Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Chinese Chicken & Chicken Pot Pie) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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  • People Food?
    As this cat food has the somewhat comical tagline "People food for cats!," it may either at first appear charming or like a gimmick. I think it is fair to say that it is a charming gimmick. The foods are indeed fashioned after human food, but are more like food for baby humans than us adult humans that prefer strong seasoned flavors. Of course, that is a good thing, as a healthy diet for a cat is quite different than for a human. The ingredients, then, are basic, with nothing offensive like wheat-gluten.

    As for the taste, I agree with other reviewers that this comes down to the preference of each cat, but it has been a great hit with cats in my experience!...more info
  • 8 paws up
    Evidently these are to be sold in the stores as four can packs. Neat thing, there was a [...] off your next four packs in side each of the packages.

    My taste test panel of two - Foutchie and Miss Fuzz gave it 8 paws up. They eat the expense 85 cent a can fancy stuff, so this compares well to that brand. Same size. They list is as Chicken pot pie, and frankly, that is what it looks like--the filing of a pot pie.

    I always think of Jane Fonda in KLUTE feeding her cat and then licking the spoon of the cat food can herself. Well, chow down, Jane....more info
  • Blech.
    My cat ate one container, and then promptly puked it all right back up again. I don't know how it disagreed with her -- if it was so tasty that she inhaled it, or if it was too rich for her. The "Chicken Pot Pie" seems more like bits of chicken in lots of water, and a couple of small orange bits that the cat eats around. I wouldn't consider buying this again. ...more info
  • High quality - two paws up!
    My cat enjoyed this food very much. He is an older cat and can be finicky. He *really* showed great interest in this brand, and liked the amount of juice in the food. He preferred the chunky chicken in the pot pie flavor rather than the shredded chicken in the sesame entree, but hey he ate both with gusto!

    So if you have a picky eater, who likes a fair bit of gravy, this could be a winner for you!...more info
  • Great Ingredients...If Only They Would Eat It....
    I had a whole case of this to try, so thought it would be fun to try it on as many cats as possible. Thus, by recruiting 5 friends, we ended up trying Petite Cuisine chicken cat food on 13 cats--7 males & 6 females; 4 inside cats, 5 outside & 4 inside/outside. Their ages ranged from 1 year to 16 years. Their weights ranged from 8 pounds to 16 pounds. Twelve of these cats eat Purina One Chicken & Rice dry cat food or Purina One Senior formula, which is a chicken formula. Four of those also eat other types of dry cat food. The sixteen year old cat eats Purina One Salmon & Tuna. Eight of the cats only eat canned tuna or seafood type canned food--namely Meow Mix's Market Select types with no chicken or wheat gluten. The other 5 eat seafood, chicken, turkey or beef canned foods.

    I was surprised at the results...only one cat, a one year old outside male, of questionable ownership, ate both the Chicken Pot Pie & Chinese Chicken every time he was offered it. Actually, he eats anything he is offered, and is very well fed. He loves meat, too. Another outside cat--a 2 year old male--ate the Chicken Pot Pie every time he was offered it, but would not eat the Chinese Chicken. A third male--a 16 pound inside/outside orange tabby--would consume all the juice of the Chicken Pot Pie, and would eat only some of the chicken. Most of the other cats would also consume the broth of the Chicken Pot Pie, but would not touch the meat. The Chicken Pot Pie has lots of broth, which I think is brilliant, since all the cats I know always like the broth of canned cat food or tuna best.

    I don't know why this canned cat food was not better liked. It has great ingredients and smells like human food. I hope to try Petite Cuisine seafood catfood one day...I think they all might like that much better....more info
  • Luxury Meal
    Opening both the Sesame Chicken Entr¨¦e and the Chicken Pot Pie, there is not a lot of aroma, it looks like chicken soup with carrots and it is brothy and wet.
    Having so slight an aroma, I thought my cat may not like it, but she does like both flavors.
    Small in size like Fancy Feast, one can isn't a meal. My cat eats dry food and this is a treat for her.
    It is expensive though. It seems like a very high quality food for cats.
    I would recommend this to someone whose cat is very fussy....more info
  • Speaking for "The Cat" - This Stuff is Great!
    What can I say? The cat loved it and lapped every bit of it up from her bowl. She is usually a picky eater, but this suited her fancy. What more can you ask of a cat food!...more info
  • Nutritious but...
    I do have to say that the cat food is quite nutritious and appealed to my cat's sense of smell as well as my visual sense. He also did not throw up this food, which is a rarity for my sensitive-stomached cat. On the downside, he didn't eat much of it, either. I don't know what about it didn't interest him beyond a few bites, but most of it got left in his bowl. My dog, on the other hand, loves it! I give three stars because it's potentially interesting to other cats, but mine wouldn't eat more than a little bit of it. I gave some to a friend, and her cats loved it....more info
  • Nigel is gonna be sad - we're out of chicken pot pie
    My cat Nigel is very into food. When I opened the first can of Petite Cuisine, he thought he'd died and went to heaven. This was bits of chicken breast, broth and a few very finely chopped vegetables. The chicken pot pie had a more watery broth - the sesame chicken was in a more gravy-like sauce - but both flavors were devoured.

    My cats are big, outdoorsy cats. They were all once feral. They still frequently bring home a snake, vole or squirrel for entertainment - or supper. I have six: 4 big guys (14-17 pounds) and two slightly smaller girls (11 and 12 pounds).) They appreciate fancy little tidbits of food on a saucer. They especially liked Petite Cuisine.

    They have free access throughout the day to dry kibble: Purina One Chicken&Rice and Purina Indoor mixed half and half. We have 3 small Petmate Le Bistro Feeders which they love. Then in the evening I feed them 3 ounces each (1/2 can) of Friskies Salmon&Chicken Dinner Shredded. Because the Petite Cuisine cans were so small (3 ounces) I first gave them one can per cat, but that was too much. I split 4 of these tiny cans between six cats and that was just right: no leftovers. They liked the Petite Cuisine better than Fancy Feast or Purina Selects.

    This package contains 24 cans. 12 cans are pot pie - 12 sesame. The price is comparable to Purina Selects, Fancy Feast or Sheba from the grocery store - but I think the quality is higher. This looks and smells like chicken my Moma cooks! At the end of one week of feeding Petite Cuisine, all of six of them - their fur just glistened.

    Nigel is plotting: How to work computer and get Petite Cuisine on auto-subscribe shipment from Amazon? Hmmmmm? Bodhi just wants the A-4 Smiley Box* it comes in!

    * A-4 Smiley Box - the new cat sleeping container that is delivered almost weekly by the man wearing brown. A sleeping cat's smile is on the side. ...more info
  • Excellent! The cat loved it!
    I take care of this cat for a friend of mine. The cat is very friendly, but is an extremely picky eater. I put this product in front of her and she ate the whole thing! So, all I can say is this has to be good.

