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Product Description

Moving Comfort Style 771660. High-impact, no wire soft cup sports bra. Stretch microfiber. Mesh-lined cups provide shape and support. Plush threads and elastics minimize chafing. Deep V-back prevents straps from slipping. Moisture-wicking, keeps you feeling cool and dry. Straps adjust in front, secured with Velcro. 3 column, 3 row hook and eye back closure. Flatters full busted figures. Ideal for jogging, aerobics, high-impact.

Moving Comfort's most popular sports bra, the Fiona features seam-free molded cups with one-way stretch powermesh that encapsulates the breasts for support and limits up and down movement. This means that you can maintain the shape of your bust, while still receiving the high level of support and movement control that you expect from a sports bra. Two-way stretch powermesh on the back of the bra provides extra-firm support, while front adjustable straps with flattering design lines and a concealed hook-and-loop closure provide a perfect fit and enhance support. The wide-banded back will not bite into your sides and is fastened with three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows. Bras with bands sized 40 to 44 have a fourth row on the band. The Fiona Bra is constructed with fabrics that manage moisture for high-intensity activities.

Designed for high-impact sports, the Fiona features combined encapsulation and compression support. The encapsulation bra cup construction surrounds the breast to give support and shaping, protecting the breast tissue from horizontal, vertical, and circular motion during sports. Compression bra construction redistributes breast tissue to evenly press against the chest wall limiting overall motion. The Fiona is an exceptional sports bra, designed to flatter a woman's form, while offering optimum fit and comfort performance.


  • Seam-free molded cups
  • One-way stretch Powermesh encapsulates in front
  • Two-way stretch Powermesh in back
  • Adjustable front straps
  • Concealed front hook-and-loop closure on straps
  • Three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows on band
  • Fourth row on 40-44 bands

Support Type:

  • Compression: Bra cup construction that redistributes breast tissue to evenly press against the chest wall to limit motion
  • Encapsulation: Bra cup construction that surrounds the breast to give support and shaping. Based on various degrees of impact, this structure helps to protect the breast tissue from horizontal, vertical, and circular motion during sports activities.

Material Specifications:

  • Body: 88 percent polyester, 12 percent spandex
  • Interior Cups: 100 percent polyester
  • Back Lining: Powermesh--83 percent nylon, 17 percent Lycra
  • Front Yoke Lining: 90 percent nylon, 10 percent spandex

Care Specifications:

  • Machine washable
  • Fasten the hooks before tossing them in the machine
  • Hang dry

Find Your Fit:

  • Band: Should be slightly more snug than a lingerie bra. Make sure you can comfortably take a deep breath with the bra fastened on the middle hook. Be sure the band doesn't ride up in the back. If it does, the band may be too loose and/or the straps need to be adjusted.
  • Cups: Adjust your breasts for a proper fit. They should be completely held within the cups without overflowing. Fabric should be smooth. Wrinkles or puckers indicate the cup is too big. Underwire should sit on your ribcage below the breast tissue and follow your natural shape.
  • Straps: Should offer minimal stretch to reduce up-and-down breast movement. Wider straps will disperse the weight and feel more comfortable. Straps should not dig in or slide off your shoulders. Adjustable straps offer a more custom fit.

About Moving Comfort:
Two female runners founded Moving Comfort in 1977 before there were women's workout clothes. In the 30-plus years since the founding, the company hasn't strayed from its original purpose. Moving Comfort uses high-quality, performance fabrics that have the right amount of stretch, perfect quick-wicking moisture management, and a healthy amount of comfort--cut exactly for a woman's body.

Moving Comfort follows the following guidelines in constructing high-performance athletic wear for women:

Moving means moving: The how doesn't matter--running, walking, weight training, yoga, martial arts, skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, horseback riding, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, inline skating...Moving Comfort naturally understands and designs clothes for a woman's body, whatever that body was meant to do.

Quality comes first: Moving Comfort understands the kind of support and freedom needed in clothing, and how that clothing should feel against the skin. The company knows what keeps women warm and dry when it's cold and cool and dry when it's hot. Knowledge, expertise and high standards shape the fit, fabric and function of every garment Moving Comfort designs.

Fit affects everything: Keeping fit improves every aspect of a woman's life--reducing the incidence of heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse. If a girl or woman is more comfortable when she's working out, she's more likely to keep at it. That's why Moving Comfort views its technical garments--and the great fit of each piece--as a means to encourage women to get fit and stay fit.

  • Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra ideal for high-impact sports such as soccer, running, or tennis
  • With combined encapsulation and compression support designs offering superior comfort and strength
  • Seam-free molded cups of one-way stretch powermesh that encapsulates breasts for support and limits up and down movement
  • Front adjustable straps have flattering concealed hook-and-loop closures that enhance support
  • Three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows on band; fourth row on size 40-44 bands

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Support.
    I purchased this bra because I'm an active exerciser who happens to have a very large chest. I've tried champion before and was disappointed with the lack of support. And, I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that didn't work or for something that might be too restrictive, so I was fortunate enough to have bought this through the reviews and also fortunate to have gotten it on sale. I'm a 40DDD in my regular bra size and figured I'd get a 40DD for added support. The bra works wonders but I still need to wear a fuller cup bra under just to make sure I have complete support. I am able to jog, jump, and some other high aerobic/cardio exercises with minimal bounce. I was weary at first with the velcro straps but they're still holding strong so far. At first, it was a snug fit around the chest but now that its broken in, its a bit looser and fits comfortably. I would definitely like to buy another one but not at the price that's offered. Definitely a good buy. My only vice is that I wish the straps were thicker and that it was a racer back....more info
  • Awesome!
    I am a D Cup and always find it hard to get a good Sports bra that actually supports. But, this one is AMAZING! I wear it to Yoga, walk and's great. Definitely a must buy. I'm about to order another one!...more info
  • perfect for the petite woman!
    This is a wonderful purchase for those of us who are petite. I found the adjustable shoulder straps much more adjustable than your typical bra and that helps tremendously. My only caution for future purchasers is you may want to go a little longer on the inches than you might normally. I found that they seem to run a little tight in comparison with other brands I have purchased. Other than that, it fits very well and is everything I hoped for in comfort and support for all activities! ...more info
  • I would suggest the Miai instead
    This is a nice bra for moderate activity. I love my Moving Comfort Maia, though. The Fiona wasn't as supportive as I'd hoped and added some shoulder strain. I'm a 40D, so not enormous, but this wasn't good enough for jogging or any sort of bouncing....more info
  • the only one that works
    I've tried dozens of different sports bras and this is the only one that works. The adjustable straps give a ton of support and I have no problem running. I don't buy anything else. ...more info
  • Great bra!
    After trying several other brands for running, this is now the only style I wear. It minimizes bouncing without the "uniboob" look and I have never had any problems with chafing. I have a half dozen in different colors, and am excited to see the new colors!...more info
  • great sports bra
    This sports bra gives the best support of any sports bra I've owned in the past. It's probably the only one I will purchase in the future. Also, I am nursing my 3 month year old and I like that the velcro straps make that easier if I'm in the middle of a work out when hunger strikes. Another bonus is that the fit is adjustable so it should still fit when I'm done nursing. ...more info
  • so comfortable
    I've tried several sports bras in the past for jogging and martial arts, and this is by far the most comfortable, both to wear and while doing lots of jumping. I've heard that it works wonders for well endowed women, but it's a great fit for women of more modest proportions too, (I'm a 34C). I have two already, and plan on getting a third in a different color....more info
  • holds 'em in place.
    This is the best sport bra I've ever used. Great support and very comfortable. I am a 38DD in my regular bra, and I got a 38D in the Fiona bra. It's nice and snug but not tight at all. Material keeps you cool and comfortable straps do not dig into your skin like sports bras from the past. I use mine for jogging, about 3 miles, and keeps everything in place the whole time....more info
  • Great support!
    I have been using this sports bra for months, and love it. The straps have velcro, but after many many washings, they haven't had any problems. It fits great and really has great support. It is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever had. I am well endowed, and have had problems with every other sports bra. I am a huge fan of this product!

    It is pretty true to size, but if you aren't sure which size you'll land on, you might order one of each of your two best guesses. For me they both fit, I just prefer one over the other, and I ordered more in the size I preferred the most. ...more info
  • Great Sports Bra
    I love this sports bra! I am a 32DDD and the bra is perfect for my active lifestyle. It's very comfortable and minimizes movement during running and other cardio classes. I purchased the bra in a 32DD and it fits me very well. I have already recommended it to friends....more info
  • Big girls Sports Bra
    I am a big 40DD, and i work as a dog walker, so i do a lot of running about all day. I read all the reviews on several different bras and have had champion bras before, but nothing compares to the comfort of this bra, i can wear all day and it doesn't "bite" anywhere, no wire to break or poke you and it holds my large 'stuff' still so i can run and play without any pain or discomfort. I brought 2 and will be buying more. We are going on vacation and i know that i will be well covered in this very comfortable and fast drying bra. I have told all my friends that are big busted but active like me. ...more info
  • Best Sports Bra Out There
    I'm a well endowed gal and am often inclined to wear two forms of chestal restraints while I run or walk.

