Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, Tuna & Shrimp) for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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Customer Reviews:

  • Meowingly yummy!
    My cats are real picky about trying new foods. I popped open 2 cans (1 yellowfin & 1 tuna and sole)and set down the dish. The first cat walked over took a little nibble and then went for the full chowdown. The second cat realized that she was missing out, pushed the older cat out of the way and set about to power eating. 2 happy cats over here.

    Happy human notes: no BIG fishy smell, no strange looking formed bits, just some good looking, healthy cat food....more info
  • Good nutrition, cat likes it
    I tried to change my review to 4 stars, but I don't seem able to do that. These are 3 oz cans of 4 different flavors of fish based catfood. Chicken and rabbit are often more recommended for cats. The first ingredient is fish broth, making it somewhat high in moisture. I've heard that cats often need more water than they drink, so I'd assume its a good thing to get more moisture down them, but this is an expensive way to do it (you could just add a little water to their food). The good news is that there appears to be no grains in the ingredient list, looks like almost all meat based (except for the usual additives). The grains in most catfoods are thought to not be good for the cats. This catfood is not cheap, but it appears to be a better than usual cat food....more info
  • My Two Cats Inhaled The Stuff
    OK, so I couldn't personally taste this cat food and give you a review. But all I can say is: my two cats (14 and 15 years old) virtually inhaled it. Clawdette is the older one and she is fussy. She likes a cat food that has seafood and tomato in it. Chappie is less picky, but he can turn up his nose at some supermarket brand cat foods. So more often then not I buy the canned cat food at petshops (or on Amazon). I fed them each of the cans in the Variety Pack...and its as if the food vanished off the face of the earth within a few minutes. The bottom line: they loved it, it left their coats nice and softy and glossy, and they had lots of energy. So I (or, rather my cats) give it five stars....more info
  • My, this is popular with the cats!
    "Uh oh," I thought when I saw "Product of Thailand" on the box, with the recent contaminated Chinese wheat gluten scandal reverberating in my memory, however unfairly. (I'm wary of food imports from Third World countries in general now.) Then I saw "People food for cats" and "No gluten" on the outside and figured I'd at least open a can or two to see how the food played with the target audience. We have three cats, two of whom have health problems and are sometimes picky about what they'll eat. From the first can, they have all scarfed this up--even the one with digestive problems who would generally prefer dry food and sometimes needs coaxing to eat. I've never seen her gobble canned food with such gusto, finishing everything down to the last shred and then checking out the others' bowls for remaining scraps (in vain because they like it as much as she does). The food looks like canned fish for humans in sauce--no prefab "morsels." The flavor with shrimp actually has little whole shrimp along with the fish chunks. My only concern now is that they'll dig in their heels when I go back to feeding them the more conventional food that's still filling the cupboard. ...more info
  • Looks almost like people food!
    My family has two cats who are just over a year old. We usually feed them dry food, but give them the canned stuff once in a while for a treat. Our large sized male cat LOVES Petite Cuisine, and gobbles it up. Our dainty little female though, refuses table scraps and won't touch any wet food, including Petite Cuisine. My kids helped me to take notes on this food as we offered it to both cats. The same thing happened with every flavor- little cat A sniffed it and walked away, while big fat cat B ate it up as fast as he could! I guess it's all a matter of preference.

    I feel good about the fact that this stuff is natural and looks like food. it is not full of fillers, and it has everything a cat requires for a healthy diet. The cans are the right size for a single serving for an average to big cat, so there's no messing around with storing half empty cans of fragrant catfood in the fridge. ...more info
  • Looked good to me!
    My kitty loves tuna and dry cat food. I've never tried to give her soft food until this. She didn't eat it until it was in her dish for most of the day when she had eaten her regular dry food.
    It looks like it would be good. It looks like pieces of fish, but for some reason this didn't excite her as much as tuna.
    I'm getting a new kitty soon, and I'll update it when I try to give new kitty this food....more info
  • Our kitties LOVE this food!!!!
    I wasn't sure how my cats would like Petite Cuisine, because they are Friskies cats. Man, do they love their friskies: seafood, chicken, or maybe a little turkey (but they don't like beef) long as the friskies aren't in that big glop they call "classic pate."

    No 9Lives, no science diet, no canned tuna, no non-friskies brands, thank you very much! They're cats. They're picky about what they eat!

