Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

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  • Not for small children!!!
    Unlike the original classic Scooby Doo, this video/movie has no place in a young child's view. My 4 year old is still having nightmares from it -- my own fault, I trusted Scooby Doo to have remained family friendly, and it wasn't. The scenes of people turning into zombies, cat creatures, and werewolves are too much for a young child's imagination. In this story, the ghosts are *real* and when the masks don't come off at the end, there is no happy resolution that lets a 4 year old sleep well at night. Disappointing to have to pre-screen SD from now on....more info
  • Bad movie for young kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Timothy Lee-you should be ashamed to let your 4 year old watch this movie over and over. This movie crosses many lines of cartoon and horror flick. Compared to the other Scooby movies, this is more graphic and not quite so much fun. It is fine for teens and up, but get real. This shouldn't be a movie called a 'family' movie, and you should be doing the responsible thing and knowing what is OK and what isn't for young children to watch. Your 4 year old relies on you to be his parent-so be one!...more info
  • a disgrace to the scooby pedigree
    this movie takes a departure from the orginal series, and not a welcome one at that. The monsters were all orginally humans who were plotting something, and dressed up to scare everyone away. Corny ? yes but it was good. There are real monsters in this one and it is much more scary. The only redeeming value: No Scrappy....more info
  • Scooby-Doo, There you are!
    Because it is so difficult to integrate the genre of horror with the genre of comedy, I have come to deeply respect all movies capable of it. To this end my love of The Mummy, and this film as well; Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island.

    Sound: 4.5/5
    Could have used some more background music, but all in all, not bad. They even got Third Eye Blind to sing the Scooby theme. Now, that's Scooby power!

    Graphics: 5/5
    I don't care if it was a cartoon. The graphics were still perfect! Better by far than they were in the original series...

    Story Concept: 4.5/5
    Better than most. Nearly perfect. Scooby and the gang are reunited from a breakup, and travel off to an island in Louisiana, where they discover the place is filled with restless ghosts and terrifying zombies!

    Story Presentation: 4.5/5
    Hmmm... Almost, but no. Still not quite perfect. There are monster fights, truly scary stuff and real monsters this time, not just men in masks. That's good (at least, I think it's good. Little kids might not like it that much.) But their supernatural enemies at the end of the film were, I thought, too weak and easily defeated. That could do with some changing. All in all, though, they obviously wanted to make the movie creepy, and this they did with flying colors.

    Acting: 4.5/5
    The actors did a pretty good job, but sadly, they weren't the actors I was hoping to see. The woman who did Velma sounded nothing like her, and Shaggy was not played by Casey Kasem for once (which kinda bugged me.) Still, every actor did all they could, and they nearly got it perfect. Not bad.

    All in All: 4.6/5
    A very enjoyable Scooby movie. I was surprised so many people bashed it, since from a formal design elements point of view, it was really very good. Still, it takes a certain type of person to enjoy a movie like this. You have to be able to like silly comedy and slapstick, and also like zombies, haunted houses and giant beasts. If you enjoyed "The Mummy," you should enjoy this. The only difference between the two films is that this film also has the irresistable charm of famous characters we've all known and loved since our childhoods. That, in my mind, makes it a great. This is what the original Scooby-Doo is like after having grown up, and is therefore one of the few films I number among those that truly got it right. Scooby-Doo, here you are!...more info