    I came across this bra in recent months and am now a perma-fan for life.

    This bra is top of its class for comfort and nothing moves when it's on. The inside elastic trim is not the run of the mill rubbery elastic that chafes, rather it is encased by a soft to the touch fabric that doesn't buckle or fold oddly.

    Another major up point is the hooked back opening. Gone are the days of struggling to get a sweat drench sports bra over your chest peaks then drag it across your face and head. Hey, I'm being honest.

    This is well worth every penny spent and is all around fabulous.
    ...more info
  • Much Better than expected!
    As a runner who wears a 32DD bra I'm always on the hunt for a comfortable yet supportive athletic bra. My favorite brand is pretty expensive so I thought I would try another that seem to get great reviews. When I received my Moving Comfort Fiona bra I did not have high hopes that it would live up to my expectations. The bra did not look or feel like it would do it's job but I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, the bra did exactly what it claims to do. I had great support with little movement and I did not feel like my lungs were being constricted by the band. I love that the bra does not need to be pulled over your head (traditional band with hooks) and that the straps are adjustable. The straps do tend to be on the thick side which could bother people that don't like their bra to show through their shirts and you always get a bit of a uni-boob but if you can get past those "problems", it's a great choice for runners....more info
  • It does give support for size of C/D
    This is true to size, as I am between a C and D and it's fit is pretty good. I run everyday for 4 to 7 miles on treadmill. The back bottom is curling up and not holding down. YOu see the inside white part starting to fold up, don't like that. This happened after only 2 wears. I will say it's soft and does give you support that you need. Not sure how it holds up long term? We will see....I am not sure I will buy this again, I am still searching for the perfect one....more info
  • the best support I've ever had
    My cup size was between a double and tripple D I'm down to a D size now but prior to finding this bra I had to wear at least two bras at the same time in order to exersize with out knocking myself out. This needs no extra support and covers everything so if needed you can walk around with out a shirt. Nothing spills out the top nothing seeps out the sides, it's perfect. With is being adjustable no matter what size I am from C to DDD it still fits. Can't believe it took this long to find something that finally fits and works. But shop around there's a few other places that have it at almost half the price, but either way for me it was worth every penny!!!...more info
  • Great Bra
    This is the best sports bra I have found! I am big-breasted so it can be very difficult to find a sports bra that really hold you. This one does! Very supportive!...more info
  • Good support!!
    I have tried many sports bras over the years and I have now found a brand that I really love! Moving comfort bras really support during my high impact exercises like step and running. I won't use any other brand......more info
  • Really works for larger cup sizes!
    What is best about this bra is that it holds you still.
    Next best - The velcro straps adjust in front so it can be easily adusted.
    Last best - 3 hook closure in back so no uncomfortable struggle to pull a tight sports bra over "the girls".

    Caution: Washing instructions say not to use fabric softener, but if you do, then over time the velcro will stop holding as well. Then it takes many washings to get them to work properly again. So don't use fabric softener.

    Happy 32D runner 50 miles/week...more info
  • Great for Nursing Mothers
    I am not large busted...36 B, normally, but now I am breast feeding 38 C/D. I needed to find something I could work out in...This Bra is GREAT! The velcro straps adjust to pull in and support my breasts as I am jogging. I can let out the straps after the work out for yoga or stretching as my milk comes in, before I can get home to feed the kiddo. ...more info
  • Most fantastic sports bra ever!
    I am blessed in the chestal region, which is great, however, not so great when looking for a sports bra that can handle the job. This bra is fantastic. I got it specifically for when I am out riding dirt bikes with my equally fantastic boyfriend :). The ladies stay in place the whole time, and are comfortable at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone who is going to be doing a lot of activity. I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up! ...more info
  • Not if you need support
    I've been looking for a new sports bra and when I researched this one, it sounded like just the ticket. I'm a little over 50 and wear a 34DD. The bra is well made and comfortable, but there really isn't much support. It may be enough for a younger woman or someone with small breasts, but it didn't work for me at all. Darn it, I loved the green!...more info


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