Hamilton Beach 33967 Set 'n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

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Product Description

3 choices for easy, automatic cooking: Probe, Program and Manual Thermometer probe for meat Clip-on spoon Clip-tight gasket lid Easy, automatic cooking Full-grip handles Power interrupt protection

  • 6-quart programmable slow cooker with LED digital control panel
  • 3 automatic-cooking options--program, manual, or probe; automatic keep-warm
  • Power-interrupt protection; clip-on spoon; clip-tight gasket lid; side handles for safe transport
  • Dishwasher-safe stoneware and tempered-glass lid; user manual with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 10-2/5 by 16 by 16 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Be a Sap!!!
    This is WAY over-priced. It is available on-line or in many stores for about half this price. I just bought one for $58. Amazon should be ashamed!...more info
  • Cadillac of Slow Cookers
    Although I have had this slow cooker for only a month, I can already tell it's an amazing addition to my kitchen. It cooks food enough to be perfectly done, then keeps it warm so it does not overcook. The meals I have made in it taste better than the same ones cooked in other slow cookers because of the automatic cook to warm feature. Also, the ability to transport the unit by locking down the lid is a great design. No more need to pack it up in a cardboard box and drive 20 mph to take food to a party! I was looking for a durable, user friendly slow cooker that cooks to perfection, and I found it in this product! ...more info
  • Great Slow Cooker for the Money
    This is a great slow cooker. I purchased this from Amazon for $60.00 and now its down to $50.00 which is an even better buy!

    There 3 ways to use this slow cooker, manual mode, probe, and progam mode. In each of these modes, there are only 2 temperature settings, Low or High. There is also a Warm setting but they specifically say not to use this to cook.

    The ceramic insert on mine wasn't perfect and has some overspray coating build up on the inside in a few spots and came with 2 minor scratches on the outer area but they do not appear to be through the coating. The ceramic insert is also huge and takes up most of my sink and has some weight to it. You have to be careful not to bang it on anything as well when cleaning and it can get slippery while hand wash it.

    When you cook with the probe, it automatically shuts off when the internal temperature of the meat is set. The only drawback to this feature is that it maxes out at 180 degrees. This is important because a dish such as pulled pork should have an internal temperature close to 200 degrees to achieve proper texture.

    Overall I would say this is a great slow cooker. I use it in an apartment and it cooks with little heat up of my apartment and contains cooking odors very well. Its almost unoticable when its on for 7 hours cooking!

    If you like barbecue I would invest in some Liquid Smoke as it will grealy enhance the flavor of your roasts in this, especially pulled pork.
    ...more info
  • Great Cooker, but PRICED WRONG!!!
    Although this is a great slow cooker, There is a huge mistake in the pricing of this unit on Amazon. It sells for $59.99 or less at most other on-line sites. You can confirm this yourself by going directly to HamiltonBeach Website: http://www.hamiltonbeach.com/slow-cookers-programmable-slow-cookers.html