  • Not quite the same ole Scooby Doo, and very scary!
    My 2+ year old daughter LOVES Scooby Doo (as do I; we have enjoyed several of the "Classics" also purchased from Amazon). However, we BOTH found *this* Scooby to be very scary ... PLUS the voices of most characters are *new*.. Shaggy just isn't the same without Casey Kasem at the helm. I say stick to the old Classics....more info
  • Probably the worst Scooby Doo ever
    As a decades-long Scooby watcher, I was surprised that I just hated this one. I don't keep up with who writes or directs these various episodes and movies, but this one seemed completely out of the same league as all the others. None of that great subtle humor that I am used to in the others, and downright too scary for little kids, not to mention just plain stupid. But, if you are tired of the other Scoobs and want one where the danger actually turns out real, then this might be for you....more info
  • Awesome movie! My son loved it....
    The gang was great and as was the story line. My 3 year old enjoyed it as much as I did as he is in the "RAARRRR" stages and he loves this. It surprised me when I found out that they were real monsters and was wary about my son watching it, but it being a cartoon and all, i am sure it won't have any long term effects on him. He wasn't scared in the least. He was "Wow, Monster! RARRR!" I cannot believe some of the ratings some people gave this. I can understand where they are coming from, but come on, this is just a cartoon. Let the kids know that this is not real and that it is a little scary, if they scare easily. Also if you are uncomfortable to show it to them at night, do it during the day. Otherwise do not buy it and read the reviews on it....more info
  • ALERT!!!!!!!! this isn't for young children!!!!
    this is not a movie for kids! it has real monsters (i know the box tells you that but the art of the film is very grapic and the story is very much ment for adults) so be sure you watch this movie before you show it to kids.
    now as for the movie it's self it really isn't very good and isn't part of the scooby-doo series as far as i see it!!! just plain not good!!!!!!!!...more info
  • is this really appropriate for kids?
    this is a version of the old cartoon.di you know that casey kason,the top 40 guy,did shaggys voice?its good.dont get me wrong,but for a kids movie theres an awful lot of subtle drug and sex humor.the old cartoon was littered with it.the scooby doo gang hasnt been together in a long time due to personal differences.the guy at zombie island feigns a mystery to bring them together again.however,theres more afoot than anyone realizes.i think smaller kids will like it and not understand about the under 10 will probaly catchon some.13 will definately know.its the best scooby doo production ive ever seen.i think just anyone can like this one.even some adults say thay thought it was humorous.daffanyis a really emotional yet rather attractive damzellee in distress.that means shes the hot chick in this is very much consistent with the old cartoon.shaggy is still a hippie with a talking dog with a speech impediment.the main dude is still stuck on himself.daffney always ends up in trouble all the time.belma is a nerdy girl.ya see?the shaggy character was done quite well and is very belivable as the new version of the old shagster.i had an idea just now!austin powers meets scooby doo!this could be quite good.this isnt the lame hollywood rip off film paid for by disney it sounds like.its good and you should buy it for your kids!...more info
    This review will ruin the mystery so do not read it if you don't want to know.

    This was a really cool update of the classic Scooby Doo formula. The gang have new clothes, new jobs and new voices. The movie is self-aware but not to the point that it becomes really annoying. The animation is also much better and not so cheap looking. There are shadows, out of focus backgrounds and 3-dimensional shots. Also, the same background does not repeat itself over and over when Shaggy and Scooby are running.

    The plot is about a haunted mansion in a Louisiana bayou and the Mystery Inc. effort to unravel it. But the gang have split up. Daphne Blake is a talk show host, Fred is her producer, Velma Dinkly is a bookstore owner and Shaggy and Scooby are...unemployed. They reunite to go on the road for Daphne's birthday. That is when they come across an opportunity to solve a REAL mystery. Much to the disappointment of Fred the zombies are real. There are no fake masks and no scams. I think this is very refreshing.

    The new, re-vamped Scooby Doo franchise is full of potential and this movie along with, "Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost" and "Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders" uses that potential very well. If only they were longer. Just over 70 minutes ain't enough.

    The DVD is in Dolby Surround and is in fullscreen....more info

  • Scooby at his best!
    I have loved Scooby Doo, since I was a child. Now that I'm and adult I still love Scooby, he is classic. Anytime I need to be cheered up, I turn on Scooby and it always seems to work. And this movie is Scooby at his best, the animation is much better quality and the story line is appropiate for all ages. Great movie!...more info
  • Ok, Movie
    This movie is ok. It is not one of my favorite Scooby movies. I don't think that it is as good as the Cyber Chase and Witch's Ghost movies. It is worth watching once. I do plan on buying it so that I can have it in my collection of Scooby DVDs....more info
  • Disappointing Movie
    I loved Scooby Doo as a youngster and still enjoy watching it sometimes with the kids, but was really disappointed with this movie I bought them. It starts out good, but the ending is poor. In fact my younger one (3yrs) who watches the old scooby doo's is afraid of it. Even my older two (10 & 7 yrs) don't care the way they talked about cat gods and killing of people in a swamp. I would recommend you consider a different Scooby Doo movie for the youngsters....more info
  • Great Movie!
    I've always adored " Scooby Doo" since i was 8 and this movie was a excellent comeback for him, i saw this on Cartoon Network and thought it was great.

    It's the story of Scooby, Shaggy and friends who take a vacation in a southern made Island to investagate a strange going on, now they discovered that the Island is cursed by dark forces including the undead, will they make it out alive or end up as bait for the darkness?

    Very entertaining and thrilling Scooby flick inspired by the old 40's voodoo flicks and Lucio Fulci Italian horror flicks, this is a must see for fans of Scooby or Zombie lovers.

