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Get ready to rock out with the most entertaining golden oldies you will ever meet a fun-loving seniors choir called young @ heart. This feisty troupe performs songs from james brown to coldplay - & proves that hard rock can be hard when you are hard of hearing! Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 09/16/2008 Run time: 108 minutes Rating: Pg

The questions start as soon as you know that Young@Heart is about a group of singing senior citizens as they prepare for and then perform a concert with a repertoire consisting of songs by the likes of Coldplay, Sonic Youth, and James Brown. Can this premise, basically a novelty, sustain itself for nearly two hours? Will the director give in to the temptation to make it schmaltzy and sentimental? Will we be laughing at these oldsters, or with them? The answers: yes, no, and a little of both. Directed by British filmmaker Stephen Walker, the 2007 film takes place primarily in Northampton, MA, home to the Young@Heart chorus, whose average age is 80. Most readily admit to preferring classical and musicals to the pop and rock given to them by music director Bob Cilman, and some of the tunes--Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia," Allen Toussaint's "Yes We Can Can" (once a hit for the Pointer Sisters), and Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)"--prove especially vexing. But the singers' good natures and determination to master the material over some six weeks of rehearsals carry the day. Most of all, while they thoroughly enjoy themselves, it's no joke to them, and thus not to us, either. Of course, folks this age are bound to have health issues; indeed, the specter of death hangs over the scene like a banshee, occasionally making itself right at home. But the chorus members' insistence on carrying on in the wake of tragedy makes for a climactic concert that's moving and powerful--Fred Knittle, who had withdrawn from the group due to heart issues but whose beautiful bass voice remains intact, returns for this one show to deliver a version of Coldplay's "Fix You" that will bring a tear to the eye of the most flint-hearted cynic. Mixed in along the way are the group's "videos" of songs like the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" and David Bowie's "Golden Years"; bonus features include deleted scenes and a brief featurette about Young@Heart's gig in Los Angeles. --Sam Graham

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Customer Reviews:

    I live in town and never had the chance to see them live. This was everything I expected it to be and more. I laughed, I cried, had some good memories of a woman in the group (Jean F) I used to sing with at church. God bless everyone who made this production possible...Mary C....more info
  • Young @ Heart
    Wife and I seen Young @ Heart at the movies. It deals with the real lives and deaths of elderly people and their zest for life. ...more info
  • Inspiring !
    I loved this video. First saw it in the theater . Shows people living life to the fullest. It has it all . Laughter!tears! The joy of living! ...more info
  • Incredible movie!
    I supervise a staff of service coordinators who work in low-income housing communities. I'm always on the look out for materials to share at our staff meetings; methods to encourage people to view our seniors with a fresh outlook. Talk about thinking "out of the box!" This movie was loaned to me by an employee. I took it home; immediately ordered my own copy; and now have seen it 3 times. I will be playing it at our next staff meeting and I'm so excited! This is a great production not only in terms of the story line but also the way the film is stitched together. I want Bob Cilman's job! ...more info
  • It's True: You Will Laugh & Cry
    It may sound like it, but this is no clich®¶: this movie will make you laugh and cry. It's true.

    In a day with so much garbage being put out, this was a refreshing film to view - something true, too. It's a documentary about a group of old-timers (senior citizens, if you will) from Northampton, Mass., who tour and sing rock 'n roll. There is something absurd, outrageous, comical and entertaining about seeing an 89-year-old imitating James Brown and screaming, "I Feel Good!" What we witness in this two-hour documentary is both funny at times, but also sad. Hey, it's reality; life is hard, especially as you get older and older. Some of the members of this group die during the filming of it. The other men and women have to deal with these losses. "The show must on," as the old saying goes, but it's not easy.

    The group sings rock standards and stuff that is pretty recent. It's hardly just Brown, the Ramones, Beatles, Bee Gees or Stones songs. It's also these old folks performing Sonic Youth, Coldplay, The Clash and the like.

    Of all the members, one can't but be most impressed with the voice of Fred Knittle, who has to sit and sing while having an oxygen tank next to him. His voice is really, really good. Then there is 92-year-old and spunky Eileen Hall and then there six-time cancer patient Joe Benoit, probably the nicest man you'd ever meet. All the people here are interesting.

