Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike

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Product Description

Get the ultimate workout from the comfort of home with this Schwinn? Active? Series 10 upright bike. It offers 11 preset workout programs and 8 levels of resistance for maximum variety. The handlebars are adjustable to suit your riding position, and the belt-driven system ensures quiet operation and a smooth ride. Monitor your progress with the LCD display, which shows your speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, watts and RMP.

Get an excellent cardio workout at home without breaking the bank with the Schwinn Active 10 upright exercise bike. It features 11 preset programs, computer-controlled eddy current resistance, and a belt drive system that ensures quiet operation and a smooth ride. The grip heart rate sensors also enable you to monitor your fitness level. The handlebars are adjustable to suit your riding position, and it includes integrated leveling feet to keep everything balanced and help protect your floor. Other features include a 9-position padded saddle and transport wheels for easy storage after your workout.


  • Profile: Upright
  • Number of workout programs: 11
  • Workout programs: 1 Manual program, 6 preset profile programs, 3 Heart Rate Control programs and 1 Target Heart Rate program
  • Heart rate monitor: Grip
  • Resistance levels: 8
  • Resistance system: Quiet Magnetic ECB (Eddy current brake) resistance
  • Display: LCD
  • Display readouts: Speed, RPM, Time, Distance, Watt, Calories, Pulse
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 53 inches
  • Product weight: 58 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 275 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty
Frame - three years; Parts - six months

About Exercise Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don't take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective workout for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read a magazine while you work out. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program.

  • Compact upright exercise bike for the home with 11 workout programs
  • Grip heart rate sensors enable you to monitor your fitness level
  • Computer controlled, eddy current resistance with 8 levels
  • Workouts include six preset profiles, one manual, three heart rate control, and one target heart rate
  • 275-pound maximum user weight: measures 40 x 20 x 53 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Schwinn Active 10 Upright Exercise Bicycle
    The bicycle was received in good condition and was easily put together in less than 20 minutes. It works very good, saves on space, and only has a couple issues. The digital screen is hard to read and has no lighting. The seat that came with it is uncomfortable and the additional seat offered with the deal was not any better for comfort. Buy a seat from somewhere else that is comfortably fits your style. Other than that I would recommend purchasing this item. Overall good to great for the money. ...more info
  • Schwinn Active 10 Series Stationary Bike
    Basically, you have to assemble the bike. It's fairly easy.
    However, I found some minor paint defects, and a crack on the bike body cover. I think that was due to poor packaging. Overall, it is a good bike for cardio-exercise. ...more info
  • Love it but what are the programs?
    I bought this to begin an exercise program. I chose this model because of the built in programs that it has on the computer that comes with it. Putting the bike together was a snap and took about 30 minutes.

    On the front of the computer it says P1, P2, etc., and shows a series of dots next to each of the P-designations. I'm assuming that these dots have something to do with the built in programs but nowhere in the booklet or Schwinn website is there any information about what exactly these programs are, how long they are, what they consist of. Nothing. There is zero information about what they are and that is extremely disappointing.

    EDITED TO ADD: I received an email from customer support. They indicated that the dots on the various programs on the computer indicated the different resistance levels that you will encounter depending on which program you select. It's not much information but it's helpful. I also read somewhere that the programs are six minutes long each. I haven't tried any of them yet so I'm not sure how accurate that is but it's a shame they didn't add a page to the manual explaining all of these things.

    Otherwise the bike is great....more info
  • Great Purchase
    Arrived very quickly. This was so easy to put together, about half an hour. It has an easily adjustable seat so that each member of the family can work out in a comfortable position. This seat is comfy in comparison to some that I sat in the stores before making my purchase. There are a lot of different options, even on the pre-programed workouts. All in all, great job Schwinn!...more info
  • Compact and Sturdy
    Not a lot of bells and whistles, but this is a great option for light fitness. It's very well made and was easy to put together. (They even provide the tools!) I was impressed at how stable and quite the bike is. It doesn't take up much space and is very easy to slide around the room on the integrated front wheels. This is just enough machine to loosen the legs and get your heart rate up. If you want a serious workout, however, you should consider something else. ...more info
  • Great Bike!
    This bike is great! Got it and set it up in under an hour. Installation is straight forward. The person who rated this one star, Im pretty sure you were installing the left pedal the WRONG way. At first I went to install the left pedal and had the same problem as you! Then found out that the left pedal is threaded COUNTER-clockwise and the right pedal is threaded clockwise like normal. Make sure your turn the nut for the left pedal to the LEFT not right. Bike has great resistance and extremely quiet. ...more info
  • Schwinn Active 10 - nice little bike
    Schwinn Active 10 Series Upright Exercise Bike

