iCarly: Season 1, Vol. 1

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/27/2009 Run time: 311 minutes Rating: Nr

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  • Making fun of teacher's pointy boobs? Not my role model...
    Sheesh, I'm no member of the moral majority, but this former punk must now be a prude.

    I got this DVD for my little girl and found it to be grossly inappropriate. The kids are rude and insulting and mean spirited in a way that might get laughs, but not in a way that I want my daughter to model. The girls making fun of the teacher's "pointy boobs" was just one low point among many.

    Maybe I'm now behind the times, but I'll gladly steer my daughter toward safer territory as long as I'm able. Awful. Really awful....more info
  • iLove This Show
    I'm a lifetime Nickelodeon fan. A few years ago, they started putting out shows for teenagers; Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Unfabulous, etc. The latter two were not all that fantastic, but Drake and Josh was a classic from the start. Now they have iCarly, which, I think, is one of the best shows for teenagers they've ever come up with. It's hysterical and smart. Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor play off each other incredibly well and the you'll find yourself constantly laughing. I highly recommend this show....more info
  • :D
    I don't know why, but for some reason I love this show. I'm 18, and the first time I watched it was as a joke, but then I realized how much I liked it. It could be the simplicity of the show, that it's not incredibly high drama, which I like from time to time. For me the characters seem more real than characters of other shows of this type because they don't try too hard to make them seem that way. The show is cute and funny in a lite way that makes a good stress reliever on a bad day. I would recommend it to people who still like to pick up books from their shelves they read in fifth grade just for fun and, of course, the age group that this show is actually geared towards....more info
  • A Great Series For Kids
    Though past episodes air on a regular basis, this is a nice compilation for children who enjoy this fun program that typically delivers a subtle message on doing the right thing when confronting a problem.

    Miranda Cosgrove is an outstanding young actress and - make no mistake - the program is built around her, but her co-stars (Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor) are outstanding in their roles. There are few shows that are truly for kids, but this one goes to the head of the class....more info
  • DVD
    I purchased the ICarly DVD for my daughter. She loves it. Amazon.com made my purchase easy. They were prompt in getting the DVD to me. I would purchase again with Amazon.com Thanks!!...more info
  • A really funny show
    I love iCarly! The show show is so funny. I can watch it again and again. I'm glad I got it. I can't wait for volume 2 to come out. Everyone will love this show and will also love the website....more info
  • Brain-Dead
    I was stuck in a hospital waiting room and the only thing on was iCarly. I ended up watching 4 episodes with my daughters. I was thoroughly embarrassed.

    The children in the show had no adults (worthy of respect) supervising or teaching them -- eh, who needs 'em? They also show way too much skin -- I had NO desire to see a 13-year-old in a bikini up close and personal.

    The barely-teenagers on the show thrive on trying to score "dates" and "kisses". How compassionate for their fellow students. What an intelligent and charming way to behave toward one another.

