Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine with Swivel Disc

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Product Description

SPT USA Swing Machine with Swivel Disc AB-07

  • 14 different speed adjustments
  • 95 - 175 rotations per minute
  • User friendly remote with 1-touch buttons
  • Auto timed programs of 5-minute intervals ( 5 ~ 30 min)
  • Easy carrying handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent product, best value on the market
    I purchased my first chi machine, an Exerciser 2000, back in 1999 for nearly $400. It's a fine product, but it only has one setting, which I discovered is just way too fast for my bad back to tolerate safely or comfortably. Needless to say, I regretted that purchase and consequently stayed away from chi machines for a few years.

    By comparison, the Supentown AB-07 is under $80, it features up to 14 speed settings, and has an easy-to-use remote with multiple options. Now my only reget is that I didn't go looking for this thing sooner.

    If you have never used a chi machine before, it's hard to describe the experience. They're simply unlike any other exercise machines I know of. The feeling is both relaxing and invigorating and for people like me, they're great way to help stay active without risking further injury.

    If you have a chronic injury or are not in great physical condition, I highly recommend the Supentown (assuming your doctor or physical therapist agrees that chi machines are a safe option for your situation). It's the best value I could find on the market and has more features than many of the far more expensive models.

    At the slowest setting, it's so gentle I can use it comfortably even when my back and neck are really hurting. And when I want to step up the pace, the remote makes it easy to increase or decrease the speed gradually, in small increments, so it's always easy to find a pace that feels just right.

    I placed my order on a Sunday evening and recieved the machine by Wednesday afternoon using standard shipping.

    Only two minor issues to mention.

    1. The ankle rest is made of hard plastic, so some folks may want to use a little extra padding for comfort (like wearing an extra pair of socks perhaps).

    2. The ankle rest is also a little smaller compared to the Exerciser 2000. I believe they had asian women in mind when they manufactured this model. Wearing a man's size 9 shoe, it fits me just fine. But I suppose people with much larger feet may find it a bit tight.

    All things considered, this is one of the very best purchases I've made at Amazon. ...more info
  • great product
    This product does everything they say it does! Amazing and very easy to use!...more info
  • Works as advertised, but...
    The healthy swing machine came in good shape and works as advertised, but the ankle holders are a little uncomfortable and should be padded somehow for maximum confort....more info
  • Great Product
    I don't know if the purpose of using this machine is to make you sleep, but right after I use it for about 30 minutes, I fall asleep like a baby. Great product and not too expensive....more info
  • Results?
    I like this product, I really like it... After 3 weeks of daily use, I still don't see or feel any of the lasting changes I had hoped to get. While I am using, though, I love the motion it produces: it's almost like gliding through water...
    This machine is more versatile compared to other models (my mother owns one); this one comes wit a more complete control that allows you to not only set the amount of time you want to use it, but also the speed of the motion. I love the automatic mode, which combines different speeds of motion for the time interval you selected. It's funky!!!

    I'll give it 4 stars for now, and once I see the long term health benefits I hope to get, I'll bump it up a notch to 5 stars.

    Maybe it's just a matter of time......more info
  • Sunpentown Chi Swing Okay after 1 Day
    I started using this Chi swing machine today in hopes that it helps my lymphedema. I researched several and settled on this Sunpentown model. Others cost way more than I wanted to spend, $[...]. This was around $[...]. I'm a little leery, especially because I haven't read anything that says that it will help lower-extremity lymphedema, which is why I bought it, but what little research I've done suggests that it gets the legs moving at a decent enough pace that I think it should help the lymph nodes drain. So I'm hopeful.

    The machine is more robust than what I thought it would be. It's actually <[...]>Read the rest of the review here....more info
  • Not a deal
    I have had the abillity to try other models and have found that this one was the worst. The ankle cradle is hardly sized for adults and painful to use without adding socks and/or padding to the cradle. The speeds are okay in comparison but the swing disk you sit on is not comfortable at all. I recieved this one as a gift and after checking on returning it I see it has no guarantee and a restock fee for the product. So they don't really back what they sell. I would not recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Swaying but not swiveling on my Sunpentown Swing Machine (Elvis impersonators look elsewhere)
    You could do much worse than simply lie flat on your back and leave the rest to this mechanical device, for which all sorts of extravagant claims are made--it balances your "chi," aligns your meridians, provides instant "self-esteem" (I'm not kidding). Be sure to read them for any placebo effect, but rest assured that, even without the hype, this thing is capable of providing immediate "symptomatic" relief for chronic pain as well as serve as an effective stress-buster. In fact, i'd rank it close to acupuncture in that respect.

    The claim that it will help "headache-sufferers" seems a bit overreaching, but it could be just the ticket for conditions like restless leg syndrome, some types of stomach/intestinal discomfort, and of course the classic lower back demons. It shouldn't do much damage (more than can be said for certain diets or devices that mess with the spine), but it's definitely capable of shaking things up, and with considerable vigor, so users with serious injuries to the hips or legs should exercise good judgment (employ the lower, gentler settings and be content with 10-15 rather than 50-60 minute sessions).

    Main gripe: the inclusion of a silly-looking, apparently useless purple disc, designated (in Victorian long-hand script) the "Figure Trimmer." This circle is a two-part contraption, each half "capable" of being moved independently--providing you grab it with your hands and get a bit rough with it, like opening last year's jar of canned peaches. The idea that this thing would follow the movements of your lower body, making the pelvis replicate the moves of Elvis, is totally ludicrous. The instructions offer no illumination (maybe a can of WD-40 would help, but even if it spun freely, the physics simply don't compute--the rocking motion from the electronic gadget is simply antithetical to the putative swiveling motion of the disc).

