This Girl's Life

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  • Marquis shines where drama slighly falters
    Juliette Marquis pops off the screen in this movie (first seen on Showtime). James Woods chews scenery as her disabled father....more info
  • Poorly Made, Average Music, Some Above Average Actors..
    Here is a list of the music that was used for the film in order of its use:

    Picture Perfect - Pollyn
    Linctus - Aim - Hinterland Label
    Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation - Mirror Conspiracy Label
    China Morning - Jussi Tegelman & Traci Hendricks
    Oceanwide - Halou
    Ratio of Freckles to Stars - Halou
    Riverside - Nicholas Davidage
    Humming - Scott Thomas
    Come to California - Deborah Falconer
    Clean Up - Funky Fresh Few
    Save Yourself - Siren
    Breakneck - Only Child
    Track 3- Ant Music
    Political - Halou
    The Dime Train - Mark Rae
    Banger - Funky Fresh Few
    Investigation - Jussi Tegelman
    Track 2 - Ant Music
    For Gloria - Siren
    Aftermath - Siren
    Queen of the Sun - Lucky
    Stimulation - Pollyn...more info
  • A Sad Cautionary Tale
    I did not find this film to be particularly erotic. I only found it to be sad. It did, however, have a few redeeming qualities.

    The story is of a beautiful young woman in the porn business. She was not forced into it. The money is only part of it. She does it because she likes sex. She works on the internet and makes a good living. She also takes care of her father who suffers from Parkinson's disease.

    Through the course of the film, she undergoes a character change. She decides to go into the PI business investigating men for infidelity and that takes her to some even uglier parts of life. She seems amoral but there is some character in there. The problem is she is not sure what she wants. She thinks she may have found a boyfriend but is not sure. The factors in her life, stress, taking care of Pops, an aides scare, physical danger and such prompt an even stronger character change. Most people would consider it to be for the better.

    The end is ambiguous. You know she has cleaned up some aspects of her life but we are not really sure how thorough the cleaning is.

    The film is well acted and well done. The drama is real and some of the action is graphic. It does what a drama should do in terms of generating character development and change. Still, sitting through it was a trial for me. I am glad to have seen it but I don't need to do it again.
    ...more info
  • A must see!
    This is a great little independent film. I love it so much after I rented it so I decide to buy it. A must see!...more info
  • Lousy DVD from Hart Sharp Video
    This review refers to the uncut DVD version. Like the other reviewers here, I loved this movie. The movie I would rate as 5 stars and it is indeed a stunning debut for the as yet unknown actress Juliette Marquis (from Ukraine no less). The image quality is not stellar as this was shot on digital video. I can undertand and accept that. This DVD however is a lousy Pan and Scan version. Some movies can be Pan and Scanned relatively unscathed because their photographers deliberately shoot them with future TV transfers in mind. But this movie was shot by someone who makes full use of the widescreen aspect and didn't make room for transfer to fullscreen TV. It is intensely frustrating to watch this damned DVD. You watch noses talking to half faces, half faces talking to ears, heads bobbing in and out of frame repeatedly. I am furious at the studio a__holes at Hart Sharp Video who sanctioned this Pan and Scan monstrosity. And they had the temerity to advertise on the back cover that it is in widescreen. To add insult to injury, they show pictures on the back cover and the insert, of screenshots in the original widescreen where you can compare the beautiful original compostion and the Pan and Scan cropped crap. Hart Sharp Video goes straight to my list of Never Buy From Again. By all means see this movie - at the theater. Or wait till a more responsible company releases a new DVD edition....more info
  • Great movie with a less-than-great ending
    In fact, "This Girls Life" seems to be two movies: first, it works over the relationships of internet pornstar Moon and the world around her - this part is truly great, with very well constructed characters (specially Moon herself and her ill father, played by James Woods) and cleverly avoiding making judgments about anything; the second, which comes up on the final third of the movie, is clearly weaker, more moralist and somehow desconstructing the characters so wonderfully built in the ifrst part....more info
  • More than Meets the Eye
    THIS GIRL'S LIFE is a surprise little Indie that is well worth watching. In a style not unlike a documentary Moon (Juliette Marquis, an impressive newcomer) shows us around a mini-camera rich home where she makes porn movies under the direction of Aronson (Tomas Arana), introduces her fellow porn stars and her friends (including Rosario Dawson as Martine), and ultimately brings us into her home life (she takes care of her Pops - James Woods - who suffers from Parkinson's Disease) and her past, including her reasons for entering into the porn star business.