    The more I watched this, the more respect I had for Bob Cilman, who directs this group. That man must have tremendous patience and a big, big heart for older people. It's frustrating when members keep forgetting their lines time and time again, but Bob presses on. He's called a "taskmaster" a few times but the group has great respect for him.

    Director Steven Walker does a super job putting this film together, holding some shots and cutting others off just at the right spots so we get the full effect of the humor or drama of a particular situation. Your emotions will run the gamut watching this. The more sentimental you are, the more it will affect you.

    If you have a sense of humor and compassion for people, this is one of the few movies I guarantee you will like.
    ...more info
  • Great Movie
    We really enjoyed this movie - it was funny and motivating - a must see....more info
  • One word..............AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The BEST video I have ever watched!!!!!!! Simply AMAZING!!!!!! Definitely a must see for everyone!!!!!!!...more info
  • An absolute delight!
    Take senior citizens age 70 and above, teach them some rock & roll, add some polish by their demanding director, and you've got the Young at Heart chorus, which has delighted audiences all over the world. This movie follows the group through several weeks of rehearsals all leading to their big show. Bob Cilman, the director, throws songs at the oldsters that require concentration, memorization, and a keen sense of timing. At first, songs like "I Think I Can Can" (with 71 "cans") and "I Feel Good" seem to get the better of the singers, but with grit and determination they overcome problems of pitch, rhythm, and lyrics to deliver a knock-out performance. All is not sweetness and light, however, as we get a behind-the-scenes look at some members who are battling life-threatening diseases, and for whom the chorus seems to be the only thing keeping them alive. The Young at Heart members truly care about one another and the poignant ending shows the strong connection they have with music and with one another....more info
  • Words Cannot Express...
    I have found my favorite new movie!!!
    Words cannot express how great a movie "Young at Heart" is. If you watch this movie and are not moved, you must see a doctor to see if your heart still beats. This is one of the most joyous movies I have seen in a long time. This movie made me cry and laugh, and at all times felt completely genuine in its intention.This is one time when 5 stars are not enough.
    This movie cannot be missed!!! ...more info
  • Outstanding little film
    This film was simply outstanding. A wonderful story of growing old and coping with all the issues with style and grace and optimism. Very inspirational and uplifting! The Young at Heart Chorus is fantastic.
    Don't miss this little film that Hollywood and Big Media did not even notice....more info
  • You'll Laugh, You'll Cry
    It's a lot of fun for an audience of of all ages to listen to a group of 70- to 90-year-olds learn to sing modern music. These seniors are challenged by the unfamiliar tunes and puzzling lyrics, but there is talent in the group and they work hard to put together delightful performances.

    But if that's all the film was, it would merely be enjoyable.
    I found that it was much more than that. It's a compelling portrait of all the joy and pain in the lives of these individuals. A handful of the singers invite the camera into their homes and we get to peek into their everyday lives and learn why they love to sing. These individuals inspire plenty of smiles and laughter with their playfulness and self-deprecating humor. But it's hard not to feel even stronger feelings of empathy and sadness as the aging singers struggle with their own limitations.

