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Easy to Use: Auto memory shows last temperature taken. Fast, one-minute temperature read-out. Battery/storage case included. Automatic shut-off. Easy to Read: Extra large lighted display for easy reading. BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE: Basal temperature is the normal body temperature of a healthy person immediately upon awakening in the morning. This temperature normally rises after ovulation due to hormonal changes. Thus, a temperature increase near the middle of your menstrual cycle can indicate ovulation has occurred. IDENTIFYING OVULATION TIMING: Tracking your basal temperature can help you to identify ovulation timing.

  • Basic digital thermometer

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Buy!
    This is a great buy! I love that it beeps to show you it is working and that it has a lighted display screen. Both great things to have in the morning before you turn a light on and are still a little sleepy....more info
  • I like the beeping
    This thermometer has made tracking my cycles very easy. Others didn't like the beeping but I like to know it's working. I feel so enlightened about my own body because of this little device. I haven't changed the batteries but it looks pretty easy. ...more info
  • BD Thermometer
    I've used the BD thermometer for the past two months. It seems to work very well. It usually reads my temperature within a minute or two but occasionally will take longer. I've found the beeping helpful, as it lets me know that it is still working and also when it has finished. The backlight is helpful but does go off as you are taking your temperature. This is my only experience with a BD thermometer and it seems to be doing it's job....more info
  • Backlit and periodic beeps!
    As much as a person could love a BBT thermometer, I love this one. This is the only digital basal thermometer I've ever found that has a backlight. Plus, it has a quiet beep every 7 seconds or so that tells you it is still working (so you don't lay there with it in your mouth doing nothing). Both are great for taking temps while it is still dark....more info
  • Not Great
    I bought this thermometer for ovulation charting because it was supposed to be the "best". I had been using a CVS brand thermometer that was accurate but took FOREVER to get a reading. So I was really looking forward to the quick readings this one promised. Alas - here's the breakdown:

    The Good: It beeps every 4 seconds so long as you have it in the right spot in your mouth. If the consistent beeping stops, you've opened your mouth or moved it so you know you need to turn it off and start over. I like this feature at 6AM when I'm half asleep and have the tendency to fall asleep and move the thermometer. The beeps don't bother my husband, but he is a hard sleeper. It also has an amazingly quick read-out time. It takes under a minute if you have it in the right spot.

    The Bad: The accuracy is poor. It only has a readout to 1 decimal place (most basal thermometers have 2). It has also been giving me wildly erratic readings. I've been charting for years so I'm pretty diligent about doing it first thing in the morning, at the same time, without moving. There's nothing that should be causing such erratic temperatures, especially when the beeps are indicating that I'm holding it correctly. I don't know if I just got a defective one or what.

