Puppies For Dummies

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The bestselling guide to making the most of puppy's first year

Bringing home a puppy? This fun, friendly guide to puppyhood prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics - housebreaking, feeding, training - to the latest on doggie day care, traveling with a puppy, and the new designer breeds, you get everything you need to help your puppy grow up to be a healthy, playful, well-mannered dog.

Discover how to

  • Choose the perfect puppy for you
  • Socialize your puppy
  • Stimulate your puppy's growing mind
  • Use the latest training tools
  • Keep peace between kids and puppies

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Helpful
    This book is great for people like me who have never owned a dog! There are a few chapters in the beginning that i didn't find helpful, however. I had already chosen my puppy before i bought the book, but if your are searching for the right puppy and have any questions, then these chapters would be perfect for you! I still use this book to reference back to, my puppy is only twelve weeks old, so there's still a long way to go!...more info
  • I Loved this book
    This was a great book. I found it very informative and entertaining. If you are getting a new puppy, this is a must have....more info
  • Finally The Help I Needed :)
    I have had dogs all of my grown life and just added another puppy to the mix. Wish I'd found this book years ago. It makes training your puppy to be a great companion a cinch!
    Great advice....more info
  • Puppy Training for Dummies
    I gave this to my grandson who has a new puppy. It really was helpful in giving him the help and confidence to train his new pet....more info
  • You can do better
    If you want a book that lays a guilt trip on you because you feed your puppy anything less than holistic food (that you can nibble on yourself in an emergency!)or because you allow your baby to play satanic tug-of-war or wrestling games, then you might like this book, but I doubt that you'll like your puppy. I'm a new puppy owner, and found much in here frustrating -- she doesn't talk much about crate training, for instance, because it makes her cry to see a dog in a cage, so she suggests you just tie your pup to yourself all day. Do yourself a favor: the information in How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With is far more helpful and complete, and the writing in The Art of Raising a Puppy is far more readable and enlightening. I can't vouch for the other puppy books, but the two books I mentioned are worth your time and money; this one is, well, for dummies....more info
  • Puppies For Dummies
    Two thums Up, UP, and AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! This book will get first time owners educated on the matter: DOGS! I love dogs so I have read many books about dogs, but this book is truly something wonderful!...more info
  • super helpful book
    We were going crazy with Lilly, our now 4 month old black lab. I ordered this book, it arrived super fast and it has saved us from complete insanity. It is so packed full of tips and timesavers! I highly recommend it to all new puppy moms and dads!...more info
  • Great for first time puppy owners
    I found this book to be very comprehensive and well organized. The advice is practical and is consistent with another book, Good Owners, Great Dogs, which was recommended to me by a dog trainer. I thought Puppies for Dummies was much easier to reference and it provides several alternatives for different types of problems. For example, the author recognizes that some puppies may actually like the Bitter Apple spray and she provides a different suggestion for another type of chew retardant. She also provides several different suggestions for dealing with a biting puppy and she differentiates between how to deal with biting skin vs biting pant legs, shoes etc.

    Re house training, there is advice on different approaches including paper training, crate training, puppy pads and a combination approach. She even provides sample potty schedules for a dog where the owner is at home vs a dog where the owner goes to work. I found it to be incredibly thorough overall. ...more info
  • Lacks some details
    The book offers some schedules for walking your puppy, but lacks the "before" part - how much he should eat and how soon he might need to go, for example. I agree with reviewers who say the book is superficial. If you've had dogs before at all, this book is probably adequate. If you're like me, and the only other pets you've raised successfully have been hamsters, this book is NOT enough. In less than a week, I had to buy more books that cover the same topics in more depth. ...more info
  • Must-read for novice dog owners
    I highly recommend "Puppies for Dummies" by Sarah Hodgson which gives you the A-Z of raising those cute but oftentimes unruly pups. The book is written for novices in mind and had been a major life-saver when I was at a complete loss as to what to do when I adopted a 3-month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi (a notoriously difficult breed to raise) a month ago. The book offers highly practical clues like playing classical music CD on repeater mode while owners have to leave their dogs alone; to not make a song and dance when owners have to depart for work or retire to bed("grandiose departures/returns gestures"); to what to look out in dog food labelling et al. Along with "The Only Dog Training Book You Will Ever Need: From Avoiding Accidents to Banishing Barking, the Basics For Training a Well-Behaved Dog" by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz, Andrea Mattei (which discusses the highly effective method of clicker training for dogs at length), these two books offer no-nonsense tips for raising my pup, not to mention the added bonus of teaching my pup over 10 commands in just days (!) with the aid of a clicker. Betsy Brevitz's "Hound Health Handbook" is also another excellent reference book which offers credible advise from a writer-turned-vet behind the award-winning [...]. These books are must-read for owners who are experiencing problems in obedience training and/or understanding their dogs. Prospective owners who are contemplating what breed to buy and the pros and cons of adopting a dog to complete their lives and homes will also find them useful in getting a taste of the responsibilities in owning a dog. 5 Stars for their comprehensive contents, readability and effectiveness!...more info
  • A must have for the new puppy parent
    This book should be given with every new puppy - even before the puppy goes home with you. Covers all major aspects of puppy raising and training. I cannot recommend this book enough....more info
  • Read this book
    Before getting my puppy in 2002, I read several books on puppies, dogs, and training. My favorite was Puppies for Dummies, the 2000 edition. I can only imagine that the 2006 edition is even better.

