Quantum Wellness: A Transformative Guide to Health, Happiness and a Better World

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An instant New York Times bestseller embraced and endorsed by such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Ellen DeGeneres, and Marianne Williamson, Quantum Wellness is the breakthrough book that created a national trend.

This life-changing guide teaches us how to reach our highest level of health and contentment through small, focused changes. Featuring a foreword by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, Quantum Wellness will forever change the way readers approach healthy living.

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly recommended for community library self-help collections
    To be well is more than the absence of illness. "Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness", by New York Times bestselling author Kathy Freston, is a comprehensive manual on the subject. With advice on how to eat a balanced diet, how to make even the most stressful job slightly less intimidating, and how to stay positive about one's body image, Quantum Wellness deals head-on with the problems that dwell in one's mind. "Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness" is highly recommended for community library self-help collections.
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  • Glad she helped her self thru -
    If you saw the interview on Oprah - you can save yourself reading the book. Much a do about nothing - nothing unique or original, all info from likes of dr oz, dr weil etc.
    my advice would be take the money for the book and spend it on a healing lunch! Read the rest of the self help info on the net or watch oprah....more info
  • Best advice in holistic health
    Definately check out this book because it provides a holistic and integrative approach to health balancing body, mind and spirit. The emphasis on veganism is the author's personal preference still it makes sense to check out whether this lifestyle is for you because it has many benefits as mentioned in this book.

    I most definately recommend this book. If you're looking for an inspiring read, try "Nexus: A Neo Novel."...more info
  • Very Elementary Treament of the Subject Matter
    This is certainly an important subject; and I applaud people who address the issues adressed in this book; however, Quantum Wellness does not do a good job of explaining the material. The author makes statements; but does not document her findings. This is not a reference book by any means; more a description of her own journey....more info
  • The Truly Inconvenient Truth
    I wanted to respond to those reviewrs who have criticized vegan diets and think they are unhealthy. Here is a recent statement made by Dr. McDougall who has supported a plant based diet for years.

    Plants--the Original Sources of Protein and Amino Acids

    Proteins are made from chains of 20 different amino acids that connect together in varying sequences--similar to how all the words in a dictionary are made from the same 26 letters. Plants (and microorganisms) can synthesize all of the individual amino acids that are used to build proteins, but animals cannot. There are 8 amino acids that people cannot make and thus, these must be obtained from our diets--they are referred to as "essential."

    After we eat our foods, stomach acids and intestinal enzymes digest the proteins into individual amino acids. These components are then absorbed through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream. After entering the body's cells, these amino acids are reassembled into proteins. Proteins function as structural materials which build the scaffoldings that maintain cell shapes, enzymes which catalyze biochemical reactions, and hormones which signal messages between cells--to name only a few of their vital roles.

    Since plants are made up of structurally sound cells with enzymes and hormones, they are by nature rich sources of proteins. In fact, so rich are plants that they can meet the protein needs of the earth's largest animals: elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and cows. You would be correct to deduce that the protein needs of relatively small humans can easily be met by plants.

    In regards to buying your meat from farms and ranches that treat animals humanely do so if you can, but realize that most meat is coming from large operations. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report on how "the U.S. livestock industry has been undergoing a drastic change over the past several decade. Huge CAFO's (confined animal feeding operations) have become the predominant method of raising livestock, and the crowded conditions in these facilities have increased water and air pollution and other types of harm to public health and rural communities.

    "A groundbreaking 2006 United Nations report found that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Luckily, we can help fix this problem by changing our diet. According to a 2006 study done by researchers at the University of Chicago, most Americans can reduce more greenhouse gas emissions by becoming a vegan than they can by switching to a hybrid electric car. They found that eating a vegan diet prevents the equivalent of 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions every year, more than the 1 ton of CO2 emissions prevented by switching from a typical large sedan to a Toyota Prius."

    If you can stomach to really see how the meat on your table is handled while it is still living visit this site: http://www.chooseveg.com/animal-cruelty.asp

    How about this fact: Cows have a natural lifespan of about 25 years and can produce milk for eight or nine years, but the stress caused by factory farm conditions leads to disease, lameness, and reproductive problems that render cows worthless to the dairy industry by the time they are four or five years old, at which time they are sent to the slaughterhouse. Cows would naturally make only enough milk to meet the needs of their calves (around 16 pounds a day), genetic manipulation, antibiotics, and hormones are used to force each cow to produce more than 18,000 pounds of milk a year (an average of 50 pounds a day). "

    Few consumers realize that veal is a direct by-product of the dairy industry. In order for dairy cows to produce milk, they must be impregnated. While female calves are slaughtered or added to the dairy herd, many male calves are taken from their mothers when they are as young as one day old and chained in tiny stalls to be raised for veal. The confinement is so extreme that they cannot even turn around or lie down comfortably. As author John Robbins notes, "The veal calf would actually have more space if, instead of chaining him in such a stall, you stuffed him into the trunk of a subcompact car and kept him there for his entire life."

    Choosing to go vegetarian wasn't that difficult for me. Choosing to go vegan was a lot harder. It isn't convenient but I do believe I eat a better and healthier diet than before. These two quotes along with the video I linked to above really helped push me over the edge in making a change in my diet.