    Summary: If it's not accurate, it's worthless, so I'm going back to my old SLOW thermometer :-( I was so excited about this too....more info
  • 1st one great, 2nd & 3rd ones read low temps
    I had one for more than a year and loved it. I couldn't find a replacement battery at 3 different stores so I just bought a new one. The second one read really low temps and so did the third one. I returned both finally bought a different brand BBT and am pleased. I ended up with a Mabis healthcare one that was 4.00 at Wal-mart. Here is the link: [...]...more info
  • Reliable basal thermometer
    I prefer this thermomether to one that I bought at Target for a few reasons. First, the unit beeps while measuring the temperature--this helps keep me awake since I take my temp when my alarm sounds in the morning. Also, the display lights up, allowing me to see the temp in my darkened room....more info
  • Does its job well!
    This thermometer works better than those I have found at stores. It takes a long time, but I think that's just the nature of these thermometers. Once I got used to holding my mouth and my body still for the thermometer to do its thing, it's been great!...more info
  • Love it!
    I've had this thermometer for 7 months and it works great. I love the back-light and that it stores the last temp. in memory....more info
  • Can't stand the incessant beeping!
    This thermometer has a feature called "accubeep." It beeps loudly every 4 seconds during the minute or so that it takes to take your temperature. According to the manufacturer, this is supposed to assure you that the thermometer is correctly positioned in your mouth. At 6am, this is horribly annoying. Plus, being a basal thermometer, it is obviously intended for adult use, on a daily basis, I might add. What adult who takes her temperature every day would need help figuring out how to put the thermometer in her mouth? I had to stop using the thing, it was just too annoying. ...more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    I love this thermometer. The back light and last temp recall have been a life saver for me. When I want to sleep in I can reach over shove it in my mouth for 1 minute drop it back on the night stand and go back to sleep. When I am ready to wake and write my temp down I can simply push the button and voila theres my temp. This is also the thermometer that is reccomended in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I definatly reccomend that book as well. The only drawback is that beeps lightly every 3 seconds for 1 minute to let you know it is working which drives my husband nuts. ...more info
  • reliable
    this is a necessity for anyone tracking basal temperatures for fertility planning. very reliable and sensitive to slight changes in temperature....more info
  • Simply does not tell correct temperature
    I'll keep this review short, simple and to the point. The thermometer consistently reads my temperature (and my girlfriend's temperature) at 96 or 97 degrees. Either we're almost dead, or this thing doesn't work. It never registered normally, not even once. We each tried it a dozen times, both with the covers and without, and got the same result either way.

    As for the reason for two stars instead of one: it is easy to use....more info
  • Does its job
    works as described - only flaw: since i use it in bed, before getting up (as instructed) it is often too dark to read the results...the screen is backlight only when being turned on or off - not when the temp reading is given....more info
  • not that great
    sometimes works; sometimes doesn't. i have questions about its accuracy, as well - midday temperatures taken five minutes apart show nearly a degree of difference.

    useful in that you can take your temp and go back to sleep, then check the readout later; however, for accuracy there are likely better products out there....more info
  • Good product
    This thermometer works well. It is easy to use and has a back-lit display for reading it in the dark. It beeps to tell you it is done. This is what we were looking for.

    It has an easy user replaceable battery, and the button is very easy to press, but you aren't likely to accidentally press it as it has a nice case for it that snaps in place.

    The only downside to it is it beeps every 4 seconds when taking a temperature, so that gets a bit annoying after a while, but at least you know it is working and not sleeping....more info
  • Great product!
    I am charting my basal body temperature and I tried another thermometer before this one that was giving me readings all over the place. This one is very precise and I like that it remembers the last temperature in case I don't write it down right away....more info
  • Not for everyone
    My husband and I are on our 4th month trying to conceive. I have heard that a good way to gauge your ovulation time is with a basal thermometer, so I got one just to help the process along. After not even a month of using this I got tired of it. My temperatures were all over the place even though I was doing them at the same time every morning before I got out of bed.

    I spoke with my Dr. about using these. She said that these are not for everyone. Some women don't have any correlation between their ovulation and their temperature changing. It was a lot more stress than it was worth, for me. There are a lot of things to keep track of in addition to just taking your temperature, and for me, it was just too much.

    The thermometer itself does a fine job. The back light was nice and it takes the temperature accurately from what I could tell. It does take a while for it to take your temperature though. The constant beep while it's taking your temperature is a nice indicator that it is still working, but also annoying that it is continuous. It would be better if it just beeped when it was finished or if there was an error....more info
  • BD Basal Digital Thermometer
    This thermometer is great. It's good for beginners who are new to charting BBT because it's so easy to use. It works fast and beeps every few seconds to let you know it's working correctly. Your mate might not like that first thing in the morning, but they'll get used to it (and they better because when baby comes along it will be more than a little beep waking them up). The best feature about this thermometer is that it stores the reading for you so you don't have to write it down right away and you can just go back to sleep and chart your temperature for the day later on. ...more info
  • Easy to use and reliable
    I bought this thermometer based on the Amazon reviews. After two weeks of daily use, I think it works perfectly. The beep is quiet enough that it doesn't wake my husband in the morning, and it's easy enough to use that I don't even really fully wake up -- I sort of blindly grope on the nightstand, find it, stick it under my tongue, push the button, and a few beeps later it's done. I can then push the button again later to see my last temp and write it down. Pushing the button doesn't clear the memory, only taking a new temperature does. Good product....more info
  • The greatest basal thermometer ever
    That's the best basal thermometer ever !

