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This is the most fun you ll ever have reshaping your backside. It s so enjoyable, you won t believe you re working out you ll just dance, strut, and sashay away the pounds and inches.

Join fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa for vibrant, liberating Indian dance moves set to infectious bhangra beats. These four quick dance workouts will help you get fit, firm, and flirty in no time. But more than that, they re the perfect way to release inhibitions, embrace your body, and fall in love with your booty!

So if you are looking for a creative, refreshing way to lift those buns, burn fat, and remake your shape, try Bollywood Booty today

Hemalayaa Behl, better known as the fitness czarina and yogini Hema, has designed infectious, joyful dance workouts based on Indian and Bollywood choreography. In Bollywood Booty, the minutes fly by while Hema demonstrates hip tosses, light plies and squats, and her own signature sweeping moves--defying you not to grin the whole while. The notion that workouts can truly be fun, even gleeful, is what sets Hema's workouts apart. There's no grunting, no "ONLY EIGHT MORE, LET'S GO!" Instead, she breaks this workout into easily consumable pieces--four in all, ranging from 6 to 12 minutes each. Do one or all, along with the warm-up and cool-down. And in the meantime, get in touch with your inner goddess.

This DVD focuses on shaping the backside--what Hema fetchingly calls "the boo-TAY." But while squats, lunges, and back-kicks make an appearance, they are accompanied by unusual arm and shoulder movements ("Paint the wall with joy¡­now paint yourself with the same joy!") and sweet Indian music that is uplifting while never distracting. The workout, about 45 minutes, plus some short extras that demonstrate other types of Indian dance, is suitable for all fitness levels. Hema and her two assistants work out barefoot, which adds to the sensuality, but if you have arch or knee problems, keep your shoes on; you'll still have a great time. Another great feature of the disc is that Hema's instructions are all done in voiceover, which makes watching her dancing even transportive, since she's not breathlessly giving directions while being all sinewy. And there are some real challenges in this workout, despite their cute names. Be on the lookout for The Elk, so called because its boo-TAY-twitching movement mimics the mating dance of the elk. No wonder Ellen DeGeneres became a huge fan when Hema appeared on her talk show ("Pour the waterfall! Love!"). In no time, your booty and your spirits will be lifted. --A.T. Hurley

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun
    I saw Hemalayaa on a couple different talk shows last falls and she seemed to be fun and have lots of energy, so I figured I would order a couple of her DVDs. It's something fun and different. My teen is really enjoying it too so that's a plus...more info
  • Bollywood Booty
    Hello There... This is only one of Her workout DVDs that I own and I must say they are ALL great fun (and a good workout too!!!) My niece and My Mom (Grandma) and I all work out at the same time and have a wonderful time doing it. Doesn't seem like work at all!!!~! BUT you feel it later. If you want a good workout for all ages and you want to have a fun time in the process...try Hemalayaa's workouts!! Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!...more info
  • Something Fun and Different to Add to Your Workout Routine
    A bit on my background first - I do a minimum of 30 minutes of treadmill work 7 days a week, I weight train 5 days a week, I do some sort of fitness DVD two days a week, and I do yoga at least 3 days a week. So, I'm very active, healthy, and in good shape. I got this workout on a whim, based on a review that I had read elsewhere. I was looking for something different to do, other than my pilates and cardio/tone interval DVDs. I get bored easily, and need lots of change to keep my interest. I watched this one day while on the treadmill and did it the next morning before work. It was a lot of FUN. Not your regular excercise routine. It got me moving and doing SOMETHING, rather than starting my day with a trek on the treadmill - I saved that for later. It's very carefree and flowing. I laughed while doing it and had a good time before I had to head out the house. A great way to start the day. It's not going to give you muscules or firm you like a fitness model. It's simply going to get you moving and bring you heart rate up a bit. If you're looking for a good, fun time that is different from the rest of the workout DVDs, this is it. After doing this one and having such a good time, I ordered several other of Hemalayaa's DVDs, and I'm really looking forward to trying them out.
    Just have fun with this. Let yourself go, dance like no one is watching, and enjoy yourself. Being fit isn't always about the strenous weight lifting and sweat drenching runs. It's about moving, having a good time, and keeping regular with whatever makes you feel good. This is good for keeping your workout routine well rounded and interesting. ...more info
  • Great morning workout!
    I got this video yesterdan and had been feeling sick all week and was just beginning to get over the flu. I woke up early (5:30) to see if I could workout before going in to work and decided to give this a try. What fun!

    I really enjoyed that I could choose which of the four workouts I wanted and that you can select the warmup and cool downs. I hate videos that let you choose individual sections of a workout without allowing you to select the warmup/cool downs. I had a blast doing the workout and can tell that it immediately lifted my mood and energy level for the day.