    Similar movies recommended: Lucio Fulci's Zombie, City of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Cat People, An American Werewolf in London, Day of the Dead, Lucio Fulci's The Beyond, Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Return of the Living Dead, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie and Creepshow....more info

  • scoony-doo on zombie island
    this is a great scooby-doo movie my 4 year old will seat and watch it over and over again...more info
  • Entertaining video
    I thought this movie was awesome. It was a little scarier than some of the others that unmask the bad guys in the end. My 10 year old gets a little spooked by it. But, who's to say that Scooby Doo is just for kids! I've been watching Scooby since I was a little kid. Some of the new ones are a little korny, but I really enjoyed this one. Maybe just preview it for yourself before your little ones watch it (which isn't a bad idea for most things that are out there for our kids to watch these days)....more info
  • The Best Scooby-Doo I've Ever Seen!
    Please don't read if you don't even want a hint of spoilers.

    This movie was remarkable in that the gang finally had a true supernatural mystery with no fakes in it whatsoever. It was actually very funny in how Fred insisted there MUST be a fake somewhere! The updates to the characters were neat as well; it's still the same old gang, but we finally see some growth.
    The story was very well written, the art was beautiful, and we very much enjoyed the soundtrack as well. It was a real adventure, and not just a 'catch the crook in the mask' caper. We watch it over and over....more info

