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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 08/19/2008

Season One
He pops pills, watches soaps, and always, always says what's on his mind. He's Dr. Gregory House (Emmy nominee Hugh Laurie, Blackadder). Producers David Shore, Bryan Singer, Katie Jacobs, and Paul Attanasio haven't rewritten the hospital drama--at heart, it's a cross between St. Elsewhere, ER, and C.S.I.--but they've infused a moribund genre with new life and created one of TV's most compelling characters. More than any previous medical procedural, it resembles Attanasio's underrated Gideon's Crossing, but House is lighter on its feet. As fascinating as he is, the show wouldn't work as well if it were all House all the time (that would be like Sherlock Holmes without Watson or Moriarty). Fortunately, he's joined by an intriguing cast of characters, portrayed by a combination of experienced vets (Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard) and new faces (Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer). Aside from the complicated cases they tackle each week, the sparks really fly when House's brilliant, if na?ve charges are put to the test--and as the head of a teaching hospital, it's his job to test them (although his tough love approach is constantly landing him in hot water with Edelstein's administrator). From the first episode, House attracted a talented array of guests, including Robin Tunney ("Pilot"), Joe Morton ("Role Model"), and Patrick Bauchau ("Cursed") as Spencer's father. In addition, Chi McBride and Sela Ward appear frequently (with Ward returning for the second season). Viewers who first watched these 22 episodes on Fox will be gratified to note that the music has survived the transition to disc, such as the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want," as featured in both the pilot and season finale ("Honeymoon"). The only apparent omission is the credit theme (Massive Attack's "Teardrop") from the pilot. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Season Two
The overall strength of the second season of House, M.D. proves that its first-year success wasn't a fluke. This season starts with Dr. House (Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie) pursuing his ex-wife Stacy (Sela Ward) and ending with a tragedy that could potentially be deadly for himself and two colleagues. The premise of each show follows a set routine--a patient is brought in with unusual symptoms; House challenges his trio of underlings to diagnose the problem; they treat the patient, usually incorrectly the first few tries; and then at the very last minute--through a revelation that often has little to do with the patient--House figures out what's wrong and saves the day. It would be easy for this set up to grow old fast. But because of the smart writing, nuanced acting, and believability of the characters (who're often dealing with unbelievable scenarios), the formula works on each of the 24 episodes that aired on Fox during the 2005-2006 season. Viewers have been conditioned by the Marcus Welbys of the TV world to think of doctors as saviors. Even on ER, the most narcissistic physician was selfless at heart. But House is a different breed. When he's at an off-track betting parlor and a woman collapses, he doesn't miss a beat. Still eying his race on television, he asks, "Is anybody here a doctor?" He'll mock a sick patient's complaints with a sarcastic, "Boo hoo!" And, if there happens to be a dead body around, he has no qualms about shooting it if he believes that could help diagnose another gun-shot victim.

Not that he's any more reasonable or compassionate to his boss Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), his oncologist best friend Wilson (Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard), or his young charges Foreman (Omar Epps), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Chase (Jesse Spencer). He instructs his doctors to break into patients' homes as if they're cat burglars. He does not know the meaning of the phrase "politically correct." But because he spits out insults (as if he has a mild case of Tourette's) equally to both his patients and colleagues, the latter never flinch at his constant stream of inappropriateness. When his three young doctors storm into his office to report the declining condition of a patient by blurting out, "We have rectal bleeding," House says, "What? All three of you?" To sensitive Wilson, who is trying to get some work done without being interrupted, House says, "I know you're in there. I can hear you caring." And when Foreman's father says, "My son says you're a manipulative bastard," House replies, "It's a pet name. I call him Dr. Bling." Of course House actually does care about his patients, but he views a good bedside manner as the luxury of a doctor who has a healthy patient. But dying patients with seemingly incurable diseases need something more. They need House. --Jae-Ha Kim

