Ionic Pro 90TPO300CST1 Therapure 300 HEPA & Germicidal Air Sanitizer

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Product Description

Features: Easy to read digital display plus night light. Keeps air in large rooms purified and revitalized. 1-12 hour timer allows user to set operation periods. Adjustable air flow direction with built-in ionizer to revitalize air. Extremely quiet with low power consumption for energy efficiency. Employs a Triple Action Purification system with a CADR level of 180. Four fan speed settings allows the user to select desired cleaning level. Photocatalyst Filter removes VOC's such as toxic paint, carpet fumes and household chemicals. Uses UV/Germicidal technology and never-need-replacing HEPA filter to quickly destroy germs & bacteria.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Imagine it - an air filter unit that actually filters air
    This setup is by far the best I've come across so far. So many units claim to be 1) effective and 2) quiet while operating. As I'm typing this, the sound my clicking keys is by far louder than the unit operating at medium power.

    The filter works best to my knowledge on dust and dander. You can clean it with a vacuum or a dust buster, and cleaning takes all of 30 seconds, and requires no replacement. It includes a UV lamp that can be turned on and off, but unless you live in an area with high concentrations of mold or bacteria, I can't see it being of much use. The bulb can burn out, but I haven't a handle on how long they last.

    Good for medium sized rooms, this is by far the best buy for the money I've found out of the 4-5 filters I've tried thus far....more info
  • Owned for a short time so far.
    We have only owned this item for 2 days, but have noticed a few things about the product.
    -The filter is cleanable and will not need regular replacements. - A Big Plus since filters for comparable units are between $70-125.
    -The fan blow is fairly noisy at Med-High to High speeds, but to achieve the CADR rating of 180, it needs to move a lot of air.
    -The lights are very bright on the front of the unit, but could easily be covered up with black tape if used in a bedroom. It is not necessary to see the lights after you've used the product for a short period of time.
    -This unit has the features of very expensive units costing $300-500. UV, HEPA, and Ion Generator are great features. Hopefully they are effective on this paticular unit.

    I am still going to see if I actually notice the results of this unit, before deciding to keep it.

    ...more info
  • I am a very picky consumer
    I bought this unit hours ago from Costco and I have to say Im happy with the purchase . It seems to be cleaning my room effeciently.
    The good ;
    1. Very silent when set on the lowest speed .
    2. Stylish
    3. The price at costco was amazingly seductive .
    The bad ( for IM a picky man );
    1. the unit has a hummmmmmm.... sound even when its on its lowest setting .
    The bottom line ;
    A very good poduct that was well made .
    I personally ;
    REcommend it .
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  • Hepa filter unit
    Good unit, fan is fairly noisy on any speed past low. On the lowest setting, the fan can barely be heard. Seemed to work well at clearing out the room of all the things activating my allergies. The best feature is the timer, it can be set up to twelve hours. I set it at night for 8 hours, keeps me from forgetting to turn it off before leaving for work....more info