  • Watch out, parents!
    This is not the Scooby you grew up with where the gang always proved to themselves (and their viewers) that monsters were never real and you didn't need to be scared. I loved being just a little scared as a child because I knew, in the end, the gang would come through and show that the monsters were just silly bad guys trying to scare everyone. As a parent, this was a message I liked my little ones to get. I could always say, "See? There are no real monsters or ghosts. It was just a sneaky bad guy who is going to jail." This is a great lesson for impressionable minds. Leave it to modern "advances" to add real ghosts and zombies to this formula! It really confused my kids who kept waiting for the bad guys to get arrested and proven to be fake. That message is obliterated in this movie. I am not a fanatic but this isn't the message I want for my small children and isn't that Scooby's real audience?...more info
  • Far Fetched
    Just like in the 70s and 80s, the producers of Scooby Doo made a movie completely out of Mystery Inc.'s catagory. Though called the most realistic of the fictional Scooby movies, it doesn't make up for the poor voice and mediocre animation. The highlight of this film is the music, though. The soundtrack combines rock and classic scores together. Another good thing is the interesting twist at the end of the movie. But sadly, the good things of this movie cannot help this poor quality film enough to make it good....more info
  • Scooby's Ultimate Movie, But Beware.
    For some time Scooby Doo was all but retired and made a brief comeback with "Laughalympics." In 1998, the original Scooby Doo gang would reunite to make this phenomenal movie. But do beware. PG 13 would probably be a more appropriate rating for this movie. It goes to levels Scooby Doo never before went. And while well done, it would probably be a good idea for parents to screen it first and then decide if it is appropriate for children. Well, that said, this Scooby movie is quite arguably Scooby's greatest movie. To make sense of Scooby's long retirement, there is a flashback with Scooby and the gang solving yet another mystery. Some time passes, and the gang has went their seperate ways. Daphne and Fred have a television show and decide they want to see some real ghosts. Except for Fred, the voice casting is different. But they did a good job of finding voices that at least resembled the original voices. (If it's any comfort, the original voice cast would eventually reunite for the 5th and 6th movies.) Moving on, the gang does get back together, and they head towards New Orleans in hopes of seeing some real ghosts. (2 of the 5 parties are of course reluctant. Guess which 2.) Down in Louisiana, they find some more cases of just 'bad guys in masks.' Later they meet Lena who flirts with Fred and offers to show them her employer's (Simone's) haunted house. They also meet Jaques who seems nice enough and the gardener who does not seem so nice. After Scooby fights with Simone's cats, Simone is understandably annoyed, but she agrees to let the gang in. Soon afterwards, we see some things that appear to indicate the presence of ghosts, but as any Scooby fan knows, there might be a rational explanation, and if so, what is the motive? Scooby and Shaggy offer some comical moments with their too healthy appetities. Soon afterwards, clues start appearing that would make us suspect that some real ghosts are involved, but there is some room for doubt. One thing about this Scooby movie is that the expansion from 30 minutes to 90 or so is a good one. It gives us time to remeet the gang, and time to wonder if the ghosts are real or not, and enjoy some welcome suspense as well. Of all Scooby's adventures, this is one of the LEAST contrived and predictable. Another thing you will notice in this Scooby movie is a surprisingly intense soundtrack. (And I had NO problem whatsoever with that!) In a typical Scooby fashion, the gang gets separated and the horror unfolds. This is one ending I won't give away. But I will say true horror unfolds as we find that surprises shock us for a moment, but then make sense upon discovery. The explosion of misleads enables us to say: "Oh! No wonder!" In all honesty, this movie is more frightening than a lot of so called horror on the market. And perhaps the most frightening moment in this movie is when the 'villain' explains the events that preceeded that of the movie. Good writers seem to know that recognition is often the most horror filled aspect of a story. Again, I consider this a strong contender for Scooby's greatest movie, but do be warned. It may very well be too much for young children. ...more info
  • scooby dooby do
    i grew up watching scooby and i still love it . this movie was great it was actually mayhave tampered with the clasic series a liite bit but i still like should be noted thought hat scooby fans under 7 might be frigtend....more info
  • Too Scary!!!!
    I grew up watching the old Scooby cartoons on TV, and my 5-year old son now loves the cartoons and movies too. I have purchased several of the movies for him, and most of them have been fine, but this one is too scary for his age group. There are dead people rising from graveyards and walking around scaring people. Too dark and evil for me--I gave it away. Choose something less scary if you have younger children (age 3 to 10)....more info
  • Warning: Parents Beware!
    This is NOT for kids! One of the great things about Scooby Doo is that it shows kids that the ghosts and goblins are just crooks in masks. Zombie Island is a HUGE disappointment. I was lucky to see this before my 6 year old did (and now he won't). It is great for adults, however. It has all of the usual mystery and classic animation you expect but the ending is not typical. There should have been a warning on the package. I will be more careful in the future....more info
  • Not for young children........alligators eat innocent people.........
    in a flashback sequence. The cat people are truly frightening, and I will NOT let my children see this one. They were disappointed when we had to stop the DVD. I'm glad I didn't waste any money buying it. I can see it being thrilling for tweens and up - it's a low-key horror movie for that age - but it's not the Scooby Doo that I remember and want my children to enjoy....more info
  • GIVE IT A REST!!!!
    Im actually 17 years old,but I changed my e-mail adress. For all the parents out there afraid the kids will be afraid I say shut up. One parent said not for kids under 10.10? Fifth grade? Man. This has got to be the best scooby movie in a long time! To make it better, it was real monsters. I know the great thing about the old series was that the monsters were fake,but it got corny and somewhat stupid after a while. I began to realize that there was no point in solving the mystery if the monsters were just people in masks.They could'nt do any real harm. Now these zombies can actually KILL YOU. I agree dont let kids under 3 watch it,but if they are 7 and over, give it a chance. They're more mature than you know. OVERALL, GREAT FILM !!!!11...more info
  • Where's the mask?
    This movie is not at all what I was expecting from Scooby Doo. My son and I love Scooby and watch everything from the television shows to all of his movies. This one is different because the zombies and cat monsters are real--no masks with bad guys under them! Great, that's all I need. I have a hard enough time convincing my son that monsters aren't real. In the other Scooby Doo shows, this is reinforced, but not in this one. I was disappointed that the box didn't have a warning to keep me from buying such a horrible show. I would NOT recommend....more info
  • Fun to watch
    My two children,age six and three, never get bored of this movie. I must admit, I enjoy viewing it with them. You don't have to be a big Scooby Doo fan to sit through this flick. It gets two thumbs up from my family....more info
  • What a difference a decade makes!
    I have purchased all of the updated Scooby-Doo cartoon movies so far. I believe there are five to date and I also believe that they are a definite improvement over the old 70's cartoon. I won't viciously bash the classic cartoon except to say Hanna-Barbara's use of low-tech sound and animation shortcuts were very tiresome before. (i.e. The overuse of the limited number of people they hired for voice talent [Casey "Shaggy" Casum excluded] and the looping scenery as seen in almost every H&B toon of that period.)Zombie Island has changed everything for Mystery Inc. from the insertion of real "X-Files" type plots to excellent scenery, coloring techniques and high quality animation. The gang finds themselves on a tour of Louisana to try to find "real ghost mysteries" for Daphne's television show. Since a fair share of Louisiana's history deals with supernatural legends such as "voodoo" zombies and vampires it was really quite fascinating to watch this realm develop in a "realistic/fantasy" sort of way. Another neat aspect of these movies has to be the attempt to show the viewer a little history and culture about wherever the mystery is taking place. For example, Zombie Island takes place in Louisiana and it makes a rather decent facsimile of the culture, architecture, cuisine, local habitants and the appearance of that region. The humor in Zombie Island is subtle and enjoyable. Fred scoffs at his outdated ascot and Shaggy's suitcase is full of identical clothing to what he's always wearing. There is a flirty "romantic development" between Fred and Daphne and questions are always asked about what Fred's intentions are whenever he separates the group and excludes Velma from his section of the search party. Shaggy and Scooby's silly antics are kept traditionally intact which is one of the best features of all the new movies. There are some new traditions and lots of old. So in closing, I'm giving Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island five stars and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did it makes an excellent addition to any dvd collection....more info
  • Way too scary for younger kids
    This Scooby Doo video is much too scary for kids under 10 or so: the zombies are truly frightening, a la Night of the Living Dead, and both they and the cat monsters in the story turn out to be _real_ -- very different from most Scooby Doo stories where the monster turns out to be a regular human in disguise. There's a scene where Fred tries to pull a zombie's "mask" off and ends up pulling off the creature's head -- in a kids' video?? What were the video makers thinking?!