    Searched high and low for an affordable (not cheap) exercise bike and ended up with this Active 10 bike from Schwinn because it was on sale at Amazon and had free shipping. After using it for a couple of months now, I can confidently recommend this product if you're not looking for all the fancy bells and whistles. It has what I need: user memory so it saves my settings, pulse and calorie meter, different workout programs, very compact design and super quiet. The only things that are lacking for me are the absense of water bottle holder (which I can buy separately at any bike store) and no place to put mp3 player or book. Otherwise, for the price, it's perfect....more info
  • Schwinn Active 10 Exercise Bike
    I purchased this bike to continue rehab after a knee replacement. My husband felt the assembly was quite easy. It is comfortable and the handle bars are easy to adjust.
    I agree with earlier reviews that it is impossible to program. Pressing the up and down arrows, as indicated in the directions, does not work. The directions are of no value, in this regard. I would like to have a lower resistance level but I do not think it goes any lower than the single bar. For the price it is a good value....if you just want to use the timer. I wish the "mode" feature and instructions were explained and useable......then it would be great!...more info
  • Good, but uncomfortable
    The seat is pointed up too much and there is no way to adjust the angle of the seat. It is very uncomfortable, so I used a pillow to make it feel better. Otherwise, the bike seems to be just fine. It was easy to assemble and takes about 30 minutes....more info
    The left pedal did not attach to the crank during assembly. The screw and/or attaching point were not cut properly for attachment. I ordered a refund/replacement from Amazon. When the second bike came it had the exact same defect. Also, the wrong handle-bar tightening screw came with the replacement. In the end, I had to attach my duplicate right-hand pedal from the first order to the second bike, and am not sure if the bike will last in this condition. I WILL NEVER BUY SCHWINN AGAIN!!! And if Amazon does not cover the full price and shipping of the original (30 days or not) I will never shop this site again either....more info
  • Love it.
    I like to bike, but don't like the cold. I was looking for a inexpensive but decent exercise bike. For the money, I'd be surprised if you can find a better value. It was delivered quick, and I put it together in about an hour (really easy). The ride is very smooth and quiet. I really have no complaints about it. Lots of bells and whistles. You can set it to be very challenging or take it easy if you are a beginner or recovering from injury. Highly recomend....more info
  • Getting fit the fun and easy way!
    I recently purchased this Schwinn bike.Was delivered quickly,and was easily assembled by my husband. I especially like the computer monitor which gives you different programs to try and even evaluates your recovery heart rate and tells you how fit you are. Manual sessions are also fun raising resistance at your own pace or time and calorie specifics. I also purchased a softer seat which replaces the seat it came with which was a little hard. I'm really enjoying this bike and recommend it highly MaryAnn...more info
  • Compact, quiet bike
    I bought this bike to maintain my cardio fitness while unable to run. I chose this model because it fit into the space I had available and the price was low. It is a solid and sturdy little bike. The display is a little too small and hard to read, programming it is not "intuitive", and the seat isn't very comfortable, but it is stable and quiet and does exactly what I bought it for, hence the 5-star rating....more info
  • Great buy for the Price
    I recently purchased the Schwinn Active 10 series upright. I think the bike is wonderful. It's extremely quiet, has lots of programs, and only took about 20 minutes to put together. The seat is a little uncomfortable, but it's a standard seat like you'll find in the gym, so it was pretty typical.

    I would definitely recommend this bike, especially for the price!...more info
  • Great exercise bike
    This bike is a great value for the money. It was easy to put together and only took about 20 minutes. It is perfect for someone who wants to exercise without leaving home. The size is perfect...easy to find space and it is easy to move. There are just enough options including increasing the difficulty so you can gradually make it more difficult, and therefore get more exercise. I highly recommend it! I weigh 150 pounds so it is perfect for my size. I love it!...more info
  • my best purchase this year so far
    worth every dollar I spent on it. been using it consistently everyday or so. havent lost weight, but my waist has shrunk, pants fit better. feeling healthier overall. no weight loss because my thigh muscles are getting enormous, lol...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    I love this bike! I am in great shape and just wanted something extra to help keep me in shape when I can't make it to the gym. I was pleasently surprised when I got this bike to find out that it was easy to assemble and I enjoy using it. (It helps if you have somebody to help with the assembly..) I wouldn't reccomend going at it by yourself....more info
  • Day 1
    First I was impressed by how easy assembly was. I had it together in about 45 minutes. It has enough adjustment in the seat and handlebars to where I was able to get it very comfortable quickly. I'm short so I was worried that would be an issue. Between the reviews and the instruction book I figured out the programming system. It's very stable. I'm not sure what I think about the seat yet but it could just be getting used to it. I spent 3 days looking at about 15 bikes before I settled on this one. Couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Nice bike.
    I bought this bike to jump start my own exercise program at home. It was very easy to put together. I had it together in less than an hour. Though the seat that comes with it is cushioned, it is not very comfortable. I ordered an additional seat at the time of purchase. It is more comfortable than the seat it comes with. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. I think, for the price, it is a very good deal....more info
  • Happy
    Works great for me. The seat can get a little uncomfortable after so long, but I'm guessing that has to do with the fact I'm a bigger guy (250+lbs.)....more info