    If you paid more than $59.99, contact Eleven Adar or Amazon for a correction.
    ...more info
  • Welcome to the "Digital Age"
    Right now, I've used it twice; so we're in the 'shake-down cruise stage' of getting to know each other and not yet at the point to see if some of the other product reviewers are accurate about when it stops working. Other than that, I've very happy with its appearance, design and features. This is my 4th crockpot/slow cooker in some 30 years; the first a Regal Mardi Gras Pot O' Plenty (which I quickly got rid of because it never 'slow cooked'); my trusty, reliable Rival 5 qt. Crock Pot (we did a lot of fine cookin' together, then a Rival 3.5 qt. Crock Pot (to accommodate RV living and smaller space to stow an appliance and less fridge-freezer space for left-overs). Well, the 3.5 kept over-flowing and so it was time to re-invent the wheel. I'm not disappointed with my decision to up-grade to 6 qts; although I 'thought' the model I selected had a 'hinged lid' which would have been a convenience given space limitations. It doesn't. The other thing is the removable insert. It doesn't look very 'clay or crock-like' and is black; yes, matching its steel-gray exterior. My concern is -- and I hope I'm wrong -- that while made in Taiwan, the paint or whatever is used to create the black color, isn't something we're going to read about as a health hazard some day. About the unit itself; I've made two items; a brisket using the thermal probe and the other, German Short Ribs experimenting with 'programming'. The brisket turned to its pre-set internal temperature in about 4 hours or less and held at "warm" approximately another 8 hours until it was time for dinner. The meat was this side of rare and a real disappointment. One of two things may have happened: (1) the slab of brisket was too thin to work with a thermal probe or 2) the probe doesn't work properly. Regardless, I'll continue to experiment and we'll soon learn which is which. The thin metal construction of the probe itself and its 'wire connection' to the appliance, is kind-of 'thin and flimsy' compared to the thermal probe with my mid-1980's JC Penny's combo microwave-convection oven. The second item prepared was my favorite German Short Ribs and they were dee-licious! The recipe suggested 6-8 hours and while I violated the basic rule of slow cooking -- fill no more than 1/2-2/3 to the top with some 5 lbs of beef short ribs -- I set it for 7 hours and then, it held nicely at "warm" the few hours later at dinner time. And here's my biggest gripe: "When was the last time you purchased a product without an accessory guide?" Well, this will be the one. The Rival 5 qt or the 3.5 had a little booklet for convenient inserts, like a "meat rack" to keep things off the base and from sitting in the juices or a carrying case or a dust cover and those things just isn't available with the Hamilton Beach. So, I've got to find an appropriate trivet and something to keep the campground dust off it when on an open shelf. But good news and bad news: The 'good news' is that sent an e-mail to customer service inquiring about an accessory guide and they responded faster than a microwave cooks fish and said they'd mail one to me. The 'bad news' is that when it arrived, it wasn't an accessory guide, rather a photocopy off the Internet of some of the recipes for it. Wellll...another e-mail exchange and I learned they simply don't have an accessory guide. Come-on Hamilton Beach -- let's get some business savvy here. It would have received a preliminary "5 Stars" but for the issue with the thermal probe, that it didn't have the 'hinged lid' I though was the items I 'clicked-on' and NO accessory guide. Kudos, however, to the quick response by Customer Service at Hamilton Beach!...more info
  • Eleved Adar (DON'T USE)
    I think Eleved Adar misspelled their name. It should be "Elevated Adar" The price they are asking for this is appalling. I went to Sears last night and bought this item for $49 I have put "Eleved Adar" on my DO NOT EVER USE list....more info
  • I just used mine
    I purchased mine from Walmart for $50. This thing is easy to use. It's very stylish to boot. Don't buy it from Eleven Adar, though. Those guys are selling it way too high....more info
    This is a great product, but it shouldn't cost you more than $60! Retail stores from Bed Bath & Beyond to Sears to Best Buy all have this product for $60 or LESS! Don't pay $189.00 or $199.00!! Price gougers should be ashamed for marking this product up to THREE TIMES its normal retail price. ...more info
  • Hamilton Beach 33967 Set 'n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker
    I gave my sister the programmable slow cooker for Christmas, only to find out she owned about 5 other slow cookers. Her husband flew to NYC for a funeral this past week. His return flight was delayed by 2 hrs & my sister waited with the ham cooking on and on. When they returned to the house - the ham was waiting, perfectly done. She weeded out the other cookers - said this one was perfect - she loves it!!! 5 stars + for this product. ...more info
  • Great Cooker
    Works great, easy to clean. A bit heavy, but solidly built. For the price it cannot be beat....more info
  • Impressive Crock Pot
    Bought this as a gift then decided I needed one for myself. It is well made and simple to use (including the programing feature). Thought the 6 quart might be to large for just my husband and I but it is perfect. The lid is one of the best features. It has a rubber edge and tightens down with clips providing an airtight seal. This means the liquid has much less chance of evaporating. We use it at least once a week. It is my favorite crock pot....more info
  • Bob
    I had to buy this product elsewhere. After reading the pricing reviews I went to Best Buy and saved over $100.00 on your price. Was yours a mistake?...more info
  • wonderful product
    I purchased this item for one of my daughters and I liked it so well I got myself one. It is wonderful. The meat thermometer is great. It is nice to set the cook time and forget it. It is worth every penny I spent and that wasn't much. ...more info
  • Love this Slow Cooker!
    I've had this slow cooker since early December and absolutely love it. We use it about once a week and haven't had any problems with anything turning out less than perfect.