    So I tried this Petite Cuisine, assuming that - just like everything else - they would reject it. BOY was I wrong!!!! They literally lapped up the entire plate of the stuff within the first hour after I first put it out. And it seems to be easy on their digestive system: they don't seem to be barfing it up like they sometimes do when new food comes into the picture.

    Since it looks like real fish that you or I would eat from a can, I am worried that - just like canned tuna - it's going to cause horribly smelly you-know-whats.

    I want to check with my vet to see if he thinks it's healthy. But from the taste point of view, my cats have rated this five meows!
    ...more info
  • Very healthy cat food. Much better than almost any other
    This is some of the healthiest cat food on the market. It is all natural and doesn't contain food byproducts. What comes out of the can looks like real food (just below human quality) not a mash-up of mysterious goop. The fish in these cans has texture, and smells better than other cat food.

    My two cats absolutely love it.

    If you want a healthy cat food that is natural and not made in China, give these a try. I can't guarantee your cat(s) will love it as much as mine, but if they don't like it, they need to grow taste buds! ...more info
  • mixed reviews
    These catfoods come in smaller cans, which is great for one serving. Upon opening, they look delicious. However, not all cats like it. I tried one of each with my two, who love fish and seafood, and they sniffed and walked away.
    A neighbor's cat and two friend's cats loved it. So, as we all know with cats... they can be finicky! I would have to say give it a try and see if yours like it. They really look great, smaller cans store easily also....more info
  • They should call it "Cat Crack"
    Yes, they should call it "Cat Crack". We have 5 extremely finicky cats, and it's very difficult to get them to eat the same thing. When we find something, we stick with it. Whenever we've tried to introduce something new, chances are 1 or 2 of them will turn up their noses and walk away.

    This has not been an issue with Petite Cuisine. The problem now is that they truly won't stop sceaming for it. We've now gone through each of the four flavors (Yellowfin, Snapper, Tuna & Sole, and Tuna & Shrimp), and each is an unqualified hit with all five cats.

    You can tell as soon as you open the can that this is something different. It certainly smells fishy, but it doesn't smell like regular canned cat food. It looks and smells very high quality and fresh. Real tuna flakes, real tiny popcorn shrimp, a good amount of sauce. These are smaller 3 oz cans. We pretty much limit each cat to a healthy tablespoon of wet food a day, so 1 can will feed three like that. But the cats could certainly find the motivation to eat more.

    Each box (and each can) is clearly labelled with all of the ingredients, which for the most part are whole seafood. Not too thrilled with the presence of Menadione sodium bisuifite in each, but on the whole, it's probably no more risky than other foods we've been feeding them. 1/2 star off for that.

    Value? Well it's a little pricey (3x per oz more expensive than, say, a good deal on a can of Friskies. But we'll continue to get it for the occasional break and special night treat for our babies. It's certainly been better received than almost anything else we've paid a premium for from any grocery store or pet store....more info
  • Cats love it -- but I am concerned
    This variety pack came to us as an Amazon Vine program sample. Our two cats have been living on various "high end" dry cat foods for some time now (e.g., the "Before Grain" foods in chicken, tuna and salmon versions, and some fancy pantsy "Duck a l'orange" stuff from our local pet shop). They have not been partial to canned foods, nor have I often gone the canned food route because it is less than convenient and didn't seem worth the candle since they seem to favor dry food (and mice and birds and whatever else they can glean from our little acre in the woods). They typically start out loving canned food, but after a few bites, the rest sits in the bowl and dries out before we toss it and go back to the dry food they've grown to love.

    However, both of our cats are smitten by this stuff. It looks like real food out of the can, with large chunks of fish and seafood in a thickened broth. It doesn't have the strong fishy smell of most canned foods and looks like something I could almost be tempted to eat my self in a pinch. The 3 ounce size makes it perfect for a "treat" for the cats between feedings of dry food and they leave nothing behind when we dump a can in their dish (with some added hot water as they really love the broth).

    But I'm not sure I want my cats eating this stuff for the same reason I don't want my eight year old eating at fast food franchises, much as she might love the food and snarf it up in a flash -- I'm concerned this food may not be a healthy thing for the animal eating it or for the planet. Seeing "Made in Thailand" emblazoned on the box made me immediately wonder whether this stuff might include ingredients banned in the US or could otherwise be manufactured without adequate regulation of methods and materials. The Chinese pet food fiasco certainly came to mind.