    So you might want to hold off until seeing a demonstration on youtube. I'll believe it when I see it (I briefly considered putting legs on it and using it as a piano stool, but it doesn't move freely enough even for that function).

    [Later: some of the reviews critical of the device indeed make a valid point. Thanks to the hard plastic where your feet are placed, there's bound to be a "rub" ("knock," would be more accurate). Run it in "automatic," which causes the device to oscillate between maximum slow and fast speeds, and approximately 5 minutes into the session, the backs of your lower legs (the shin area) will start to smart from being bumped violently against the sides of the hard concave area as well as being "bounced" up and down on the bottom of the "granite valley." Had the manufacturers provided some "cushioning" in this area (and trashed the darn disc), it would have made a positive difference in comfort as well as the consumer's perception of the device and its cost. Somehow all of the kitschy hard and purple plastic along with the incongruous juxtaposition of nomenclature like "Healthy Swinger" and "Figure Trimmer" with language from ancient Chinese medicine speaks of consumer exploitation, whether or not the machine performs up to expectation. Must the Chinese continue to be the world's leaders in cheap, mass production even while drawing upon traditional Eastern wisdom for products targeted at a relatively narrow consumer base?]...more info
  • Chi machine
    I love it. I have no problem at all with the unpadded ankle rests -it is a non-issue. As with any chi machine it is restful and a self pampering experience. We will see how it affects my arthritis after longer use. Excellent price with no frills. I would encourage everyone to consider it even though there have been numerous complaints about the unpadded rests - that is easily fixed with some foam....more info
  • Chi Machine
    We use the chi machine daily. The control allows you to vary the time and intensity, and is easy to use. Since the ankle rests are hard plastic, we recommend padding between your legs and the ankle rest. We use two seat belt sholder harness padders; inexpensive and works well. Very happy with this machine, and believe that it provides great value for the price. ...more info
  • My Review of the Healthy Swinger
    Thank you for the timely shipment of the Healthy Swinger. It came just in time for my birthday. I've really been enjoying it and have been recommending it to friends and family. ...more info
  • Not for the overweight
    I am overweight, and I could not use this. Because my legs are fat, and the ankle cradles are too close together, this put a lot of pressure on the outer bones of my ankles, even though I wore very thick socks, rolled over several times. (To the developers - did it never occur to you to use padded ankle cradles instead of hard plastic???) I tried putting a pillow on top of the cradles, but then my feet kept slipping off. And the hip swivel disk was useless. I agree with the other reviewer who said the ankle cradles must have been designed for small Asian women and not overweight Americans. I bought the unit *because* I'm overweight and have trouble with mobility. I can't walk enough to get a good aerobic workout without having major back and foot pain. Anyway, sad to say, I now have to send this back. I will have to pay for shipping both ways (and it weighs 15 pounds, so that's expensive) and a 15% restocking fee - so I will only get about half of my hundred bucks back, after having used it once for about two minutes, which resulted in excruciating pain in my ankles. So again, if you are overweight, please don't waste your money on this product. It might be fine for normal weight people, but for heavy people it is worthless, unless maybe if you're top heavy with thin legs....more info
  • It's a winner!
    I think the healthy swinger lives up to its advertised claims and could actually brag a little more about its benefits. I use it 2-3 times a day to get temporary relief from arthritic stiffness and pain in my hips. It gives me more hip mobility than some of my physical therapy exercises without injuring me. My muscles are less achy. When I want to relax, I put it on a slow setting and let it gently rock me back and forth. When I want to be energized, I use the automatic setting which is delightfully envigorating.

    I favored this product because of the disc. With my arthritic hips I thought I might need the extra comfort. I was right. It takes some of the strain off my hips as they move.

    I also thought the price was marvelous after having seen how expensive some of the other offerings were.

    Initially, there was discomfort to my ankles. Using some of the suggestions I had seen in other reviews, I tried thick socks and other cushions. However, what works best for me is to simply and slightly correct my body's alignment so that my ankles are resting perfectly straight in the plastic ankle cradles.

    Of course, this is a simply product. You lie down, put your ankles in the cradle and turn it on. However, there are those of us who read the directions and try to carefully follow them, regardless. And, this is the only real complaint I have about the product. I couldn't understand clearly what was being communicated in some of the instuctions. For instance, it indicates that for arthritis, one should (among other things) raise one's hip off the floor. There is a diagram with a lady lying without a disc on the floor; ankles in cradle. Was this the time to use the disc? It didn't say so and the diagram didn't include the disc. So I tried to raise my hips off the floor without the disc. It works better to use the disc, so I do. Also, there is a fish movement demonstrated where it is written, "hold your fingers tightly and deep arms to the side of the legs". For weeks, I have been trying to determine what is meant by "deep arms". Today, I am thinking it is a typo. But, these minor setbacks haven't kept me from loving my healthy swinger. I want to always keep one of these in my house.

    ...more info
  • Healthy swing machine
    I was amazed at how well this machine worked for my back problems. I had been down in my back for two months or more when I decided to try it. After the first time my back felt better. The price is right also. I saw the same type machine for over $400. dollars. Great value....more info


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