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Leukic Hardcore

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  • stacked with Gakic
    I've taken other MuscleTech products before that did work for me (adaplode and naNo9,but the nicotine was jackin my heart rate). Leukic so far has done nothing. I was stacking with Gakic,which ran out 1/2 way(bigger dose)thru and got zilch. I'm a cyclist and Gym-rat and noticed no difference at all in any sport. If your not concerned with RHR or HBP take the Adaplode and naNo9. Those made me mad strong in the gym,but like I said,the nicotine did scary things to my heart rate and freaked me out in my Cardio....more info
  • Awesome
    I love this product and how it works. I first tried this product through GNC, and paid a lot of money. Then I found it on amazon.com and discovered I was getting ripped off by GNC. However regardless of the price I believe this product works, and I can feel my muscles are harder after using this product. I will be purchasing this item again!...more info
  • Not really worth buying
    Leukic Hardcore for me was a waste of $43 (when it sold here for $43). It doesn't give "power" to work out. The power it gives lasts about 3 minutes and thats it. As you work out without supplements you can get the "power" to do more reps and more weight within two sessions without even using this cheap supplement. The money spent on this supplement can be spent on either nice clothing or good healthy food or even saved. Also the capsules are very large and hard to swallow as someone also already said. My counsel is to forget this one, but if you do buy it, then be honest with yourself and ask yourself, 'Did this really work.'...more info
  • This stuff worx
    Bottom line this stuff kix a! My fatigue time is down and when I get the lactic acids pumping I can work out for hours. I have never felt anything close to this in recovery. It worx from day one. You'll feel your recoup time get faster and work outs go longer. I'm stacking this with Mass-tec and so far i've upped my bench by 30 lbs in two weeks and arm curls by 15 lbs with no "hang-over" effects. Make sure to take the recommended dose on "off-days" otherwise you'll be sore for a while. Drink plenty of water and take some rest days for sure. Nothing else has given me these results, also take a multi-vitamin, animal stack worx. ...more info
  • Lovely
    With Leukic I noticed almost IMMEDIATE gains in strength and reps. If I had anything negative to say about this product, is that the pills are rather large. But - after a week or so you get used to taking them, and it isn't half bad. Leukic definitely helps with recovery, too.

    I highly recommend this product for anyone who takes their training as seriously as I do. ...more info
  • It actually works very good!
    I have to admit this is definitely a good product. I do not believe in 80% of supplements, and pay most of my attention to training and nutrition. However, whey protein, creatine and amino acids have always worked. Well, I have added this one to the list because the results were very noticeable. I was also taking NitroTech at the same time but not so much because it makes me loose definition and gets me a feeling of fulness for long periods of time. By itself, I think it is a good product to try, although I cannot say that for many of MuscleTech products (specially the newest ones) since they are getting way creative when it comes to releasing the newest and hottest stuff available. It is not the case many times, and could be very costly to be trying all of them out, so be aware!!. Try Leukic though, I even think the ratio between capsules quantity/price is not that bad.

    Hope this helps you....more info
  • Unsatisfied!
    I haven't seen any change after 4 weeks of being using it. I used it following the instructions, taking 6 tablets per day and what happened? nothing! I do not suggest this priduct to anyone of my bodybuilders friends. I will be back to the proteins and creatine......more info
  • This stuff works.
    Good product. I find it hard to see a difference, because I see myself every day. I'm in Iraq, so I am around the same people all the time. It's hard to see changes unless a guy is juicing(and that does happen) because we are around the same damn people for up to 15 months striaght. But my wife hasn't seen pics of me in the last month and her reaction was "Damn, what the f&*$ are you on?" What I myself notice is the quality of my workouts skyrocketing; every rep is balls out, every set is harder than the last one. I really like this product and reccomend it to anyone who is looking for some very solid gains....more info


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