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Product Description

HealthyToes Toe Stretchers are composed of a special gel material that is fitted into the spaces between your toes to help open up your circulatory system. The HealthyToes Toe Stretchers will exercise and condition your feet, and with daily use you will notice an improvement in the shape and strength of your feet. The Foot Care Toe Stretchers are also very therapeutic and are used to treat many foot complications, foot pain, poor circulation, and other serious conditions such as: Bunions Hammer Toe Sciatica Arches Plantar Fascia Achilles Tendon Varicose Veins Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Foot Pain Upon initial use you will feel a tense stretch, but this is a good stretch. The longer you can wear HealthyToes Toe Stretchers the more limber your toes will become. If it hurts to wear the toe stretchers for long treatment sessions, then try increasing the frequency of treatment sessions per day or week. The more you stretch the quicker you will realize benefits. Keep in mind; you are performing a stretch that your toes have never experienced before. So it will take some time to develop flexibility.

  • SMALL Fits: Women's Shoe Sizes 5.5 to 10.5 and Men's Shoe Sizes 3.5 to 9.5
  • Large Fits: Women's Shoe Sizes 11 and up and Men's Shoe Sizes 7.5 to 10+
  • Sizing is approximate and may vary according to width of foot
  • majority of Women with medium-width feet will wear a size Small.
  • This product is Non-Returnable due to the intimate nature of the merchandise.

Customer Reviews:

  • feels good
    I have used these for a few weeks, they have helped somewhat with my foot pain and generally seem to get the blood flowing through the toes pretty well. I would recommend them for pretty much everyone....more info
  • Gave this as a gift...
    I bought this for my mother's birthday in June and she's still raving about them in October. It makes a great gift for anyone who stands on their feet all day....more info
  • Save Your Money!
    I have used Yogatoes for 3 weeks, and had no reaction whatsoever. They did not hurt. They were not difficult to put on. And when removed, my feet had no noticeable effect - good, bad or otherwise. I returned them yesterday for a refund. Don't waste your time and money on this product.
    Joan...more info
  • sore toes
    While the concept is great I didn't know the discomfort I feel while wearing them. I think I may have tried the 9.99 ones first...more info
  • Healthy Toes Toe Stretchers
    These seemed a little girlie man to me as Arnold would say. :) I tried them out on my sisters advise and really love them! Very relaxing and they stretch my toes which I would never do otherwise. Would definitely recommend these to anyone and everyone. Plan to give them as gifts this coming Christmas....more info
  • Great Product - Start with Lotion on Your Toes
    It took me three months before I finally purchased these Toe Stretchers and I'm so happy that I finally did. I have a spinal cord injury and my feet enjoy the stretch and movement. Use lotion to make it easier to slide them on....more info
  • I think it's working...
    I wear high heels during the day and yoga at night and I was wondering why my toes wouldn't spread out... So I bought these Healthy Toes and have been wearing them for about 1/2 to 1 hour each night before I go to bed. I think my toes are getting better and are able to spread out when I try. I'm not sure if they "End foot pain bunions, Hammer Toe, etc." as they claim since I don't have these problems, but they do stretch the webbing between your toes and I think everyone can use some of that. I think they are also a good preventative measure to foot problems. High heels really mess up your feet (even though they are so pretty)....more info
  • Healthy Toes!
    Excellent product! I bought these for my fiancee, who has the typical city girl's foot pain and bunion issues from wearing the fancy shoes all the time.

    They take a little time to get used to. She could only wear them for ten minutes or so, then more and more time.

    She loves them, and we're getting healthy toes for her mother and my mother and her friends.