    We made the mistake of letting our 6-year-old Scooby Doo fan watch this without screening it ourselves first (we figured "It's Scooby Doo, it'll be fine") and we were very sorry -- it gave him nightmares. So we advise other parents of young children -- see this one yourself before you decide whether your kids can watch it; it's not the Scooby Doo you remember from your own childhood....more info
  • Breathes fresh life into the '70s TV show
    The first of four new Scooby Doo movies is better than the '70s TV show. I'm a fan of them for quite some time, and it was quite a pleasant surprise to see them use new people to voice the ghost-chasing crew. (Don't kid me, I liked the voices for the show also.)

    Also, it takes a fresh and exciting turn into the ghosts and the supernatural of New Orleans, when the team comes back to try and pursue real ghosts/monsters for Daphne's TV show, they run into a pretty young thing that strikes up interest in Fred (voiced by Tara Charendoff-Strong, who plays Gwen in the two "Sabrina" movies), who says that her boss's mansion is haunted and invites them over to investigate, which leads into unexpecting and scary stuff.

    What makes this movie and its sequels exciting is their turn into supernatural/ghosts that is real, not people in suits (some people and kids will be disappointed by this). Also, the animation is more bold and colorful. Lastly and mostly, the actors who voice them breathe fresh life and brings them from the '70s into the '90s-2000's.

    What I can say about this is that demanding Scooby-Doo fans can stay away, if they expect bad guys in suits and masks. If fans of it expect a plot twist and REAL scary stuff, then this is for you.

    Not rated, contains some animated violence and subject matter that may be too much for small fry....more info

  • Making a Classic "Hip".
    I'm not sure exactly what started the Scooby-Doo revival. Scooby was big in the early 70's through the mid 80's but then went out of style about the time Ronald Reagan started his second term as President. However, I have a strong hunch that it wasn't kids that originally started Scooby's return. No, I believe it was young adults like myself longing for a bit of nostalgia. However, you couldn't just bring back Scooby and the gang. I mean, the cartoon was so 70's (wasn't that part of the charm?). So, the whole cast gets a makeover and everyone in Mystery, Inc. is given a "modern" sensibility.

    The gang (well actually Daphne) got tired of tracking down monsters only to find they were people in masks. So, she broke up the gang and went off and started a talk show. Fred became her producer and cameraman and the two of them started dating. Velma went off and opened a mystery book store and Shaggy and Scooby, well, traveled around earning their eats.

    Fred gets the gang together to celebrate Daphne's birthday and travel together to investigate "haunted houses" as a new segment on Daphne's show. The only problem is that, the monsters are still just people in masks. That is until they reach Zombie Island where there aren't just real zombies, but real ghosts, and other monsters.

