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  • Seven Years In 96 Minutes
    I'm conflicted about "Hard to Kill" (alternatively known as "The Seven Year Storm" - a better title, if you ask me): on one hand, it displays Steven Seagal's strengths to near-perfection, but on the other, it's just about the dumbest follow-up that Seagal could do after his smarter-than-average debut, "Above the Law". Rest assured, it's not a bad movie, and certainly belongs on any of Seagal's "best of" lists...but for many folks, that's not saying much.

    In the film, Seagal is Mason Storm - a lone wolf policeman who's just made a breakthrough regarding a plot to assassinate a US senator. Before he can deliver the evidence, however, an attack on his home by the crooks leaves his wife dead, his son missing, and Storm himself in a coma. Protected by his friend and colleague Kevin O'Malley (Frederick Coffin, "View from the Top"), Storm lies unconscious for seven years until awakening to renewed assassination attempts and a thirst for revenge.

    For the record, being put into a coma is the most harm that has ever befallen the usually-invincible Seagal. That doesn't stop him, however, from managing to outrun an assassin while still in his hospital bed, mere minutes after he woke up. Throw in the beard he grew during his coma and the taking off of his shirt, and you've got a respectable list of things you see in none other of his films.
    I suppose that's where the film's main appeal lies: he's put into situations you usually don't see him in, but the fact that he handles all of them in his superhuman way puts a bit of a damper on the thought that his character might be but a man.

    The action is hit-and-miss: the scene in the convenience store is one of the best examples of seeing real aikido in use, but it's nothing more than Seagal taking out the garbage as usual. A couple of similar scenes don't supply much of a rush, either. However, the shootout in the doctor's house is one of the finest that Seagal has ever been filmed in: brilliant mix of gunplay and hand-to-hand fighting, and even a grotesquely-snapped arm thrown in for good measure.

    The inclusion of Kelly LeBrock ("The Woman in Red") - Seagal's then-wife - is a two-edged blade: while she gives little more than an acceptable performance, her interaction with Seagal seems to give the martial artist a confidence that he tends to lack in his acting, and supplies him with a surprising flair that chooses to express itself during quieter scenes - I mean, when's the last time you've seen Seagal guffaw convincingly? Then again, since she was his real-life spouse, it's inevitable that they begin a relationship in the movie, and this doesn't gel at all with the approach of a man who, in his mind, has lost his wife only weeks ago.

    However, when the bad guys get theirs, it's some of the most satisfying scenes that our hero has ever uttered harsh language in: you really don't know how good you can feel for a guy until William Sadler ("Roswell") is standing with a gun barrel in his mouth, being told what's going to happen to him in prison. The ability to instill this marvelous feel for vengeance earns late director Bruce Malmuth ("Nighthawks") some kudos...but eventually, it feels like just another run-of-the-mill action vehicle for Steven.
    While it's more interesting than most of the films Seagal's been involved in, it really doesn't top an old-fashioned, to-the-point Seagalian bloodbath like "Out for Justice" or "Under Siege". Fans should definitely pick it up, and 80s-action freaks should get a fix out of this one...but everybody else, rent it first....more info
  • Hard To Kill.
    I love this movie.Rated R for strong martial-arts action,violence,language,and some sexuality.Not for children....more info
  • grabbed my heart and attention
    the best one. seagal is beautiful in this one. touching human, and fantasy superstar both at the same time. forget any previous negative reviews, it's a movie, yes unreal, that's what all movies are! that's why we like them. cool, great, smooth, beautiful, deadly, typical great seagal fighting action, and in the non-fighting scenes you can reach out and touch him, and wish you could control yourself and circumstances as he does in this....more info
  • Great Drama
    I love these Steven Seagal movies. Drama with some humor which is a great combination...more info
  • "Hard to Kill" is hard not to like
    Just after "Above The Law" and before his girth expanded, Seagal made this dandy little action thriller. Set seven years ago on oscar night( and that is as close as he would ever get to one) Seagal gets bad guy Sadler(always fun as the bad man) on video ordering a hit on someone. Well before you can say "kung fu" Seagal is shot and left for dead , his wife is killed and his son gets away. But as we all know, if you don't cut him into pieces, just like Jason, Seagal isn't dead, but he is REALLY, REALLY MAD. Never once is this believable but as it moves so fast you never really have much time to think about it. ...more info
  • Another early feature of Seagal's
    True,this Seagal flick is a bit more spaced-out and repetitive than most of his flicks and it has a tendancy to shy away from it's grounding as an action flick into thriller territory.But this is still a classic in his league.There are some fabulous fight sequences towards the end,Seagal has one of the coolest names in action movie history,Mason Storm,and I have to say this is the only real film of his which I can appreciate as a piece of entertainment.In other words,there's no moral to the story like there seems to be in every other one of his flicks (i.e. On Deadly Ground,Marked for Death,The Patriot,Nico et al),it's just a film,not a piece of social commentary.Jean Claude Van Damme could just as easily have been in the lead role here.A Seagal flick on its own....more info
  • A fun movie
    This is a good Seagal thriller and pushes the right buttons. It isn't one of his best but it does deliver the goods. ...more info
  • worth watching from start to finish
    saw this about 9 times on tv
    loved it more and more every time
    shocking powerful action movie
    with small bits of humor
    like when Mason Storm gets down on his knees to look like he's playing fair with the robbers in the store
    and he still kicks their ass regardless even while on his knees
    now that's funny and powerful. Lebrock is lusciously pretty and very talented. if you like Seagal see Marked for Death, Exit Wounds. and other great titles. I got this on dvd 2 days ago. it's worth the thrills, laughs and excitement every watch
    see this movie
    if you like Kelly Lebrock, then see Weird Science. good and interesting movie...more info
  • about the movie hard to kill.......
    This story comes to a point that Seagal was shot by the bad guys but did not manage to kill him after he woke up from coma and he make a come back to get rid of 'em. A good recommendation for those whom prefer this genre of movie/film. Enjoy....