    Along the way she meets an ordinary guy Kip (Kip Pardue) who suggests that Moon may be ready for a relationship. Moon's friends gradually introduce her to a new role of 'sex investigator', using her seductive powers to test their boyfriends' or husbands' fidelity. One of these adventures results in an encounter with one Terry (Michael Rappaport) who has abusive issues that alter Moon's perception of her role.

    How Moon deals with the new direction her life is taking provides the climax of this film. The movie is sparked by some very fine performances not only by Juliette Marquis, but also by James Woods, Kip Pardue, Ioan Grufford (Lancelot in KING ARTHUR), Rosario Dawson, and Tomas Arana. THIS GIRL'S LIFE is an inside look at a thriving business that deserves this kind of examination. Grady Harp, January 2005...more info
  • Not all pron is bad
    It was an interesting view that not all porn is bad and not all porn stars are druggies and abused kids. The premiss that porn in and of itself is not bad but the way its made and how the unhealthy enviornment of most porn is bad. If some how it could be made a more 'main stream' industry it could be a healthy(er) and cleaner way of making a living. The downside of the movie they leave it at that, no hard suggestions of how, hints of more female directors and producers, but just small hints of how. All in all a good movie, better then others I have seen similar to this one....more info
  • This Girl's Life
    This Girl's Life is about a Moon (Juliette Marquis), an
    internet porn star. The story revisits different stages of her
    life and the events that have impacted the person that she
    had become. Moon doesn't see herself as one of the "sad
    stories" that you often hear about porn stars. But, in
    reality, her life is a lot like what you hear, coming from a
    broken home, and using sex to deal with the difficulties of
    her life.

    Despite Moon being a well known porn star whose daily
    norms includes dealing with the hustle of the adult
    entertainment business, she manages to have a very
    sensitive and soft side that makes her very likeable. She
    lives with her father (James Woods), who is terminally ill
    and suffers from Parkinson's disease. Her love and
    dedication to care for her father shows a side of Moon that
    makes her more human as she copes with the challenges
    of caring for a parent who is ill.

    Moon puts porn on pause after being asked to test the
    faithfulness of a friend's fianc®¶ by playing femme fatale .
    Moon soon starts her own sex intelligence business.
    Moon learns the business quickly as she had done with
    the porn business, but also learns a very difficult lesson
    that causes her to question the path she choose for

    This film shows an introspective view of the life of a porn
    actress and the evolution that her life takes through
    events in her life.

    The film also gives a realist view of the porn industry. For
    example, explicit nudity, realistic sex scenes, and full
    frontal scenes of both men and women. But the film also
    shows the harsh reality that many porn actresses try to
    camouflage, like drug use behind the scenes, pressure to
    do scenes that are not comfortable, and being exploited
    by directors and producers all in the name of the almighty

    Writer/director Ash did a good job in showing the life of a
    porn actress in front of and behind the scenes as while as
    the personal life reality and everyday obstacles that they
    face as human beings. But the story kinda lost its eroticism
    towards the middle, and became a series of events
    towards the end of the movie.

    I also wanted to see more of Rosario Dawson in the movie.
    She played a small role and played more of a supportive
    and intelligent type friend to Moon; she did not have any
    nudity or sex scenes in the movie.

    Newcomer, Juliette Marquis did an awesome job in playing
    the role of Moon. I look forward to seeing more from her in
    the near future.

    James Wood, as expected, did a great job in playing his
    character role of a man who suffers from Parkinson's

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie and would recommend the
    movie to anyone over 21.