    Make sure you buy the correct size, and you'll be fine. ...more info
  • Hard to Stretch Healthy Toes
    I find this product very difficult to put on my feet since the space between my toes is small. Plus once they are on, they don't stay on.
    I really would like to return them. I think the picture is deceiving because they are definitely not easy to apply. Even if I could sleep in
    them, they wouldn't stay on my feet!...more info
  • Relief for my crossing toes
    I have no idea if this product fixes what it says it fixes. All I can say is, I feel absolute relief when I have them on. My toes all cross under each other from years of figure skating, and they bother me to no end. It is relaxing to sit at the computer with yoga toes on. I feel relaxed and I wish my toes could be like this permanently. The stretch relieves all the crampness of them, but I cannot say for sure if any permanent difference is made. At this point, I do not care because they feel so good on!...more info
  • Toe Stretchers
    These have not dimished my bunions at all. While they stretch the big toe toward the midline of my body a little, they force the remaining toes away from the midline- how is this supposed to help a bunion?! It still causes pain to put my little toe in the stretcher. All-in-all this product feels neat while on but is a big diappointment. ...more info
  • worth it
    I like the stretch it gives my toes. I felt it even helped straighten the 2nd from last toe a little already in 4 uses of 1 hr each. But it could be slightly painful. maybe needs a little getting used to. Whenever I'm sitting and watching movies at home, i put it on. Not really sure if it is working but i do think there is some affect anyway. the last hole is a little too big for the small toe for me although i got the small size already. But otherwise i don't hesitate to use it when i have a chance....more info
  • Gotta have happy feet to have a happy body
    I use this product along with Yamuna's foot savers. The combination is fantastic! After work, I wear my toe spreaders and stand on my foot savers and within 5 min I'm feeling rejuvinated. Not only do my feet feel better, but my whole body feels lighter, I feel more alert, my stride is smoother, my posture is better and my lower back also feels better. I studied some polarity and they say that energy enters the body thru the feet. So take care of your feet!...more info
  • Birthday Gift
    I bought these yoga toes as a birthday gift. I'll admit that at first I thought the whole concept was kind of silly, but my girlfriend really likes them. She is wearing them all the time now when she is sitting around relaxing. I have tried them on a few times and they do actually flex my toes out and give them a good stretch. Shipping was quick and hassle free....more info
  • Great foot relief.
    Her feet suffered from years of narrow shoes and standing long hours at work. She loves the Yoga Toes after trying different options that she researched. She was even considering surgery for her bunionette but these toe stretchers promote toes to return to their natural alignment. It seems to level the bunionette down enough to diminish rubbing from the shoe. Yoga Toes also increase blood circulation of the feet causing relief from pain after a long day standing. She loves them.
    ...more info
  • I love my healthy toes
    I bought these about two weeks ago and wear them about 20 - 30 minutes a day. I've noticed a decrease in the size of my bunions so quickly! I originally bought them to see if they help with my bursitis but haven't seen any change so far. But with the other positive effects they've had (smaller bunions, relaxation and overall comfort and look of my feet) I feel they're certainly worth a good review. As other reviewers mentioned, they're not so good to walk in (actually pretty painful) and wetting them the first few times you wear them does help. Highly recommended!...more info
  • HealthyToes Work GREAT
    I am very happy with my HappyToes stretchers. I have suffered for years with foot pain - and unsightly toes - but since I got my HappyToes I have had tremendous pain relief and my toes are straighter....more info
  • My Feet Feel so Much Better!
    I purchased my Yoga Toes upon recommendation from my physical Therapist. I wear them a few minutes in the morning and in the evening while relaxing. He told me definitely not to walk in them. Yoga Toes stretch and exercise my feet by just wiggling my toes a tiny bit while laying down or sitting in chair. I get a great feeling of relief and relaxation while resting with them on! Easy as pie to use. When I take them off and start walking I can feel more balanced in my walking. More of my foot is touching the ground.
    Now I wish they would invent YOGA HANDS, for those tired stressed out hands. ...more info
  • Flexy Toes
    trying to sleep in them is tricky because they stick to the sheets but they are great when laying donw and watching the tube on the couch
    ...more info
  • Nice stretch!
    I've only had the opportunity to use Healthy Toes a few times, but they do give the toes a nice stretch. So far, I haven't noticed any straightening of my crooked toes, but like I said, I've only used them a few times.
    I tried walking in them, which I wouldn't recommend, because it is really uncomfortable and painful. The best thing to do is, put on your Healthy Toes, prop your feet up, and relax with a good book!...more info
  • I like it!
    The Yoga Toes Toe Stretcher is great. A bit uncomfortable to walk in but if you are sitting and relaxing I found this the best time to use. So many of shoe styles constrict our toes. It is a great exercise to stretch and spread the toes. My feet get me where I am going and I think it is very important to keep them fit. I find the Yoga Toes does really help with exercising my feet/toes. I think it will be helpful in preventing hammer toes too. A bit expensive for what they are, price should be closer to $20....more info
  • Ouch...these hurt!
    I bought these for me and my mom. We both think they are painful. They are so uncomfortable we can't leave them on for more than a few minutes. If you are considering purchasing these but aren't sure if they will work for you, I would buy them at Yoga Pro since they have a 90 day money back guarantee policy, unlike this company....more info
  • Small problem - simple solution & I love my Yoga Toes!
    I've been amazed that Yoga Toes have actually helped my curling inward (comma shaped) hammer toes. Within a few days my feet felt sooooo much better and my toes were markedly straighter.... PROBLEM PROBLEM PROBLEM: After putting the wet Yoga Toes on, when I got into bed the bed sheets tended to pull them back off my toes. Just the slightest drag of the sheet prevented me from turning on my side.... SOLUTION: I keep two flimsy shower caps in my night stand. I slip them over my feet and now I can easily move around in bed. (These shower caps are the free-bees you are given in motels along with shampoo & soap.).... I paid $49.99 for my Yoga Toes and would gladly recommend them even at that price; but I see they are now considerably cheaper. Lucky you!!! I wear a woman's size 11 shoe and am very happy with the Yoga Toes womens "small". I'm not sure if a woman with a significantly smaller foot would find that size comfortable....more info
  • An end to almost all of my foot pain.
    My toes were nearing death. I had ankle pain, pain in the soles of my feet and pain in all toes. I didn't know what to do, I told myself I have no time for foot care and concentrated healing and therapy. I read the reviews on Amazon and thought, oh wait, this (again) is a cure for people who have foot aches alien to mine. I avoided buying for five days but when the pain got really bad, I just expedited the delivery.

    The packaging contains nothing but the two toe-soles and a small blue sheet of paper with instructions, the kind you read once and throw away.

    I wear leather shoes with narrow noses. I walk more than a minimum of two miles everyday and walk more on weekends. I am your aggressive walker who likes to overtake everyone on the walk. I stand a lot because I am a salesman. I wore these the very first day and it caused nothing but pain for six minutes when I decided I had had enough of it and I slept. The manual clearly mentions that this will happen.

    But lo and behold, on the walk to work, the pain had halved. I wore these for longer durations - sometimes keeping a gap of 2-3 days - sometimes even four days but I just had to wear them for 30 minutes every day and everything would be good.

    I use it while watching a movie at home, whenever I feel like rewarding myself with a bath tub, when I'm surfing the internet and lying on my couch. These help to re-align your bones and if used a few times eliminates 85% of the pain no matter how bad it is.

    ...more info


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