    The discussions of other reviewers about the menadione used in this product confirms my concern. I'm also left to wonder about the source of the fish and seafood in these cans -- is it farm raised in Thailand and if so under what conditions; is it wild fish that may be subject to overfishing and at the very least ought to be feeding hungry humanity rather than going down my cats' gullets; what about mercury and other contaminants in the food?

    Bottom line: my cats seem to love the stuff, but I'm not sure that will be sufficient to convince me to buy it again....more info
  • Great cat food, even the dogs love it!
    This is a great product for a finicky cat. It's really very rich as the ingredients are pure and there is no filler, which is great. Our cats love it more than Fancy Feast or any other higher end cat food!!! A can is eaten up in minutes!!!!

    Our dogs, of course, love cat food and want to partake in the feast!!!...more info
  • Looks & smells good enought to eat!
    This is a perfect example of "you get what you pay for". Yes this is expensive but by golly, I think it's real food! Amazing! Upon opening the little can, I see flakes of fish & some liquid. Smells like fish that you eat. Check the ingredients, hmmm fish. How about that? No by products? Where are the guts they scrap off the floor? All that yummy stuff not fit for humans to eat...even though a small percentage does end up in our food supply. The box says "People Food for Cats" They weren't kidding! That's why this is so expensive! It's FOOD! Such a novel concept!
    Do the cats like it? Oh my yes! We have 6 cats & they simply LOVE this stuff & why wouldn't they? This food, it is worth it! Good food equals healthy cats. Healthy cats don't go to the vet so darn much. Less vet visits equal more money! Yippie!
    To ease the price burden, each 4 pack box of food contained a coupon for $1.00 off the next 4 pack purchase. If you fill in some info on the coupon itself, they will mail you an additional $1.00 off coupon for your next purchase. Not bad! ...more info
  • Not your typical catfood.......
    We have two cats in our family. One will try just about anything the other one typically will only eat dry food. My dry catfood eater could not get to the dish fast enough and he ate every last bite of it which is unusual for him. My try anything cat also loved the food as well. It was a great treat for them.
    Upon opening the can of food it smells like fresh fish, almost good enough to eat.
    Try it, you and your cats will not be disappointed. You won't have to worry about throwing any unused food away because they will lick the dish clean....more info
  • People Food For Cats!
    They aren't kidding! The albacore smells better than people food! My cats LOVE this cat food, and it is gluten free, so there is no worries about our cats getting poisoned! Great stuff! I'll likely be buying this cat food instead of their regular brand, especially for treats. If your cat likes a lot of sauce, there is plenty of it here, and it's not just water. If you want to give your cats a healthy canned food, this is the best one by far that I've fed them... Better than even the high-end fancy foods. The cans are small, but the nutrition is better than most cat foods. They even use yellow-fin tuna for the albacore! 1st rate cat food!...more info
  • They Seem to Like It
    Any review of this product, necessarily, must be based upon observation of the four footed furry feline friends (barring any truly dedicated and odd reviewers). We have two cats that deign to call us their owners, at least at feeding time and when the litter box needs cleaning.

    This is soft food in the petite cans favored by the feline haute cuisine products. However, the similarity seems to end there as the product is flaked rather than sliced or diced, and the sauce is clear with an oily consistency (somewhat like vegetable or olive oil).

    The boy, Otis, will eat just about any soft cat food put in front of him and we were not disappointed with this product. The girl, Crystal, is the pickier of the pair and will usually lick a little of the food or sauce before abandoning any soft food (leaving the remnants for Otis). I was gratified to see that the product did not come out of China after the problems of the past year.

    Bottom line is that while the cats seem to like the product as much as any other soft food, they don't seem to like it that much more to balance the extra cost. ...more info
  • A delightful surprise!
    This was a serious surprise to us... our cats have always refused wet cat food except for people quality tuna in the can. Soon as we opened these for them ( was a varity pack ) they scarfed one down and everyday wanted more .. it really looks, smells like people food! The package says "people food for cats" and after reading the ingrediants I believe it is!...more info
  • Ex's cat likes it--need I say more?
    My ex-girlfriend is a lovely woman in many ways, but her cat...well pretty much everybody and everything is beneath him. He is picky about being petted, how he is being petted, how long he is being petted, and by whom (I think the phase of the moon figures into this somehow too, but I digress). This persnickety nature also applies--in spades--to his food. When I gave Zede (the cat, not the ex-gf) some of this food, he actually ate it without giving me his "How dare you put this slop in front of me, knave?" look. I got reports later that he became even more enamored with the stuff as time went on. So there you have it: an endorsement from Zede the finicky feline. Well, how else do you rate cat food? I'm not going to try it myself...and besides, I'm a vegetarian!...more info
  • My Cat Liked It
    Well, he's a cat. I opened the can, spooned it down on his dish, and he ate it. Not all in one sitting, but he did gobble. Bear in mind though that this cat denuded a mouse and has gnawed on baby rabbits, so he will eat things that don't smell like seafood and are not on an attractive ceramic plate.