    Four stars out of five.

    Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
    Bare Back Magazine
    Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very Best Erotic Fairy Tales...more info
  • Really good although all over the place at times
    This film is about a young porn star who of course had tragedy in her life. When she was 12 her mother committed suicide. After her mothers death her father has a break down and later develops Parkinson's Disease. At 18 she enters the porn industry and fast forward several years later she seems quite happy with her voyeristic life. She juggles being a porn star with caring for her dad and hanging out with her crew of porn star friends and every day girls like her lifelong friend played by Rosario Dawson who is a law student and another friend who is a teacher. I really enjoyed this film but couldn't help but feel like the actress who portrayed Moon was doing her best Angelina Jolie impersonation, I mean she had Angelina down pat. James Wood deserves an Oscar for his role as the dad who has seen himself go down. I enjoyed this film, but like many other films I was frustrated with the story at times. It seemed to be all over the place sometimes. I never knew if the love story between Moon and her blind date was going anywhere, then we see Mon venture off into a new business, then the porn stars find themselves in mini-crisis'. Although it was all over the place at times, it was a great little indy film, the best indy film I have seen since "Secretary."...more info
  • revealing look at the adult film/webcam industry
    i guess boogie nights opened the floodgates for these types of films, and some of them are actually worth checking out. i have to admit that i watched this movie while writing poetry and didn't really focus on it, but i got the whole reincarnation/transformation while living message, and i have to give kudos to ash for not pulling any punches with the sex, the scene at the opening of the film in which moon is getting banged from behind by some ananymous wasp hairy chested porn star was ballsy and realistic.... and all the more impressive is the fact that she delivered a monologue during the sex, wearing a cheesy blonde wig to boot. the kip pardue as himself thing was also clever... he was hilarious in rules of attraction... and he and moon made an attractive and realistic couple. definitely a dvd worth owning, and i expect hours of commentary by the director on the research and execution(i would love to know how many takes it took before moon could keep a straight face during the aforementioned blonde wig doggy style scene)bottom line... solid performances, realistic slice of the seedy side of porn.... and definitely pick this up if you are a fan of boogie nights, rated x, and films of that ilk, or if you have any curiousity about the sex industry in general.
    ...more info
  • Strangely uneven movie
    For a movie that promotes itself as a trashy Skinemax flick, it's sure trying hard to be quality. All the actors deliver their lines with a crisp delivery that makes you think that they are reciting Shakespeare and that Method Acting never reared it's mumbling head. The camera work is excellent and the characters are engaging enough.

    The problem with this movie is that it doesn't know if it wants to be the sleazy movie that it's advertised as, or a serious drama about a woman trying to care for her father with Parkinson's disease. James Woods is giving it his all as the one character in the movie that mumbles and stumbles and falls. He's got enough energy to let you know that he was once a powerful figure and the way the disease tears into him is that much more heart breaking.

    The only problem is that he's acting the hell out of this tragic character in the middle of a sleazy sex movie. So every time he shows up, he's distracting from a Skinemax scene, and as much as I admire the man's acting, he's not so good of an actor that his tragic character can overcome his interruption of the sleazy parts.

    So this could have been a good movie - or it could have been two separate good movies, but instead it's one big mess....more info
  • poor story with un-(or under)-developed characters
    Apart from James Woods, this was dismal. The Moon character is suppose to have this awakening and by the end of the movie be a woman. The situations she was put in were transparent and lacked any grounding in a rational mind. If she was this big porn SUPERSTAR then why can't she afford a nurse to care for her "Parkinson's disease-suffering" father when she is gone? Would not starting a business based on trying to make people cheat be dangerous? Would saying you can "take on" twenty guys be a bad move? I know that was not Moon but the stupidity is not limited to her story. A little, and I mean VERY little, common sense would have put her in the same place that this lunatic story did.

    Again and again the actions and journeys taken are unnecessary except as poorly executed attempts to emotionally manipulate the viewer. Just a touch of logic or common sense would have been nice. I don't sympathize with fools.

    ...more info