10 Minute Solution: Quick Tummy Toners
10 Minute Solution: Quick Tummy Toners

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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 09/09/2008

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  • Another winner ;->
    I already got my copy and have done this once through and really love it. It is another great workout that like all the others, can be done in the shortest of time or in 50 minutes if you want. I really love in particular, the standing rotational moves because they really work your obliques and doing these standing up makes a great change and makes you work a little harder to feel it. There is even a 10 minute cardio segment to burn the fat that lies over your ab muscles and this is essential to shrinking your abs.
    The instructor is Jessica Smith and she is motivating and cues quite well. She gives you different ways and positions to try the exercises so you work at your own level. She also goes through the usual pilates and crunch type moves, but overall there is heaps of variety to attack your stomach and help shrink it and burn off the fat around it.
    Like the other 10 Minute dvd workouts, you can do these routines in any order and that is always a help to keep it feeling new and fresh. I've done three segments already two days ago and I'm still feeling it a little today. This is a new favourite of mine and after work this afternoon, I plan on doing it again. I think that exercisers of any level will love this too and highly recommend it....more info
  • Toned tummy in no time with this workout
    I really love the new addition to the 10 Minute Solution series, Quick Tummy Toners. Each section tones in different ways, which is great. It ensures that you will never get bored. There is a little bit of everything included to work every area of your tummy, even cardio which I think is great! I could really feel and notice a difference after each workout. The instructor, Jessica Smith, is very friendly and motivating without getting irritating. This would be a great dvd to do all by itself or to add on a section or more to the beginning or end of a workout. ...more info
  • abs video
    So far this video tape is fantastic! I may not physically see a difference yet, (I've only been doing it intermittenly for a few weeks), but when I did not do the tape for one whole week I felt as though I could feel a "loosening" of my abs.

    Some of the exercises are very difficult, but they say "no pain, no gain". What I like very much about the video is that as hard as the exercises are...they are over quick enough that it makes it all bearable. I would highly recommend this video, especially for the price!!...more info
  • Very Good Selection
    This DVD has a nice selection of 5 different types of ab workouts. They range in difficulty, so if you are more beginner or starting out, I would recommend the Yoga Abs, especially if you do yoga (this still my favorite ab routines on the DVD) and the Definer. Perhaps the Definer first if you have not done yoga, but you should try both to see how it goes for you. Working with this a few times a week is a definate help with toning up the abs. The instructor is great in the presentation of the material....more info
  • Love the 10 Minute workouts
    I love these 10 minute workout dvds, not only because of the short workouts, but the fact that I can customize the program that I want to do. (I usually do 20 minutes in the morning). With the exception of the Yoga abs section, I really like this dvd, especially the Ab and Waist definer workout (there were some moves there that I'd never done before and they were very effective - incorporation strength and pilates moves). I also especially enjoyed the Bikini Belly workout - it's cardio combination is great! And last but not least, I really dig the instructor. Before purchasing these dvds I like to check out little video clips to see if I feel like I can be inspired by the instructor as well (there were some other dvds that I'd wanted to purchase from this series, but was turned off by some of the instructors' aura - I dont know why that was). Anyway, this is now my second favorite worksout series (Yoga Zone being my first fav)....more info
  • 10 Minute solutions tummy toners
    I really liked the way the video is set up in 10 minute segments. It has a variety to select from so you can mix and match depending on your mood. The directions are fairly easy to follow. I use this one several times a week and I am getting results from the exercises....more info
  • I feel the burn!
    I already had another "10 minute solutions" video and loved it so I decided to try this one targeting the abs. I can really feel it's working. Some of the workouts are more intense than others. You can start with something easy and then switch to other workouts for variety and progression. I like that you can choose which 10 minute workouts you want and how many you want to do, so you're not stuck with 30 minutes of same ol' same ol'. Instructor is motivational and effective....more info
  • Great mix of ab exercises, for beginners or advanced exercisers
    I have to admit, I was a little concerned about purchasing this because I had loved Blast off Belly Fat with Suzanne Bowen so much and I was afraid it wouldn't measure up or would be too similiar, but not so! This is a great video! The only workout I don't like is "Yoga Abs." I, personally, found it not so challenging. I've really only dabbled in Yoga, though, so it may have some benefits I'm not really aware of. As for the rest...

    Crunch Free Abs- Don't be fooled by the title, just because there's no crunches, doesn't mean it's easy... on the contrary, it's quite difficult. Some twisting, turning, and variation on pilates moves.

    Bikini Belly- I love this one! It's a standing cardio segment, which helps to burn fat. This is great because it's actually fun to do, and while it gets your heart rate up, you don't feel like your going to die.

    Waist Definer- It's all about twisting here! Some very innovative twisting and rotational moves that really help to pull your waist in.

    Sexy Sporty Abs- some of your more basic crunch style moves and also some side plank raises. Very good.

    The whole video is a good combination and it's not just a bunch of moves you've already seen. Jessica is pretty and perky. I liked her, even though she seemed just a tad too enthusiastic at times. You can tell she knows her stuff.

    Oh, and I always try to include this: you don't need any equipment or even much space to do this workout. A mat would be preferable, but really not necessary as long as you have carpeting. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great DVD that really works!
    This is one of my favorite exercise DVDs. I bought it right after Christmas and do some of the segments every day or every other day and can really tell a difference. Jessica is one of my favorite instructors because she uses a variety of exercises to reduce boredom and explains things very well. I also have her abs diet workout and women's health workout and like those a lot! ...more info
  • love bikini belly
    I bought this along with several other fitness dvd's. I use this one in coordination with another full body workout and have enjoyed it. I especially like the Bikini Belly and Ab & Waist Definer sections. ...more info
  • I like It
    I'm a beginner, and I really like this DVD. The cardio section "bikini belly" is too advanced for me right now, but I really like "crunch free abs", "ab & waist definer", and "sexy, sporty abs". ...more info
  • A new favorite
    I must admit that part of the appeal of this DVD was the fact that I couldn't fathom what 50 minutes worth of ab exercises could look like. I was pleasantly surprised. There's a bit of everything in this workout--yoga, cardio, and of course, lots of ab exercises--plenty of variety to keep the workouts interesting. This is my first DVD with Jessica Smith as instructor, but I like the way she explains things and encourages me through the workouts. I'll try other videos by her in the future. My favorite way to use this DVD is to supplement other workouts--a quick jog and one or two 10-minute routines or free weights and a few of the Tummy Toner routines. I've been very pleased with the results. This one is a new favorite!...more info


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