    The can are convient, but are single servings. If you have more than one cat, the packaging is not "green" friendly, but the cat/cats will love the food!...more info
  • 3 cats give 5 stars to 5 out of 6 flavors but should I?
    This review covers the two chicken flavors offered here as well as four fish flavors in the variety pack offered elsewhere on this site. My three cats loved all four fish flavors and the Chicken Pot Pie but only the one who eats anything would eat the Sesame Chicken. Fortunately Chicken Pot Pie is available separately.

    Because of concerns about the controversial ingredient menadione sodium bisulfite raised in Joe McBu's review of the fish flavors, I'm somewhat wary of this product. A Google check of "menadione sodium sulfite in pet food" shows there's quite a bit of concern in the blogosphere and it centers on two factors 1. This ingredient is a cheap and not very effective source of Vitamin K that has not been tested for safety in pets. 2. The FDA bans it for human consumption due to its associations with kidney/liver damage. So the question then becomes: might it not also be a factor in why kidney disease is such a common pet killer, especially senior pets (which mine are)? Consumer concerns seem to be having some impact, as many manufacturers are discontinuing using it. An email questioning its use sent to the Petite Cuisine site over a week ago has not been answered.

    After losing a cat to the poisoned Chinese wheat gluten in '07, I switched to Fancy Feast grilled flavors, the only wet food that was both free from wheat gluten and considered edible by my fussiest cat when laced with his evening meds. Petite Cuisine is a huge hit with Fitz, probably because it's even more liquidy than grilled Fancy Feast, which I've just learned also contains menadione.

    So, what to do? At the moment I'm dividing one can of Petite Cuisine among the three cats for the evening meal when Fitz gets his meds, supplemented with California Natural or Paul Newman Senior dry food, neither of which contain menadione. Mornings I use wet Wellness (which is much less popular at my house, but menadione-free) instead of Petite Cuisine or Fancy Feast. For treats, Greenies have been eliminated in favor of Whole Life Chicken Treats.

    Meanwhile, I recommend you read Joe McBu's review on the fish pack page.

    ...more info
  • Ho Hum Response
    Any review of this product, necessarily, must be based upon observation of the four footed furry feline friends (barring any truly dedicated and odd reviewers). We have two cats that deign to call us their owners, at least at feeding time and when the litter box needs cleaning.

    This is soft food in the petite cans favored by the feline haute cuisine products. However, the similarity seems to end there as the product is flaked rather than sliced or diced, and the sauce is clear with an oily consistency (somewhat like vegetable or olive oil), the pot pie cans were considerably more fluid.

    The boy, Otis, will eat just about any soft cat food put in front of him unfortunately we were disappointed with his response to this product. The girl, Crystal, is the pickier of the pair and will usually lick a little of the food or sauce before abandoning any soft food (leaving the remnants for Otis), but would not touch this product. I was gratified to see that the product did not come out of China after the problems of the past year.

    Bottom line is that the cats did not seem to like the product as much as other soft foods. The poor response from the cats means that this one will not make it into the rotation....more info

    Our cat is 6-years-old and has eaten (voraciously) the same brand of food in both the chow and the canned variety for all of his life. He's not at all a picky eater (even given to nabbing a potato chip if he can).
    Nonetheless, we were a bit reluctant to try a new brand of food but no worries there. With his first can of the Petit Cuisine Chicken Pie we knew we'd found a winner. He didn't hesitate for a second, not even the unfamiliar smell slowed him down. He seemed to particularly enjoy the liquid, lapping every bit of it. A full tummy, a grateful rub of my shin, and he slept for a few hours. What a life!
    Five purrs for Petite Cuisine!...more info
  • A bit watery, but impressive ingredients
    With all the nonsense about pet food recalls and melamine, it's important to know where your pet food originates. This food does not originate in China and contains no wheat gluten. The chicken pot pie is a bit too watery to me so one star down. However, watery is not necessarily bad as it provides additional hydration for cats that eat dry food. All three of my cats do eat dry food (Nutro). I like to provide them with moist food on the side to encourage their appetite and hydration. I am frankly scared of most canned foods available because of the melamine thing. The cheap ones have ingredients almost always originating in China, and the expensive ones aren't cost effective for me to provide as a snack. This food does fill that gap in that it averages a dollar a can (through Amazon, less through subscribe and save) and it contains high grade (human grade) ingredients. I thought about putting my cats on a raw food diet (BARF for cats). It's messy, requires counter space, time and storage space for ingredients and the finished product. Therefore I try to get the best dry food I can and supplement it with canned food like this.

    All three cats liked both varieties of food. 3 cats = 2 cans once a day. The dry food is at will - they munch on that when they like. So far, so good. No increased mess in litter box from soupy ingredients, either. Their appetites remain strong for both this wet food and their dry food....more info
  • Loved by more than half.
    Out of 4 cats, one simply wouldn't go near it, one liked the broth and played with the food and the remaining 2 liked it immensely (nom nom nom). The cans are a good single serving size and it really smells like human food. Literally, they smell like cold leftovers. The food is in a broth and very wet, which your cat may or may not like. They only similarity in cats is that they are all different.

    To be fair, the one that didn't like it is insanely picky. The food is not overly processed and I am happy to feed this to my cats. When I saw that it was made in Thailand, I was a bit wary as we all have heard about the melamine in, well, everything, in China. Then reading further, I saw the company addresses this and says that the food doesn't use Chinese products. They seem a thoughtful company at the least, which when it comes to pets, goes a long way with me.

    As good as the food may seem to me, they are the ones that have to eat it. It's a little more expensive, but not prohibitively so, especially if your cat likes it....more info
  • I'm sorry to say that things did not go well with this food
    The chicken pot pie variety was extremely runny, interestingly that seemed to be the only part my cats ate, the licked up the broth. But they literally nosed the potatoes and carrots right off their plates. It was like watching picky toddlers. I divided one can between three cats and I still had about a half a can left after they ate. I also watched as they finished all three cats ran to the litter box. (apparently it comes out watery too)

    One of my cats - the little vixen whose part siamese then went and did a protest in my laundry hamper.

    So when they tried the seasame chicken I only gave it to the two critters who don't voice their displeasure so eloquently. They still did not finish their meals, again the carrots hit the floor, and perhaps the most suprising, normally when I open a can of cat food they come a running, not so on either opening, and even though the company claims the food smells more appealing, I disagree, as did the cats.