    I suppose the true taste test would be to partake of it myself, but Amazon Vine, I'm not willing to go there, even for you.

    The cans are on the smaller side, the smell was not overpowering. The product is made in Thailand, if that information would help you decide whether to purchase.

    Personally, I'm sticking to Red Lobster for my seafood. But I can't take my cat there....more info
  • This is not Fancy Feast
    Petite Cuisine is a proposed competitor to Fancy Feast. Insofar as taste, well, my cat, Matt, will eat anything, and this is no exception. He plowed right through all four flavors: red snapper, tuna and sole, tuna and shrimp and yellow fin tuna. Matt is a food addict, and I have to control his intake, giving him four measured meals a day. Only one of those meals per day is a half of a 3 ounce can of Fancy Feast or a worthwhile substitute. The caloric intake is such that giving him any more than that would double his already 17 pound size.

    In any case, I compared the Guarantee Analysis of Fancy Feast to Petite Cuisine, and here are the numbers:

    1. Crude protein: Fancy Feast...minimum 14.0%; Petite Cuisine...13%.
    2. Crude fat: Fancy Feast...minimum 3.0%; Petite Cuisine...1.5%.
    3. Crude fiber: Fancy Feast...maximum 1.5%; Petite Cuisine...1%.
    4. Moisture: Fancy Feast...maximum 78.0%; Petite Cuisine...85%.
    5. Ash: Fancy Feast...maximum 3.5%; Petite Cuisine...3%.
    6. Taurine: Fancy Feast...minimum 0.05%; Petite Cuisine...0.1%.

    In particular, I noticed that Petite Cuisine is much runnier than Fancy Feast, which has a fairly thick consistency in ground varieties and much thicker gravy in those versions as well. All together and based upon the comparison of content, I would prefer to purchase Fancy Feast; however, another factor you should consider is overall cost, especially if you are feeding more than one cat....more info
  • petite cuisine, variety pack.
    i do not like the smell of cat food. this says it is people food for cats, and it looks just like ground up fish with alot of juice. the cans are the little cans, same size as the fancy feast cans. the real testament is from my cat. she is oh so particular, even turning down many types of fancy feast and other things. this petite cuisine however, she is madly in love with it. she starts as soon as we get up, about 6am. she prances all around the kitchen meowing for her petite cuisine. once she has eaten, we don't see her for the rest of the day, she goes off to sleep. this is the first food in her life that she has felt compelled to make a fuss for. i think it has to be a winner!...more info
  • Cat Tested, Owner Approved
    We have made friends recently with an abandoned tabby cat we call Mr. Whiskers. I am sure he would be grateful for most anything on a plate at this stage, still he appears to be a gentleman of discernment. And at first whiff of Petite Cuisine, he settled down to some serious feeding and joyously licked his whiskers afterwards.

    This is an obviously high end cat food and looks and smells good enough for humans. (Let us hope in this economy it does not come to that.) As long as I can afford it I will continue feeding him this brand. I have seen pets fed cheap food develop terrible tumors on their poor little bodies, so I am committed to serving him the best I can find / afford.

    Bottom line: if you care about your pet and can afford it I highly reccommend this brand. I was quite impressed by the quality....more info
  • My cat gave these five stars...

    my cat practically inhaled this food! and it was wonderful... it didn't smell like horrible cat food it smelled like people-food.