    ?Choosing to go vegetarian is simply a matter of living according to the values so many of us hold dear, such as being fair and kind to others. Most people would never dream of cramming up to 11 egg-laying hens into a file drawer-sized cage, ripping the testicles out of a screaming baby piglet, or cutting the throat of a cow as she stares back at you with her big brown eyes. How then, as compassionate individuals, can we justify paying others to carry out these atrocities on our behalf?"

    "The average vegetarian saves the lives of approximately 95 animals each year. That adds up to thousands during a lifetime. Every time we eat, we are making a powerful choice that has profound consequences on the lives of animals. At each meal, we make a decision between supporting cruelty or living compassionately."

    Lastly my husband and I have a wonderful collection of vegan cookbooks. There are a lot of resources that make such a diet very practical....more info
  • Inspiring Book
    This book is inspiring and has some very good lessons in terms of happiness. I bought this book and Saundra Pelletier's "Saddle Up Your Own White Horse" and both really helped in terms of inspiring and empowering. Saddle Up Your Own White Horse: 5 Principles Every Woman Needs to Know...more info
  • Great ideas....but confusing recipes
    This book is a great tool for incorporating many aspects of health in a simple, go-at-your-own-pace sort of way. I appreciate the many ideas that are presented regarding easing into meditation and the nutritional information that is provided.

    My one problem with this book, is that although Kathy urges a vegan/gluten free lifestyle, few of the recipes are actually gluten free. I am already a gluten free vegan, and it is always a relief when you can find some great recipes. I was really hoping to do so with this book. However, alot of the recipes contain gluten and other substances I thought she felt were 'toxic'. I'm not sure WHY this happened, but it leaves the reader feeling like she's a little lax, or simply not concerned about finding real recipes that represent her point of view. For me, that was disappointing. If you have celiac disease or need to be wheat/gluten free for any reason, you are going to need to make your own substitutions here. If you are not any of those, but hoping to follow the guidelines from her book, you are being misled by thinking that these recipes ARE in fact incorporating all the ideas she presented in earlier chapters. I'm left confused. I gave it a 3 star rating however, b/c the majority of the book is NOT recipes, and provides some very good advice and makes for a joyful read....more info
  • I love this book
    I saw an interview with Kathy on Oprah. I can remember where I was standing and can still feel the goose bumps. Kathy explained conscious eating like I've never heard before. At that moment, I comprehended on a deep level the spiritual aspect of not eating meat, and from that moment on I have not had a piece of meat. I purchased her book, and I loved it. Thank you Kathy for sharing your earnst passion and convictions with us! It is great information to be aware of and not hide from. I now have her book on my website as suggested reading. ...more info
  • Questionable Menu Plan
    My main issue with this book is the diet recommended. She endorses eating food that's sustainable, and full of "good vibes", but then her whole menu is based on processed soy and psuedo-dairy/meat junk! Has anyone else ever looked at the ingredients in some of those things? Not to mention that conventionally grown soy is causing numerous environmental problems, as well as questionable health issues. I feel like these "pop-veganism" books are really not the best resource for sound information. If you're looking for some solid information about the benefits of a vegan/plant based diet, check out Joel Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live" or the "China Study," by T. Colin Campbell.
    I gave it 2 stars as opposed to one because there is some good information in here. As long as you only take it w/ a grain of salt. Or brown rice....more info
  • Healthy and Humane!
    Until we start connecting to our food in a more meaningful way, real change within us can not happen. What an inspiring read - it's never too late to make a healthy and humane change to make our lives and the planet a better place. As an animal lover, the message of this book rings true!...more info
  • Small steps, big results
    Kathy Freston's thesis is essentially that one small thing you do (or several small things) can spur a cascade of reactions that lead to major changes. More important than telling you what to do to achieve wellness, she tells you HOW to do it. She's like a therapist and cheerleader rolled into one, whom you can consult any time you like, just by picking up her book. ...more info
  • You will love this book !
    This book is so amazing, it does not tell you how you are going to live and eat. But rather encourges you to think how you want to live and eat.
    You will love this book!...more info
  • Vital information for a healthy life
    This wonderful book provides vital information on how to be healthy, on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Great advice for anyone wanting to improve your own health as well as the health of our planet and the treatment of billions of animals.

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  • Loved It!
    I loved this book! I have always tried to eat healthy and when I read this book it was the push that I needed to go all the way. I have lent it out to several people and have now read it twice. Buy it you wont be sorry.
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  • Turned me Veggie for Life :)
    This was the book that turned me into a veggie for life. Sadly, the woman who introduced the book to me was recently stuffing a turkey on her favorite things show. While there is a lot more to this book than just becoming a vegetarian, it is the only thing I held onto.