    Early sections help the reader decide what breed is best for his lifestyle and how to be ready for puppy's first day home. Especially important was the timeline--what training the puppy needs at what age--in order to grow to her best potential. The organization is excellent with easy-to-locate topics: a detailed Table of Contents and a complete Index.
    Throughout the book, Hodgson stresses positive training and reinforcement, offering many important and helpful tips on how to be the most effective teacher you can be.

    I tried the "teaching-lead" Hodgson describes, keeping my puppy attached to me by a lead at all times at home. This method is a super way to bond with your dog. Now, as a result, I have a most responsive and well-trained pet, a charmer.

    I've recommended this book to friends, every one of whom thought it was an excellent resource. However, I do want to point out that no book on puppy training is useful if one does not use the techniques described....

    If you really want to learn how to train your puppy in the most constructive way, get this book! ...more info
  • Not bad, but definitely not all that good either
    I just got my second puppy, and picked this book off my bookshelf to refresh my puppy training homework. I am primarily a positive reinforcement trainer and like to set my puppy up to make good decisions. It makes teaching the puppy how to fit in with your house a fun experience.

    So my puppy keeps getting into the cat's food. I've worked on recall from distractions and on a "leave it" command. Basic stuff. Since my puppy is either in a crate or under direct supervision, this is working pretty well. What does puppies for dummies recommend? That you berate the cat's food in a scathing fashion. Next time your puppy sees the food she'll know it's bad and avoid it.

    I was going to insert a sarcastic remark here, but it would be redundant.

    I don't think Puppies for Dummies is a bad book necessarily, but there are simply better books out there. Try Dr. Ian Dunbar's "After You Get Your Puppy." Dr. Dunbar's book includes primary guidance on crate training, puppy mental development, and basic training. All the fundamentals your average person needs to help a new puppy grow up to be a great dog....more info
  • Surprisingly good.
    I always approach the 'Dummies' series of books with some trepidation since I always expect them to be shallow and short on detail. Although true for some of their computing books, that's not the case here.

    By coincidence, I came across this book as we were about to get a puppy ourselves. The most useful part is certainly about housetraining and then the stuff about properly looking after it so that it doesn't get instilled in bad habits.

    I'm sure there are many other books on how to look after puppies. This one, I'm sure, is as good as any of them....more info

  • Well organized; easy to read; chock ful of useful tips and practical ideas
    This is a great book, whether you are a new dog owner, or like us, were adopting a puppy and dealing with training a young dog for the first time in over a decade....chockful of useful tips and practical ideas, this book is easy to read, well organized and frank in its approach. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to add a new dog (young or old) to your household. ...more info
  • Great!
    This book had loads of very useful information. If you have a puppy or planning on getting one, this is a must have book!...more info
  • Information is not very detailed
    One common thing I found throughout this book is that all the information is very breif and it doesn't really adress any topic or issues in details. For example it mentions that nipping puppies are "bosy and manipulative" however is doesn't explain their reasoning for such a bold statement. It also doesn't adress how to deal with such a behavior. All it says is "nipping is bosy and manipulative and needs a firmer regimaent." It then says to follow the advice in the following chapters, but it never even adresses this issue.

    All the information is just incredably breif and wont answer any questions you might have with answers or proof. This might be an ok choice as a small guide, but if you are truly interested in learning more about your puppy, this book is to breif and will not go into any needed detail.

    The puppy calander is also pretty useless and basically just takes up space. if you want a puppy dairy just write in a notebook. All the tips listed are repeated over and over on the dairy pages, they could have at least not repeated the same tips and used all new ones....more info
  • Great sanity saver!
    I was new to puppies, and didn't have a lot of time to read book after book. I thought the layout and the information in the book was wonderful. She gives several ideas on how to do things--based on your dogs personality not everything works--and tips on how to do it. I admit, that I did not always have my dog on a leash attached to my waist, but keeping your puppy with you is certainly better than having him wreaking havoc on your home while you're cleaning up his last mess! Crate training is great when you're away, asleep, or in the shower, but it is not practical for the day-in and day-out routine. All in all a great book....more info
  • Good solid information
    This book has good solid information and I have recommended it to many of my friends with new dogs. It was a fantastic resource for me regarding my first dog. ...more info
  • Great resource
    I had my doubts about a "for dummies" book, but this one's a winner. Terrific, practical stuff you need to know if you've never had a young puppy before. I read it cover-to-cover before the dog came home, and have referred to it several times since....more info