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  • This is a "Must see! " You'll be outraged.
    Whatever you do, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! Then decide for yourself.

    I earn my living designing biotech instruments and so have a financial bias in their favor, but I'm also a human being and a parent. This was a real eye-opener!

    The negative reviewers are correct in that the film does not contain agri-business rebuttals and, yes, there is bias. It's a bias that is desperately NEEDED after our being brainwashed by all the clever, dishonest ads about solving world hunger or not burdening your poor local farmer with red tape. BUT don't let that dissuade you from watching this! This movie is an extremely precious and uncommonly clear presentation of the anti-GMO stance.

    These are not cranks nor fringe conspiracy theorists. Listen to researchers who understand the science as they risk their careers to issue dire warnings in opposition to multi-billion dollar corporations in hot pursuit of maximal profits.

    This issue is much bigger than you think. We're not 'only' talking about healthy food. It's about a handful of corporations controlling global agriculture and eradicating native crops (not by replacing them but simply by windblown seeds). It's about corporations owning patents on living organisms--even on ancient heritage crops. It's about corrupt politics. It's about immoral, ungovernable, unaccountable Corporatocracy. It's about third world repression and displacement of poor farmers. It's about creating global monocultures that could repeat the Irish Potato Famine on a global scale. It's about unleashing dangerous genes (herbicide resistance, drought susceptibility, allergy-inducing, inedibility, etc) that can carry through cross pollination to literally drive our existing (free & unpatented) food crops to extinction.

    In a similar vein, I highly recommend the DVD 'The Corporation'.

    Whatever you do, WATCH THIS! Then, by all means, listen carefully to all sides and decide for yourself. Your great-grandchildren are relying on you.
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  • Painless way to learn the painful truth
    Great film that tells us what we need to know about the mess our food supply is in... and how to get out....more info
    If you have been confused as to how important it really is to eat organically grown produce, watch this Documentary, you will no longer be confused, everything will be quite clear to you by the time you have finished watching this... you will WANT to have more to say about what you put into your body! We have to let the Farmers know, along with these Monstrous Corporations such as Monsanto, that we support the ORGANIC FARMER 100%, we don't support these large Corporations efforts to be Billionaires at the expense of our health!!! If we don't start supporting these farmers by purchasing our food from the Farmers at either Farmers Markets or Whole Food Stores, Organic Food Coops, or whatever markets you have available to you where you live, clearly, all of us are in trouble!! We need to take measures now that clearly identify how we feel about our food supply, and support these farmers that are generally concerned about the quality of food we consume, the Farmers that have integrity and fight to the end so that you and I have healthy food to eat! ... It's mind boggling to think about what is being done to our Farmers and to our food supply and to the seeds themselves is absolutely horrifying. Our future is hanging by a thread here folks, and it's going to take more than just a few people to change it!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Wow! Extremely powerful & informative documentary
    This movie should be considered a model for how documentaries should be made.

    This movie tackles the vast and complex issues of genetically modified foods, and focuses on Monsanto as a primary culprit in poisoning our children and our environment.

    I tend to get frustrated with documentaries which only focus on large political problems which seem hopeless. However, this film did an excellent job covering all the bases.

    The film goes into great detail on the health dangers of genetically modified food, and suggests some foods to avoid (e.g., ALL corn in the United States, including corn syrup and corn byproducts, should be avoided). It also goes into the science of how these huge corporations engineer these foods, without being too complicated. (e.g., did you know that E-coli is actually injected into some seeds? All these genetic modifications are okay to the FDA because there have been so many Monsanto CEO's appointed to the FDA).

    The film does a great job interviewing farmers, and discussing the harms of genetically modified foods to farmers, and how huge corporations like Monsanto are putting them out of business. And finally, without being partisan, it goes a little bit into the politics behind our food industry, and compares our lack of oversight & deregulation to other countries.

    The point of this movie is actually pretty simple - if we knew what was really in our foods, and what these genetically modified foods are doing to our bodies, our crops, our economy, etc., we would never agree to these toxic foods.

    But don't be too alarmed - the film points out how to avoid eating many of the dangerous foods, and what we can do about it. The most important thing you can do is call or write your representative, and urge them to sign the "Food Right to Know Act", which has been introduced to Congress every year since 1999 (but doesn't yet have enough votes). This type of law is already in effect in most other industrialized nations in the world (including Mexico!), but not yet in the United States.