    When I was first thinking of buying this book, I was also considering buying Skinny Bitch. The $25 price tag of this book is what turned me off, but then I found it on sale, so I decided on this book and left Skinny Bitch behind. I am so glad I did. Had a read Skinny Bitch, I don't think I would be a vegetarian today. It was a book that sent you on a guilt trip and force fed information to you. That's not at all what this book is. This has a very light tone, written with the hope of educating and inspiring. Kathy educates us on factory farming and reiterates that what we think is rare animal abuse is actually the norm. She also talks about vegetarianism from a spiritual perspective, asking if we would want to consume the pain and fear that become a part of animals' flesh. This book will show you that vegetarianism is much more than just a diet but rather a better way of living. The wellness gained from reading this book and practicing its teachings far outweigh the small small void of ditching meat....more info
  • Warning: This book may just change your life!
    Warning: This book may just change your life. After you read it, you'll most likely be buying copies for friends and loved ones. There is no better gift. I can't imagine anyone reading this and not walking away healthier in body, mind, and spirit. Thank you, Kathy Freston! ...more info
  • This book changed my life in a QUANTUM way!!!
    I have always been someone who tries to take care of myself in the mental, physical, and emotional way, but I have never really recognized the true connection of the 3 until Kathy Freston's book, Quantum Wellness. Kathy talks of so many tiny things that we take for granted, since we tend to live in our routines without taking account for things, and reminds us to live consciously---in SUCH a kind and easy way. She recommends "leaning" into things and not take on too much, just what you can now, to make yourself and the world a better place. I am in week 1 of her cleanse and I have truly never FELT BETTER in my entire life. It's just too easy and too great and I am SO thankful to Kathy and this book! A must read....more info
  • Important Book however...
    ...she beats a dead horse (brutal pun not intended) with the endless talk of animal cruelty. A short chapter would have delivered the message across effectively while still making people VERY conscious of the importance of eating with compassion.

    Her focus on the brutuality seems like a grim obsession, rather then educational. It takes away from the spritual side of Quantum Living. Instilling guilt and fear in your readers seems to be an oxy-moron

    Too bad, otherwise, a book that will change your life for the better.
    ...more info
  • Good Health
    I saw the author of Quantum Wellness on Oprah. It sounded different than any diet/health book I'd ever read so decided to read it. It's very interesting. I especially like the idea she shares of making changes in your eating with little steps. If you've been a meat eater your entire life it would be pretty hard to just stop cold turkey. I really like the concept of conscious eating...thinking about what you're eating and why before you even sit down for a meal. Certainly your mind and how it thinks, when given a chance, is the key to be becoming healthy. So many things we do without a thought and eating is a biggie.
    I have enjoyed the book and am taking some new baby steps for a better life....more info
  • I love this book, amazing easy to follow steps
    I just joined in on a discussion on a community wellness website [...] and I love the book. It reads so easy and with such plain talk. It is very helpful and makes change seem so possible. I encourage all to read this book....more info
  • Quantum Wellness
    Multi-dimensional information on body, mind and spirit. I saw this recommended on Oprah and I would also recommend it....more info
  • from the editor at elephantjournal.com
    Kathy Freston's holistic approach to diet and nutrition means longterm, integral changes rather than a few-week fad or insatiable hunger that never goes away. Her practical approach reminds me of one of my favorite reads: Soul-Full Eating [..] by Maureen Whitehouse, a book that connects eating and food to every aspect of life. So changes in diet actually meant a long-term transformation in my relationship with desire, lack, health and the way that I care for my body and sanity in everyday life.

    Both of these books are written from perspectives of comfort and wellness, rather than denial or self-consciousness, which means they're worth coming back to and keeping around, rather than tossing after a read or two. I appreciate Freston's simple approach, but also love the more in-depth approach of Whitehouse's Soul-Full Eating, combining the science of nutrition with traditional diets and spiritual approaches to mindfulness and presence at the table. ...more info
  • The Perfect Model!
    Kathy Freston bursts onto the scene with her body mind spirit connection, a female Deepak Chopra if you will - pulling together the 8 pillars of wellness to help us all shape ourselves into a well-rounded spiritual success model. She appears to be a perfect reflection of quantum wellness and I commend her for taking steps to help us all achieve the better self....more info
  • Good book...
    lots of good information...I have to remember progress not perfection. The plan could be daunting if you forget!...more info
  • wellness
    The book is a bit more fluffy than I had hoped. I was looking for more concrete iteas. LOVE the recipes & food chapters - very good....more info
  • Oprah's followers
    I will admit that I have not read the book; however, it seems that people jump on the "band wagon" when Oprah speaks, recommends and experiments with anything. As a life and business coach, I feel people should seek their own path and not follow someone else. Is a 21 day detox healthy and necessary? Spirituality comes from within and on all different levels. If you really care to learn about who you are and make healthy mindful changes, I can certainly recommend highly insightful books. ...more info
  • Helpful, But ...
    It's good to give up all those "toxic" foods but the substitutes for them are not that economical and I fear that these ideas will help only those who can afford the diet and who don't have a problem with soy. Fine with me if Oprah is recommending it but she has a chef who can not only be creative with ingredients, but who has a generous grocery allowance!...more info
  • Great Read!
    If you're already on the journey to spiritual and physical wellness, this is the book to have. It combines all that I've been learning into one succinct volume. Her explanations and examples really hit home, and I feel I am a better person for having read it....more info
  • Get Well Soon
    This ambitious and thought-provoking book makes a strong case for taking a balanced approach to achieve wellness, and it makes a great deal of sense to me, since it mirrors my own experience.