    The movie has a good plot. It was nice to see Scooby and the gang in a modern setting instead of the retro time warp they used to live in. However, this definitely isn't a kids movie. There is a lot of stuff with the supernatural that had this been a "real" movie, rather than animated, it would have warranted a PG-13 rating. Had I seen this version of Scooby when I was five or younger, it probably would have given me nightmares. Nevertheless, for older children it probably won't be a problem at all and adults who were fans of the old Scooby will probably enjoy this movie best....more info

  • Scooby Doo! How could you!
    I bought this DVD for my son who is 4 years old. He has been having the "monsters in the closet" problem lately. I figured that I could present him with the Scooby Doo I grew up with, which taught us that monsters & ghosts weren't real. They were just bad guys in masks. Much to my surprise, the new episodes are all about the supernatural. In the new episodes, monsters and ghosts do exist. The new episodes are also more frightening than the original episodes. I am sorely disappointed....more info
  • The gang is back, and they're better than ever!
    Scooby-Doo and the gang are back, in the first of a new series of direct to video Scooby-Doo Movies. This time, the gang is dealing with some real horrors.
    After years of finding nothing but crooks in masks, the gang gives up on ever finding any REAL ghosts. So, much like in the live-action movie (only this one came first), Mysteries, Inc. splits up. Shaggy and Scooby get jobs as customs agents, but are fired when they can't help themselves and eat all the contraband food. Velma opens her own Mystery book store, sorta reminiscent of what Ray did in Ghostbusters 2. And apparently Fred and Daphne couldn't pull apart from each other. Daphne became the star of her own investigative TV series, with Fred as her adoring Producer and one man crew.
    As Daphne's Birthday approaches, she plans to start a special theme on her show, Haunted America! Daphne intends to search the country for REAL ghosts, starting in atmospheric New Orleans. As a birthday surprise, Fred gathers the old gang back together and Mysteries, Inc. is back in action! For a while they have no luck though. They are still finding nothing but men in masks. Until they run into a beautiful girl named Lena, who claims to live on a REAL haunted island. From there on, things get REALLY scary.
    Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is full of great laughs and scares, and a great story too, one that isn't dumbed down for little kids. The gang is totally updated, and yet Daphne still looks gorgeous! And for those of you who have always wanted to see some romance between Daph and Freddie, well, here you go! The first in a great new line of videos that every Scooby-Doo fan should enjoy, unless you're hung up on the masked criminal stuff. I for one am glad to see things go REAL for a change! And the Scooby-Doo gang has never been so well animated! Pick up a copy today! I can't wait to replace my VHS with the DVD!...more info
  • Scobby Doo is back and scared than ever.
    Scooby Doo makes a comeback from his 3 films in the late 80's. And this time they added Scooby Doo Where Are You? But the movie is short. The first 3 was between 90-95 minutes long. But it seems that that it got cut down short. The movie clocks at about 77 minutes. Scooby Doo and Shaggy star in this you must love to watch me eat movie.

    This time there is no Scrappy Doo. But the whole gang is here. But they have broken up because the monstars/ghosts are bad guys in maskes. Daphne has her own show while Fred runs it. Velma opened her own mystery bookstore, and Scooby and Shaggy has both gotten jobs at the same airport. But get fired when thier boss catchs them not working. A few seconds later Shaggy gets a phone call from Fred. Shaggy cliams that Scooby and him was just thinking of taking some time off.

    Fred is inviting Shaggy and Scooby along for the ride to find a real haunted house for Daphne's viewers. The show is entering its second season. Fred aslo invited Velma along too. And she was saving a box of Scooby Snacks for a long time. But now they are no good. Daphne wishes to find a real haunted house. She is tired of finding fake ghosts.

    And just so happens that she gets her wish. A young woman was listening in on the talking and decides to show them her bosses haunted house. Shaggy and Scooby are off eating at the time. (of course). Her name is Lena. And her bosses name is Simone. But Simone doesn't like dogs. So she has cats. Lots of cats. How does Simone keep track of them?

    And the house is really haunted. And with lots of hot peppers. Simone doesn't have tv on her island. Scooby Doo gets Simone all shook up after he chases her cats. So she wants something done about Scooby. Simone welcomes Scooby to her kitchen if that will keep him from catching cats. I think this must be the scariest Scooby Doo film of all the films so far. Some secens make give little kids nightmares. But still good movie....more info

  • Please make it PG-13
    This is definitely Scary. For young children this movie is way too scary and my kids don't freak to easily.

    I can see how others like it. But becareful how you intriduce it to your child.
    ...more info
  • Welcome back Scooby-Doo
    I've been watching Scooby-Doo for more than 20 years, it's one of my favorite cartoon shows, when it was really a good show, before that stupid Scrappy came into the show.

    Anyway, the Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is one of my favorite movies. When they decide to get back the Scooby show again and the movies, this was the first one, back in 1999. Like I said, for me is the best one. I like the new look on the characters, the story, everything.