    The thing that confuses me is the current price for this model. When we purchased it in December it was merely $49.99 (bought on Amazon) so doesn't make sense that the price has shot up so much! This same model can be purchased on Bed, Bath & Beyond's website for $49.99 so I would not suggest paying $199 for it....more info
    This is an awesome slow cooker, but the prices on here are absolutely ridiculous. You can get it at Best Buy or any face-to-face retailer for less than $50....more info
  • Slow Cooker recommended by Cuisine At Home magazine!
    We saw this exact Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker (Model 33967) recommended in several places, including cooking magazines and Consumer Reports. Target had it for $10 less, but added $14 shipping! At $59 including shipping ("free shipping") Amazon's price is competitive, and you get all the benefits of buying from Amazon: fast delivery, easy returns, etc. This model has all the features of much more expensive models, like the All Clad (which is $280). Don't hesitate to choose this one!...more info
  • SELLER Eleved Adar is SEVERELY inflating the price!!!
    Buyers, make sure you are an informed consumer when purchasing items. Amazon cannot regulate the price that its sellers are listing for products. The seller Eleven Adar has a trend of severely inflating prices on items that are out of stock on Amazon. Take a look at their negative comments!!! They have done this numerous times in their history as a seller.

    I was actively looking to purchase the Hamilton Beach Set n' Forget Slow cooker, model number 33967. The manufacturer lists this item for $59.99. Eleven Adar jack their price to $199.99 when they were the only seller with the item in stock. I went to Sears last night and bought it for $60!!

    I am appalled that Amazon cannot or will not regulate the sellers. I wanted to pass this on to other buyers to alert them, so they won't be taken advantage of, just so a seller can make more $$. I consider this an insult and the markings of a shady business. Please beware and DO NOT purchase from Eleven Adar or any other merchant that does this.

    The Slow Cooker is amazing. The construction is sturdy and appears that it will wear well. ...more info
  • Great crock pot!
    We love this product! The features on it are fantastic. We especially like the probe setting. You simply insert the probe into your meat and it will monitor the cooking process until the meat has reached the desired temperature. It then automatically switches to a low setting to keep your meal warm until you are ready to eat. There's no guessing how long it will take to cook. Throw in a few vegetables and have a home-cooked meal with very little fuss!

    Another awesome feature is the clip-tight gasket lid. It's perfect for traveling to pot-luck dinners without worrying that you will ruin the upholstery in your car from a spill.

    Our family highly recommends this product!

    One note of caution. Watch the price when ordering online. Amazon currently has it selling for nearly $200, but it can be found in stores for a fraction of that price--usually $50-$60....more info
  • Very satisfied with purchase...
    We bought this Hamilton Beach 6 qt slow cooker and have already used it twice. The first time my husband made vegetable soup and we were surprised to have crisp vegetable and not overcooked. The chili that my husband cooked was also so good that you'd think it was made from a restaurant. We are happy and hope to do more cooking for a crowd....more info
  • Seller was rude when I requested information about pricing
    I emailed this seller (Eleven Adar) to ask why the price ($179.99) was so high when full retail price for this item in stores and online is at least $100 cheaper. The seller responded "You can NOT dictate the price at all, price is as posted take it or Leave it !!" So beware -- and buy at your own risk....more info
  • Out of control boiling
    This is my second one. I upgraded hoping to solve the problem six months ago. Split pea soup: It boils around the edge, leaving discoloration on the container. But the peas in the center are hard, barely cooked. Last night I set it on LOW for 8 hours. Got up after 6 hours and it was boiling frantically, and display said COOK, then HIGH. I NEVER use the high setting. The soup is burnt all around the sides of the pot. I can't trust it, and I'm taking this one back, too. I NEVER had this problem with the original Crock Pot, which lasted for over 8 years. ...more info
  • Protect yourself
    Be aware of this seller.
    Four things you should know.