    For example, my own vegetarianism grew out of my meditation practice, after focusing on compassion. Knowing that eating meat caused suffering, I decided to try replacing it with cruelty-free alternatives. Not only was it much easier than I expected (and I'm now completely vegan), but this change, in turn, supported my other efforts to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually well. I felt better and happier than I ever had before.

    It's exciting to see someone take these ideas and put them together in an organic, thorough way. I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Good start on Wellness
    I just finished the "Quantum Cleanse", one component of this book, last Friday. I heard about the book from both Oprah and Dooce. I really liked it, but in different ways than either Oprah or Dooce. The cleanse is really one small part of balancing your life and becoming more spiritual and happy. (Although I did lose 6 lbs! WOOHOO!)

    And in the more eastern tradition, this is NOT a step by step "how to" process in self-improvement. It's a suggestion about how to find the right path for you to develop into what you should be. There is scant real information on how to do the cleanse and more suggestions on figuring it out for yourself. (for example, some of the vegan meals and recipes cited in the back are NOT cleanse appropriate).

    Still, I like the holistic yet slow focus on getting on the right path for you. Seriously, it's an inspirational book on getting healthier, happier and making yourself whole. ...more info
  • So far so good...
    I have always believed in the Karmic equasion of everything one does. This book reinforces that....more info
  • what would Michael Shermer do? (WWMSD)
    I have a deep loathing for pseudo-science and I feel particularly sorry for the people that are suckered into believing the false claims made by such authors. My advice: save your money. Or if you are in desperate need of throwing money away, I can send everyone my paypal account info so that everyone can send me their money. I promise from the bottom of my detoxed heart that sending me money will have just as much positive effect on your health....more info
  • A Good Read
    The author has some very good points of view as to why one shouldln't eat meat and the importance of a plant based diet. The 21 day cleansing wasn't difficult to do and there are good references in the back of the book for other books, some of which I purchased and will review at a later date....more info
  • If you are ready for a change this book is for you
    I bought this book to take on vacation this year. I read it from cover to cover not wanting to put it down. There are many wonderful, practical ways to improve your life. I do caution you about the section talking about how our food gets to our plates. Ms. Freston tells a very descriptive tale about how animals are treated. I am already a vegetarian but I think I would have made the change that very day I read about it if I had not been.

    This book talks about leaning into the changes that you want to make in all areas of your life. I purchased two more copies for close friends. I loved it!...more info
  • Finally, a reasonable approach to health from the inside out!
    Kathy Freston's thoughtful approach to understanding the connection between the choices we make in our daily lives and how these choices can benefit the body and soul is inspiring. I was an ethical vegetarian for many years before I became vegan because I believed it would be too difficult to *give up* dairy and cheese. Kathy shows the reader how to focus on the place you want to be and gently allow yourself to get there. The eight steps she provides are amazing tools for bringing health and happiness into your life and the bonus is that it makes it a better world for all. This is THE book I will be giving to all my friends and family members!...more info
  • A Healthier and Happier Life Awaits You!
    Kathy Freston is an inspiration. She has created an excellent book that is focused on transforming our health and the relationship we have with the world. I appreciate her idea is that by taking a series of small but important steps, we will eventually achieve a greater transformation or "Quantum Wellness." It's an approach that involves compassion, not just for yourself, but for every living creature and the earth itself.

    I'll admit, adopting a completely vegan lifestyle is challenging for me, both because I'm allergic to soy and I've got years of eating habits ingrained in me. I'm taking it one day at a time and being kind with myself rather than an all or nothing approach. My emotional eating is improving tremendously, which was a major roadblock for me. This is thanks to another book I bought at the same time called "Body Esteem: Weight Loss Through Self-Discovery (includes 2 Audio CDs)."

    While there are several other books with a similar positive approach to personal transformation and healthy living, I like Kathy's messages. Whether you are an aspiring vegan or simply want to begin taking small steps to a healthier life, this is a wonderful book that I think anyone could benefit from....more info
  • Here we go again....
    It seems that the weak and insecure women of this world have latched on yet again to something that Oprah has endorsed. Doesn't anyone see the pattern here? Oprah has done this a million times, constantly searching for the answers in a book/product and touting the latest one as the thing to do or be. So if she found it, why is she still looking? Because she's a businesswoman whose role is to fatten hers and other businesswomen/men's bank accounts. The goals of this book are attainable for Oprah, but can you really afford truffle oil in a time where gas is $4.20 a gallon? And do you think your family of four is going to lap up a yummy tofu scramble? Probably not. It proves once again how incredibly out of touch Oprah is with the common woman, yet many of you continue to follow her in such a brainwashed fashion. Don't waste your time with this book. Eat mindfully, make time for yourself and nurture the important relationships in your life if you want a rewarding and successful way of living. ...more info
  • Great Book
    I am loving this book. She inspires you to begin making small changes in your lifestyle. Her approach is to "lean into" wellness one step at a time. How many people have quit a diet or workout routine because the change was too drastic? This is a great guide book for becoming healthy....more info
  • Comprehensive Book for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness
    This is the best book I have read/listened (because I bought the Audio Book and she has a very soothing, compassionate voice) so far on the topic of body, mind and spiritual wellness. I first heard of Kathy Freston in one of the Oprah Soul Series web cast. The idea of leaning into a change strikes me. Small habitual changes physically, emotionally and spiritually are the source of making the quantum leap. What strikes me more is to learn that we are all in this Quantum Wellness continuum. We are here to make progress and not perfection.