    Thankfully we don't have cable TV at home. My kids prefer to read, learn things, develop a healthy sense of humor, listen to and create music, and play games....more info
    Yeah, Yeah, I'm 45 years old... SO WHAT! I love comedy since The Jefferson's started with the on going arguments of George and the maid and in ICARLY it's similar with Sam and Freddie. Spencer is a boy in a man's body, Freddie is a man in a boy's body, Sam is hillarious WITH HER SARCASM and her teasing and Carly is the glue that makes it all STICK TOGETHER. I love this show and I hope that they do alot of episodes before they become ADULTS, because I will buy every single season that comes to the market. MY FAMILY AND I LOVE ICARLY AND WE HOPE THAT IT DOES NOT GET CORRUPED BY LIBERAL IDEAS AND HOPE THAT NICKLODEON COMES UP WITH MORE GREAT SHOWS LIKE THIS. WE DON'T GET TIRED OF WATCHING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN....more info
  • Excellent teen entertainment
    As one reviewer admitted his age, I'll do the same and say I am a 48 year-old father of two teenagers that genuinely believes this is some of the best entertainment on TV right now. Light-hearted and usually very funny humor, no nasty/vulgar language, no sexual innuendo, and disrespect for adults is generally limited to people that deserve it (Miss Briggs, Lewbert, Mr. Howard, etc.) as opposed to adults in general. There is usually a simple but valuable lesson involved and the interplay between the kids seems genuine and not forced in any way. The chemistry of the actors is a superb mix of personalities and each one brings a unique flavor to the show. The feisty interplay between Freddy and Sam with Carly attempting unsuccessfully to be arbitrator is a big part of the charm. Another positive factor is that no two episodes use the same rhetoric. Miranda Cosgrove is a very talented young lady and her future seems bright indeed. It will be interesting to see what season 2 brings. Hopefully they will be able to keep things fresh and moving forward. These episodes will provide a lifetime of valuable entertainment. Buy it!! You will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great sitcom, for ANY age audience.
    I'm 50 years old, a business manager, science fiction fan, noted amateur astronomer, musician, and father of two (one under 10, one well past 10) ...and I truly enjoy this show! While I probably wouldn't have found iCarly if not for our youngest daughter, I'm not ashamed to admit that, even if I had "discovered" this show on my own, I would have liked it. As is stands, both of my daughters, my wife, and I all gather around the TV to watch iCarly together. It has many of the elements that make for a classic sitcom (not just a kid's sitcom). Things like great casting, unique ensemble characters, and what appears to be "modern" stories that I'm betting will stand the test of time (like all true comedy classics).

    The movie School of Rock certainly showcased Miranda Cosgrove's talent, so I expected the lead to be good. But it's the supporting cast, the storylines and the comedic pacing that makes this a true classic. Jennette McCurdy's raw, sarcastic wit (and never ending quest for food) plays well off Miranda's calmer demeanor. Nathan Crest plays the role of the fictional web cast's young cameraman, editor and producer with talent beyond his years. Supporting actors like Tim Russ (Mr. Tuvock from Star Trek Voyager) as the school's principal and Mary Scheer (from Mad TV) as Freddy Benson's very overprotective mother, add nicely to the mix.

    But in my opinion, the standout in this series is Jerry Trainor (playing Carly's oddball older brother). I haven't seen such unique physical antics and exceptional comedic timing since the introduction of Jim Carey so many years ago. I never expected to see near comic genius in a "kid's show", and I predict great things are ahead for Mr. Trainor.

    Yes, sometimes the unlikely circumstances and frantic results can seem a little far fetched, but no more so than Lucy and Ethel's antics at the chocolate factory, or Laura Petrie wrestling an inflatable raft in her living room, (trying to get it back in the package before Rob gets home). I haven't read where anyone else made the connection, but clearly the writers and producers have. This show has more in common with "I Love Lucy" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" than it does with contemporary kid's comedies like Hanna Montana and The Naked Brothers Band.

    I can only hope that the producers will refrain from their tendencies to try to make the female lead in their kids shows into a pop star like Brittany Spears, as we've all seen where that can lead (poor Billy Ray Cyrus, I'm sure the thought of Miley turning into Lindsay Lohan has frightened the mullet right off his head). Please don't try to do that to Miranda Cosgrove. She's in a class by herself and its working well for her and her network (i.e., "if it aint broke, don't fix it")!