    ...more info
  • worth the price
    So the acting is a little lame, but it has martial arts, a beautiful woman, corrupt politicians and cops and did I mention VIOLENCE! Pretty much Seagal's best work and LeBrock is easy on the eyes and ears as always....more info
  • The Road To Recovery & Revenge
    Looking for a no-brainer that is fun to watch, the standard-but-effective revenge film? Well, this is it.

    As usual, everything is played to the hilt, meaning the bad guys couldn't be much worse. They not only kill hero Steven Seagal's wife and kid but are crude and use profanity in every sentence. They are the low-life scums in every sense of the word.

    Seagal's real-life wife, Kelly LeBrock, plays a nurse in here, nursing her Buddhist he-man back to health after the thugs had left him for dead in the aforementioned family killing. The rest is simply Seagal's road to recovery and for revenge against those punks...but it's an interesting road, enough to fill the bill if you're in a revenge-seeking mood
    ...more info
  • No classic
    This is no classic. Seagal plays a cop who after capturing a politician on film with some well known criminals becomes their target. He survives but his family do not. The rest you can guess. Having said its no classic, that is only by comparison to the very highest standards; as Seagal films go this is one of his best. He has ample opportunity to display his martial arts skills and it moves along with pace, and as its only just over an hour and a half long this means you won't be bored.

    However the script is pretty average, and as with a lot of Seagal films it has a made for TV feel about it which does it no favours. I certainly wouldn't recommend purchasing as I don't believe it will hold up to repeated viewings. See it once and enjoy it for what it is and move on! ...more info
  • Straight to the Discount Rack
    If you can believe that a man can lay in a coma for seven years, suddenly wake up, leave and start kicking [...], then this is the movie for you. Mr. Seagal has never been much of an actor and in his prime was run of the mill in martial arts ability at best. With Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chuck Norris and so many other better talents available, there is no reason to waste time with minor leaguers. Steven is to martial arts as K-Fed is to music. I will say however this is not the worst Martial Arts movie I have sat through, that distinction still belong to "Cracker Jack". But this is close. ...more info
  • Worth seeing...and you can take that to the bank
    This movie is worth seeing for five reasons:

    1) Emotional storyline. Kill a guy's family, put him in prison, and you've got the making of a high-octane story. Yes, maybe it's not CASABLANCA but it taps into our deepest emotions and desires. Including trying to get your son back.

    2) Martial arts. Love the sequence where Steven Seagal is training. Very Eastern. Very authentic.

    3) William Sadler as Senator Vernon Trent. Hollywood's most underrated character actor and villain turns in an understated performance. Very smooth and slick.

    4) Seagal's romance. Yes, it's cheesy, but I'm a chick. Sue me.

    5) The hot tub scene with Sadler. Again, sue me....more info
  • Steven Seagal is...Hard to Believe!!!
    The movie is Hard to Kill, but the story is Hard to Swollow.
    In this movie, Seagal and his hot new girlfriend go to get revenge for his murdered wife...Sure.
    Great action but the story SUCKS!...more info
  • Steve At His Finest!
    This was definitely one of Steven Segal's finest films. Playing the role of a policeman Segal video tapes a crooked politician striking a deal with underworld elements. This causes hired killers to invade his home. This invasion causes the death of his wife and places our hero in a 7 year coma. His son is raised by a fellow policeman. Segal comes out of his coma and narrowily escapes being killed again. The pretty nurse takes him to an isolated retreat where he regains his health. The crooked politician has now become a U.S. Senator. Through the efforts of our hero the politician is brought down and our hero gains revenge. This is a must see video....more info
  • Story and Action is Lacking
    This movie starts out well enough. The first fight scene is quick but entertaining. The plot thickens as his family is slain and he is in a coma, unbeknownst of the Bad guys (they think he died also). But while Seagal delivers a strong performance in a poorly directed movie, everything else crumbles. Le Brock, then married to Seagal, is poor as the nurse bringing Seagal back to health so he can clear his name and wallop the bad guys. Bill Sadler is OK as the sinister, power hungry senator, but the movies fight scenes are boring and people are knocked out in unrealistic fashion (a lot of Glass Jaw Joes in this film).

