Moby Wrap Baby Carrier (Chocolate)

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Product Description

Moby Wrap Baby Carriers are amazingly comfortable and easy to wear! The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders and tied on your waist. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners which make wearing simple. The Moby Wrap is long enough to fit all sizes of baby wearers and babies - preemie to 35 lbs. Instructional Booklet Included.

  • Versatile-Carry your baby in a variety of positions.
  • Holds baby, leaving the parent's hands free.
  • Provides pleasure, warmth, security and sound, all essential to healthy development.
  • Made of a soft, jersey knit cotton.
  • Machine washable.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best baby carrier ever invented
    I could not love my moby more. It is one of the ONLY baby carriers that gives you actual back support, it's easy to use, and is easy to clean. I highly recommend using one. Plus, it allows you to do front, back, in-facing, out-facing, and holds babies into their toddler years....more info
  • Very convenient
    I bought this wrap to help get some back support while carrying baby. it was pretty good! the only caveat is my baby doesnt want to stay in the carrier for long.
    and i guess u can only use this at home, because if you are outside and want to take baby out, you have to unwrap the whole thing, a cumbersome process in the middle of a road.
    ...more info
  • Mby Baby wrap-excellent
    My daughter uses this for her month old son and raves about the comfort, ease of use and versatility. Kiran stays snuggled and calm. ...more info
  • love it!
    I originally bought a hotsling for my infant and she did not like the cradle carry which was the only way you could carry an infant. I bought the Moby Wrap because she loves being held upright. She loves the moby wrap! My husband uses the baby bjorn which i also did not like because it was giving me backaches. I think the moby wrap distributes her weight better and causes no pain while wearing it or after its use. Once you get used to knowing how to tie it, its great and i can fit it in her baby bag (although it takes up a good amount of room and i have to be selective on what else goes in) unlike the bjorn so whenever i need it, i can just pull it out....more info
  • Great Product
    The Moby wrap is the most comfortable and natural baby carrier I have found. We used the moby wrap for just about everything: shopping at the mall or grocery (my baby never fussed in the store this way verses putting him in the grocery cart), while I was doing house work, or even when we went on small hiking trips. My husband even used it one Saturday when I had to work and he was coaching my older boys during basketball. The wrap will require a little practice to properly put the wrap on you and get your baby into the wrap initially, (recommend having a 2nd person help the first couple of times getting the baby in the wrap till you get the hang of it). After the initial learning curve, can't say how much I loved it. Also this wrap by far the most comfortable on you and the baby, due to the cloth design, it destibutes the weight perfectly. When out shopping I found it helpful to put the moby wrap on me before I left the house, and then once I got to the mall or grocery I would be ready to put him in the wrap. -Me and my youngest highly recommend the wrap!...more info
  • moby wrap
    I absolutely love this wrap. My baby wants to be held nonstop and this product has been wonderful for us. It is comfy enough to wear all day. ...more info
  • little girl loves it!
    I decided to buy the moby wrap after reading such good reviews about it. It arrived so quick! Overall I love it; my only complaint, and it's a small one, is that it's a bit bulky on me being small (5 ft and small frame). My 3 month old daughter loves it though, and it makes it much easier to get things accomplished during the day!...more info
  • Moby wrap
    I love the Moby wrap, it's comfortable and there's so many ways to wear it. The only problem I've found is it's very warm, so make sure you and baby are dressed lightly. ...more info
  • The best wrap EVER!
    I can't believe how comfortable this wrap is to wear. I absolutely love it and so does my son. I was inimadated at first having to wrap it myself and being secure enough with it putting my son in it but, trust me, it is not that difficult. After the 2nd try I was comfortable with putting him in.

    I tried this carrier after using the Baby Bjorn with my first son. I love carrying them but the Bjorn had a lot of hot spots on me and my sons limbs would get cold as if their circulation was being cut off. This has never happened with this carrier. There don't seem to be any hot spots plus he seems so much lighter with the Moby because the weight is distributed so nicely. I would highly recommend this for anyone that wants to carry their child hands free....more info
  • BEST baby item!
    I have this, and another wrap from a different company and I have to say that they were the best things I've gotten for my new baby. I wish I would have gotten one when my first child was born. I love that my baby's weight is distributed evenly so that even after walking around a zoo for HOURS I was not hurting, even just 4 weeks after a c-section!

    I also have to say that the shipping from this seller specifically was amazingly fast! I had my order in TWO days. I was thrilled!

    There are only two "cons" that I can see and one is the price, fourty dollars for what is basically a long piece of fabric is pretty steep. If you know how to sew, find out the dimensions, get some fabric and make one yourself for about 75% less money.

    The other is that living in a very warm climate, the fabric that the Moby wrap is made from is a little thick for comfort. The other wrap that I have (wrap n wear) is made from crinkle cotton and it's much lighter and more comfortable in the heat....more info
  • Must have for all new parents!
    The moby is such a versatile wrap and it can be used by both mom and dad. Our son loved it when he was a newborn as it allowed him to be close to us and even take a nap! We still use it now that he is 5 months. This is a great gift for new parents!...more info
  • Great wrap!
    My 5 month old boy LOVES this wrap. He hated slings so I thought wearing him wasn't going to happen until I found this wrap. He absolutely loves his Moby and I am very comfortable wearing it. People always stop me to comment on how cute we look in it, too!...more info
  • Nice, cozy and warm...
    Very nice fabric..beautiful color. A little difficult to get on yourself. I ordered it to use in the airport which backfired because they made me undo it and take it off...keep in mind this wrap is like 10 feet long and I am by myself! It also get really warm inside so if you live in the south like I do, then dress your baby in lighter clothing....more info
  • Highly recommended
    The Moby Wrap was recommended to me by my friend with four kids, so I bought one for myself when our daughter was born. This purchase was a gift for a friend with a new baby.
    For me, the best quality is that it distributes the baby's weight over a greater area, causing less strain on my neck and shoulders. I am tall with a very small frame, so carrying her in my arms for more than a few minutes is painful, and she was only 6 lbs 2 oz. The Moby is also better for small babies vs a sling or front carrier -- I never worry about her neck support in the Moby.
    Our baby is very active, so she is not always in the mood to be so constrained. I improvise by placing her more upright and allowing her legs and above her shoulders to be out of the wrap, but then it isn't really hands-free since she can't fully support her head yet. It is still very helpful, though, since it still distributes the weight and leaves me with one hand free.
    The price seemed kind of high before I received it, for "just a long piece of fabric." But there is a LOT of fabric, and it is nice quality. Althought I use a sling and front carrier for some activities, I think the Moby is a must....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product for the mom on the go. It is versatile so it can be used in many different ways and by many different people (for example mom and dad). The material feels great on baby's skin. The only problem that I have it that it is extremely big. So putting it on in a place that is not clean is a problem. I would recommend putting it on before leaving home so that you have it on. Also practice makes perfect. The more you practice at home the easier it will be for you to decide what carry's are great for you and baby....more info
  • Comfortable and Secure
    I bought this product as a more comfy alternative when I realized my baby liked the Snugli so much. Wearing my baby has saved my life, and this one really distributes his weight across my whole upper body. I like the soft fabric and there are no points that pinch my shoulders or shoulder blades like the others. My baby always likes to fall asleep in here. I watched some youtube videos to see how to wear the moby, but the instructions that come with it are great! There's many ways to wear the moby! It fits different sized men and women too. I would say the downside is the amount of time it takes to get it on (about 60 seconds+ to get the baby loaded). Also the ends drag on the ground when I am getting it over my shoulders. I highly recommend this product if you don't mind spending the time to tie it on....more info


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