care system. There is no need to invest in multiple appliances or try to find places to store them all ... with the Sentria? home care system, you get them all! JUST SOME OF THE SENTRIA? SYSTEM'S EXCITING FEATURES Powerful airflow combined with a HEPA 11 filtration system means that dirt and debris have no where to hide. Thanks to our state-of-the-art TechDrive? power assist, it only takes a featherlike touch to push the system. Toe Touch Control gives you the proper cleaning height every time without bending. The LED headlight brightens even the darkest corners. Quick-drying carpet shampoo process provides professional results at a fraction of the cost. Use the portable mode to remove irritating dust mite allergens from your bedding. Clean even hard-to-reach areas with our wide variety of attachments. Easily remove pet hair and debris from upholstered furniture The Sentria? home care system is constructed with durable die-cast aluminum parts that will stand up to years of tough use. Attachments included: Kirby Sentra Complete Home Care Vacuum System. Kirby caddy. Portable sprayer. Spare belt. Attachment hose. Upholstery nozzle. Hand held portable handle for the Sentra. Inflater deflater tool. Replacement belt and air intake guard. Multi purpose household sprayer NIB Kirby Shampoo System Complete With Attachments. Duster brush. Wall & ceiling fan brush. Extension tubes. Surface nozzle. Crevice tool. Massage cup. Lamp & lite dusting tool. Warranty from Kirby NOT included, only 10 Year ASC Motor warranty, and 2 Year Warranty from GoVacuum. GoVacuum has no affiliation with Scott Fitzer company, or Kirby company.

  • Brand New Kirby Sentria
  • 10 YEAR ASC MOTOR WARRANTY! (Kirby warranty NOT Included)
  • Carpet Shampooer included

 Customer Reviews:

  • The carpet cleaner is junk
    The vacuum it self is a good machine, but the carpet cleaner does not work, real light work with the carpet. It will not do the job if you have dirt or any kind of spot on the junk. Is junk!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Kirby Sentria
    This is the most amazing machine ever made. I am thankful that we put up with the sales pitch and purchased the Sentria....more info
  • Simply The Best Vacuum Ever Made!!!!
    i just recently purchased this vacuum from a door to door sales man. and yes you do have to get by the sales people, but they are just trying to make a honest living. i was so embarrassed when they were doing the in home demo. i had a electrolux oxygen 3 and i thought it cleaned pretty good but i had absolutly no idea that there was so much more dirt being left from the vacuum. this kirby just simply took care of all the dirt. and i have 2 dogs, a cat and a baby. after seeing how much dirt was being left behind i just had to buy it cause since my daighter is now crawling i dont want her in that filth. oh and the shampooer i also just bought a 5 star rated shampooer before i got this kirby and there was a couple of stains that i couldn't get out, lets just say that this vacuum did it all. the stain is gone and my carpets are restored once again. i am so happy to have this vacuum, yes the price is pretty high but the one that i got came with a lifetime warrantee, so it will be the last vacuum that i buy for life. buying this vacuum will be the best decision that you will ever make. ...more info
  • 10-year Warranty?!?
    The warranty on a Kirby Sentria is a 3-year limited warranty. All parts and labor are covered on the powerplant, which is the motor and suction aspect of the machine. After that, if the Kirby quits working, they will completely rebuild it like new for $ 175.00. This is of course if you buy from a qualified dealer that offers the warranty.

    I know this because I sell them in in-home demonstrations. If Kirby offers any other type of warranty, I haven't heard of it. Also, if you buy any way other than from an in-home demonstration, chances are there is no warranty at all. Kirby only advertises by word of mouth, and showing the machine personally in homes.

    Honestly, though, the Kirby Sentria is most definately the best home maintenance system I've ever seen. Whether paying full price or getting a deal on a Sentria, investing in this awsome machine is the wisest decision anyone can make for the health of their families and cleaniness of their home. ...more info