    I have been on this "leaning into change" journey since May 2004 when I suffered depression. I wish I had this book as a guide to follow from the get go. Instead, I had therapists who used the Quantum Wellness/mindfulness approach to help me "detox" emotionally and spiritually.

    In essence, this book summarized my journey of how I mixed my therapeutic soup in the journey of healing. My road to recovery was no easy journey for the first two years. There were much of the auto-pilot self defeating, judgmental thoughts I had to overcome due to my own perfectionist attitude towards myself. However, Kathy Freston suggested journaling as a way to learn and realize our own judgmental thoughts towards ourselves, others, the society and even to God/the Unvierse. Journaling was so powerful in my experience. I had two sets of journals. One journal I literally brought fear-based thinking to light talking to my higher self in my own journal. That was how I felt the first time I am actually a worthy, decent person and it was my first time experiencing compassion towards myself. My second set of journal is plainly for venting and then I threw it in the garbage symbolizing my intention to let go of the toxic thoughts

    Kathy Freston talked about how when we mix our therapeutic soup, it has to be multi-dimensional (physical, emotional and spiritual). This is very true in my experience! While I was working through my emotion, my fear-based thinking, I added a series of kickboxing classes considering I had been a coach potato with poor coordination in my "prior life". It helped me worked through the anger I have towards myself and the individuals close to me.

    Meditation and visualization eventually called onto my name once I am free from the emotional, fear based thinking. I sometimes still slip in the meditation arena (occasionally, I just couldn't sit), I have learned to become more aware of my breathing, my state of wellness more than ever. I also realize when one sets the intention to "lean into" change without us trying to make a detail plan on how change is supposed to unfold, the most beautiful thing comes to us like how Kathy Freston described. I started the meditation journey around 2 years ago. With the help of Eckhart Tolle and Jon Kabit Zinn's CDs, I find so much serenity and peace inside me no matter how crazy my life situation seems to be. Again, Kathy Freston was right on about leaning into change and set the intention.

    I first encountered animal rights out of a blue when somebody posted a [...] link on our company's classified post. When I saw the brutal torture of animals in PETA's web site, I set my intention to lower my meat consumption and stop buying animal products/products tested by animals. Kathy Freston again is right that when we are making progress refusing to be the participant of animal cruelty, we feel stable and fulfilled inside us. I am still having trouble letting go of the existing animal products I have (yes, shoes and existing wool sweaters particularly!) as well as certain animal by-products such as eggs and cheese. However, I find myself stop buying much of them. If you are a vegan/vegetarian and have encountered attacks and criticism from unconscious meat eaters, I think Kathy's messages in this book will help you make strong, valid points on why you choose such journey to others.

    Long story short, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make some changes in their lives to find a deeper, happier self. My story is the evidence that leaning into change does make a quantum leap. Kathy Freston's Quantum Wellness book is a complete road map to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Thank you for reading.

    ...more info
    This life changing book is just the ticket for the gal or fella seeking spiritual enlightenment on ANY level.
    Girlie Girl Army: Your Glamazon Guide to Green Living
    Sign up stat: www.GirlieGirlArmy.com...more info
    This is an incredible read that will change your life. I was entralled from the beginning and couldn't put it down and now that I've finished it, I want to start reading it again. Very powerful, you'll just have to read it yourself to see what I mean! Thank you Kathy for an amazing, thought provoking, fact filled book!...more info
  • Honestly, a world changing book ( if followed)
    I have been studying health and wellness for about 4 years and became so empowered by the organic lifestyle that I went to India last year to study Ayurveda ( India's 5000 year old science of medicine, which is entirely herbal). Before this, I read the UNBELIEVABLE book The optimum Health Bible, as well as Natural Cures they Don't Want to To Know about. Through these books ad my studies abroad, I learned the incredible correlation between what we eat and our health. Yes, that may sound obvious, but still: what have you eaten today? How many people do you know have cancer and other serious illnesses? It is a FACT that these illnesses ( and many, many others) are on the rise and honeslty are the highest they have EVER been.
    Kathy Freston knows this, and isn't afraid to state what you don't want to hear ( that dairy causes cancer for a multitude of reasons; that animal protein is contaminated beyond belief and has no- I repeat NO- health benefits; that both gluten and sugar have an opiate effect on the brain and are linked to serious conditions such as autism). Like Patrick Holford's The Optimum Health bible, she breaks down what each bad food does ( dairy, animal protein, gluten, sugar)and suggests that one detoxes from these foods-as well as alcohol and caffeine- in order to see the health benefits that one can reap by living on an optimum, vegan diet.
    My husband one year ago developed severe asthma out of no where. He had always been allergic to pollen and such, but he had never had a breathing problem in his life. Six months later, he could not breathe and his oxygen level sunk so low that the ER medics were in shock. He went to a specialist and was told that there are NO CURES for asthma, and that he should be taking drugs for the rest of his life. I was about 5 months pregnant at the time, and having to worry about my husband being ill for the rest of his ( and my daughter's) lifetime scared me to death. We got the appropriate inhaler from the Dr. ( for emergencies) and decided to do what no Doctor could: get to the root of why he had asthma and get rid of the chronic inflammation. After incorporating TONS of natural anti-inflammatory herbs and foods ( such as tumeric, which is world renowned and frequently called the world's most important herb)and getting rid of all dairy products, he is about 97 percent better and almost NEVER uses his inhaler ( NOTE: the doctor said her would need it every 12 hours).
    Quantum Wellness exposes to mainstream America the falsities that we are being indoctrinated about through advertising: that dairy is helpful for a plethora of reasons (LIE); that meat is the best source of protein ( LIE);...and the list goes on.
    Folks, if you value your health, begin your personal quest for optimum health and read and follow Quantum Wellness. Also read these life-changing books:
    The Optimum Health Bible
    Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About
    Inner Beauty
    Mariel Hemmingway's Healthy Living From The Inside Out
    The China Study

