LG 45 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls - Energy Star Rated

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Product Description

The LG 45-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls (model: LHD45EL) is a fast and efficient ally in the battle against summertime humidity! This Energy Star rated unit comes equipped with an easy-to-read electronic display and control panel to get results quickly, and the threaded drain hose connection can be set up in moments to allow for easy external drainage. The handy water bucket features a convenient handle for speedy removal, carrying, and emptying, and the washable filter ensures maximum performance by keeping dust away from the humidifier so it can do its job effectively. Key features include: 2 fans speeds; auto humidistat control; auto shut-off system; auto defrost control; and low temperature operation down to 42oF. The LG 45-Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Controls is a lightweight and portable ally in the fight against the dog days of summer, and the convenient caster wheels ensure the LHD45EL can be moved from room to room as needed.

  • Electronic Controls, 2 Fan Speeds, Automatic Shut-Off System
  • Low Temperature Operation, 21 pint front bucket size
  • Automatic Humidistat Control, Automatic Defrost Control
  • Removable Bucket, Washable Air Filter
  • Warranty: 5 Years Carry-in Parts and Labor, Dimensions: 21 1/4"h x 15 5/32"w x 13 3/8"d

 Customer Reviews:

  • Junk !!!
    Like others, we've had problems with the thing not stopping when the bucket is full. Has occured since we bought it about 2yrs ago. Advice.... avoid this one. It has caused as many problems as it should have solved....more info
  • Junk
    Worked well for about a year, then the sensor on the bucket stopped working, causing the unit to overflow. Got that fixed, but the problem started happening again after another few months. Now, after two years, the thing has essentially stopped working. It runs, sure, but it doesn't draw any water out of the air.

    Very disappointed....more info
  • CH01
    We have a very damp basement and the dehumidifier ran for a year before the CH01 code appeared in the window. The manufacture's owner manual doesn't tell for what CH01 stands; doing on on-line search produced results that it is related to the bucket switch and there is no way to repair it. It also appeared from all the sites that it happens after about a year. I wouldn't recommend this LG dehumidifier or any of the other sizes....more info
  • Poorly constructed and short life
    I bought a LG DH65E dehumidifier in 2005. At first, it worked well and maintained its stability for about two seasons. Then it stopped function with only the fan turning. I've not been able to get company to respond to my inquiry and decided to buy a new nuit from a different manufacturer. Suggest anyone who wants to buy a dehumidifier, looking for a different brand name unit. ...more info
  • Pretty good
    I've had mine for 2 months. Also, I connect the hose so it drains directly into a drain. The hookup was a little complex but it seems to work fine.

    Noise - I've had a few and this one is comparatively quiet. If I run it continuously, it seems to get loud. I run it on the two hour setting (two hours on, two hours off, ...) and it seems to work well.

    After reading another review, I bought one with a Hichly compressor (look through the back screen and you will see a sticker that says Hichly). I would have preferred the 65 pint but it did not have a Hichly. This may be why consumer reports rates the 45 highly and the 65 as a middle of the pack and that it is loud....more info
  • Works great, but it's LOUD
    The thing pulls humidity from the air more quickly than other units I've owned. The digital controls are great - with the analog ones, there's a lot of guesswork and tweaking to find the right humidity level. This is probably just the thing for you if you're putting it down in your basement and out of earshot.

    But this thing is *loud*. It's like putting marbles in a blender and setting it on chop. Look elsewhere if you want something to use in an apartment or the like....more info
  • pees on the floor
    It removes water great, but every time I put the empty tank back in, it seems to think it's full. Usually takes a few kicks to get it to realize it's empty. My biggest beef is half the time it doesn't realize when it's full and so doesn't shut off. If you forget to empty the bucket once a day (in my basement) it spills over for hours. Yeah, try vacuuming 50 pts of water out of berber carpet- takes forever and never all comes out. Now I have mildewy carpet from that mess. What a waste....more info
  • Look elsewhere
    Had this unit for 3 years before controls completely stopped working. This problem started about a year after purchasing. At first, I could remedy the problem by unplugging the power cord & plugging back in. Now it will not respond to changes in humidity setting nor does the power button work. Took it in to LG authorized repair center (some guys apartment!!) when the problem first started, but he claimed he could not reproduce the problem.

    Also, the handle will sometimes separate from the tank when emptying.
    My advice...avoid this model....more info
  • Hose, yes; Continuous drain, no.
    Neither the box or manual mention that you need a pump to utilize this feature. Why not tell the customer in advance that you have to spend an additional $100 to get the hose to be useful???...more info