    I recommend this....more info
  • excellent quality
    This is, at $1 a can, the most expensive cat food that I've purchased. It seemed overly expensive to me - at first. the cans are pretty and are only three ounces. At first, again, that didn't seem like much to me. But, my preconceived notions went out the window when I saw how my cats loved it. The pair of kittens kindly took turns eating from one can, but, they scarfed it down and came and begged for more. The adult cats each have been given one can a day. These cats NEVER growl at one another, but, when they're eating Petite Cuisine, they growl when another approaches. They finish each serving, inhaling it like the nectar of the gods. I'm ashamed that I'd never given this to them before and, despite the somewhat pricey bottom line and small cans, I think that this is one of the most phenomenal gifts that my cats have ever been given. ...more info
  • Finicky cats
    I have four cats and they all like this food. Since there is only one serving per can, it would be a better buy for a one cat family. It doesn't smell bad and looks nice. My daughter's kitten liked it very much. The quality of the product seemed high....more info
  • it will spoil little pussy
    My cat is fussy-and I wondered if she would like these incredibly ornate packaged delicasies.Well she went wild,and now holds out for this special set of flavors. I would get wordy here but the textures and smells entice my cat,and she is always tail up and eager when she sees these cans!Petite cuisine has sophisticated gormet taste(i think),and the packaging once again is unrivaled....more info
    I admit it, I had never heard of this brand of cat food before trying this. I was dubious to the hilt for I have a 16 year old cat that puts a new meaning to the term finicky feline!! I cannot tell you how many times I have put food in front of her only to have her walk away. She wants what she wants!! So trying this product I went in with a wary attitude. Alas, she went right for it! So far I have tried three of the flavors and she has liked each one. Being so old I have had trouble finding brands that worked well with her digestive system. I have had no problems with Petite Cuisine so far. Looks like this is a winner in my house. If you have a fussy eater try this one out. You may be pleasantly surprised!...more info
  • My cats like this
    My cats seem to enjoy this food as much as their erstwhile favorite, Wellness wet food. They are pretty fussy so I am pleased. I also like the fact that the the ingredients seem to be nourishing (no by-products) although since some reviewers have mentioned a possibly dangerous ingredient, I think I will do a little more research before ordering this again....more info
  • Good stuff
    My cat could not wait to eat some of this food. She really seemed to enjoy the food. She ate it up very quickly. In my opinion any cat would love to get some of this food....more info
  • My cats love it...
    Our cats love soft cat food, so I was not surprised when they quickly devoured Petite Cuisine.

    One of our cats is allergic to corn products, so I was pleased to discover that Petite Cuisine doesn't contain corn or corn products. It's also free of wheat gluten. Vitamin supplements are added into the food - Vitamins E, A, and D3. Our cats have digested it without any noticeable problems.

    The 24-can pack contains six cans each of "Red Snapper Entree," "Steamed Tuna & Sole Entree," "Steamed Tuna and Shrimp Entree," and "Yellow Fin Tuna Entree." Our cats especially love the Yellow Fin Tuna, and they eat every last morsel. Some pieces get left behind with the Red Snapper and the Tuna and Shrimp flavors, however, maybe because the fish pieces are larger (I suppose I could mash it up for them, though.) The product's packaging promises "no bad odors," and they're really not that bad -- unless you can't stand the smell of fish.

    Petite Cuisine seems to be kind of spendy; it costs about twice what you'd pay for a can of Friskies, and the cans of Petite Cuisine are smaller. After giving my cats Petite Cuisine, I went to the grocery store to look at similar cat food products, and discovered there are several very similar items (to P.C.) on the market, and for a lot cheaper.

    So yes, there are cheaper options. But in terms of taste and kitty appreciation, this was a hit....more info
  • Confessions of a Finicky Eater, Part Two
    Hello. My name is Maggie, and I'm a finicky eater. I'm one of three furry beings that share a dwelling with our friend Two Legs, and the food that is usually served is gross. Fancy Feast! Ugh. I refuse. Poached salmon I grudgingly nibble on because of the omega oil (makes my fur shiny). I do like sirloin steak when it is cooked precisely medium rare...but wait!

    Two Legs is opening up something new!
    It smells wonderful. Enticing.
    Looks good too.
    WOW. What a flavor.
    Tuna and Shrimp. Tuna and Sole! Yellowfin! And the Snapper is the cat's pajamas.
    I'm in heaven.
    Thank you Two Legs. From now on, only buy Petite Cuisine Variety Pack (the Chinese Chicken and Chicken Pot Pie is delectable too).
    ...more info
  • Not a winner with our four cats.
    Our four cats liked the Petite Cuisine for a couple of short weeks, but now none of them are interested in eating it (including one voracious eater who eats most anything and is the first at the bowl and the last to leave). ...more info
  • Very good but expensive
    The main reason I tried the Petite Cuisine cat food is that it does not have by-products. This food actually smells like good food; there are no bad odors (this is stated on the label blurb but I didn't actually believe it) and my cat loves it.