    Hey, I love cheese ( I was born in the cheese state and grew up in France, so you could say I have an obsession with cheese...). I adore fish, and every type of fish you can think of. But the reality of the matter is how important is it that we put our health in crisis because something tastes good, esp. since there are great alternatives?
    If our planet is to progress and not falter, we all need to change-for the better....more info
  • It's about time ...
    Finally a book that takes us step-by-step into a lifestyle that emphasizes mind, body, and spirit, with recipes, gentle encouragement, and no preaching or berating. Kathy's style is readable, like a friend helping you along the way, and she provides plenty of scientific proof for living a more conscious life. I found a dozen things I can put into practice immediately....more info
  • Gentle and profound guidance
    Kathy Freston's book is a great and easy read. One of the chapters that caught my attention was titled "Be the Change". Here, she gently guides us to discover our personal and worldly aims and connect with our purpose. In doing so, she shows how we can make a difference while realizing our full potential and being satisfied and fulfilled. This chapter reminded me of two of my favorite authors, Ariel and Shya Kane and their book: Working on Yourself Doesn't Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Can Instantaneously Transform Your Life Their work transformed my life: I experience being in the present moment. I find myself being creative and productive without really trying as well as seeing that I make a difference in my environment.

    If you are ready to discover magic in your life, day in and day out,regardless of the circumstances, I highly recommend both books. ...more info
  • A life -Changing Opportunity !
    A fabulous way to change...from the inside out. This is truly a total mind-body experience we should all look at for good health and happiness.Though we have seen many parts of it before; putting it all between 2 covers makes it an excellent guide and resource. ...more info
  • Oprah & Ellen, comments on Quantum Wellness:
    Says Ellen Degeneres:
    KATHY FRESTON'S incredible new book, "Quantum Wellness: A Practical Guide to Health and Happiness." I can't tell you how much it's changed my life for the better. I had to have Kathy on our show to share with all of you her simple yet incredible methods of getting happier and healthier!

    Says Oprah:
    There was a passage in Kathy Freston's book that so related to me, I thought for a moment she was talking about me. In the passage, Kathy talks about an overweight friend who would gain and lose. She didn't conquer the weight issue until she became a "conscious" eater.

    Conscious eater. That struck a nerve. I had recently come to the conclusion that after spending weeks reading and rereading A New Earth and being on line with Eckhart Tolle that bringing a higher level of awareness to my eating was the solution I'd been avoiding. My idea of a conscious eater, however, was not quite the same as Kathy's. . .

    So this 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about it differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods--and what I'm willing to do to change. . .

    Day 1 also started with the meditation mantra that Kathy suggests in her book. I'm ready!

    Says Bruce:
    Kathy's writing style is that rare combination of friendly and authoritative--she inspires confidence in a way that's deeply appealing. I can see why Oprah and Ellen were taken with Kathy and recommends her book so highly....more info
  • Remarkable...
    ...how routinely gullible the public is to matters of world view. "Kathy" as her devotees call her is an adept marketing genius in matters of using world view buzzwords to draw an audience. Real spirituality is hard work, tough times, with some light at the end of the tunnel...not a fluffy make believe cloud of happy self-deception. Let's get back on track folks...leave this flotsome and get on with the real work of life and "tangible", practical spirituality....more info
  • Take Small Steps
    I expect that this new book by Kathy Freston is going to make some big waves. Not only because of the foreword written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. And not even because of the author's appearance at Oprah Show today. It is because makeovers is a very popular topic and Kathy Freston seems to have a good grip on it. As the title "Quantum Wellness" suggests, our health, and our wellbeing can be achieved by focusing on small steps in our everyday life. Kathy offers for the readers the following eight Pillars of Wellness;