    So it's 3 stars because at least they ate some of it, but I'm very sorry to say they didn't appear to like it. If you would like to try a sampler package of this product you can access that through their website. All the packaging is recyclable, this product is made in Thailand, and claims to be all natural:

    The chicken pot pie lists the following information:
    Chicken, Chicken broth,Sweet Potato,Carrots,Soy bean oil,Trialcium phosphate,Tapioca Starch,Calcium Sulfate,Olive Oil, Vitamins and Minerals,Vitamin E supplement,Vitamin A supplement,Vitamin D3 supplement,Zinc Sulfate,Thiamine Mononitrate,Manganese sulfate,Menadione sodium bisuifite complex (source of vitamin K activity),Riboflavin supplement,Folic acid,Pyridoxine hydrochloride,
    Copper amino acid complex,Iron amino acid complex
    Carrageenan,Cholinechloride,Taurine,Xanthan Gum

    Chicken Pot Pie: Protein: 12% Min.
    Fat: 1% Min.
    Ash: 3% Max.
    Fiber: 1% Max. Moisture: 85% Max.Taurine .1% Min

    The Seasame Chicken listed this information:
    Chicken,Chicken broth,Carrots,Sesame Oil,Soy bean oil,
    Rice,Trialcium phosphate,Guar gum,Tapioca Starch,Calcium sulfate,Salt,Vitamins and Minerals,Vitamin E supplement
    Vitamin A supplement,Vitamin D3 supplement,Zinc Sulfate,
    Thiamine Mononitrate,Manganese sulfate,Menadione sodium bisuifite complex (source of vitamin K activity), Riboflavin supplement,Folic acid,Pyridoxine hydrochloride,
    Copper amino acid complex,Iron amino acid complex, Carrageenan,Cholinechloride,Taurine

    Sesame Chicken: Protein: 11% Min.
    Fat: 4% Min.
    Ash: 3% Max.
    Fiber: 1% Max. Moisture: 85% Max.
    Metabolized Energy: 54kcal/100 grams Taurine .1% Min Phosphorus .9% Min Calcium 163.6 mg/100 gramsMagnesium 20 mg/100 grams ...more info
  • Great!
    Wow, my cats just love these, especially the Chicken Pot Pie variety. They also gobble up the Chinese Chicken (now renamed to Sesame Chicken), but the Chicken Pot Pie is their all-time fave. I enjoy feeding my cats food that they like as long as it's healthy, and Petite Cuisine is. It's "real" food (no meat by-products) and there aren't any added dyes or preservatives....more info
  • Five out of six cats say "Yummy!"
    Both entrees were popular at my house, with all my furkids except "Mr. Picky!" This product line should also be popular with humans, because it has a pleasant odor, and it looks like "people food," as the box says. If you're concerned about issues such as "gluten free," it's that, too.

    I did feel that the "Chicken Pot Pie Entree" had a lot of liquid in proportion to the amount of solids, especially for the price. About half the can is broth. Kitties who prefer minced meals would probably not like this....more info
  • Got Diarrhea?
    This is an edit so I was unable to change my star rating. At first I was happy with this canned cat food until the trouble began. It has caused severe diarrhea in both of my cats who were eating it. Now I'm in the process of trying to get things back on track. As anyone who has been in this situation knows, the negative impacts of the situation affect the entire household, not just the poor cats who are suffering from it....more info
  • Quality Product, But Not What My Cat Would Prefer
    I purchaed the Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) and the Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Chinese Chicken & Chicken Pot Pie) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24). My cat enjoyed this selection okay, but it seemed like he was much happier with the seafood sampler. This picture on the box looks like something very similar to human food, but the actual contents weren't as close as I had hoped. I try more and more to buy food that are more natural and less processed. These claimed to be full of vitamins and 100 percent of the required nutrition. That might be the case, but my cat sure didn't get all of his nutrition. Where as he would drink all of the liquid from the seafood flavors, he didn't much care for the abundance of chicken flavored gravies. The large amount of gravy and small veggies in the Chicken Pot Pie flavor were not to his liking. He eventually ate pretty much all of it, but not right away - which for a large cat on a diet like my cat - is ultra rare at my house. He actually begged for something to eat while he still had the rest of the Chicken Pot Pie in his bowl.

    This food makes some good claims about the quality and I agree the food does look better than anything you get from a local Superstore for 25 cents a can. My cat is a 12 year old Tabby Manx with some minor health issues. His well being is important enough that I will buy better made food instead of just cheap stuff... but when it starts going to waste... and at a higher cost to me? I consider this to be a one time only purchase and do not plan to reorder even if it's on sale. Nothing against this company, but I think they would do better with a variety pack of 6-8 flavors with only one chicken flavor for every 5 or so other flavors. If my cat doesn't like it today, then imagine what it will be like in a week when he has had it 7 days in a row. More than likely most of these cans will go to the dog just so they won't be completely wasted.

    If you also tried this pack and your cats turned up their noses to it, then I'd recommend the Petite Cuisine Variety Pack of seafood flavors instead if your cat is more of meat-eater than a vegetable / gravy eater....more info
  • It's a 100% HIT!!!
    This food looks and smells DELICIOUS, even to mom's vegetarian nose! Frankly, most canned cat food makes mom heave and gag, especially when it's heated for a sickie, so she's actually looking forward to having to nuke some of this.

    She started with our picky eater, who, not coincidentally, hasn't been here very long and who's never eaten canned food since he's been here, no matter what flavor it was. It took him a minute, but he, too, enjoyed it. The rest of the herd came flying into the kitchen, even the deafie!! The baby with cerebral palsy got so excited she forgot to remove her toes and tail from the door of the feeding cage, did a flip, and almost took a header to the floor.

    THANKS Petite Cuisine!!
    Love, the special critters...more info
  • One out of three cats partially liked it
    I have three cats, one is 12 years old (Fred), one is 9 years old (Jewel) and a kitten that is 4 months old (Angel). The kitten is very finicky and was recently weaned off her milk; the other two will eat almost anything.

    I first served the 'Chicken Pot Pie' flavor to the cats. Visually, the canned food looks very appealing to me. The look and smell is very similar to chicken pot pie - real pieces of shredded white meat chicken in a savory sauce. The food was not watery at all; more like the consistency of a store bought frozen chicken pot pie filling.

    The kitten refused to eat the Chicken Pot Pie. Fred licked a tiny amount and ran away. No amount of coaxing him could get him to return for another taste. Jewel licked away at the juices but did not eat the meat, which is typical for her. She later returned to nibble some more but did not seem overly satisfied.

    Overall, I would call the Chicken Pot Pie a failure as nearly 60% of it was left in the bowl.

    Next up was the Sesame Chicken. Suspicious, I read the label and was surprised to find that there were no organ meats, no denatured meat byproducts and no wheat gluten. It is not made in China. It looked good and smelled pretty good too...

    Again, the kitten refused to touch it. She is very particular about what she eats, so this is understandable. This time, Fred ate about 1/3 of it and Jewel did not want anything to do with it.

    Although the ingredients, nutrition and place of origin are important, in the end, it all comes down to whether my cats will eat the food. I was disappointed that my cats did not care for this food.

    I must say, however, that cats are very particular animals. Even though my cats did not like it, your cats might devour it in an instant. As for quality, I give this food high marks. It looks edible and smells like real food.