    The only criticism I have is the price. Almost $1 per can for the small 3oz size is pretty steep. There are other choices out there in canned cat food without by-products for much less. And choosing the larger 5.5 oz cans in any brand, while not as convenient, will save a lot of money....more info
  • My Cat Has Enjoyed Petite Cuisine
    Naturally this review is based upon my cat's intake of Petite Cuisine. She's not a particular picky eater, so I can't say much about that. However, she looks to really enjoy this brand of cat food. I have tried some brands of wet food in the past that have made her sick (I know cats seem to have digestive systems that are prone to upsetting!) Petite Cuisine did not have any effect there, and she really enjoyed all the flavors. I don't feed her wet food often, usually just some tuna fish now and then. So, although this food is expensive if you used it at every meal, it is priced about the same as tuna, so it fits my needs perfectly. I'm sure my cat will enjoy the rest of this case, and I can keep the canned tuna to myself for now :-) ...more info
  • My Cats Love It
    The ingredients in this seems to be better then "Fancy Feast" which is mostly fat. I have one finicky cat and one who will eat anything. Both love it. It is a good every other day [half way healthy] treat for them....more info
  • my cats can't get enough
    I have tried a lot, I mean a whole lot of cat food. My two cats are so picky and I can never really tell what they will eat. They loved the first can of this and I thought, well, we will see what happens in a coupld days. They go through food like Sherman through Atlanta and even though I have only had the food for a couple of days, they have eaten six cans! Little piglets. I love this food. The consistency is nice and juicey and my cats appreciate that. If you are looking for a good quality, tasty food, order this....more info
  • 12 cats later.....
    With 12 cats (1 outdoor, 2 part-time outdoor, 9 full-time indoor), it didn't take me long to test this product!

    What do you get in this package?

    SIX FOUR-PACKS of cat food. Each serving comes in a small tin, (3 ounces each), 24 tins all total. EACH four-pack includes:

    -- one Red Snapper Entr¨¦e
    -- one Steamed Tuna and Shrimp Entr¨¦e
    -- one Steamed Tuna and Sole Entr¨¦e
    -- one Yellow Fin Tuna Entr¨¦e

    As I said, each tin is a breakfast or supper-sized serving for your cat. These are the smaller-type tins, not the larger Friskies-sized ones (from which I get two servings).

    I gave each of my cats a tin of this (I included an equal number of each flavor) and just let them go to whichever bowl that they wished, which is how I always feed them (They normally get Science Diet hard food twice daily and then canned catfood once every two days for a special treat). They went after the "gravy" first and, after licking that all up, they ate the chunks of seafood. All the cats ate all the food. These cats are all orphans (former strays) and some were really ferrel when we first took them in -- now they're all spoiled and calm. Most are pretty old (seven of them are over 10 years old). One cat is especially finicky about her food but she ate this product just fine.

    This catfood (like most catfood) is sort of nasty looking when you open a tin but that's because all the good chunks of meat have settled to the bottom. The fairly clear gravy has some thickness, not watery.

    I'll give you the ingredients list here from the Red Snapper Entr¨¦e: fish broth, Tuna filets, Red Snapper Fillets, soy bean oil, tricalcium phosphate, Guar gum, calcium sulfate, Carrageenan, vitamins and minerals (Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin A supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement), zinc sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, manganese sulfate, Menadione sodium bisulfate complex (source of Vitamin K activity), Riboflavin supplement, folic acid, Pryidoxine hydrochloride, copper amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex.

    Guarantee analysis: crude protein (min) 13%, crude fat (min) 1.5%, crude fiber (max) 1%, moisture (max) 85%, ash (max) 3%, taurine (min) 0.1%. This catfood contains no Wheat Gluten.

    The breakdown on all four flavors runs about the same. Two of my cats are diabetic (they each get two insulin injections per day) which means, in the real world, that they throw up quite often. This food did not make them throw up.

    I can definitely recommend this catfood with these two caveats:

    -- it's pricey.
    -- they still like one type of Friskies brand slightly better (they fight over it): Salmon Dinner.