    1. Meditation. It is important for everyone to get some quiet time everyday, become really still, and look inside yourself. Connect with your "inner light" and just be present).
    2. Conscious eating. This not only mean eating less, or showing your food well. Conscious eating means most of all being aware of where your food comes from, how the animals are treated and how the environment is affected by the foods that you eat. To be healthy and happy about yourself you need have more integrity and to be conscious about what you eat.
    3. Exercise. Many books have been written about it and this is nothing new for anyone. We just need to devote at least half an hour a day for moving our bodies. In my opinion taking Yoga classes is a great option, especially that it combines physical exercise with deep breathing and meditation.
    4. Visualization. As suggested in The Secret, visualization is the mother of all achievements. "It's like creating a blueprint for the way I want to become and setting down the intention," Kathy says.
    5. Spiritual practice. For some people it can mean prayer. For Kathy it is mainly about compassion, being aware of suffering that's all around and to be compassionate about it.
    6. Self-work. Educate yourself - learn about your physical body, about your spirituality or emotional well-being.. For Kathy that means "means going inside and learning where you're stuck and pushing yourself past what's comfortable."
    7. Service. Don't be stuck in your own world, reach out, help others. This will bring about great feeling of fulfillment.
    8. Fun activities. It is important in everyone's live to have some fun. For some it could be listing to the good music, or dancing, or spending some time in a great company. You just need to get away from it all...

    To jump start the program Kathy suggests 21 day cleansing program to get rid of Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, Gluten, Animal Products. I suggest Complete Body Cleansing that is so well described in one of my favorite wellness books -- Your Body Maintnance Handbook
    ...more info
  • Marvelously written! You will be Inspired, Enthralled, & Intrigued ... One Small step at a Time
    Add my name to the list. I am now a fan of Kathy Freston and enthusiastically endorse Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness ... a definitive, instructive, and intriguing book on ways each of us on can protect the environment, improve our state of health, and sense of purpose. Her methodology makes it easy for people like me who have difficulty changing bad habits. Lao Tzu, Father of Taoism, once said: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". To me, his philosophy is the essence of this delightful book. The author asks the reader to take small steps while changing bad habits into good ... and then increase the level of difficulty while developing confidence and improving skill levels.

    She calls it Quantum Wellness. I call it, a marvelous way to make a difference in the world. She shows the cause and effect we have with plants, the environment, and especially animals. After researching the severe and harsh conditions in which animals are housed, fed, and killed ... I am having a difficult time eating my top sirloin, nowadays. If we are what we eat, I need to eat something else! (The book provides viable alternatives.)

    Readers should note the author focuses not on just one aspect of improving one's lifestyle; she gives salient advice on taking care of your spirit, mind, and body (multi-dimensional experience). I have a friend who smokes, drinks alcohol, and is morbidly obese. I asked why she engaged in destructive behavior. She answered: "Because it makes me feel good at the time". The problem with her reasoning is she feels good for a few minutes, only to feel badly for a lifetime. I purchased an extra copy of the book for her. It is a perfect reference source for anyone with low self esteem. All steps in the book will require some sacrifice. However, if you are willing to inconvenience yourself for a few minutes (i.e., exercise thirty minutes daily) I believe you will reap the benefits of Quantum Wellness for a Lifetime. Reviewed by Reginald V. Johnson, author, How to Close More Customers

    ...more info
  • Total Fluff
    Nothing new here, and not much actual content, just a lot of fluff. A truly terrible book! I'm sorry I wasted the money. ...more info
  • "A Practical and Spiritual Guide" to Life and Conscious Living
    QUANTUM WELLNESS is such an amazing and beautiful gift to the world. By writing in an elegant, conversational way, Kathy Freston connects instantly to the reader and offers a simple and easy way to not only raise your own awareness of the way you conduct your life, but how to take simple steps to ease into a higher consciousness. Unlike some other spiritual books I have read in the past, nothing is forced upon you and simple suggestions are merely made as to bring awareness to your everyday living and how to "lean" into change. Freston has a lovely way with words and I was instantly pulled into her book and her guidance towards making a happy and healthier life for myself and the world.

    This book is truly a blessing and I thank you for writing this, Kathy! You have inspired me to contribute better to the world around me and to be conscious of the little things I do that can affect others.

    A must-read for anyone looking to better themselves and our planet around us!!...more info
  • Not too original
    Having read every book on dieting known to man (or woman) and lots on health too, I thought this book was a bit redundant. I wanted something new. Something i havent' tried before. Something that might actually work this time. Maybe I'm looking for more in one of these books than they are meant to have. However, I have to admit there were some good points in here and if you haven't read too many of this kind of book already, give it a try!...more info
  • Charming Book.
    Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness by Kathy Freston is a book that offers the reader eight Pillers of Wellness: Meditation, Exercise, Visualization, Spiritual practice which according to the author is compassion for others who are suffering. Some of the other Pillers are Self-work, Services and Fun activities. The book systematically addresses what it means to be healthy in mind, body and spirit and how the three are inextricably entwined.