    I look forward to the weekend when I can go through the whole video. Definitely a fun workout for the morning....more info
  • Minimum glut exercises
    I agree with the reviewer who said that a lot of the cueing & choreography are not performed with the rhythm of the music. This is mostly because Hemalayaa spends a lot of time telling you to 'play with the camera' instead of how to work the gluts! The 'butt monster' move,which was introduced in the beginning, was not challenging at all. In fact there are more torso exercises than those working the gluts. A lot of the glut action involves just plies, but Bollywood dance involves so much more than that. The last dance segment combined other dance segments with a slight variation instead of just creating a challenging dance sequence. By this time my body was bored, not tired. Thankfully there is a 5 1/2 minute segment of 'Brazilian Body' with Kimberly Mullen in the bonus features section. Now that really got the body going including the all important gluts! Since then I've purchased that DVD which both challenging & enjoyable to practice. Therefore, I'll give Bollywood Booty an extra star for that extra segment of Brazilian Body....more info
  • You'll forget its exercise
    I was having a lot of trouble getting back into an exercise routine, but this workout was so much fun and easy to follow that it hardly felt like exercise. ...more info
  • Bollywood Booty and Obliques
    I love, love, love this workout. It keeps you engaged and time just flies by. I find that not only does this work your booty; but I feel the burn in my hips and obliques as I shimmy and shake. It is also great because it is perfect workout out for a small space easily done in the living room without moving the furniture out of the way....more info
  • More Bollywood Fun with Hemalayaa
    I am so excited Hemalayaa has a new DVD - I love her other DVDs and this one is just as fun. I laugh while working out and next thing I know the workout is over and I feel great. ...more info
  • Bollywood Booty
    I really enjoyed this DVD, if its not a challenge for you, its certainly a good and very fun Warm up! I like this DVD as well as all of Hemalayaa's previous DVD's!...more info
  • Fun, Energetic Movements That Anyone Can Do
    This is the second DVD I have from Hemalayaa and it is alot of fun. You smile as she teaches you the moves, her personality is contagious.

    In this DVD she focuses on exercises for the backside/hips, with the additional arm and hand movements that really help to tone the arms and keep them enagaged, though the is not the target of the DVD.

    Easy to follow and I the instruction was a bit more than on her other DVD, which I found a plus. I was able to do the workouts though I am not very coordinated when it comes to these things.

    Right now it is my new favorite of hers....more info
  • Fun Workout!
    I had a lot of fun with this workout but yet I was getting a real burn. I like the fact that you can choose to do 1, 2 or all of the segments depending on your mood and time constraints. It is nice to know you can fit in a workout even if you only have 15 minutes. I also like the music only option + the bonus workout (slower yoga style). This was new and different and I think it will be easy to stick with. I liked it so much I bought all the other newer workouts as well. Highly recommend! ...more info
  • Really fun workout
    Another good video from Hemalayaa. It can be a little rough on your knees, but other than that I think it's great!...more info
  • Bollywood Booty is a BLAST!
    This is a great dance workout video. Somehow I almost got two, one shipped to the wrong address, but it got fixed and I was only billed for one. I would HIGHLY recommend this video. I do it every morning and it puts me in a good mood for the day. It's not too hard, or too easy; a good workout. And it's fun!...more info
  • Annoying
    I really expected this to be a fun video, I love bollywood music but I could hardly hear it b/c of the voice over which was so annoying, it didn't coordinate with her voice and the moves, the timing was off and I got frustrated. If she just spoke while exercising it would have been much better and used better music. ...more info
  • Booty Shakin Fun
    These was a very fun workout. She moves a lot and prepares you for the moves. The music was good and she has a lot of energy....more info
  • Bollywood Booty
    It is a fun work out, however if you are a beginner to it can be abit overwhelming. Otherwise a fun and enjoyable workout!...more info
  • Fun, Get You Up and Moving Workout
    Hemalayaa has another well put together workout video with Bollywood Booty. The DVD is energetic and fun and works the core, legs, and booty very well. The music is engaging and upbeat which is wonderful for a workout video. There was a lot of thought put into the ambiance of the video that shows what a master dancer Hemalayaa is.
    The Workout begins with a warm up that introduces you to the movements and the names of certain moves that you will be doing during the workout. Then the rest of the workout is broken down into segments which can be played all together or done seperately if you aren't ready for the whole thing. Each segment works in different combinations which are all fun and sassy. The Butt Monster Moves will have you sweating with a smile plastered across your face. I love the Elk moves! So sassy and playful.
    Have you ever watched a workout video where all the people in it look bored or you can tell they are reminding themselves to smile? It looks forced and painful. This is NOT that DVD. Hema and her two dancers all look like they are truly enjoying themselves and dancing with one another. That is such a rare thing that my husband even pointed it out. I am not sure how you could refrain from smiling while doing the "Butt Monster Moves" but I have seen some DVDs where sour faced backup dancers could have.
    This is a great workout for the core, hips, thighs, and of course the booty. Not only will your booty be lifted...your spirits will as well. We could all use a little laughter and good feeling as we work out. It makes you want to pop the DVD in and do it again. I highly recommend Hemalayaa's Bollywood Booty DVD for anyone who hates a boring workout....more info
  • Apartment-friendly
    I had alot of fun with this one and came online to mention one thing that would be important to city-dwellers: this workout is tiny-apartment-friendly. You can do the entire workout in in a 5'x5' space and the only thing I couldn't do for respect for my neighbors was the hopping which was quite minimal anyway. ...more info
  • Fun workout!
    I am a big user of Hemalayaa's video workouts - and I think this one serves as a great warm-up. It helps you change it up when you can select the warm up and then choose which workout you want to do; then pop in another video (now I'm going to try her "beautiful belly" workout), depending on what you feel like (yoga, weight training). I recommend this as a great warm up video which is fun, and as always Hemalayaa is cool in this video like her others! *The only reason why I wouldnt give it five stars is because she has alot of knee-bending movements in some of the workouts which makes it hard for people like me to do all the moves. Otherwise cool video!...more info
  • Bollywood Booty
    This DVD provides the most fun exercising possible. If you like music and dance you will love this series of exercise routines. Awaken the joy of movement and watch your attitude towards your body change!...more info
  • Shake, Sculpt and Smile!
    After trying The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa and finding it fun albeit inadequate with regard to its ability to raise my heart rate and sustain it at an injury-free level, I was reluctant to devote 45 minutes of my time to "Bollywood Booty" and be disappointed. Happily, I wasn't.

