Gabrielle Reece: The Complete Fit and Healthy Pregnancy
Gabrielle Reece: The Complete Fit and Healthy Pregnancy

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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 09/09/2008

Customer Reviews:

  • just what i was looking for
    i've done the 3 second trimester workouts....because that is where i am in my pregnancy. at first i thought i'd do all three at once for a 45 minute workout. i learned quickly that that was unnecessary. each one is a challenging full body workout. most other pregnancy videos i've done have not been challenging enough or did not work the whole body. this one surely does, safely....quads, hamstrings, butt, abs, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, heart.
    the equipment needed are light free weights, a stability ball, a resistance band, a chair and a towel. i did not rate this video with 5 stars because in my opinion, a resistance band is not easy to use anywhere. i am unable to anchor a band in the area i workout. so instead of the band, i use free weights when i'm able or no resistance.
    i would definitely recommend this video....more info
  • You need a damn fitness ball
    This exercise dvd was a disappointment because it didn't tell me in the overview that you need a fitness ball to complete most of the exercises, at least in month 4 exercises. I tried to improvise but it just didn't work very well and was extremely frustrating. ...more info
  • Not What I was Expecting
    I was disappointed there was no cardio. I felt that there were too many props which interrupted the flow of the work out, because of this I lost interest quickly....more info
  • perfect for intermediate fitness level
    I bought this DVD exactly one year ago as I was just entering my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. After the "I'm pregnant, I can eat whatever I want!" mindset helped me pack on unnecessary extra weight, I decided to take things a little more seriously. One comment said that there was no cardio - that is true. However, I would pop this DVD in AFTER a good walk around town. Also, I would try to do 2 if not 3 of the workouts at a time.
    Great workout, I was usually sweating beads when I was finished. Yes, there are several needed props (3-5 & 8-10lb weights, fitness ball, towel, resistance band), but they tell you things you can use to substitute. I actually felt that they made the workout more interesting and fun to follow.
    Anyway, I strongly recommend this - just don't use it as your ONLY form of exercise. The workouts only go up to 6 months, but I was using this DVD right up until 40 weeks!

    Good luck :) ...more info
  • great product!
    the dvd arrived promptly and in great condition. this is a great workout program for pregnancy....more info
  • Not what I thought.
    I believed it was going to have some cardio and I found it to be boring....more info
  • Fairly satisfied
    This video is good for someone who is looking for a little harder strengthening routine while pregnanat. You do require a lot of equipment such as swiss ball, resistance bands, and free weights. I felt that they went a little too fast through the workout. By the time I was in position and starting the exercise I only had time to do about 5 repetitions beefore they were moving on to the next exercise. Gives you a good basis for strengthening during pregnancy....more info
  • An excellent choice for expectant or aspiring mothers
    Created by Gabrielle Reece during and after her pregnancy with the help of certified personal trainer Mike Monroe, and approved by OBGYN Vivian Dickerson, The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout is a DVD of twelve fifteen-minute workouts, three for each trimester of pregnancy and three to help trim down after giving birth. A few pieces of inexpensive exercise equipment are recommended to tap the full potential of The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout: no more than an exercise ball, fitness band, and small hand weights. The primary focus is on strengthening and stretching moves, ideal keeping one's muscles strong and ready to reclaim one's figure. With the caveat that any expectant mother should consult her doctor before undertaking an exercise regimen, The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout is an excellent choice for expectant or aspiring mothers, and also highly recommended as a baby shower gift! 258 minutes, color....more info
  • good workout
    The short workouts are perfect for those days you really don't feel like exercising. However, I have to pause the video during almost every exercise because they move along too fast. Therefore, the 15 minute workout ends up being about 25 minutes....more info
  • Excellent video for the physically fit
    I haven't tried all of the 9 months worth of workout videos, yet, nor the postnatal workouts, but I can already tell this is an excellent video workout for the seasoned gym rat. My biggest question about my workouts when I found out I was pregnant was, "What can I and can I absolutely NOT do?" My trainer said she had seen women do everything they normally did until the day of delivery, which definitely did not answer my question. My doctor had different recommendations. She said I should be able to work out and talk the whole time, which is not something I could do in my pre-pregnancy routine.

    I find that this video has it all - it combines the strength and weight training I was doing before in shorter and lighter doses with helpful recommendations for modifications for the pregnant woman. It includes a warm up and cool down for every workout. What you really need to know is that equipment is required for this workout. Dumbbells, a yoga mat, an exercise ball, and a band. There may be more to come; I have really only done the second trimester workouts so far. I am very impressed with the quality of the video as well as the information, and I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Need equipment and perhaps even a buddy...
    This is a great workout for women who want to keep strengthening and conditioning throughout their pregnancy... but I get so frustrated at the parts when the resistance band is required to be held on to by someone or "anchored to an object." As if I am going to pause the DVD to tie the band to my couch, and then pause to untie it! Fortunately I already had the other equipment for the DVD, but would have been REALLY upset if I hadn't. Included in the third trimester workouts are some that require you to put your balance ball up against a wall, which I'm sorry, I refuse to put my ball that rolls around on the floor up onto my nicely painted walls. It also suggests putting your feet up on the wall to intensify, which is just ridiculous. Good thing I have an ugly solid door to use. Too bad I can't see my TV from that door. Overall I would say the workout is really good, though it has definite drawbacks. I do 3 of the month sections per workout, so I'm going for more than an hour, and your heart rate does get up there if you're doing the moves properly, contrary to some of the other reviewers, as you're using large muscle groups and alternating upper and lower body moves. I can't wait to do the postnatal workout....more info
  • finally a good workout for pregnancy
    I was so happy with this workout because is was a good workout one that you could feel your muscles working and still know it was safe for pregnancy. I am an avid exerciser and when I became pregnant I thought "great, I bet the pregnancy workout videos are going to be glorified walking.". But this is not like that at all....more info


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