    Given those two items, this catfood is a winner. Highly recommended....more info
  • More watery than expected; cats are not digesting it well
    Our cats usually get the "green can" Fancy Feast shredded varieties (they aren't interested in the green can souffle types, and the Florentine varieties give them gastric problems). The green can stuff is more elegant cat food, not amorphous brown blobs. Petite Cuisine cat food, while something they dove into, was much more watery than the meat-packed Fancy Feasts, and they have been suffering from loose bowels ever since we started them on the test cans. We're going to do one can every three days to see if they can handle that, with the green can stuff on the other two days. I'll report back....more info
  • Source of protein and hearty enough to serve as one meal
    First of all, your cat should hopefully like fish-flavored foods, because obviously this variety pack is all seafood - yellowfin, snapper, tuna, and shrimp. And if your cat is picky about which fish he/she likes, you won't be breaking the bank by discarding the cans of the flavors he/she doesn't approve of. There is also a chicken variety pack available by Petite Cuisine, which contains Chinese chicken and chicken pot pie dishes. Give that a try if your cat is simply a lover of all foods.

    The food actually could pose as human food if someone was unaware they were being served cat food. But do yourself a favor and just buy a can of tuna or whatever it is you like - leave the cat food to the cats. The dishes are quite moist with chunks of meat/fish and broth. They are a source of protein and are hearty enough to serve as one meal for a small cat. You may try adding dry food if one can isn't enough. Or simply use two cans and order more as necessary....more info
  • The cat seems pleased.
    The cat went right for this food, no hesitation. I rate 4 out of 5 stars because the canned food is too low in protein and fats to use the main pet diet. I recommend this product with the caveat that you supplement it with additional protein and fats (a dry food would be good)....more info
  • A Cats Love It
    I have three cats that are picky eaters. They like a very small number of cat foods, but this is one type they do enjoy. Some wet foods are too high in fiber or protein and smell particularly bad. This food looks like real fish and has enough juice that it keeps the kitties licking their chops for hours after....more info
  • My cats seem to enjoy this food - I give it two paws up
    I decided to try this food based on the simple fact that my cats really enjoy canned foods with a seafood theme. We have three cats in our household, all siblings, two males and a female, around one and half years of age. We typically feed them dry food and supplement the occasional can of wet stuff.

    I have to say that they really appear to enjoy all four of the flavors included in this package. They devoured all of the cans with gusto, and licked their paws appreciatively afterwards. From their viewpoint, the food was certainly a hit.

    This product is made in Thailand, just as an FYI for anyone who might be interested.

    I'll recommend it, but I'd be out of line if I didn't mention that this is something of a "gourmet" brand. The marketing concept, the packaging, and the quality of the ingredients all point to a product that's clearly aimed at cat owners with a little disposable income. Truth is, there are a couple of less costly wet foods (Fancy Feast, for one) on the market that are just as good from a nutritional and taste standpoint, you just have to search carefully for them.

    On the other hand, buying el cheapo pet foods is usually not a good idea, either, since the cheaper brands use a lot of filler and have much higher proportions of inert ingredients like ash. My advice is to read labels and understand what you're getting. This food is probably on a par with something like Science Diet. It's good, healthy pet food, much like the organic foods that people spend more money on for themselves. ("Empty" calories aren't just a problem in the dysfunctional human food chain, unfortunately. Note to Michael Pollan: take up that subject in your next book, but please be sure to give me a shout-out for the idea.)

    All in all, not a bad product. My cats definitely enjoyed trying it. ...more info
    Would of given this 5 star if it was cheaper. I love the small cans for convenience but not willing to pay for the cost of it. I liked that their was no gagging fishy smell as some cat foods have. My cats loved this food and would of eaten 2 cans at a time if I let her. I will consider keeping this on hand for those times when I need the small can convenience. However, can not afford to purchase this all the time. ...more info
  • She never turns up her nose
    I don't know if it's typical or not, but our cat gets tired of any flavor of canned cat food after a while. Sometimes she'll eat a flavor one day, but turn up her nose at it a week later. We vary the flavors, but she's picky. We've been trying the Petite Cuisine for several weeks now, and the four different flavors seem to give her plenty of variety -- she hasn't refused it yet. Here's hoping that continues! ...more info
  • Quality cat food
    I gave this to the family cat for Christmas this year and he likes it. He's not a very picky eater for a cat, but he turns his nose up at some things occasionally--this food was not one of those things. The ingredients that are used in the food are surprisingly "sophisticated",and should draw-in some of Amazon's more bourgeois pet owners. ...more info
  • My Cats Love It
    My cats really seem to like this food. It does look like people food (the tuna and shrimp variety even has little shrimps in it). It is quite a bit more expensive than my usual brand of canned cat food (Fancy Feast), but it obviously contains whole seafood, which Fancy Feast does not.