    Bottom line - I would recommend purchasing a sample before you go out and get a whole box.
    ...more info
  • It's OK for some cats... But not all.
    Of my three cats, only one likes this food. I suspect the problem is that there are actual chunks of carrot in the food, and most cats aren't fond of carrots blocking the smell of the chicken in their meal. While the ingredients list is admirable, the chunks of chicken are very appetizing-looking, and it does appear to be as advertised- All natural- it's also not very popular in my household.

    The Chicken Pot Pie flavor is especially disliked by my cats, as it's very watery. The label describes this as a sauce, but it's really more like a weak broth that apparently tastes more like carrots than chicken, because even my chicken-mooching cat will not consume it. The Sesame Chicken flavor is a little more interesting to him, but he still just picks out the bigger chunks of chicken when he's really desperate, and leaves the carrots behind.

    Honestly, I really can't believe any cat would eat those carrots!

    My suggestion is to try before you commit to this size of a package, because cats' tastes vary, and in my experience, 2 out of 3 cats will only eat it if they're very, very hungry. The third is the kind of cat that will eat anything, and so she'll dig in. If you have a cat that will eat anything, then you might have some luck with this food. If your cats are a bit more picky about their food, then you may want to hold back and see if you can dig up a single can before buying a 24-pack like this.

    I respect what the company is trying to do with their food, but I really question the person who decided they were going to put chunks of vegetables in a cat food. Cats are carnivores, and sticking a carrot in their bowl is kind of an insult to them.

    ...And we all know that insulting a cat when it comes to food is one of the greatest sins against cat pride one can commit.

    Remove the carrots, thicken the "sauce" and you might have something here. ...more info
  • It's okay
    I usually give my cats canned food as a treat, so I thought I would give this a try for them.

    Like the other reviews the ingredients list was nice, there were a few ingredients I wasn't sure about like carrageenan and menadione sodium bisulfite but they all turned out to be a mineral supplement or a thickening agent.

    I opened the chicken pot pie first. Very watery with pea sized chunks of chicken, tiny bits of carrots and what looks like onion in it. It smelled like cat food.

    The sesame chicken also smelled like cat food, mind you not like a horrible smell, but if you put that and the actual chicken pot pie or sesame chicken in front of me blindfolded I'd be able to tell which was which just from the smell, it's a cat food smell. Anyway, the sesame chicken had pea sized chicken bits in it along with carrots and rice and a hint of sesame oil aroma to it.

    Minion Number Two is my picky eater (no, that's a nickname). He liked the juice and ate a few bits of the meat then went to his regular cat food, even side by side he still didn't eat the treat.

    Minion Number One (also a nickname) will eat most natural foods from potatoes, hamburger to whole wheat bread. He too enjoyed the juice a lot, ate a few pieces of the chicken then wandered off. He never came back to finish it.

    It gets three stars. Two for the ingredients and one that my cats like the juice. It doesn't get five because one, the price, I can see why it's more (because of the ingredients) but my cats will finish off other cans of cat food that are only half the price which is point two, being two adult male cats with hearty appetites they didn't like it enough to finish it.
    ...more info
  • My Cats Like It Okay, But It's Too Watery For Me
    My cats all eat this, but I find it messy to serve, especially the chicken pot pie cans which seem to be 50 percent liquid. When you pull off the pop top, you can't help but get splashed by it. And it seems like you're not getting that much food for your money since it's so much liquid. The Chinese chicken is not as liquidy.

    I have no idea how to compare this to other brands price-wise because it is not sold in my state. I've never seen it in stores....more info
  • Doesn't look like catfood!
    When you first open the can, it looks like something you would eat. And no catfood smell! Nice sized chunks of chicken and vegetables in a lot of gravy.

    That being said, Ms Casiopia lapped up all the gravy and left the rest. This however is not the product's fault as she has done this before with other catfoods

    I would have given it 5 stars, but since I won't be purchasing it, I gave it 4. If your cat will eat chunks and vegetables, this product is for you.

    I have donated the remainder of the package to a less fortunate friend.

    Thank you....more info
  • A real hit with my impossible cat
    Petite Cuisine Gourmet Cat Food was a real hit with my impossible cat. My cat refuses almost all canned cat food so I was completely shocked when she showed an interest in this food. The food looked like human food. My only complaint is that I had to drain the juices from the can before I could serve it to my cat. My cat actually ate a good portion of it, and she is an extremely finicky eater so this stuff must be good for her to even look at it. ...more info
  • Not a hit with both cats, but blame them not the food!
    One of my cats who eats everything loved this food. The other more picky one, not so much.
    My cats are old though, and weren't raised in this era of healthy cat food, and most of the time wont touch the stuff. So I was happy that at least one of them liked it.
    I like how all the ingredients are fresh and how there are only a few; not a list 30 things, where half of the words are unpronounceable. The food doesn't smell as bad as most cat food, the kind where as soon as you open it wafts through the house. It also has fresh chunks of chicken and fresh corn and carrots. The gravy in it is very watery and not thick like most cat foods, so it spilled everywhere the first time i opened it. Since then it hasn't, because I haven been more careful.
    I wish both of my cats liked this food because I know it is so much better for them than what they do like! But I give much kudos to Petit Cuisine on making healthy food for cats....more info
  • The cats weren't too impressed
    I really wanted to like this product. I hadn't heard of the brand, so visited the company's website. I was pleased that the company stated it did not use any ingredients from China, especially in light of the well-publicized problems in that country's food supply. (I was not, however, pleased to see that the product arrived in a box labeled "Made in Thailand". I would not have willing chosen the food from the store if I had seen that label.)

    My cats don't eat wet food too often...I tend to think of it as kitty junk food. But they are always pleased when I serve it, meowing loudly until I get the food onto a plate and down to the floor.

    On the first day, we tried the Chinese Chicken. When I opened it, I actually thought it smelled fairly good. (Not that I was going to taste it, but it did not smell like yucky cat food.) The chicken was clearly identifiable as white meat chicken with bits of carrot. The cats' first reaction was to sniff the food cautiously (I assume they were confused by the scent). The younger cat ate a few bites and walked away. The older cat (who is fatter and usually licks the plate clean) ate a few more bites, then he was done.

    On day two, we tried the Chicken Pot Pie. As I was opening the can, I noticed that it sounded very watery, and upon opening the can, this was confirmed. The food had chunks of chicken, carrots, and some type of small white bits. The cats did not like this food as much as the Chinese Chicken. They licked up the sauce and left.

    Except for its country of origin, I was pleased with the quality of the food. The chicken looked like chicken, the carrots like carrots, etc. At less than a dollar a can, it is comparable to other retail brands. Unfortunately, my cats don't eat it, so I don't plan on buying it again. I rated it 4 stars for the company's effort...they can't please every cat's taste buds!...more info
  • Too pricey for cat food
    At almost a dollar for one TINY can (the same exact size as a fancy feast) I would personally never buy this product; it just isn't worth it. I was glad that I ended up picking this from the Vine program because my cat did like the Chinese Chicken one. She devoured that in an instant and licked the bowl clean. She wasn't all that impressed with the Chicken Pot Pie. It was very watery and there wasn't much in the can.