    The musical performances, like the characters themselves, are fun and moving at the same time. One performane, a ballad near the end of the film, was probably the most inspired musical performance I've seen in some time....more info
  • Best movie I have seen in a very long time.
    This is a must see movie for all ages. It will inspire anyone. I received the movie in a timely manner and in A-1 condition. I would order from this person again. I will watch this movie over and over again. It makes you laugh and cry. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do....more info
  • Now that I retired, I'm getting younger all the time!
    The only one in the family who didn't enjoy this was Grandpa. He's 92 years old and would have rather been in front of Sunday afternoon football, golf, whatever. Coming out of the theater, we were all gushing on "how uplifting", "a real gem, I'm gonna buy the DVD the day it comes out". Granddad's only comment: "Why did you take me to a movie about a lot of old timers?"...more info
  • a must see - watch and learn from these old folks with young souls
    A beautiful, poignant, and inspiring story about what it means to be young in spirit even for octogenarians. If you haven't seen this film, give your spirit an uplifting experience - watch this documentary film....more info
  • Have plenty of tissues!
    I first watched this film on an eight hour international flight. I wished I had been warned of the need for tissues as I was openly weeping as were several people around me. I saw this group perform on British television so this documentary help me put stories to faces. Very well done....more info
  • Reasons to Sing
    Often when people explain why they don't like musicals they say, "I just can't believe people would just be talking one minute and then break out into song the next." These same people might not be bothered by loud explosions in space in a science fiction film or a man shooting a six shooter accurately a couple of hundred yards away in a western or a miracle amphibious vehicle that allows its passengers to survive not one but three falls over large waterfalls. But spontaneous song is going just too far.
    Maybe it's because we live in a society that spends much money for concerts and downloads to enjoy the music of others while fewer people are making music of their own.
    That's not a problem for the members of Young@Heart, a chorus depicted in the documentary movie of the same name. In 1982 this chorus group, whose members are all 70 years old or older, was founded. Initially they performed vaudeville songs like "Yes, We Have No Bananas," but their director, Bob Cilman, pushed the chorus to try something different: rock and roll.
    Many of the chorus members had a preference for classical music, opera or the musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein. But they were willing to take on the challenge of music by the Talking Heads, David Bowie and the Clash (or as the 92 year old member Ellie refers to them, "The Crash".)
    The new songs are not always greeted with good cheer. When Cilman is asked how he thinks the members will react to Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia" he cheerfully says "They'll hate it." But when interviewed, the members insist that the challenge of new music keeps their minds and voices active and alive.
    At times, though, I wondered how really new some to the music was to the members. The film was made in 2006. "I Feel Good" is introduced to the singers, and I was thinking that James Brown released that song in 1965. That means that chorus members in their 70's were in their thirties when the song was released. When Mick Jagger is going to turn 65 this year and Paul McCartney just turned the same age, and Elvis would have been eligible to be in Young@Heart if he had lived, it makes one wonder if rock and roll can still be considered a young person's game.
    And at times during the film I wondered if the filmmaker (Stephen Walker) and the audiences don't approach the chorus in a condescending manner ("Isn't it cute those old people singing rock songs!") But the group's music is genuinely powerful. The music video of the group singing the Ramone's "Sedated" is energetic and funny. Coldplay's "Fixed" which was meant to be performed as a duet but becomes a solo is heartbreaking.
    The members of Young@Heart have a unique understanding of the command in the Psalm 96:1 "Sing to the Lord a new song." So many of us are content to listen to the oldies stations on the radio that play the music of our youth. In church, we want to sing only the songs we know. But that's not what God wants for us. He wants us to sing a new song not just to keep our minds fresh but also our spirits.
    Considering the age of the group members, it should not be a surprise that in the film we see the group struggle with greater challenges than tricky rhythms and lyrics. Illness and even death plays a role in this film as it does in the members' lives. Their grace in facing life's ultimate challenges will inspire the view even more than the film's music....more info
  • Good @ Heart
    `Young @ Heart' could have been done in bad taste. Certainly, as middle-aged director Bob Cilman controls the play list, numbers like Sonic Youth's "Schizophrenia" seem forced and of little interest to the seniors who sing the songs. Yet, as we see in the 1:40 documentary, there are members of the senior singing troupe who will dare the ghost, just out of the emergency room and sent home, who will not want to miss a single practice.

    It all started in a senior center in 1984, where seniors would do a singing performance. A senior performer bucked the usual trend and did a version of Manfred Mann's "Doo Wah Diddy Diddy" that "brought the house down." In an overview, we find they like to sing and listen to music that we'd expect from them: opera, show tunes, and traditional pop songs. But with some expression and a mixture of the traditional with the progressive, the choir meets a young stage band to give a spirited Broadway appeal to songs like James Brown's "I Feel Good," Bob Dylan's "Forever Young," and Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U".

    Sometimes it all feels like a long, bad joke. How can you not feel objections when Cilman injects songs like The Ramones' "I Want to Be Sedated" and The Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive". For that matter Cilman seems self-indulgent, insisting on his favorite Talking Heads' songs, including a senior rendition of "Life During Wartime". Yet, the medium focuses on the lives of the seniors, their takes on the rehearsals, shows, and the music. As one formidable figure tells us, "I want to expand my horizons."