    I hope this show runs for several more seasons before the multi-talented cast heads in different directions. This is a classic hit, which has appeal for a wide demographic. Probably Nick's best show since Spongebob Squarepants. Keep more episodes coming!
    ...more info
  • Great ITEM!
    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it! She had the whole season watched in 1 day. Can't wait for Season 2 to come out. ...more info
  • An Awesome Show!!!
    Some people may think I'm too old to watch this show, but I highly disagree. I'm an 18-year old man, but I still feel like a child on the inside. iCarly is awesome! I love it! Everyone looks fun to hang out with. Carly and Sam are hot! Spencer seems like the perfect big brother, who is Carly's guardian. Freddie, Sam, and Carly start their own webshow where no adults can tell them what to do, throughout the series, they deal with what to do on the show, deal with Nevel who tries to destroy their show, try to make their grandpa see that Spencer is responsible enough to make care of Carly, go to a haunted apartment on HALLOWEEN, and much more! I know this won't last too long, so I'll enjoy it while I can! If you love comedy, you'll love ICARLY!!!...more info
  • Another good Nickelodeon show and Adult friendly.
    I will often watch TV with my daughter. So I do like it when programs are genuinely entertaining and iCarly is actually enjoyable to watch. I find a lot of children programs are very similar. However I think the web show theme gives it an edge and also the regular adult cast makes it more adult friendly and more realistic. I have often watched a kids program and thought "where are their parents". Although this show follows the norm with there being no parents, Carly's responsible adult is a regular presence. The show also makes a point that he is responsible in the episode "I want to stay with Spencer". It was this episode that prompted me to buy the DVD. When it became apparent that UK Nickelodeon had cut the episode (Nickelodeon cut/edited a Nickelodeon program???) . We only knew this because we had discovered the program whilst in America. The DVD is fully uncut and as result makes more sense. It has also proved very popular with my daughters friends. Who watched the whole DVD in one sleepover. I only hope Nickelodeon continue produce shows like this.
    ...more info
  • iCarly's 1st Season (Part I)
    One of The Better Shows For Kids is iCarly Carly, Sam, and Freddie Make A Web Show In Which thay Do Random and Funny Things For All The Kids To Watch.

    Episodes Include:

    iPilot - Carly, Sam, and Freddie Accedentaly Upload Thier Conversation on Thier Teacher's Boobs. Thay Fell Very Bad. But After Readimng The Comments, Thay Create Thier Web Show iCarly. Not The Best Episode, But The Series Comes Out With A Great Start. (4/5)

    iWant More Viewers - Carly, Freddie, Sam, and Spencer (Carly's Brother) Make A Competion To See Who Can Who Can Get iCarly More Viwers. One of The Best Episodes of iCarly, and The Ending Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. (5/5)

    iHate Chicks - Carly, Sam, and Freddie Hatch Baby Chicks. But After Hatching, The Chicks Escape. Not The Best Episode, But It's An Absolute Must Watch At The Best. (4/5)

    iDream of Dance - Carly, Sam, and Freddie Start Dreaming of Wierd Dancing Dreams When Thay Watch Dancing Videos on iCarly. Another Great Episode and It Includes One of The Funniest Endings Ever on iCarly. (5/5)

    iLike Jake - Carly Falls in Love With Jake Until She Hears His Singing. The Jokes Are Well Done...But The Story Seams To Be Missing Something. (3/5)

    iWanna Stay With Spencer - After Seeing Spencer Doing An ''Inapropite'' Thing on iCarly, Carly's Grandad Wants Carly To Come With Him In Yakama. But Carly Tries To Show Spencer He's A Responsable Gardian. Another Grteat Episode. As It Dose Have Laughs, It's Mostly Centered Around A Dramatic Turn. (5/5)

    iNevel - 11-Year-Old Nevel Writes A Bad Review About iCarly After Carly Refuses To Kiss Him. Great Episode. It's Not Best But Still Fun. (4/5)

    iScream on Halloween - Carly, Sam, and Freddie Investicate Room 13B After Hearing About It Being Haunted. Another Great Episode, Easily One of The Best! (5/5)

    iSpy A Mean Teacher - Carly, Freddie, and Sam Spy on Thier Teacher To See What She Dose At Home. Good Episode, and It Includes Another Funny Ending. (5/5)

    iWant To Date Freddie - A Girl Dates Freddie, But Is Accturally Tring To Let Freddie To Do Her Web Show. Great Episode, That Yet Again Includes Another Great Ending. (4/5)