    My cat 99% of the time eats fancy feast, and I usually split the can in half. Half in the morning, half when I get home from work, and half before I go to bed. But with these cans (which, again, are the same size), there is no way you can split them. I gave her the whole can at once. It just isn't worth it, for this price.

    On the plus side, the food actually smells good-like human food almost. It even looks good-for cat food. Probably one of the best looking types of cat food I've ever come across.

    So out of 24 expensive cans, my cat likes only half of them. It would be nicer if they had different varieties in the case, not just 2. However, I think for the most part, cats would generally like this cat food....more info
  • Chinese chicken and Chicken pot pie
    All 5 of my cats liked both flavors preferring the Chinese chicken to the very watery pot pie. Although it does not state it is human grade, it certainly appears that it is by sight and smell. Both appeared to have a cornstarch based "gravy" with shredded or diced white chicken meat and diced carrots. I took my cats gobbling it down that it was tasty. I was surprised all of them liked both flavors as 2 of my cats are rather finicky. This cat food reminds me of a similar product Whole Foods used to carry in their brand name that I bought on a clearance sale. I alternate buying dry and canned food by Castor & Pollux's (regular and organic), Natural Balance, AvoDern, and By Nature (regular and organic). I feed them regular canned during the week and organic canned food on the weekends. The only issue I have w/ this product is the price point. The brands previously listed range from 5.5 to 6.5 oz. (By Nature-only 12 6.5 cans) and none are watery. They cost the same per can or you could view it as almost half price since the weight is almost double. Since I'm feeding 5 cats approximately 3oz. canned per day and all the dry they can eat at about $2/oz., I try to be as cost effective as possible while only purchasing those high quality products which I also consider this cat food to be. If you read up on pet food in general, you will no longer purchase poor quality food such as Friskies, Iiams, Science Diet, Fancy Feast, etc. If you go to PETCO or Care A-Lot(they carry better brands than PetSmart) and read the ingredient list you will be shocked, appalled, and enlightened. Cats do not well tolerate wheat, corn or soy and NO pet should EVER be fed animal by-products (see pet food at for more information). Since Amazon currently has a [...] coupon off of [...] purchase, I will likely go ahead and purchase the crab flavor and the mixed fish case. Keep in mind you should limit the amount of tuna fed to your cat as well as to your children and any adult (see FDA website for tuna cautions and listed safe fish to eat). I hope in the future Petite Cuisine produces a more cost effective 5-6 ounce can sold in a 24 can case....more info
  • Looks and smells high-quality, kitty likes it
    My cat, who is of average pickiness, loved both of the chicken varieties.

    The Sesame Chicken looks and smells appealing, even to humans. It's very recognizable as shredded white-meat chicken, finely diced carrots, and broth. No chopped-and-formed meat by-products here!

    The Chicken Pot Pie variety is a little smellier, but not as bad as typical cat food. It is fairly soupy, but my cat lapped it right up. She even ate the carrots, which I would not have anticipated.

    Both products list high-quality ingredients on the label. There is no wheat gluten, so hopefully this product is less susceptible to the melamine poisonings that have occurred with other brands. It is made in Thailand, and I don't know what that means in terms of pet food safety.

    I like the size of the mini-cans, as they are just right for one meal for one cat. I hate keeping smelly half-open cans of pet food in the refrigerator!
    ...more info
  • One Cat Liked it and One Cat Hated It
    One of my cats liked this food, although not as much as he liked the Petite Cuisine Seafood Variety Cat Food, and my other cat wouldn't touch this food; however, she does like the Petite Cuisine Seafood Variety. This variety of food comes with chunks of chicken, chunks of vegetables and gravy. I'm guessing my finicky cat was turned off by the vegetable chunks. On the positive side these cans are easy to open and you can pour the food out without having to use a spoon. However, because one of my cats wouldn't touch this food I won't buy it again. I'll stick with the Petite Cuisine Seafood Variety Cat Food. ...more info
  • Human food but apparently not cat food
    It looks and smells really good. It has no harmful additives. It is in a cute package. It has names of food that I like. If only my cats could appreciate all of the above qualities! I wonder if other people's cats do. I couldn't find any fault with the food, but then again, I'm human. I'd say it probably depends very much on what your cat's taste is. If your cat enjoys fresh organic food... then buy this. If they like Fancy Feast - don't!!...more info
  • We licked the bowl clean!
    Hello! We are Marissa and Lilith. Mojosmom is our human. She said we could write this review because we ate this and she didn't. We like it! We especially like the Chinese Chicken (mom said the package actually calls it "Sesame Chicken", but we can't read, so it doesn't matter). The Pot Pie entr¨¦e had an awful lot of broth and not a lot of meat. But we licked the bowl clean anyway. Mom says she likes this because it doesn't have a strong, icky smell like some canned cat food. But she says that it would take a lot of these cans to feed it to us all the time (1-2 cans per 2.5 lbs of our weight - she said something about how Lilith could stand to lose a a pound or two or three), so we'll just get a couple of cans along with our dry food. Maybe if we ignore the dry food she'll get the message, but she can be pretty stubborn!...more info
  • Good quality, but ultimately it depends on the cat's personality
    I have been giving this food to my cat for a couple of days, and I have mixed feelings about it. The chicken pot pie flavor has a lot of broth in it. Fortunately, my cat likes broth, and whenever I buy food that has either a lot of sauce or a lot of broth, my cat enjoys the extra moisture. However, this depends on your cat. What I found, however, is that the chicken pot pie has more broth than actual food. The chicken is very chunky and looks very natural, and is exactly the consistency my cat enjoys. However, it contains carrots, and my cat doesn't really eat vegetables. Cats in general don't eat vegetables, because they are naturally carnivores, so I question its inclusion.

    The Chinese Chicken is actually "sesame". It has a slightly odd aroma, which doesn't seem to bother my cat, and plenty of sauce, which my cat enjoys. However, the meat in this flavor is shredded, which my cat does not enjoy. It has fewer vegetables than the chicken pot pie, but my cat will barely touch the meat in this.

    From a nutritional perspective, these foods have about the same (or slightly better) protein content than my cat's regular brands. This is a plus, especially if you have an overweight cat. This food contains plenty of protein and plenty of moisture, which are really critical in quality cat food.

    Based on what I've seen, I would conclude that these are quality cat foods. They look better than what my cat eats on a regular basis. Ultimately, though, it depends what your cat enjoys -- consider the consistencies I've described before buying. In my situation, since my cat will not eat the Chinese "Sesame" Chicken, I have quite a few cans of food that I will not be able to use -- an issue of the mult-flavor, multi-pack design....more info
  • Pleasing for the cat and for me - a good alternative for my Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys addict
    My cat is addicted to Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. It doesn't matter if I buy him expensive or cheap alternatives; he won't touch it unless it has those garden greens! When I saw the new offerings from Petite Cuisine, I decided to give it a try with him. After all, they have some veggie content, which I figured might appease his tastes.