    Prices - Overpriced - 3 times higher that market value (do your research)

    Shipping - Cost is very high (compare)

    Return Policy - the WORST, you incur a cost of 20% restocking regardless. They have the worst return policy on the web, 5 days returns, you pay for shipping and handling, and you pay 20% of the value...ridiculous!!

    Lastly, do not change your review to a favorable one before they deliver on what they promised.

    I will never buy from this seller and possible Amazon again....beware of all sellers return policy since they may differ from Amazon's

    Amazon was unable to help me, so I am left with an overpriced Hamiltion Beach 33967 slow cooked. I over paid by $100.00...seriously!

    Good Luck...more info
  • Great cooker
    We greatly enjoy this cooker. The probe works well and the clips to secure the lid helpful....more info
  • This is a $50 item everywhere else AND it is only a *5* quart slow cooker!!!
    This is NOT a 6 QT slow cooker. You can only get 5 quarts of liquid into the pot and still be able to close the lid. I just went out and bought this from Sears but am returning it due to its deceptive advertising.

    ALSO, you'd be crazy to pay this ridiculous $200 price when you can find this unit elsewhere (like Sears!) for around $50....more info
  • Beware of overpricing!
    Not for nothing but..........I just bought this EXACT SAME ITEM in Target 2 days ago, on sale for TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS! Yep, that's $28.00!
    So this item is WAY overpriced on here, especially if you also have to pay for shipping!

    I haven't tried it yet, but it seems as if most of the reviews from people who have this slow cooker and use it regularly are very good, so that's why I bought it - based on the great reviews.

    I just happened to be in Target browsing and there it was right in front of me- what a surprise to see it at such a great price!

    I came on here just now to take it off my Amazon wishlist!
    Happy Shopping People - and it just goes to show ya......shop around for prices before you buy!

    ...more info
  • Sill learning but like it a lot.
    I've only had it a few weeks but have used it 4 times. This is the first time I had a slow cooker and don't know how I did without. Works well, intuitive controls,easy to clean. Love it. Wish they had provided a cookbook, but bought that from Amazon too! Suggest you buy one at the same time you buy the cooker. ...more info
  • Good, but be careful!
    In the past I've had issues with slow cookers running too hot so I decided to test my new HB cooker. I filled the 6 qt unit with 5 qt water and set the unit on WARM for 4 hours, then tested the water temp - 170 degrees. 4 hours later at LOW - temp was 170 degrees, 4 hours later at HIGH - temp was 210 degrees. I guess this is OK. I emailed the mfr for the design temps but received no resopnse.
    The rubber feet on the unit did a good job of keeping the unit from sliding around on my granite counter. I've had slow cookers you had to stir with one hand while holding it in place with the other.
    I really appreciate the plastic handle on the glass lid. It's so nice to pick up the lid without burning my fingers if I forget to use a potholder!
    The WARM setting is very useful - possibly more useful than one might initially imagine.
    The "manual" for this appliance includes English, French, and Spanish versions. This is probably why there wasn't any room left for many recipes. We are referred to the company's website but again there weren't many for the slow cooker. I would think after all the years Hamilton Beach has been manufacturing slow cookers they would have accumulated more than they display.
    The electronic control panel is typically a modern day blessing/curse. Instead of a simple knob one can turn to a setting, one must push buttons in a specific sequence in order to get the cooker to work. Vary the sequence or skip oe of the steps and you're SOL. The tricky thing about this is sometimes the unit tells you when you screwed up and sometimes it doesn't, thereby enabling you to leave the house expecting the slow cooker to do its job only to return several hours later expecting to find a hot meal waiting for you, only to discover the unit didn't like the way you pushed its buttons so it turned itself off. Don't laugh - this happened to me and it wasn't the least bit funny. If someone uses their slow cooker infrequently, it would be easy to make a mistake while setting the unit. A frequent user will quickly get the hang of it and should be able to avoid any inconvenience - provided they pay attention to what they're doing.
    Another problem with the programable feature is if your electricity is interrupted for more than 5 seconds the unit loses its settings and turns itself off. Then the unit sits there waiting for you, probably while growing salmonella. I can't help but recall all the times I've come home to find all the clocks on my electronic equipment flashing because the power went off for a few minutes.
    While the programable feature is irritating and problematic, the most dangerous feature on the slow cooker is the stainless steel clip system used to lock the lid in place during transit. For some ridiculous reason, the clips cannot be moved out of the area between the crock and the handle on the base. Attempting to lift the hot crock out of the base while not getting your potholders tangled in the wire clip is nearly impossible, making this an extremely dangerous thing to attempt. I don't think Hamilton Beach would have gone bankrupt if they had made the handles another 1/4" or so longer so the clips could safely drop out of the way....more info
  • good results
    The Hamilton Beach "set-and-forget" slow cooker was delivered as advertised. Have used it only once so far but the lentils and ham prepared was delicious. I am sure I will be happy with it. Since there are only two of us, I prepare ahead and this appliance makes that very easy....more info
  • Super pot
    First, I have to tell you I am a 73 yr. young widower. I finally got tired of quick meals, TV meals, eating out, etc. Soo, I finally decided that it was time I grew up and started learning how to cook.