    If I were going to end the Scooby-Doo show (and the movies) forever, this should have been the last movie or last episode of the show. I mean, it's been a couple of years since the gang were split, and they reunite for like a one last mystery and the cool thing is that this time, the monsters are real. Some people didn't like that, but that's the cool part of the movie.

    Besides all that, the animation is very cool, like watching some anime movie, the colors area great, the music, everything, it's just Scooby-Doo....more info
  • Better Than Much Horror On The Market
    With only a few exceptions, I find many horror movies to be pure nonsense. They are implausible, often the story takes a back seat to blood and gore, and character development is often poor. "Scooby Doo On Zombie Island" seems to nail down an ideal pattern. The characters are well developed, the story is well constructed, and the misleads are well placed. Also, the solution to the mystery is not obvious, but a sharp observer can notice things along the way that point up to solving the mystery. Do the horror aspects pass plausibility? Yes, but instead of jumping way beyond the plausible line, it steps over it just enough to surprise you and put you in suspense. I call this an ideal horror movie because the scarey aspects are placed into the story well, and it is not the effects or graphics that can scare you, but the gradual unfolding of the situation. The soundtrack is also well placed. I highly suggest this video not only to Scooby Doo fans, but horror fans as well....more info
  • Lots of fun -- Know your kids!
    My daughter's turning 3 in two weeks and loves it -- so, incidentally, do my 9-year old and I. I was concerned that it might be too intense for her, but with us sitting there with her and explaining "She's turning into a monster!" and "Oooh, here come the zombies!" she found it thrilling. Would some kids be scared? Sure. One size does not fit all. It's fun for (most) ages -- see it and use your own judgment....more info
  • Wow.
    I saw "Zombie Island" on cartoon network and wow
    that has to be the best Scooby doo movie i'v ever seen
    it was scary so i recomond it for kids 6 and up...more info
  • Great new Scoob!
    This one almost gets a 5 just from the fact that it is a new Scooby Movie, but it does deserve the stars anyway. The music and story are great, and the plot twist at the end is quite surprising (at least as Scooby Doo goes!)....more info
  • Parents... be warned!
    If you are a parent of a child under five, or a parent seeking to avoid disturbing content and images for your older children... this is not the Scooby Doo you saw as kids! Certainly, it's animated, but animated can absolutely be intense and scary. As a kid, I felt a sense of relief (everything was right with the world again) when the "monsters" were unmasked. They were just "bad guys" after all, usually out for some monetary gain. In this updated version, the monsters are "real", some intent on draining the blood from innocent victims as part of a ritualistic sacrifice. At the end, the spirits of very scary zombies are "released," no longer forced to roam the island. Not what I had in mind for my child's entertainment. I turned off the movie three-fourths of the way through, and regret not having done so earlier. Stick with the classic version... why anyone would knowingly present their child with such storylines and images is beyond me....more info
  • I agree ...
    My son and I LOVE Scooby. This one is different. The Zombies end up being real, no masks. The actually pull one of their heads off showing that they are not wearing masks. Good story and funny moments, but definitely feel a PG-13 warning should be put on this one....more info
  • Ths movie's cool.
    I like the idea of having the monsters be real. All the aombies and monsters in this movie are not guys in masks. They're real. If you're a scooby doo fan like I am you should get this....more info
  • It was a good movie!
    Even though there were new people doing the voices, they pretty much sounded the same. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since it came out! It's my favorite Scooby Doo movie!...more info
  • Escapism paradise
    Me and my wife watched scooby doo and we really enjoyed it. It made a change actually having a real ghost although I missed the "We would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids and that darn dog!!" The main thing is my wife is disabled and suffers from depression and the only show that helps her overcome these difficulties is SCOOBY DOO. We look forward to the next great film. p.s The animation is so much better - you do get the feeling of terror....more info
  • The best Scooby-Doo movie in the last 7 years....
    After an absence of 7 years, Warner Brothers jumpstarted Scooby-Doo's career with a line of direct-to-home movies. "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" was the first, and best of these movies.
    The story starts with the Mystery Inc members living their own lives after they split up. Daphne, now a successful TV show host, is hosting a new show featuring haunted houses of America. Fred, as her producer, uses this as an opportunity to bring the gang back together. Shaggy and Scooby, fired from their recent post as airport security guards, and Velma, the owner of a mystery bookstore, agree. Their first show segment takes them to New Orleans where they meet Lena Dupree, a housemaid working at an estate on Moonscar Island. She claims that the house is haunted by the ghost of Morgan Moonscar, a pirate who terrorized the bayous a couple of centuries back. will they be able to solve the mystery? Will the ghost be real or just another guy in a costume?
    The animation in this movie is superb and reminiscent of the new Johnny Quest series. The characters are updated, and the result is quite amazing. even the mystery machine is updated and looks quite cool now. I don't understand why Warner Brothers later decided to drop this animation style and revert back to the classic style, especially in the series :what's New Scooby-Doo". The animation in this movie is also quite scary so Scooby fans are in for a real treat! ...more info
  • Scooby and Gang Encounter a Real Haunting!
    This feature length adventure has Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Freddie, and Velma investigating a haunted isle deep in a Louisiana bayou. Laughs and Scares in equal measure as the Mystery Inc. crew finally come across ghosts who aren't just crooks in masks!

