Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin, 15-Ounce Blue Pouches (Pack of 3)
Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin, 15-Ounce Blue Pouches (Pack of 3)

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  • With holistic benefits
  • With antioxidants
  • With glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Helps maintain healthy joints

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy Hips = Happy Dog, Thanks Dogswell!
    Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Breast, Glucosamine & Chrondroitin, 15-Ounce Blue Pouches (Pack of 3)My dog loves these treats! Finally, I have found a treat that's healthy, not only for his hips, but for his teeth, also. They're nice & chewy.
    I read food labels constantly, and it helps to be able to read the ingredients before purchasing on Amazon. Also, buying Dogswell in bulk (15oz./pks of 3) as Amazon offers, is the best deal I have found, so far. My 13yr. old, 33lb. dog gets 3 chicken strips a day. The rest of the 15oz. pkg. goes into the freezer, whereupon the next day I'm able to snap each strip into thirds - that's how Ranger Bob (my dog) likes it. Might not be a bad idea to offer it this way for smaller dogs. Oh, and one last thing, Ranger Bob will bury pig ears, real bones, biscuits,"green bones" etc. but not these Dogswell strips!...more info
  • not as good as the chicken strips
    My dog is crazy for the Dogswell chicken strips but these she's not excited about. These are crunchy like a pressed cracker, not a meat strip, and not as chewy....more info
  • my dog loves these! made in china... so what?
    My dog absolutely looooves these treats! He even got the cat hooked on them lol They taste terrific (i try everything i buy for my dog before i feed it to him because if i think it's nasty, i will not force him to eat it either) however, the Made In China on the back of the package was a very very scary discovery. After reading some of the 1 starred reviews on Amazon bashing the product bc it's manufactured in China i decided to google it and i found nothing about Dogswell being affected by the recall. Here's a letter from Marco Giannini, the CEO of Dogswell & Catswell
    These are posts by Marco Giannini defending his products on;sa,showPosts;start,30...more info
  • Happy Hips
    These are great treats, even for fussy dogs. The glucosamine and chrondroitin realy do help older dogs with their joints....more info
  • Yummy treats for dogs
    I give these treats to my dog, and he can't get enough of them. This is his favorite treat by far, and since it's made of chicken breasts, I feel like it's pretty healthy. ...more info
  • great for older dogs and she loves the taste
    Great product our dog is loving a tasting treat that is good for her 14 year old bones
    ...more info
  • Dogs loved them!
    My dogs loved them. I'm not sure if it's helped their hips at all.
    But I'll keep giving them the chicken strips to find out....more info
  • Warning: May Be Addictive
    My dog absolutely loves these treats. We have tried many treats since we have had her, and she has never loved any of them as much as she loves these. When she is done eating one, she will stalk the bag and try to manipulate us into giving her another one. She literally goes crazy for them. I like the fact there are so few ingredients and that they do not have any grains in them. Our dog is getting older, so I feel good about the ingredients for her joints. The only reason that I gave them four stars instead of five is that they are made in China; I really wish they were made in the United States. I must warn you though; your dog may become addicted--just like mine :)...more info


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