    I dinged it one star because it is very watery, but otherwise I have no complaints. Unlike some canned cat foods, Petite Cuisine does not smell bad (as long as you don't mind a fishy smell). I would buy this again if I saw it on sale, but I probably wouldn't pay full price for it....more info
  • Cuisine for kitties
    We've gone through all of the flavors now three times. Both cats chowed down quite happily on the food. The boy got quite vocal and insistent the next few days about how much he wanted more of the wet food. Far, far more vocal than he got after getting the 9 Lives canned food before. Judging from that it seems to be tastier.

    It definitely looks more appealing to me. Actual flakes of fish, small shrimp, no unpleasant smell beyond a slight seafood smell. After putting the food into a bowl the can doesn't look nasty either. White interior, no discoloration spots. A quick rinse gets rid of any remaining juices before tossing the can in the recycle bin.

    Can is made of aluminum, not steel. Cans are opened with a pull-tab, no can opener required. The other cat food we had varied; some flavors had a tab on the can to open it and others required a can opener. In our house it's much nicer when it has a tab to open. Otherwise I had to go hunting for the can opener after pulling the bowls out of the cupboard. And of course the cats heard the clang of the bowls coming out of the cupboard which meant they appeared within seconds and promptly started exclaiming how much they wanted the wet stuff while weaving in between the legs in an attempt to get me to give them the food as fast as possible. We all know how difficult it can be to dodge cats weaving around underfoot while digging through drawers and cupboards searching for the can opener.

    Amusingly, the label lists the product as being gluten free. Not something I expected to see on the label.

    Overall we're pleased. I'm not offended by the way the product looks or smells and the cats love it. My only complaint is that it is rather pricey compared to other options.

    Update Feb 17, 2009:
    Well, after trying this I started sampling some other upscale cat foods. I also started reading the ingredients. I had no idea that wheat gluten was such a common ingredient. Now that makes sense.

    As for price, it is close to the price range for other upscale / premium / gourmet (whatever you want to call the small expensive cans) cat foods. Without subscribe & save the pricing is a bit higher here compared to what the other premium foods go for in the local stores. With subscribe & save there isn't as much difference.

    I didn't think I would want to spend this much on cat food yet I just ordered some more. To me there is significant value in that it doesn't have that 'canned cat food' smell. You know what I'm talking about, and it really isn't a great way to wake up in the morning. It also helps that Petite Cuisine is more visually appealing than the other stuff.

    The menadione thing? From what I can find that may be valid. Most of the stuff online references (and quotes) one article but the material safety sheet does have notes about toxicity of the substance to human organs at high doses. It is in other pet foods as well, not just Petite Cuisine, so if you're concerned about it you need to read the label of any product.

    I did contact the company asking about it and stated that I was concerned about its use in their product. If enough people contact them about it explaining their concern they may rethink using it as an ingredient. For me, I'll probably use it in rotation with other foods. Hopefully I can find something that doesn't stink and doesn't have any potentially objectionable ingredients....more info
  • Good Quality Cat Food for "People Food" Cats
    We have two cats, both of whom can be finicky eaters. One cat is a "people food" lover; he will eat almost anything that we eat (turkey is his favorite). The first time we introduced this food to him, he lapped it up. The other cat does not touch "people food" at all. He took one sniff of this food and turned on his heels. We tried all flavors and he wouldn't eat any of them.

    So, if you have a cat who loves "people food", Petite Cuisine will probably satisfy him. This cat food is of high quality with no "by-products" and comes in single serving pop-top cans. Highly recommended for cats that are open to new flavors but may not be for those that prefer to stick with what they know....more info
  • Petite Cuisine Cat Food
    This reminds me a lot of Fancy Feast. Looks almost the same. Small cans but since it is rich your cat does not need more at one time. I split the little can of it between my two cats and give it to them once a day as a treat and they love it. One is 5 months old and the other 18 months old. Now when they hear the top pop they come running for it. It does not have a bad odor like Fancy Feast though....more info
  • Great cat food but it is a little pricy
    My finicky cat LOVED these petite cuisines. He would scarf them down. The ingredients are wholesome, lots of juices and you could actually see the real tuna, mini shrimps and so forth. The only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars because it is really expensive in the stores. But if money is no object for your little 4 legged feline friends, then I highly recommend this cat food....more info


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