    Still, Cilman, described as a taskmaster, tells one man, "I don't need you to make fun of the song." He needs to do what is necessary to put on the show, certainly, but he does show caring concern as well.

    Videos intersperse the rehearsals and interviews, and the actual shows are brimming with anticipation and jitters for the results.

    What certainly could have been exploitative and cheap turns to inspirational and fun-loving. Often times we measure seniors according to their ability to stay young, but at least 'Young @ Heart' keeps us absorbed and interested in the participants whose wisdom should keep us only hoping for more shows to come.

    A J.P.'s Pick 4*'s = Very Good ...more info
  • Outstanding little film
    This film was simply outstanding. A wonderful story of growing old and coping with all the issues with style and grace and optimism. Very inspirational and uplifting! The Young at Heart Chorus is fantastic.
    Don't miss this little film that Hollywood and Big Media did not even notice....more info
  • Young@Heart
    Young @ Heart is the all time great, feel good movie about senior citizens who are members of a choral group. This is a well thought-out documentary about people who are living life to its fullest and enjoying every minute of it. They have a purpose. They share their understanding of the realities of aging and illness, and discuss their opinions confidently, openly and with much good humor.

    We get to meet and spend time with delightful people, and can identify with some of their insecurities as they prepare for a major concert. We share their concerns about the members who are battling illnesses, and they continue to learn words and music for songs totally unfamiliar, like James Brown's "I Feel Good" or "Schizophrenia" by Sonic Youth. They work diligently at their art, recognizing their limitations without losing their spirit or enthusiasm. They recognize the commitment and resolutely take on the responsibility that the show must go on, even when they're not always "feeling good."

    There are lots of laughs and many touching moments. I left the theater with a smile. In a short time, I got to know this positive, lively bunch, and they were a part of my life. I shared in their joys and triumphs, shared in their down times, and was well rewarded with a stimulating and successful performance! A wonderful goup role model, made up of real people!

    ...more info
  • A fine documentary that focuses on the creative process
    In the wrong hands, Young@Heart could have been a real mawkish tearjerker. Instead, in the hands of skilled documentarian Stephen Walker and group founder and chorus leader, Bob Cilman, this film is a fabulous look at the creative process. The spine of the production is a batch of new songs Cilman brings to the group at the inception of filming, with the goal of presenting them to the public within a matter of weeks. Cilman's challenge is that for every group member like Joe - who memorizes and rips through the very complex Talking Heads piece "Life During Wartime" in a single day (wow, hats off) - there's the struggle to train members like Lenny, who - weeks in - still hasn't got down the timing nor the words to a single line of James Brown's "I Feel Good".

    Of course, group demographics being what they are, mortality intrudes a couple of time during the span of filming. What Walker succeeds in doing is focusing not solely on the pain and pathos, but on what involvement meant to these members and to their families. It might be trite to say "they were doing what they loved," but Walker makes that point gently and effectively.

    Despite a glut of documentaries, this one hit the mark with the public: it's grossed close to four million dollars in US box office and is still playing in select markets almost 20 weeks after its April 2008 debut. That might not sound like a lot, but I just reviewed the equally fine documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster* yesterday, and I made note of its disheartening $308k take. "Young@Heart" deservedly found an audience....more info
  • Young at Heart
    This movie was recommended by our daughter and she was RIGHT! It is delightful and so to the point as we live in a retirement community and sing with a church choir. At our church the average age is 85 and our director just turned 50. He is keeping us young! We also experience the trials and troubles of the group in Young at Heart....more info
  • Rock on
    This is a little gem of a movie. Not smarmy and sentimental but feel-good with plenty of depth. The oldsters in the movie certainly give ME a model for growing older: open minded and enjoying every bit of life....more info
  • Watch this movie
    This movie will make you laugh and cry--about a dozen times each. I am a 35 year old male NICU nurse who has been somewhat desensitized by death, based on the fact that I experience it more often than the average person. That said, if you do not bawl your eyes out when Fred Knittle sings "Fix You" on stage then you are one hard, hard person. I watched that part over and over again, crying each time. It made me feel again. I can't remember the last time I have seen anything that powerful on film....more info
  • Excellence
    Wonderful DVD, need to see it to fully appreciate. Makes me smile as I think of my 80+ mother doing something similar ... I realize I am still very young with many opportunities ahead - this bunch is inspirational!...more info
  • Absolutely Inspiring
    This is my all time Favorite Music D.V.D. These folks give you a new joy for living and to always remain a part of "WHATS HAPPENING NOW"
    The chorus will make you smile and get happy no matter what your age...more info
  • not a dry eye
    This does everything a doc is supposed to do. Engages you with the unfamiliar, and makes you care. It gives you hope. Makes you feel good. The jail scene alone is worth the price....more info
  • Anyone from age 2 to 102 will enjoy this movie. I'm 28, I did.
    I had seen this chorus on a television show what seems like forever ago, and I patiently waited for the dvd to be released. SO worth the wait. This movie makes your heart, cry, and then sing. Abolutely heartwarming. I LOVED IT!! Im bringing it home to watch with my folks when I visit this weekend, and I will be buying a copy too!! I rented the one I just watched. ...more info
  • One-Trick Pony
    Oldsters sing rock music. OK, great. After one or two songs, any comedic novelty wears off and the performances become tiresome.

