Anger Management For Dummies

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If your anger, or that of a loved one, is out of control and threatening your life and livelihood, you need the calm, clear, and understanding help you'll find in Anger Management For Dummies. This concise and practical guidebook shares specific anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you identify the sources of your anger and release yourself from their grip. You'll find out how to:

  • Defuse your anger before it strikes
  • Express your feelings calmly
  • Respond rather than react
  • Prevent anger incidents in the future
  • Release healthy anger in a healthy way
  • Confess your anger in a journal
  • Use anger constructively
  • Get beyond old anger through forgiveness

Complete with coverage of road rage, air rage, office rage, and dealing with angry children, Anger Management for Dummies gives you the tools you need to overcome your anger and live a happier, more productive life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Subject Review on Anger Management
    I liked this book although I thought it was a difficult read. I think the author covered most of the bases. I think there were a few idiotic lesson assignments but this was overshadowed by the excellent review on where anger comes from. It is full of examples and it's clear the author is well versed on the subject and does a great organized presention.
    attn Kindle readers, they could have done a better job formatting the lists he like to bring forth. All in all it was a good book, but a tough "yawn" topic...more info
  • a helpful resource
    A good book by someone with an intelligent and nuanced understanding of anger. If you plan to buy only one book on anger this is a good one. ...more info
  • A good book for the honest
    No one likes to admit they have an anger issue. The truth is, in the world we live in today, their is anger all around us. I think that the stigma of anger is much like that of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, AIDS or any other "socially unacceptable" life trait. It is not something that we talk about or accept. Dr Gentry shows in this book how even a small amount of anger can take over your life if you let it. His easy steps that makes sense allow people to feel like they are normal. You don't have to be an angry person to read this book. It is based on practical life circumstances and I have found that it has helped me in not only a professional capacity in dealing with the general public, but those I work with, my spouse and frustration about the world we live in. I recommend this book to anyone who can be honest enough to admit that there is anger in every life and would like to deal with it through positive step-by-step applications....more info
  • Excellent book
    Excellent information, written in an easy to read and absorb format. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for assistance in this area....more info
  • Excellent book
    Excellent information, written in an easy to read and absorb format. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for assistance in this area....more info
  • Lives up to its title
    Concise, yet complete. Good piece of writing with little BS, and practical advice...more info
  • Beat Anger Management Book
    Probalby the best Anger Management book I have read. The Dummies' straight to the point writting is funa and easy reading. I would highly recommend to anyone dealing with anger issues. It has helped me personally at home, work and play!...more info
  • Outstanding
    Awesome item, practical and easy to use. Great resource. Very inexpensive for what you get and quickly delivered. I am very pleased indeed....more info
  • Very satisfied
    Very helpfull, a great guide to bring down the vail which sometimes blinds us to the things we have a hard time seeing....more info


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