    But I personally feel that everyone has a right to know what they're eating!! ...particularly children and seniors, who can get sick (or even die) very easily by eating foods with toxins. Farmers (as a general rule) are very honest and hard working, and most would gladly label their foods. But these multinational corporations will NOT do this on their own - and they are actually preventing farmers from honestly and truthfully labeling their foods (by threat of law suits, and gag orders). These CEO's are too greedy, and must be forced to tell us what's in their food products or we will continue feeding their toxic sludge to our nation's children and never know what's in it!
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  • accurate and NOT biased
    This movie is very accurate and NOT biased. I wish more people would see this movie and analyze what they are eating, and what they are going to eat in the near future. ...more info
  • Companies will control all of the food & health issues will increase
    Companies control all food, June 6, 2008
    By Lena "" (Nassau County, NY) - See all my reviews
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)
    I've noticed when I eat non-organic produce, upon slicing it open, my fingers where the juices get on itch tremendously. Non-organic produce sometimes make me feel more tired or irritable almost as bad as junk foods. Organic food always increases my energy, my mood, etc.
    Here are some points I've jotted down quick (excuse the short-hand, I didn't have any intention to review until after the fact) from this film in the order of which is was presented:
    Non-organic food has pesticides in it, worms & insects die when they eat it. We all know what kills insects will also kill us, just at a slower rate.
    Monsanto put a patent on genes, so it owns it if it goes into plants, perhaps animals & who knows the future.
    Normal organic seeds can now be patent as well, whoever gets there first. Farmers are no longer able to share, trade them like they did in the past thousands of years, saving seeds for the future years from their crops. This will cost farmers more. Companies now control the food.
    Many years ago there were hundreds of different kids of apples, etc. but a large percentage of these different varieties have died out to only a few.
    Farmers used to have many different kinds of crops in small amounts so that if there was a blight, drought, etc. all their crops would not be lost. But due to farming styles now, they only have one type & the economic devastation to that farmer is total.
    Monsanto does stealth tests on farmer's land trying to find out if there are ANY GMO plants even if only a handful. If found any, they sue. The courts ruled in favor of Monsanto even if it was proven the GMO crops got there by birds, animals or wind. Many farmers had to destroy ALL their seeds, even the non-GMO ones. Anytime farmers did not want to fight, they had to pay a settlement & were not allowed to talk about the details.
    In order to make GMO plants, they have to get the genes in there using VIRUSES & BACTERIAL, mostly E. COLI to invade the plant cells to cause tumors in the plants or electricity to create holes or even use gold laced with viruses.
    There are ANTI-BIOTIC gene markers in pants.
    The first Genetically-Modified Organisms produced sold in markets for humans were Flavor-saver tomatoes which consumers disliked the taste & was found to cause tumors in rats.
    IN the US, the use of GM organisms is not needed to be labeled at all unlike all the European Union countries.
    Major GM ingredients in packaged foods include corn syrup (causes diabetes & increased hunger) & soy lecithin (natural is from egg, soy type goes through a chemical process.)
    Quayle gave Monsanto the same oversight as natural seeds/crops which is almost none. Ashcroft helped Monsanto win lawsuits. The FDA is run by many Monsanto executives.
    Mexico runs smaller race crops near wild plants to keep their corn as viable & help the evolutionary process which has worked in keeping their crops from normal disease, etc. issues. They refuse to use GMO corn, but US seeds are half the price of non-GM corn due to agricultural subsidiaries.
    The agriculture subsidiaries Bush signed in years ago mostly only helped to raise soy, wheat, corn & cotton the most GM crops.
    60% of food is now GM.
    Rats have depressed immune systems & growths from GM potatoes.
    40% of the Monarch butterfly caterpillars died when fed BT corn.
    There are many GM produce in the market: corn, rice, soybeans, tomatoes, rape seed, broccoli, sugar beets, barley, sunflower, pepper, etc.
    The BREAST CANCER GENE has been patentent so that universities & other scientists looking for a cure have to pay a large fee to do their studies.
    80% of the beef in the US is controlled by four companies.
    There are only about four seed companies.
    6 companies control almost all the retail food sold today, only one in the US - Wal-Mart.
    Crops are now being tested that have the suicide gene - so that they can only be used one time, one year & the seeds from those crops are sterile and farmer would have to buy more seed for each planting. The US government owns that patent.
    Certain GM plants actually NEED pesticides in order to make it grow at all.
    Monsanto used the idea of starving people to say it will increase food supply to starving people since it will increase crop yields. This has not been proven to help starving, second, the crops were never tested at all in less ideal conditions like drought, disease, etc. Some GM plants actually has 25% less roots which means it would not survive drought as well as organic plants.
    The first standards/guideliness that the US government listed for a product or plant to be considered ORGANIC included: irradiation, sewage sludge & genetically modified organisms.

    What can you do?
    Buy as much organic food as you can afford, it tastes better & will keep you healthier avoiding doctors & high cost drugs in the process. Supports your local farmers or add into a Community Supported Agriculture subscription where they grow smaller plots of many different kinds of produce & deliver to you baskets of produce on a weekly or monthly basis.

    I read in the newspapers a couple of years ago of peas spliced with beans genetically & given to rats. Almost all developed tumors & other digestive issues & conditions.
    There has also been studies that proven that pesticides cause cancer & that organic plants have 40% more anti-oxidants then ones that have been sprayed with pesticides....more info
    Americans, for the most part, don't know what they're eating. Open your eyes! see this film and others like it...more info
  • Eye-opening
    Everyone who lives and eats in the United States should see this movie and help save the future of our food. ...more info
  • Disturbing, but great film.
    Just watched this recently and was left very angry with the whole GM situation. This film does an excellent job showing the bad results of greedy corporations and misguided government policies in relation to GM foods. Highly recommended....more info


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