    It is good, though, to see how being part of this music group gives these elderly folks a reason to be engaged with life and have a renewed sense of purpose.

    Average entertainment value, though...
    ...more info
  • Super viewing!
    I loved it! Even if I was not a senior citizen myself, I would still have enjoyed this tremendously. For anyone who is a teacher, or has been, or has a teacher in the family, this is a must. For everyone else, it is surely worth your viewing time, especially if you also like singing and music. Try it. You will like it!...more info
  • Young at heart touches the heart
    This is a delightful and very real documentary about a group of older citizens who participate in a choir in western Massachusetts. It opens discussions of the reality of aging, but shows how much one can still be active and giving at older ages as well. I loved it!...more info
  • young at heart
    This is the funniest,most inspiring, saddest and yet beautiful, and best cd I have seen since Mamma Mia. You can watch it over and over and it will continue to inspire you....more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought this was a story and not a documentary. I wish that would have been clear. It was fun to watch but was totally not what I expected....more info
  • Love this movie
    This movie, a documentary, is one of the most touching and inspiring things you could watch. Makes you realize that life isn't over at 65, even though it's not as easy as when you were 35. Watch it and share it with your family and friends....more info
  • DVD Young @ Heart
    Thanks for such a quick delivery!! This was shared with a Senior Choir in the Assisted Living Facility I work in as Activity Director. This was so inspirationsl to all our choir members, they are ready to go to the next level!!...more info
    This was heart warming, inspirational, and a pure joy. I laughed, cried,
    and reflected the wonderful times I can have in my golden years. A must
    see for all ages. I saw this documentary at a theatre, and had to get
    a copy to watch it again. I still have tears of joy just thinking about the wonderful performances from these marvelous human beings. Seniors
    go rock, punk, and roll with fervor!...more info
  • As Inspiring as It Gets!!!
    I saw this movie first at the AARP Convention with a friend, and we and all others in the room immediately got caught up in the personalities and story of this group. Don't let their ages fool you!!! They are full of energy and enthusiasm as they prepare their rock music (yes, ROCK music!) for sold-out local performances or when they take it on the road to Europe!!! Their minimum age is 73, but they could run circles around many of us!!! This is a timeless DVD that can be shared with all age groups!!

    Harriet Peters, Hurricane, WV...more info
  • Little to go on
    I saw "Young @ Heart" in the theaters and I think the film crew wasn't as great as they could've been. The music videos weren't great and disrupted the flow of the movie. The interviews were pretty flat and there's simple non-invasive ways of making the characters more interesting besides hanging out with them while driving.