    After you read this book it may be a good time to consider reading my book entitled "The Enlightenment, What God Told Me After One Million Prayers, a Message for Everyone" (See Profile Above)
    ...more info
  • Good ideas, not the best guide
    The biggest problem I have with this book is that it condones a vegan lifestyle. I agree that eating meat these days is not as healthy as it used to be, and that our practices with animals that we eat are not always positive. However, when seeking to achieve "wellness" we should consider the words of doctors, and consider the source of advice we choose to take. Kathy's statement that we absorb the energy of what we eat is based on absolutely nothing. She clearly just thinks that, and speaks it as though it were truth. Our bodies were made to need nutrients from animals. It would be foolish to become a vegan solely on the merit of Kathy's unproven personal ideas. If you really want to learn how to be healthy and happy naturally, I strongly recommend reading Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christine Northrup. She has been a vegan, and has gained wisdom from her experience as a doctor and observer of finding health through scientific and holistic approaches. Her books, website, podcast, and newsletter will at least come from a place of experience and openness with ways of living a healthy lifestyle. ...more info
  • Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment
    Body-mind-spirit, and , most recently--environment (eco-friendly) is the new mantra to living a full and complete and healthy life, as shown in Quantum Wellness and dozens of other new and not so new books. This is a good thing--seeing books on personal transformation extend beyond the self and into caring for the environment and all its inhabitants.

    The way we think, feel and act is interconnected with the planet and the animals--with all of life. For example, Kathy Freston supports vegan diets (or at the very least vegetarian) not only because of the health benefits of a meat-free diet, but because eating most meat available in this country means eating animals that have been treated inhumanely. Additionally, raising animals for slaughter takes a toll on the environment.

    Freston calls this conscious eating and that means that nobody is harmed by what she puts into her body.

    Freston also supports using eco-friendly body care products and household cleaners--good for the environment and you.To name one of many books that support optimal health, veganism/vegetarianism and the green lifestyle is GROWING UP GREEN: BABY AND CHILD CARE.

    Quantum Wellness, according to Kathy Freston, is an achievable higher state if being. Freston writes: "Quantum wellness is not about imposing big changes but about leaning into wellness, comfortably, adding things here and there to the thrust and taking baby steps toward the changes we want to achieve."

    The quantum leap--or shift to quantum wellness occurs, according to Freston, as a result of many small steps. For example, Freston suggests baby steps to a more healthful diet--not meat eating one day and vegan the next.

    According to Freston, there are The Eight Pillars of Wellness:
    * Meditation
    * Visualization
    * Fun activities
    * Conscious eating
    * Exercise
    * Self-work
    * Spiritual practice
    * Service

    As an eco-friendly interior designer and feng shui practitioner, I was delighted to see Freston write about the importance of home in supporting our health. She tells us to remove clutter, resist buying new stuff unless we either love it or truly need it, and to use as little chemicals (cleaning products, personal care products,) as possible. This is very good advice, as the home definitely affects our well-being.

    For a complete guide to greening your home (as well as making it beautiful and energetically vibrant) for optimal wellness, read the award winning book, HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT: BEAUTIFY, DETOXIFY & ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE, YOUR HOME & YOUR PLANET.

    As previously mentioned, Freston supports veganism for optimal health. Understanding that the transition from omnivore to vegetarian can be difficult and that veganism is almost impossible for many of us to comprehend, she describes her own process and offers many helpful tips for the reader to adapt. According to Freston, living the vegan lifestyle is empowering. The book also contains vegetarian and vegan recipes to help us make the transition in our diets.

    Freston covers a lot of ground in Quantum Wellness, including dealing with addictions and fears and questions to ask yourself when you aren't feeling 100%. As an extroverted person, I have a hard time with some of these sections, as I am not inclined to "look inside too often. Some people love to ask themselves questions and ponder...I either meditate or take a hike when I'm feeling sad, mad or whatever and that generally works for me. because of this, I got overwhelmed with all the suggestions of things to do to achieve perfect wellness.

    On the other hand, I love that she suggests having some fun everyday.

    Overall, a very good and inspirational book.

    ...more info
  • My Favorite New Book!
    I like to feel I am constantly evolving, mind and body, and Kathy Freston's book is another helpful step in that process for me. As an ethical vegan, reading her book reinforces my lifestyle choices as positive, not only for myself, but for the animals and the environment as well. I think everyone should pick up a copy, and start your own personal evolution....more info
  • not good
    I believe highly in health through meditation, yoga, diet, exercise. I bought this book after seeing it discussed on Oprah. There is nothing helpful in this book that was not discussed on this show. As a gastroenterologist, some of the medical advise she gives is absolutely wrong, and frankly stupid. Her reasoning is based mainly on her feelings about issues, rather than any evidence through medical or even religious principles. I was very disappointed with this book. ...more info
  • Quantum Wellness
    Thought a bit preachy about vegeterarinism. Felt author spend too many chapters on trying to convince the benefits of vegeterian diets. Also recommended people have occasional colonics. A treatment that has been researched and have been not found to release toxins and well as cleaning the colon to prevent diseases. And as a nurse can say that colonics can be harmful and dangerous. This author has no medical background to recommend fasting or any type of so called body detoxification....more info


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