Season Three
The cantankerous and brilliant Dr. House (Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie) is back for a third season of the hit drama House, which picks up with his being shot at the end of season two and ends with his staff dramatically refusing to put up with his oddball (and borderline abusive) demands. Each of the 24 episodes, which aired on FOX from 2006 to 2007, is included in this 5-disc set. Fans of the drama will be happy to hear that the formula remains the same: Each show begins with a medical dilemma that's so severe and life-threatening that only Dr. House can diagnose and fix the problem, even if it goes against conventional medical rules. His put-upon boss Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is back, as are his young charges Foreman (Omar Epps), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Chase (Jesse Spencer). Oncologist Wilson (Tony winner Robert Sean Leonard), who is House's best friend by default, also returns to support (and infuriate) the cranky doctor. Speaking of cranky, House's difficult nature proves to bite him in the rear. In a six-episode arc, the Vicodin-popping House meets his match after he antagonizes the wrong patient, police officer Michael Twitter (David Morse, who played a compassionate physician on St. Elsewhere). Hell hath no fury like a patient poked and prodded like a guinea pig, and Twitter makes it his business to make House's life miserable. But since the show is called House, viewers are safe in assuming that House will not be rotting his life away in a jail cell. After all, the excitement of the show is driven by his unorthodox treatment of patients. As Cuddy succinctly points out, "You just keep on going until you come up with something so insane it's usually right." Look for a slew of excellent guest stars (rocker Dave Matthews, Charles S. Dutton, Piper Perabo, John Larroquette) to help stir things up. The episodes are as compelling as ever, focusing on a morbidly obese patient in denial, an autistic child, and a comatose man that House insists on "waking" up. The bonus materials include Morrison and Edelstein doing scenes in Valley Girl-speak and a featurette on Laurie's all-star charity group called Band from TV (Laurie plays piano). --Jae-Ha Kim

Season Four
Prepare for even more baffling, complex and shocking medical mysteries than ever before as every episode of House MD Season Four arrives on DVD! Reunite with the perplexing and prickly Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie in his two-time Golden Globe?-winning and Primetime Emmy?-nominated role) as he tackles impossible cases while putting a new staff of potential team candidates through the medical wringer with his trademark sarcasm and irreverent bedside manner. Also making house calls this season are such stellar guest stars as Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite), Frank Whaley (Swimming with Sharks), Michael Michele (ER) and more! It's time to get another dose of one of TV's most original medical dramas in the show that's "…exceptionally well-written, well-shot and well-played" (Los Angeles Times).

Customer Reviews:

  • Bills Great Books is bad business
    I never did receive my house season 1-4 from Bills Great books, Watch out when ordering from him he will take your money and you will have to fight to get it back!!!!!!...more info
  • Gregory House is an exceptional Sherlock Holmes
    This is a great series with fine actors given extraordinary scripts so they can show off their talents. House is the perfect antihero. He's certainly not Doctor Kildare, but despite his handicaps, physical and emotional, he never wavers from doing right--at least in his eyes.

    Have we seen this character before? Of course. As many have pointed out, Gregory House is based on Sherlock Holmes. He's arrogant, a drug abuser, solves murderous mysteries, plays a musical instrument, has a best friend named Wilson instead of Watson (who, like Holmes, he always calls by his last name), lives at the same street address (221B), gets bored easy, and at a glance he can deduce a person's recent activities

    The creators pay homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (a doctor that says Holmes was based partly on Dr. Bell) by giving their characters similar names to Doyle's creation and throwing occasional hints at the audience; like the episode where House says he got another Conan Doyle book for Christmas or giving the man who shot House the name of Moriarty.

    If you find the Holmes/House connections interesting, you might try, a site dedicated to the House series.

    Most people don't realize that Sherlock Holmes is the most depicted character in film--over 200 movies or TV shows. Perhaps they ought to add all the House episodes to this tally.

    The Shopkeeper
    The Shut Mouth Society...more info
  • Only 5 Days
    It only took 5 days for my order to show up at my door, I plan on giving this as a gift and can't wait to see thier expression! ...more info
  • house
    I love the CDs, they got here quickly, but they do not have an index to help know when episode is on which CD....more info
    House: Seasons 1 - 4 Collection