    There are a few things I look for in a wet cat food. First, I want it to have real ingredients listed. I don't like for it to have by-products. (FF:EM does, but he's addicted, so I suppress my concern by giving him great-for-him dry food) Second, I don't want it to stink. If it turns my stomach when I open a can, I don't care how much he likes it, I'm not serving it. Third, it needs to come out of the can easily.

    Petite Cuisine met or exceeded all of my basic criteria. Next was the big question: would my addict take to this new brand?

    With FF:EM, my cat usually begs for it, sniffs it, and then wanders off. He returns at his leisure at some point and chows down the whole mass in one sitting. Occasionally, he will wolf it down immediately. So, consider that the baseline behavior. He has self-feeding access to dry food, and he gets a 3-oz can of wet food at most twice a day (sometimes he doesn't seem to want the second can).

    I fed him his first Petite Cuisine can from this box, in Chicken Pot Pie flavor, as his second feeding for the day. I was surprised that this flavor really seemed like a soup and had real (I'm assuming) pieces of carrot and corn. It really looks like people food. He seemed to really enjoy the "soupy" broth. This was his second daily feeding and yet he gulped it down for awhile before wandering off. He came back later in the evening and finished off the rest. Success!

    The next day, I started him with a can of the Sesame Chicken. It smelled pleasantly like Asian food. His reaction was to sniff and wander off. After 12 hours, he hadn't touched it but had eaten a large helping of dry food. So, he was clearly hungry, but didn't want to touch this flavor. I washed the remains away and gave him a can of FF:EM. It was gone within a minute.

    So, I wondered if he'd just been particularly hungry on the Pot Pie day. A few mornings later, I did Pot Pie for the morning feeding, and I observed the same behavior. He drank the broth right away and came back later to finish off the bits. I also re-tested the Sesame Chicken on a day when I knew he was hungry, and he ignored it steadily. Clearly, my kitty has preferences. I have tried some other Petite Cuisine flavors (Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)) that are available on Amazon. He will chow down on Tuna & Shrimp flavor but generally doesn't seem to like the other seafood PC flavors (though he will eat them if left with them, unlike the Sesame Chicken reaction).

    My point is that my cat is picky, and he will eat at least some flavors of this happily even though he's rejected MANY high-quality foods in the past. It is nice to have an alternative to the one brand. I'm also happier with him eating this food given the good ingredients and pleasant appearance and scent.

    I do want to add/note that there are many folks who are mentioning that the food is more liquid than substance. That is definitely true for the Pot Pie flavor, but it is not true for Petite Cuisine in general. The Pot Pie is definitely made to resemble soup. ...more info
  • my 10 cat review.....
    yes, that's right, our family has 10 cats (all rescues), so you can imagine I was pretty stoked when this product came up for review.

    Now, since I have so many cats, my cats normally only get can food as a treat, maybe once a month. About a third LOVE can food, a third can take it or leave it, and the last third do not like can food at all. When I tried this product on my cats, over two thirds gobbled it up, only one or two showed no interest, and one (who has a sensitive stomach anyway) got sick within five minutes of consumption.

    The product has a lot of "juice", which I find my cats tend to enjoy. The smell wasn't overpowering like many cat foods.
    In conclusion, I'd buy Petite Cuisine for my cats but only as a treat.
    3.5 stars....more info
  • sesame awesome and chicken pot water
    The cans are tiny, and filled mostly with water, so be very, very careful upon opening. The force needed to bend the lid up is just enough to send the "chicken pot pie" concoction spraying onto everything in vicinity, leaving a puddle with some carrots in it for your cat.
    My cat doesn't much care for the carrots. Or for the lumps of wheat glutenish chickenfood, 3-5 per can. This is more of a soup course, or an after-supper tea. Seriously, this barely passes for food, and in no way requires so much packaging.

    The sesame chicken, however, has earned a spot on my cat's, and on all of his outdoor pal's, favorites list. The sauce is just viscous enough for genteel lapping, and the julienned meat a considerable presence. Plus: no carrots. This cat food's presentation qualities place it right up in my own top three: if you ever indulge the pre-dawn-feeding cry, you may grow to love this stuff too. Feeding can be done half-asleep and one-handed: give the can a shake, pop the top off, and upend it into a tiny cat bowl.That's it. The interior walls of the can are very smooth -- they may be plastic coated, so check your recycling outfit's guidelines and then discount my next point -- so smooth that the gooey stuff pours right out. No rinsing needed. The odor is quite inoffensive. But if your cat begs to eat it outside, watch out: if the neighborcats smell it, there's gonna be a rumble.

    At $4/pack retail, or $1 for three weensy ounces of liquid-plus-some-bits, I canot recommend the signture chicken pot pie. If the brand ever markets the sesame chicken solo, however, and promotional discounts are offered, I'd definitely stock up. ...more info
  • One ate, the other didn't
    This cat food is really special. It doesn't smell like cat food. It smells like canned chicken. The cans are easy to wash for recycling. It's a joy to serve.

    My ditzy calico cat, Creampuff, loved the food. She scarfed it down immediately. The other, a new adoptee named Ophelia, said, "Thanks but no thanks." She's quite finicky but alas, I think her taste buds have become accustomed to the traditional, more pedestrian Friskies type food.

    Seems like a good cat food, if you can get your cat(s) to eat it.I'm not qualified to evaluate the nutritional quality or the taste, bt appearance and smell are excellent. ...more info
  • Cats seem to enjoy it.
    It's tough to review cat food, other than to say the cats will eat it. The ingredients seem to be quality, although the cans seem to contain more watery gravy than food. It's not as nasty as most canned cat food though. The cats seem to enjoy it, so I'll give it 4 stars for being "good". ...more info
  • A Feast For the Most Finnicky Furry Feline
    This food is a delight to give to one of the most important members of the family. She's a bit choosy & will walk away readily from many foods. So, it is really something to watch her just gobble this down!

    The smaller sized can is nice as well for it insures that she'll eat the whole thing-down to the carrots. With the larger cans, she'll leave a third or more sitting there and it goes to waste.

    Petite Cuisine may cost a bit more, but nutritionally it is a very good meal for the kitty and she likes it, so none goes uneaten! So, in the long run, it is a good value.

    On inspection of the cat food, it is composed of very good ingredients and is a high quality product.

    Our kitty loves it and gobbles it down at one sitting!...more info
  • A Petite Treat
    At first, my cat Timmy was hesitant to try the unusual looking cat food I put before him--a cross between spam and chicken soup. But after he gave it a few sniffs, it was chowed down in minutes. Timmy quickly devoured what appeared to be a delicacy to him.

