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Clinically Tested and Doctor Recommended Promotes: Healthy inflammation response* Normal cardiovascular and joint function* A Supercritical New Chapter in Inflammation Modulation* New Chapter's patented Zyflamend formulation represents a scientific breakthrough in promoting a healthy inflammation response. Recent research studies suggest this may be an effective strategy to promote healthy joint function and normal cell growth.* New Chapter has extensively researched the herbal pharmacopoeia and international medical databases and has discovered that the following time-tested herbs, properly extracted and blended in the correct proportions, contain at least 8 phytonutrients that may safely and significantly promote a healthy inflammation response.* HOLY BASIL (Ocimum sanctum ) Contains ursolic acid, which significantly enhances detoxification and promotes a healthy inflammation response.* TURMERIC Unique curcumin phytonutrient complex, synergistic with green tea, significantly multiplying each herb's ability to promote healthy eicosanoid balance.* GINGER Supercritical extract modulates both eicosanoid cascades and offers numerous anti-aging constituents* GREEN TEA Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report green tea polyphenols exert a beneficial effect on healthy eicosanoid balance.* Major university database notes green tea contains 51 phytonutrients that promote a healthy inflammation response.* ROSEMARY Dual extracts offer highly concentrated, full spectrum eicosanoid balance and support detoxification.* HU ZHANG (Polygonum cuspidatum ) Richest known resveratrol source, with each daily serving delivering the approximate equivelant of six glasses of resveratrol-rich wine. CHINESE GOLDTHREAD AND BARBERRY Unique berberine phytonutrient complex naturally promotes a healthy inflammation response.* OREGANO Source of large number of phytonutrient modulators (31) according to USDA database.* BAIKAL SKULLCAP Unique baicalin phytonutrient complex, naturally pr

  • Normal cardiovascular and joint function*

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Inflammation Relief Available (IMHO)
    I think Zyflamend is amazing. For me, Zyflamend is as powerful as Celebrex or similar. Joint pain and stiffness decreases w/in 45 minutes. Only 'side-effect' being an occasional pungent belch redolent of Zyflamend's super-concentrated herbs. Please remember I am no doctor o' medicine and that the FDA hasn't approved these statements, etc....more info
  • Big Help to Me
    Five years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and told I should take no NSAIDs. I had been taking either Ibuprofen or Voltaren for arthritis of my neck and shoulder. I noticed that Dr. Andrew Weil recommended Zyflamend and decided to try it. I have been using it now for 5 years and do not miss the NSAIDs. I found that my arthritis bothers me very little and my range of motion is vastly improved. I have less general pain and far fewer headaches (very rare) than before. It also has not affected my ulcerative colitis in a negative way. It's not a quick fix like taking a couple of ibuprofen but seems to take a month or two of steady use to really be effective. If taken alone on an empty stomach it can definitely cause heartburn or reflux which I am prone to due to a hiatal hernia. I take it twice a day with meals and do not have any problem. I can't say that it would work for everyone but it has definitely helped me and I would at least recommend trying it. ...more info
  • Zyflamend made me sick
    I thought that Zyflamend would be my answer to what I have inherited from my mother,the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis. Was told that there were no side effects but that wasn't my experience. I took only 1 capsule as directed with meals in the afternoon the first day. After midnight awoke to dizziness and nausea. Thinking that it was something I ate I tried to ignore it,(it did eventually pass)and I took another capsule at lunchtime the next day. The next morning at 2:00 am just as before, I had every symptom of a heart attack. Racing heart, pain in neck and arm and was so dizzy and nauseous that I couldn't move. It was a very unnerving experience but it also felt like a much more exaggerated version of the night before. That afternoon of course I took nothing and that evening and the next day was fine except tired from lack of sleep. I can't say that I can isolate what is in this that would do that but I am sensitive to medication, meaning, I don't need a heavy dose of anything to feel results. If you are like me or perhaps prone to motion sickness or have a sensitive stomach or MVP I would not recommend this product. I am very disappointed that it didn't work for me as I've heard such good results. Thought you sensitive people out there should know.
    ...more info
  • It Works for Me
    I have been taking Zyflamend for almost three years now. Prior to that, I suffered from chronic lower back pain that never went away. After a couple of rounds of steroid injections into my lower spine provided little relief, my doctor started talking surgery. My response was, "no way." A friend tipped me to Zyflamend. She had been taking it to relieve chronic arthritis in her hands, and it had allowed her to start painting again...something she hadn't done for years. I was skeptical, and thought it sounded like voodoo medicine. But, my wife went out and bought me a bottle to try. I thought, what the heck...it can't kill me. After taking the Zyflamend for a couple of weeks, I started to notice a significant improvement in my back...something I hadn't experienced for years. It has now been nearly three years, and I take it religiously twice daily. Sure, there are times my back will flare up and bother me, especially after some hard exertion, but nothing like before. Plus, the pain seems to subside much quicker getting me back to normal. I've avoided having to have the back surgery, and my life and activity level is what I consider to be "normal." Water skiing, hiking, working in the yard, etc., are all things I can do again. BZ (before Zyflamend), those types of things were unthinkable for me. Will it work for you? Who knows. What is the worst thing that can happen by trying it? It won't kill you, and it just might help....more info
  • Still undecided
    Although I enjoy cayenne pepper products without adverse effects, Zyflamend gives me such heartburn/acid reflux trouble that I dare not take any past noon, or I'll be miserable all night. As a result, once daily seems to be my limit, at least for now, and I'm not sure that's enough to be effective. Until I can tolerate the recommended dosage, it wouldn't be fair to judge its effectiveness. Its components are known to reduce inflammation, so it holds promise if I can get my system used to it. Until then, the "jury is still out"....more info
  • So far, so good
    I have just bought New Chapter Zyflamend 120 softgels.
    I am taking it just for a few days, and the only thing I can tell, that I don't feel anything negative.
    In my case it could be difficult to rate the effectiveness of Zyflamend,
    because I don't have pain or symptoms.
    This is my response to request for review from Amazon.com. ...more info
  • Myofascial pain helper
    Zyflamend is the first pain killer we reach for around my house. I was taking RX pain meds twice a day to manage flares of Myofascial pain when my nurse practitioner suggested this wonderful alternative. I was doubtful but gave it a try. If I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night, I can get by with only acetaminophen and don't need the RX pain meds any longer. My husband dislocated a shoulder a while back and uses it when his shoulder pain acts up.
    It can be hard on the stomach if you don't remember to eat first, just like any other anti-inflammatory med, so after meals is highly suggested.
    Everyone has different specific needs for pain relief and not everything works for every person... but if you usually do best with aspirin like I do... it's worth a shot!
    ...more info


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