    If you are a HOUSE fan. . .this is a MUST buy!!...more info
  • Dr. House he is my hero!!!
    I love this collection because it allowed me to watch episodes that I forgot about and loved to watch again. Dr. House is the kind of doctor I would like to see. Hugh Laurie plays hims with such ease that I almost thin there really is a Gregory House. His supporting cast is fabulous. I especially like the gal who plays Dr. Cutty. She is something else. I recommend this to any House fan. ...more info
  • Each season in separate box
    Ordered as seasons 1-4 but received each season separately packaged; however, all arrived together in one box in pristine condition. I just discovered House in season 4, so starting at the beginning is an education. I am amazed the show survived past the pilot. Scenes are shown in a stylized high orange glow with a focus on blood and guts and idiotically simplistic conversations between supposed medical doctors. Cuddy suffers from a lack of personality while House exhibits uncertainty and doubt; obviously not the cocky cynical a** (with hidden vulnerability, and those eyes!) who we all love. Luckily, by the second episode the irritating quirks of the pilot can be forgiven and fogotten. If you love House like I do, get this set. It is wonderful, and I can hardly wait to check out the bonus features! ...more info
  • House...the Man
    When I ordered the box set, I never expected trying to watch every episode would take so long...I still haven't finished season 2. I love that there are 4 hour long episodes on each disk...and 5-6 disks per least so far. The show is addicting I love it. ...more info
  • House Season 1-4
    Collection of DVD's came on time and they were exactly as ordered. Worked great and who doesn't love 4 seasons worth of House?...more info
  • House: Seasons 1-4 Collection
    Just began watching series during the holidays. Had to order the first 4 seasons. Have watched them all already. Great show. Sorry I had missed before, but so glad I could order the series. ...more info
  • I love house
    This is everything I could have wanted and more! I needed to catch up on all the seasons since I just started watching the program this year, but to buy them individually would have cost about $200+. Thank god for this. ...more info
  • DVD set inconsistent, response from seller non-existent
    My 4-season DVD set included 2 seasons that had no bonus features (even though the menu listed them, you could never navigate to it), and one disc that was clearly some Asian bootleg, with episodes that had been ripped right off network TV. I attempted twice to contact the seller (2/19 and 3/1) and received no response. ...more info
  • Single-sided discs
    We've just received our 4-season "Catch Up with House" collection from Amazon! And we're thrilled to have this series on disc and commercial free! The 1st season has been re-issued on 6 single-sided format discs (instead of the previously issued 3 double-sided format discs), to address a question previously discussed! I paid my $132.99, and I'm happy! js...more info
  • House: Season 1-4 Collection
    I like the fact that I could buy all 4 seasons in 1 package rather than each one separately. The very first episode we watched on it skipped a couple of times. Nothing really bad, but an annoyance especially since we spent $149.00 on it. I like the extras that are added on the end of the discs....more info
  • House is made for Losers.
    If you want to watch a Tv show about a doctor who insults everyone and breaks all the codes of medical ethics, then this show is for you. Regretfully the way Doctors work today, this show is not fiction,. It sadly reflects reality, and reality stinks....more info
  • House Collection never received
    Ordered and paid for 4 volumes of "House" on April 26,2009.
    Today is May 28, 2009 and have not received product or heard back from seller.
    WOULD NOT RECCOMEND SELLER! Plan to cxl payment with American Express ...more info
  • Can't go wrong with Hugh Laurie
    This was a great deal. Much cheaper than buying each individually. All four seasons wrapped in one package. Perfect for House addicts like me....more info
  • House Seasons 1-4
    These are in absolute pristine condition. All are outstanding and should be thoroughly enjoyable to all "House" fans. I know my husband and I love them. He's the fan, but by buying these and watching them, I have become a "House" fan, too. I recommend these to all fans of "House"....more info
  • Jaw-Droppingly BRILLIANT!
    If you are looking for drama that will entertain, educate and amaze you with its brilliant acting and writing, you would do well to buy House: Seasons 1 - 4 Collection.

    Dr. House is the Sherlock Holmes of medical drama. Every episode will draw you into the medical mystery to be solved. The writing is so tight that this show requires your full attention, or you'll miss a significant aspect to the intricate story.

    Without a doubt, Hugh Laurie is absolute perfection as Dr. House! No other actor could portray this character as well. This four season collection is an investment that will entertain you for years to come!...more info
  • House is amazing!
    I love this series. I ran across it during a House Marathon and I was so hooked I had to see them all. I bought the 4 season dvds and I have watched them all! I love the bonus bloopers and outakes of the seasons as well. Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor. I love the special effects they use in the series to discuss illnesses. They are so graphic it looks like a camera is really running through the body. I can't wait until Season 5 is out on DVD!...more info
  • -
    House is an interesting study in despicable human character. Dr. House is abrasive, deceitful, drug-addicted, and willing to experiment on patients like some World War II Nazi. He is also the sum of his experiences, and we can observe glimpses of what made him into who he is, why he tries to heal, why he is willing to lie, cheat and steal to get his job done, the damage that he does to his relationships and the impact that is has on him.

    I don't watch this for the formulaic problem solving -- it is CSI in a hospital, finding the culprit disease after some reverses. I watch this for the character interactions (and morbidly watching to see what trouble House stirs up next, OK ...).