    To me, it looked too healthy to appeal to a feline, with its obvious chunks of veggies and solid pieces of meat, nicely moistened by a broth. The can is compact and easy to store and the portion size is just right for one cat's healthy appetite. Normally, a regular can of food like Friskies or Whiskas will only get half eaten, but there was no waste here. The food was polished off with a meticulous licked-clean plate, evidence of Timmy's approval of this latest offering.

    Petite Cuisine is not cheap, but it is on the lower end for the "gourmet" cat foods and you get quality ingredients. Each 4-pack I received also came with coupons worth up to $2 in savings so that is an added bonus.

    All in all, a good cat food worth it's cost. Timmy has already put in a request to sample the fish flavors. :)...more info
  • The Cat's Meow
    All four of my cats loved this canned cat food! The food in each can really looked and smelled as if a human being could eat the food.

    The seasame chicken entree and chicken pot pie entree were both very popular with my cats. Neither flavor smelled bad. The chicken pot pie entree was kind of runny, but my cats really enjoyed lapping up the juice. I've feed my cats a few cans of each flavor, and none of them have got the diarrhea from the food. Their stomachs seem to tolerate the food quite well. I've had probelms in the past with canned cat food causing stomach and other digestive problems for my cats.

    According to the can's list of ingredients, all the ingredients are natural - no by-products are used. While the food is not organic, at least the food doesn't use by-products. No wheat gluten is used either.
    I went to the company's website and found that the company uses only dolphin safe tuna and does not use any child labor. None of the ingredients come from China, which has a horrible record on food safety. The cat food is made in Thailand, but as far as I know, Thailand does not have a poor record of food safety, and Thai people do love their pet cats, I sure Thai pet owners would not want to harm their cats with poor quality pet food. I personally see nothing to fear from Thai cat food.

    I think I will be ordering more Petite Cusine in the future and would not hestitate recommending this food to my cat loving friends....more info
  • Surprisingly good quality.
    I share some of the views of other reviewers, particularly the fact that this product is from Thailand. Upon opening the first can of the Sesame Chicken, I was struck by how high the quality looked (the shredded chicken looked as if it had been plucked from the bone), as well as the yummy smell. I was tempted to heat some up and try it myself! Resisting that urge, I served it to my cats and they went after it like white on rice, lapping every bit of it up. And I have some picky cats!
    The following day, I gave them the Chicken Pot Pie variety; it smelled good, but looked more like chicken soup, with a lot of liquid (and yes, it was somewhat messy). My cats (except for one) dove into it nonetheless, although they did not wolf it down in one sitting as they did the other flavor.
    All in all, my cats give the product a big paws-up; however, like another reviewer, I would tend to give this out as a special treat versus daily feeding. For that purpose, I do recommend this product....more info
  • Three out of four cats approve; owner less enthused
    My gang is typically not very fussy when it comes to food - if it doesn't move (or, at least move too much) they'll eat it. So, I was pretty sure they'd like this up-scale food.

    Surprisingly, one did not - while she didn't turn up her nose at it, she didn't really want to eat it either. The other three gave it their licked-clean food bowl seal of approval.

    The cans are small (the "mini" can size much like Fancy Feast) which is a good match for single cat households since you don't have to deal with leftovers. The smell is much better than the low-cost can foods, and about on a par with the more premium brands such as Hills. The chicken pot pie was VERY watery, however - more like a soup than a stew. The sesame chicken was a bit more solid. The watery nature of the product also makes it messy to serve. To me, it's not a very good value especially considering that you're paying for a lot of water.

    I don't think I'd get this again given the cost and the mess factor, plus the fact that there are several other brands that provide top-notch nutrition at a lower cost (and less mess). I also try to purchase items that are US-made, and this is made in Thailand. But, the majority of the cats snarfed it down, so it's deserving of at least 3 stars....more info
  • A taste winner for sure
    Our cat practically raced over to the food dish to sample this, and ate with intent devotion. This cat food is definitely a taste winner. I also like the fact that this package doesn't have tuna -- which cats like but to which it's said they can become addicted.

    Not sure what else to say. The Petite Cuisine website is quite convincing about the nutritional value and careful screening of ingredients. The small cans mean the food, once opened, says fresh enough under refrigeration to appeal to the cat the next day. If you can afford it, this is a great cat food....more info
  • Caution - may cause kitty stampede
    I called upon a panel of two expert feline food testers assist me with this review. The first, Apollo, is quite enthusiastic about food related assignments and is usually most concerned about quantity. The second, LJ, is more discerning about food, occasionally refusing to participate.

    When I opened the first selection, Chicken Pot Pie I noticed a quantity of liquid around the solid portion of the meal and was concerned that it was perhaps spoiled. I detected no bad odor so I offered to my panel, who were incidentally becoming quite impatient. Apollo immediately began to consume his portion, pausing only when the dish was empty. LJ took her usual cautious sniff of the food and then began to eagerly lap up the liquid, pausing to take a bite of the solids from time to time. She too did not stop eating until the entire portion was consumed.

    At the next testing session I offered the Chinese Chicken selection. This one looked much more like other canned cat food but had a more pronounced odor. Both tester arrived at their stations without being summoned. Again both testers were enthusiastic about their assignments and did not stop until the entire portion was consumed. In fact when the testers were disturbed by two members of the canine food testing team they expressed great displeasure.

    As I was preparing the food samples a member of the human food testing panel remarked that the feline samples, particularly the Chinese Chicken, looked better than much of the food she had been eating at college.

    Obviously the feline panel was quite taken with the product. Our chief account had some issues with it however since this product costs about four times as much per ounce as our usual offering. (Note: usual offering has kept six cats quite healthy for more than thirty years). With this price factor in mind I divided each single serving (3 oz) can between the two testers and supplemented with dry food.

    Due to the enthusiastic endorsements by the feline food testers and based on my prior experience with aging felines diminished appetites, I will purchase this product in the future as a supplement to the usual feline menu offerings, much as the human menu is supplemented by holiday meals or upscale restaurant outings. ...more info
  • the kitty she is purring
    I haven't tried this product myself, although it does smell yummy and is marketed as "People Food for Cats." Our cat seems to like it better than her regular canned food, Fancy Feast. Nutritionally it seems on a par, but at more than a buck a can I wonder whether "people food for cats" is really "ploy for people who think their cats are people."

    It is nice to know that, if we're snow bound for a few days, we can eat the cat's food. ...more info
  • I have three cats
    I typically feed them dry food, and once a day I split a can of Fancy Feast to give them a treat with their supper.
    They love it. They have never turned down any canned cat food. Sometimes one will refuse or just nibble at a particular flavor, but they usually like their canned food

    I tried out both flavors on my three kitties, None of them did more than nibble, I tried it on my dog, just out of curiosity, He ate it . Continuing my experiment, I went to my friend Margie's house. She has three cats as well. Much like my feline family, one is a senior and two are young. Sadly, I had the same result. None of them liked it.