    Still, it is not a total disaster, if you have an hour and a half to kill; it beats any Seagal Movie besides Exit Wounds since 1997.
    ...more info
  • Seagal's best movie
    Hard To Kill is what made me a Seagal movie fan. This is Seagal's best movie and is better than Under Siege and much more violent. Seagal is a cop who is gunned down and his wife is killed. After many years in a coma, Seagal wakes up and goes to get revenge against the people who killed his wife. This movie is loaded with martial arts and gun fights. There is more martial arts in this movie than in any other Seagal movie. There are multiple times in this movie where Seagal puts away his gun so he can hand out a beating using aikido. One of the best fights is in the liquor store where Seagal tells his four attackers "Oh, my gun makes this unfair. I'll put it away. How about if I kneel too. Will that make it more fair". Eventually the bad guy attacks and gets multiple broken bones by Seagal. The end of the movie was very satisfying with more violence including one scene with a pool stick that was so good I was grinning with enjoyment. ...more info
  • Hard to Watch...
    Don't get me wrong, I love these types of films but this one took WAY too long to get going. Once it did nothing great really happened. LOTS of broken wrists and arms but no really interesting action sequences. This director is no substitute for Andrew Davis. From what I've seen of Seagals movies, I rate Under Seige and Above the Law as his finest moments, and both were under the direction of Andrew Davis......more info
  • Not what I remembered, but...
    I had these memories of Hard to Kill being an awesome movie. Back in the late 80's it was, but according to today's standards it's pretty tame stuff. Maybe we're all spoiled. I no longer consider this one of his best movies (-1 star). I liked him in The Patriot and Glimmer Man, for instance. Nevertheless, this movie has a place in action film history. Back in the late 80's, early 90's Steven Seagal was the premiere action star. So this movie is a must-have as one of the better Seagal films (4 stars). It's a classic action film of days gone by. Although you can still see Seagal in his latest efforts playing the same role, this file was his second and was one of the two that put him at the top....more info
  • Its Hard to Kill Steven Seagull
    I liked this movie, Great Plot, Great movie, Great Setting.One of his best movies ever.Dont mess with Steven in the movie....more info
  • "I'm gonna take you to the bank Senator. To the blood bank."
    It's hard to hate Hard to Kill, but you will also find it hard to avoid soiling yourself after being subjected to the unintentional humor inherant in any quality Seagal flick, this one no exception. Grasshopper Steven portrays Mason Storm, a man brutally cut down in his home by crooked cops and presumed dead... that is until he shows signs of life in the emergency room and is kept alive in a coma for years. He awakens in the 1990s with the beautiful Kelly LeBrock as his nurse and soon realizes that he is being sought out by the same cops that attempted to murder him years earlier. Seagal manages to recall a shady Senator through a memory lapse and promises to take him to the blood bank. Some other humorous moments include Seagal punching a wood plank out of its ground anchor during his training sessions, Seagal covered with smoking acupuncture needles during therapy, Seagal throwing a tribal mask over the head of a defeated enemy, etc. Another winner....more info
  • Bone Crunching action
    Being a huge fan of action films, it's hard to critique them because this genre of movie making has one purpose...to give viewers an escape from reality and a sense of enjoyment in seeing scumbags and criminals get what they don't get in the real world: The sh-- kicked out of them. For this reason, I rate films of this nature on production values and good action and effects, not necessarily the script or character definition. Most of Steven Seagal's films are better-than-average and this one rates near the top because the action is top-notch and the choreography of the hand-to-hand scenes is truly believable. His aikido skills are remarkable. There's even a little pathos and some humor thrown in to give viewers a little more than just bone-breaking fun. This is a good movie if you remember not to take it too seriously and just have fun and watch the bad guys get theirs in painful quantities....more info
  • Hardly one of his best
    As a huge Steven Segal fan I find this review hard to write. This was a poorly done movie. Albeit it is possible, it is so unlikely that a person in a comma for 7 years will come out of it to begin with. It is even more unlikely that someone in a comma for 7 years will be able to mourne the death of his wife and the loss of his son in a matter of days and start a new romance with a new woman while trying to save his own life from those who tried to kill him in the first place. Granted that 7 years have passed, but to one in a comma for 7 years it wouldn't feel like 7 years, or probably 7 days for that matter.

    I was so dissapointed in the story. The acting was ok, but you could tell Mr. Segal's heart was not in this film....more info


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