    Whether this DVD will reshape your backside as it promises, I do not doubt, but this depends upon the level of your fitness. Repeated movements of this sort cannot help but redefine your butt. However, Hemalayaa's derriere workout is limited to fast plies and side to side lunges that she incorporates to work within the pacing of a dance that she threads together in four separate segments that when played back to back equal the entire 45 minute program. Squats are mentioned on the back cover of the case, but other than a repetitive backwards motion where one's back is flat and the rear end is thrust out with exaggerated hip movements, I do not recall any of the classic move being incorporated. Hand and arm movements abound as well as full body undulations that Hemalayaa explains in exuberant voice-over as she stomps through the segments in happy abandon that one cannot fail to want to emulate. Caveat: Hemalayaa and her dance team do perform barefooted as I did. Simply don exercise footwear to prevent problems if your knees experience pain during jumping movements.

    Bollywood Booty is not billed as a cardio workout, therefore I did not expect to have an elevated heart rate throughout the routine. With that thinking put aside, I was able to enjoy the DVD for what it was worth--as an do-able and entertaining routine that introduces the participant to Bhangra dance. As I sashayed, tic-toked, jumped and elked my way through the routine with a big smile on my face, I realized that Bollywood Booty delivered the fun it advertised. Maybe I wasn't sweating, but I got my body moving and felt good for the rest of the day.

    In addition to the four individual "Booty" segments, Bollywood Booty includes bonus dance features that act as advertisements for other Acacia products. Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body looked particularly appealing to someone like myself who wants to feel a little more intensity while performing simpler moves within the framework of dance.

    Bottom line? If you are in reasonable fitness health, don't expect to be sweating profusely at the end of this 45 minute boot-ay sculpting session. If you are accustomed to performing repetitive squats, lunges and other butt building exercises, you may be a little disappointed in Hemalayaa's offering. Here, the moves fit together to enable the participant to perform a facsimile of a Punjabi dance (think the vibrantly happy dance fest in Monsoon Wedding or the train station stomp in Slumdog Millionaire) and relish the ebullient sensual feeling of moving sinuously with the beat rather than focus on slowly perfecting form. Recommended as a smile-cracking alternative to the usual larger moves utilized in other butt sculpting DVDs.
    Diana Faillace Von Behren
    ...more info
  • Good for Beginners
    "Hemalayaa: Bollywood Booty" is sensual and playful but it has far too many repetitions of basic moves. This makes it perfect for beginners who may not have tried bellydance moves before. There is not enough of a challenge for intermediates and advanced students of bellydance (swiveling your hips in a figure 8 and shimmies) or Bollywood dance (more complex hand movements and hoping in place). I was actually worried that the moves would be too complex and instead I was disappointed with the endless repetitions of basic dance moves. At times the exercises are fast paced and at other times they are slow and sensual. A very small part of the dancing is high impact, mostly you will find low impact moves that target the thighs, hips and butt. The music is very hypnotic so you start to feel like you are in a trance. I can't really recommend this DVD, instead I can recommend Hemalayaa - Beautiful Belly which is far more fun and creative. I've watched my share of Bollywood movies and I didn't feel like Hemalayaa captured the essence of Bollywood dance. Instead I think she sacrificed more complex creativity in favor of endless repetitions. To be honest, I was a little bored. If you like yoga I have found her Yoga for Urban Living DVDs to be very enjoyable.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info


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