    Before receiving the food I looked online to learn as much as I could about this food before subjecting my furkids to it. Everything looked good, safe and worthy of Morgan, Rosie and Emmie. I was quite disappointed that they don't like it, to tell you the truth. It looked so good that I really wanted them to like it.I will be dropping off the rest of it at the shelter tomorrow. I certainly do not want it to go to waste, as it is a good quality product. ...more info
    Feeding this to my 12 year old cat, she enjoyed the chicken pot pie quite a bit...and went through an entire can in one sitting. (Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing though!) The chinese chicken she ate, but didnt seem thrilled about. Giving a container to two other cat owners produced the same results. So, if I were to buy in the future, which I very well may, I would hope I could buy a carton of the Chicken Pot Pie by itself. But all in all this is quality food, and seemed to sit in my mature cats stomach easily - very important as all pet owners are still very cautious after last years awful pet food poisonings....more info
  • Healthy Feline Cuisine For Your Finicky Cat(s)
    Most people know that cats can be finicky eaters. They devour some food and simply walk away from others. I guess that is one trait that I find most interesting about our three Bengal cats. They can eat like horses and yet are rather picky about what foods they will eat. They all like tuna, ham, and even beg for a potato chip from time to time, yet they don't seem to care for turkey and even some types of cheese. My family and I love our cats very much, and we are concerned about their health and want to feed them nutritious food. Since all of our Bengals love chicken, I was delighted to recently have the opportunity to try the new Petite Cuisine Chinese Chicken and Chicken Pot Pie Variety Pack.

    We received a 24 pack, which includes 6 individual boxes, each containing two 3 oz. cans of Sesame Chicken and two 3 oz. cans of Chicken Pot Pie cat food. The ingredients for each flavor are as follows:

    Sesame Chicken Entr¨¦e: Chicken, Chicken broth, Carrots, Sesame oil, Soy bean oil, Rice, Tricalcium phosphate, Guar gum, Tapioca starch, Calcium sulfate, Salt, Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Zinc sulfate, Thaimine mononitrate, Manganese sulfate, Menadione sodium bisulfite complex , Riboflavin, Folic acid, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Copper amino acid complex, Iron amino acid complex), Carrageenan, Choline chloride, Taurine.

    Chicken Pot Pie Entr¨¦e: Chicken, Chicken broth, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Soy bean oil, Tapioca starch, Tricalcium phosphate, Guar gum, Calcium sulfate, Olive oil, Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Zinc sulfate, Thaimine mononitrate, Manganese sulfate, Menadione sodium bisulfite complex , Riboflavin, Folic acid, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Copper amino acid complex, Iron amino acid complex), Carrageenan, Choline chloride, Taurine.

    As you can see, the ingredients in the two flavors are nearly identical. One controversial ingredient contained in both flavors is Menadione Sodium Bisulfite, which is a synthetic version of vitamin K. MSB has been called "potentially harmful" by many researchers, and is not allowed in human food. However, the FDA does not restrict the use of MSB in pet foods, and these pet foods are even able to proudly claim "Natural" on the label, even if it contains this un-natural ingredient. Studies indicate that Menadione Sodium Bisulfite can be toxic in high doses, and the tests indicate that this synthetic vitamin supplement can prove toxic to kidneys, lungs, liver, and mucous membranes. Since I only use the Petite Cuisine food as a supplement to my cat's regular food, I don't consider the levels of MSB to be high enough to put my animals in any danger. However, it is up to the owner to determine if they find this risk acceptable or not. You can find more information about Menadione (Vitamin K3) here:

    The manufacturer website ( says that "Petite Cuisine is People Food for Cats." There is no wheat gluten, no grain fillers, and no meat byproducts. The label on the cans says "Product of Thailand", and the website boasts that nothing about this food is sourced from China. All of the meat and vegetables are steam cooked, and each variety is hand packed into each and every can (according to the manufacturer).

    We have been feeding the Chicken Pot Pie and Sesame Chicken Petite Cuisine entr¨¦es to our three Bengal cats for the past several days now. We dispense one can onto a saucer for all three cats to share, once each day. One thing my wife and I really like about this food is that it doesn't have an unpleasant odor, like most canned pet foods. It smells like chicken and gravy, and although neither of us are daring enough to try a taste ourselves, our noses tend to support the claim that this is "people food for cats." The chicken pot pie entr¨¦e contains several chunks of white meat chicken, along with small bits of sweet potato and carrots, all swimming in an ocean of gravy (or broth, sauce, or whatever you wish to call it). The food looks good, but I feel that there is just too much gravy, and it could prove to be messy when serving or during feeding. The sesame chicken entr¨¦e contains shredded chicken (not chunks), along with bits of carrots and rice in a far more reasonable amount of gravy. Both entr¨¦es look good and smell good, but how do the cats like it? Well as we observed our cats when we served up the food, here is what we found:

    Chicken Pot Pie Entr¨¦e: Asia, our 3 year old female Bengal, greedily devours the hearty chunks of chicken and veggie bits, but leaves most of the gravy behind. Neo, our 10 month old male Bengal, also enjoys the chicken and licks up quite a bit of the gravy, but doesn't seem at all interested in the bits of sweet potato and carrots. Matrix, our 2 year old male Bengal always approaches the food, sniffs at it for several seconds, and ultimately walks away without eating any. Matrix will take a little taste, every now and then, but isn't interested in eating any quantity of it.

    Sesame Chicken Entr¨¦e: Asia again scarfs down the chicken and veggies, but leaves behind the rice and gravy. Neo seems to eat a little bit of everything. Matrix again sniffs at the food but will not eat any of it.

    So overall we have encountered very mixed results with our three cats. Of course they are cats, so being somewhat finicky is only natural. Two of the three seem to really enjoy the Petite Cuisine chicken entr¨¦es, while the third doesn't care for it at all. So would we buy this variety of Petite Cuisine in the future? Well I think we will likely try some of the other varieties first, to see if we can get all three cats to enjoy the food. Petite Cuisine also makes Yellow Fin Tuna, Red Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp, and New England Crab Cake varieties, which all sound like something our cats would like. We are going to order the Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), and see how our cats like these varieties. My wife and I both feel that Petite Cuisine produces great quality food, with high quality ingredients, and we will certainly buy more of their products in the future. I do admit that I wish they didn't use the synthetic Vitamin K supplement (Menadione), simply because so many others have expressed real concern about the potential risks of this ingredient. Many other manufacturers have removed this ingredient from their products, so maybe PetPlay, Inc. (makers of Petite Cuisine) will omit this synthetic ingredient in the future if enough consumer concern is expressed. I do recommend the Petite Cuisine chicken varieties of cat food to other cat owners, but do so with a bit of caution due to the inclusion of the controversial Menadione Sodium Bisulfite ingredient. If Petite Cuisine tastes as good as it looks and smells, then I am sure all but the most finicky cats will enjoy it a great deal....more info


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