    Other Episofdes:
    -iWant A World Record
    -iRue The Day
    -iPromise Not To Tell

    Overall Rating - 4/5...more info
  • Good show, great support
    I like the show. Miranda Cosgrove is not a very strong actor, but the show is saved by her supporting cast. Nathan Kress and Jennette Mcurdy are perfect as her dueling sidekicks, their interaction gives spice to the show, and their comedic timing is spot-on. Jerry Traynor is also perfect as the happily psychotic big brother.
    iCarly seems to be designed to showcase the great talents of the three supporting actors, with Miranda added for name recognition.
    This DVD set is well worth buying, the show is funny and innocent, suitable for families.
    I only gave it four stars because Mirand Cosgrove drags it down a notch....more info
    I'm a dad with a kinder daughter. I bought her iCarly because it's one of the better tween type sit coms on tv these days.

    Nikelodeon made a good choice by giving Miranda Cosgrove her own show. She comes across sweet in this new techy type series which casts her and her friend Sam as the dynamic duo of the iCarly web show. The balance between the girls and Freddie (tech producer of the show) is just right with Carly's older brother Spencer adding more humor to the mix.

    This dvd includes 13 episodes of the first season and many of them are fun to watch. Some of the better episodes include iHatch Chicks which has baby chicks running around Carly's aparment. iWanna Stay with Spencer, when Carly is almost taken by her grandfather due to Spencer being irresponisble. iScream on Halloween is another favorite. Also the iwant a World Record was a good idea.

    The show works well because it mixes regular sit com camera angels along with first person shots when the girls are doing the web show. It gives the viewer the feeling that they are actually watching a web show.

    I have to say that I prefer the way Carly comes across more than the popular Hannah Montanna show. Hannah Montanna tends to be mean spirited in several of her episodes which bugs me sometimes. Miley Cirus has lots of episodes where she is getting revenge or is loosing her temper and blowing up. In iCarly Miranda Cosgrove is more reserved and less spiteful. That role is left to Sam as she picks on Freddie. I would say Carly is similar to how Lizzie Mcgurie was. A good kid who messes up sometimes. She learns from her mistakes or is playing peace keeper between Sam and Freddie.

    iCarly is worth the price considering the fact that you are getting 13 episodes. Disney likes to give you 4 or 5 at a time for the same price. Nickelodeon seems to know what a good deal is. Hopefully they keep it that way.

    All in all iCarly is a great tween show with a new techy twist. A good buy if you like the show already. A great choice if you want to try it out. My daughter likes it too. THUMBS UP! ...more info
  • Great Program for Tweens
    My daughters are 11 and 9 years old and they enjoy watching this show. This is a great show and very different from any other kids shows. Miranda Cosgrove is a very good actor and singer and the rest of the cast are really great. It's an entertaining show even for adults and/or parents that are checking what your children watch on tv. I reccommended 100%. ...more info
  • Excellent Item
    This was an excellent Product- Icarly season 1. Amazon did a great job, packaging was excellent and perfectly done. I would recommend amazon.com to anyone. ...more info
  • A Waste Show
    I totally agree with the reviews by; M.Lambert and W.Johnson, now I am not a parent, but if I were one I would never let my kids watch this mindless gibberish, not only this one but other Nickelodeon and Disney shows, I consider them as Stupid Comedy.

    All you see is kids doing extremely over the top stunts all by themselves that make them seem to possess a supernatural abilities that a normal kid their age will never be able to do or be.

    And what is with the adults, if there are any in these shows, acting like kids, one thinks they'd be more mature in their acting but they end up even more repulsive than their younger counterparts, not only that but they mess things up the younger corrects.

    this show does not offer anything new or good, it is the exact garbage you see it replicated over and over on other teenage shows; they go to a make-believe school that does not have homework, most of their time seems to be spent having fun and worrying about trivial issues and promoting propagandas.
    ...more info


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