    - The light !! (I saw a comment saying the light just show up when you turn it on... not put it in your mouth and wait (bip bip ..) at the end you press once to turn it off and your temperature will show up with light for a couple of seconds before turning off....then.... next time you turn it on, it still have the memory of the last temperature recorded
    - The beep is good !
    - The design (kinda round kinda cool)

    none ! (For the one who thought it is just one tenth of a degree, it's true but you don't need more than that for basal temperature anyway)...more info
  • Just OK
    While this BDT Thermometer works fine as far as taking temperatures, mine doesn't make a sound. It is too cheap of an item to return since the shipping costs to AMAZON would make them lose money on the deal.
    It takes temperatures but because the "beeps" don't beep, you have to be careful to take your temperature correctly.

    My second complaint is that all of the documentation provided with the product talks exclusively about female ovulation. While that is the major reason people buy this type of thermometer, it isn't the only reason.
    Since I am a 61 year old man, I could care less about ovulation unless I had a girlfriend who was young enough to concieve. Even then I wouldn't care since my wife would kill me anyway . What I DO care about are the other usages for a basal thermometer such as checking thyroid functionality or just getting a more accurate temperature reading than regular thermometers give you.

    There isn't a single word about how to use this thermommeter for anything but getting ovulation information.

    So I rated it at 3 stars because it does work, but not the way it was intended to work since the beeps tell you audibly if the device is operating correctly since when you turn it on it does a self test and beeps to tell you it passed the test. Without the auditory beep, you have to visually verify that it passed the turn on self test.

    Then the three rapid beeps it is supposed to give out when you have had the thermometer in place long enough or have put properly in place to get an accurate reading being absent will lead to some number of false readings. Since the places you take your temperature don't allow you to visually check the process you just have to guess you have it propperly seated and have it in place for the correct amount of time....more info
  • Best BBT around!
    First, I see Amazon has this listed at $29.99 which is crazy- shop around because I got it around $12 shipped. This BBT is beat by none!


    BACKLIGHT! From what I've read and researched this is the ONLY backlit BBT (which seems like such a 'duh' thing but it's not standard)

    Only 10th of a degree to mess with- no worries to the 100th

    Accurrate! I've tested it against 2 others and it is completely right on

    Beeps to let you know it's working

    Fairly quick


    Beep is rather loud- if you're a co-sleeper or not wanting to wake the hubby this make be a bothersome point... if you're temping half-asleep though it's a complete asset

    All in all I'd recommend it over any other. I've tried 5 total and this one stands in a league of it's own....more info
  • The best on the market, unfortunately.
    The Bad:
    I've owned a BD digital thermometer for the last 8 years. My first one stopped working after 5 years. The replacement only lasted 2 years and was inconsistent from the day I got it. I actually bought 2 this time around to save on shipping, since I expect to replace it again.

    The flaw in the product is that randomly it just stops working. Typically it takes between 90 seconds and 2 minutes to take a temperature, beeping every 4 seconds or so, ending with a string of beeps to let you know that it's done. Every 10 or 15 uses, the beeping begins to slow. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 minutes and finally gives the ending beep. Sometimes it just doesn't ever stop. I timed it once out to 10 minutes with the last beep being at 7 1/2 minutes before I turned it off and tried it again. It does this more often when used to measure an actual fever.

    The Good:
    It's the best basal thermometer on the market. Perhaps that's because it's getting harder and harder to find one made by anyone else. But, when it actually works, it's an appropriately sensitive thermometer. And after all, the main reason to but a basal thermometer is for its sensitivity to 0.01 degrees. It does that, so I put up with its "idiosyncrasies" ...more info