    Dr. Cutty (House's boss) could be a stronger character. She seems to be just a foil for House's antics, and not so much an intelligent doctor in her own right....more info
  • ok
    Not what i expected. I thought that the dvds were going to be in cases and not cd protectors. good show but dont waste your money....more info
  • Great Series
    This is a great series, and what a bargin! I bought it as a gift. The recipiant thought I spent more than $200!! This show is very funny, I don't think I could handle watching more than 2 or 3 episodes in a row though because it can be a lot of negative energy at once, but to watch the seasons over a few months is fun....more info
  • Super series
    Never followed the series on TV in seasons 1 thru 4 picked up the box set after watching a marathon. I tried to get an idea of what I was getting by reading the reviews of the single season 1 disc sets. Each disc is single sided in the 1 to 4 disc set and is true widescreen. That concerned me the most.

    The character chemistry is excellent on this series. Hugh Laurie added allot of personal touches to House's character, the cane twirling and stomping are two of his ideas he added to this character. I am a little concerned over the changing of some of the characters in season 4 haven gotten there yet, the characters are still on the show but in different capacities. As long as you can watch this series as a TV drama you will enjoy it. If you are looking for a true medical show this may not be a good buy for you, while close to true medical cases some things are added to enhance the show. The exterior shots of the hospital are actually the student center at Princeton University here in NJ....more info
  • I just love it
    Love House!!! Can watch non-stop several episodes a day. As for the set I bought it seems to be new, DVDs are good quality, not scratched or anything like that, I am very satisfied with my purchase and with House being constantly in my house!!!...more info
  • Gotta love House
    My whole family loves to sit and watch House. Can't wait for Season 5 to be released on DVD.
    ...more info
  • House - Seasons 1 - 4 Collection
    I am so impressed with this series. It was well worth the money and we can't wait to get the next season and the future seasons. The best part is watching with no commercials. The plot can be followed so much better....more info
  • Great Product
    Very good quality, exactly how I ordered it. Shipped on time and works good. I recommend. ...more info
  • I'm Shocked
    I'm pretty upset. I requested this box set NEW. It was a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. I also asked the shipper to NOT include the invoice. Imagine my suprise when the item arrived at my friend's front door with an invoice in the box. In addition, the disc pakaging looked a bit suspect. When it comes to actually watching the series, the first season was not bad, but seasons 2-4 look like a bootleg copy. The video is not crisp, a channel 5 logo appears on screen clearly showing that this was recorded off someone's television, and some episodes are in japanese- complete with menu. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. I am extremely unsatisfied. If a product is advertised as new, it should be new. Not having watched the season bootlegged off mom's basement television doesn't make it new, and in no way is worth the price. I felt like an idiot having given this to a good friend for his birthday. If only I could get my money back....more info
  • One of my favourite programs
    House is one of my favourite characters. The box set contains all 4 seasons (the 4th season is my least favourite). Nothing much else to say....more info
  • Awesome show
    I got the 26 disc set and I was a little disappointed that they came in a disc thing rather than boxes but that wasn't a big deal because thay all played fine and everything. The only other problem I had was that season 1 has no bonus material, the words come up on every disc but you can't select it. Other than that this is a must have for House fans.
    P.S. did anyone else have this problem?...more info
  • bootlegs
    I recieved this box dvd set and sent it overseas to where my husband is stationed, and he contacted me last night to tell me, that the box set i purchased is a bootleg copy, not in cases but plastic sleeves,and one of the dvd starts off in chinese, and the others say fox 5 in the corner of the screen when you play it...terrible..thought bootlegging dvd's was illegal?...more info
    This was a great way to purchase all 4 seasons!!! It saves you comes within a reasonable amount of time and the show is the best show ever!!! I really thought that this purchase was well worth it.. when you buy the first season your not going to be able to stop you WILL get addicted so why not save a few bucks and buy all 4 seasons together at once!!...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I am a long-time very devoted fan of Hugh Laurie, so naturally, I watch House religiously. I already had seasons 1-3 on DVD, but when it was confirmed that this set contained season one on single sided discs, I had to buy it! I needed season 4 anyway, so it was well worth the money, and I gave my old season 1-3 sets to a friend who was very happy to get free dvds. House is without a doubt the best show that television has to offer these days, and while the whole cast is great, Hugh is the reason I watch; I'm not sure any other actor could make the show as wonderful as it is. If you're at all frustrated with the double sided discs of season 1, or just love the show anyway, don't hesitate. Buy this set, sit back and enjoy!...more info
  • Love House!
    I can watch House all day long. Never boring, always funny, yet it can be sad as well. Worth the money.

    Lots of laughs!...more info