    I did a lot of research on slow cooker's and decided on the Hamilton Beach 33967. I let it set on the counter for a week before I decided to either send it back or, try it.

    My first attempt was a pot roast with potatos, carrots and celery. Followed the recipie except added/subtracted sesonings that sounded good to me.

    Much to my surprise, I had a VERY! tender roast with great veggies. Made enough to have a meal and freeze rest for several meals. (Wrong). I had it for supper, lunch and dinner the next day and lunch the third day.

    Pot performed great and meat came out tender as butter....more info
  • So far so good ....
    We purchased this item from Amazon (free shipping) for $49.99 before Christmas as a gift to my daughter. Later, we saw the same unit in Walmart for $39.99 and I bought one for myself to replace an old Rival which didn't come with all these features, and did not have a good, secure lid. This purchase was made after a good deal research which included West Bend Versatile 6 qt (bought last Xmas from Amazon for another daughter who has had very good success with it but the price increased this year), and Rival. The programmable feature and the type of lid plus consumer reports convinced me to try this model. So far I have used the pot to make Baked Potato Soup (which turned out Fantastic!), Pot Roast (another winner), and Pork Loin Roast (this was okay but it may have due to the type of recipe - the meat itself was tender but I think less expensive cuts do better in a slow cooker). So far so good - my big worry was it shutting off after initial use, but we have had no problems. Compared to my old cooker, it produces a much more moist, juicier piece of meat, and the soup had excellent flavor and texture. I attribute this to the tight fitting lid - it is amazing. My old lid allowed a lot of steam to escape and sometimes would produce a drier piece of meat. My daughter has not had the same kind of luck with hers - not sure why she is unhappy. She thinks it could be the type of recipes she is trying. But it's not the quality of the cooker that is the problem yet.

    I have to concur I was rather shocked to see the price on this unit. My other daughter was remarking she would like to try a slow cooker and I knew what a great deal Amazon did have this site. At first, I thought the pricing was a typo or that they had radically changed the unit - but no! So buyer beware! Same pot, same features, HIGHLY inflated price. I supppose you could blame AMAZON but, if you do your homework, you would know this price is out of whack. We have been doing business with AMAZON for years - and this is the one website I would prefer to use to make any purchase but especially large ones. Their prices are competitive, and they are very customer service oriented.

    One thing I do have to share about the cooker - after making my pork loin roast, the black crock had some sort of residue or blemish that remained after numerous attempts to scrub. It is not horrible (and my brown colored Rival crock has similar markings but it is 30 years old) so this may be indigenous to crocks in general.

    Since I have not tried the probe yet, I rated this 4 stars with good probability of 5 stars overall....more info