Sinupret Natural Sinus, Respiratory and Immune Support, 3.38-Ounce Bottle

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  • Sinupret - Disappointment
    After unsuccessfully searching high and low through my town for Sinupret, I ordered it on Amazon. My 2 1/2 year old son had nasal congestion and using eucalyptus oil and a humidifier weren't enough. I was excited to get the box but very disappointed to learn that he needed to take it three times a day and that I would have to coordinate with daycare to give him an afternoon dose. He also did NOT like the taste and he quickly caught on to putting it in applesauce. So, unfortunately I'm not sure how well this product works because I was unable to get my son to take the 3 doses per day for 7-10 days. I will try again!...more info
  • Amazing product!!!
    sinupret for kids is amazing!! My 2 1/2 year old daughter got a cold and we gave her sinuoret for kids and she got rid of her cold fast and since it is made from natural ingredients I would recommend it to all parents!!...more info
  • Didn't work for me......
    My two kids went through an entire bottle and I didn't notice ANY change in their symptoms. For the price, I probably would not buy it again. Great that it's safe and natural but it didn't do anything for us. I also tried the adult tablets and felt no change in my symptoms. ...more info
  • Good Stuff

    I have had an opportunity to test a product called Sinupret for Kids, a product that promotes healthy drainage in the upper respiratory tract, improves airflow in the nose and supports healthy mucous clearance from the nose and sinuses. In addition to supporting sinus and respiratory functions, it also supports the immune system. This product is also a natural product. It is safe and again natural. Adults can use it as well. It works great on your sinus/allegy symptoms. You can go to for more information about this product and to purchase it. I highly recommend that you try this product because it does not have all the side effects as other medicine do like drowsiness and reaction with other meds. Remember it is natural and safe.
    ...more info
  • I'm thrilled!
    My son has allergies, so during the winter he gets sinus problems quite often. Most medicine for kids sinus seems to be in the red liquid form. He is now 10 and will suffer rather than drink the red stuff. So I got a chance to have him try Sinupret. He drank it, and said "Not bad." Then he said, "Wow, that beats the red stuff, and I can feel it working on clearing my sinus already!" Needless to say, I was thrilled. I can give him this before school so he's not sniffling all day, and yet it doesn't make him woozy, and sleepy in school. It's a great product!...more info
  • Who does the taste tests for kids' products?
    This might be the best product in the world, but I will never get the chance to find out if it works for my 9-year-old because it tastes AWFUL! I imagine that the people that say "kids love the taste" are the same people that say pet toys are "cat- or dog-tested for years of enjoyment" -- both empty promises. Although I think my child could really benefit from Sinupret, she won't take it. But her grandmother seems willing to get beyond the taste and is appreciating its benefits. At least someone is using it!...more info
  • Love it
    I bought this for my daughter, who always needed a tissue. After just a few more tissues. A little on the expensive side, but worth it!...more info
  • save $3 on this by typing sinupret in coupon/code box at checkout
    who knows if it works - hard to say - but worth a try. even gave 1/2 dose to my 1 yr old....more info
  • Review from
    Like many parents, we were concerned when it was announced that children under age the age of four should no longer be given over-the-counter cough and cold remedies. Although we were still getting hit hard during cold and flu season, there was nothing we could administer for some reflief. Imagine how excited we were to find Sinupret for Kids - a natural remedy for healthy sinus, respiratory and immune support.

    Specifically, Sinupret promotes healthy drainage in the upper respiratory tract, improves airflow in the nose and supports healthy mucous flow in the nose and sinuses. This syrup has been clinically tested to be a safe remedy, and is doctor recommended. Pediatricians in Europe have given over 3.5 million referrals for Sinupret, and it is used in over thirty-five countries.

    I'm thrilled to find a natural product that can help my kids stay healthy. The cherry flavor gives it a good taste (yep, I tasted it), so there were no battles about accepting a dose. I particularly like that the dosage is small - only a half teaspoon for children 2 - 5. We marveled over how tiny the dispenser seemed compared to traditional cough/cold syrups.

    Sinupret for Kids is a blend of five herbs: European Elder, Common Sorrel, Cowslip, European Vervain and Gentian. Made with natural and safe ingredients, it has no stimulants, caffeine, ephedra or pseudoephedrine, and no history of dangerous side effects.

    I think this is a great alternative to traditional medicines and would definitely recommend it. Bionorica has a plethora of great information on their site, if you need to read more about it before giving it a try. This is a simple and effective solution for our family, in the healthiest manner possible.

    ...more info
  • It Works!
    This product is a completely all-natural way to get rid of the sniffles without any harmful side effects. It doesn't contain any stimulants and it really works! It does contain different herbs and it has been used in Germany for over 70 years. I give this product 5 stars!...more info
  • Taste....
    My son came down with some terrible nasal discharge, so I decided to try Sinupret. While I think the it is effective, I had a very difficult time getting my 10 year old to take. He complained about the tasts to excess. The flavor must be refined....more info
  • Sinupret
    Sinupret Natural Sinus, Respiratory and Immune Support, 3.38-Ounce BottleThis is for children, but my husband & I both use it. Works great & no apparent negatives. Wish we had more "naturals"in the USA....more info


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