    The concert at the end was the high point of the film with its touching rendition of "Fix You", but the rest of the documentary stayed within the too-safe confines of cute and unoffensive. I would've liked to have seen more of an emotional storyline throughout the film (like what was seen in the concert at the end of the film)....more info
  • beautiful documentary
    A really beautiful film, which was trully funny in places and trully sad in others. Well worth watching....more info
  • You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing, you'll dance
    I saw the trailer for this at one of the local art houses and thought it looked too syrupy by half, so when a friend suggested seeing it I reluctantly agreed to go. What a delight! This is one of those great documentaries that starts with a terrific idea and then just builds and builds. I could watch it many times and never get tired of it. There are lots of fantastic clips on YouTube, but you won't get the power and majesty of it unless you see it the way it was intended. I am not too much of a fan of modern music, but Coldplay is a new favorite thanks to this movie....more info
  • Young@Heart DVD
    I highly recommmend this DVD for anyone 60 years of age and older. It is very heart warming and emphasizes the power of music and community for our elder folks. I would recommend that this be promoted to the social directors in many of the retirement and assisted living facilities. It will be a movie the residents can relate to and encouragement for them....more info
  • Better Than I Imagined - a First Rate Documentary
    This is a very hard movie to slip into the DVD player. The marketing is all way off on this thing. The barrier was, oh no not some stupid movie about a bunch of old people singing hymns, or at best acting stupid. This movie is none of that. It's a pretty decent example of how documentaries should be made. Much better, and more engaging than I thought possible.

    I found myself caring a lot about the two people that die. And it was sad to see who passed away after the film was shot.

    The good, the rehersals are pretty funny. There is no major mind-numbing repitition of songs performed, the director kept that fresh. The final performance is wonderful. There aren't too many back story biographies to confuse the viewer.
    The bad, the sound mix is a bit strange. The dynamic range is way too large, music / siniging is extremely loud and dialog is muffled. There's actually a spot or two where the surround channels cut in and out. There is some truth to the humor wearing thin after a while, old people singing rock music.

    A decent film for the family. Younger children might not be exactly very interested in the story. But there is nothing objectionable in the film. ...more info
    This story is utterly wonderful, sad, inspiring, and fantastic all at the same time!! It is a must have!!...more info
  • Young at Heart SHOULD change your life.
    From the opening moment of a 91-year old woman singing the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" with a back-up group, this film was a delight and a surprise. Your every ache and pain should disappear when you see this group with an average age of 80 attend three-a-week practices for international sold-out concerts. All the cliches are true - uplifting, heartbreaking, eye-opening and hilarious. Everyone of every age should see this film. ...more info
  • One of the most inspirational movies I've seen
    We just watched this movie yesterday and, long before the end, both my girlfriend and I had tears in our eyes. Seeing those old people (average age 80, and one of them is 93!) having so much fun doing what they love to do - perform - with so much energy you just wouldn't believe it. I put this movie in the top 10 (if not higher) most inspirational and moving movies I've ever seen. The concert finale was just phenomenal!...more info
  • As Selma Diamond once said...
    As a 47-year-old facing possible double-hip replacement in the near future, I decided to think about what I can do, not what I can't do.

    Then I saw this movie. It re-enforced my decision to look forward, not backward. Yes, We Can Can!

    What do I think of this movie? To quote Selma Daimond, "I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me." ...more info
    This is a must see docudrama. I have watched this movie on 6 different occasions, and each time I find myself inspired. This drama will make you laugh, cry, and never want to complain again about getting old.

    Everyone needs to watch this movie at least once. We all need a Bob Cilman in our lives and we all need to be a member of a chorus at least once.

    Young@Heart is the documentary to see. You will find your life better for witnessing the lives of this group of senior citizens!...more info
  • Funny, inspiring musical
    Thoroughly delightful enjoyable story with great message for everyone. You tap your foot to the music, laugh a lot and occasionally it tugs at your heart strings. Inspiring to all that may think there are too many things you can't do. What spirit they had. Be sure to watch the trailers as it contains a great music video....more info
  • We all should be "Young@Heart"!

    This documentary was such a surprise as music,
    inspiration, humor, drama, and joy. It connects
    us with our oldest generation, showing their lives,
    struggles, triumphs, and tragedies, but mostly their
    determined spirits.

    I bought it to take to the nursing home where my Mother is. We will be serving Christmas cookies and sharing
    the laughs and tears!...more info
  • young@heart
    this is one of the best, most inspiring, entertaining films i have ever seen! i have recommended this to everyone of every age i know - and they have loved it too! ...more info


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