    Scooby and Shaggy get their fill of Cajun cooking and of course there are the required chase scenes. But it's not just zombies the gang has to worry about...

    A fun Scooby Doo adventure that's a great addition to any fan's home video collection

    (Warning: this might be a little too intense for really young children so parents who are concerend about such things ought to view this film first)...more info

  • Scooby Will Bring Chills Up Your Spine!
    In this new "tail", Scooby and the gang have split up and are starting to miss each other terribly. Fred notices the problem and brings them back together for Daphne's birthday. Soon they travel the USA, solving mysteries just like the old days, until a mysteriuos girl named Leena tells them of a real haunted house. Of course they are all excited by the experience(except Scooby and Shaggy) and go over to investigate. But they have a tiny little problem- the zombies are REAL! How will they survive?
    This is a great new twist to Scooby Doo and they characters are more funnier and a little less predictable than on the show. There are a lot more surprises and a couple of main characters have a dasterly secret up their sleeve. It is one would expect from a thriller. Scooby has outdone himself this time!...more info
  • Sccoby Doo Rules
    Scooby Doo is the best cartoon character in the world.I have seen every one of his movies.And shows....more info
  • Ack! Watch the old series instead!
    I kind of like Scooby Doo and the fact that the gang is always trying to solve mysteries-- I LOVE mysteries. I like how they unmask every guy and, until the end, you keep guessing at who the guy is until he's unmasked. That show was great. A Pup named Scooby Doo was just as good.
    But THIS-- Daphne and Fred have a whole new look-- Where's Daphne's cool purple dress? And Fred used to wear a sweater, didn't he? And Shaggy sounded better voiced by his original... well, voicer. They completely messed up the characters. That's one part I hated.
    Also, the zombies kind of made my hair stand on end...
    Also, I'm a cat lover. The cats in this thing just didn't cut it! It's almost like they were getting children to THINK they were annoying! And I didn't like Scooby's reaction. Usually Scooby ignores cats, or something... It just filled me with disgust. And once again, cats are designed to be evil, brutal creatures. This hardly ever happened in any of the original Scooby episodes! I was disgusted by this as well.
    All in all, you grab your kids and rent a video that has Scooby's original works on it. They're funny, witty, clever, and mysterious. And whatever you do, don't take another step towards making children believe cats are evil, because they aren't......more info
  • Scooby and the gang encounter real zombies, no masked put on
    Ever since I was a toddler, Scooby Doo has always been one of my favorite cartoons to watch. "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" is the first Scooby Doo movie I saw and I was pretty satisfied with it. Scooby-Doo and the gang are up to some of their usual things, and even taking on some new challenges. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy still eat every chance they get, the gang still drives the Mystery Machine, and they're still hunting ghosts no matter how scared Scooby or Shaggy get at the site of seeing a ghost.

    Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred, and Velma all travel to a woman's house after she claims she lives in a real haunted house. They all soon find out that she's right, her house is haunted. Dead ghosts arise and form themselves into zombies. The biggest difference about "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" when compared to the cartoon series is that in this movie, the zombies are real, no masks this time around, and I thought that that was a nice twist.

    "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" is great for anyone who likes watching Scooby-Doo, but especially for kids. Its mystery is more mysterious than ever, it's entertaining, and it's also funny at times such as the way Scooby says "Cats" and then chases them around all over the place....more info

  • The best Scooby Doo yet!
    If you're a long time fan of Scooby Doo, like I am, you'll love Zombie Island. I haven't seen Scooby in about 15 years and we recently bought a couple tapes for our kids. The re-runs of the old shows are great, but Zombie Island is definately the best Scooby I have ever seen. Fun for the whole family and you can never watch it enough. And hey, did somebody say something about real ghosts? It's a sad day if you miss this one!...more info


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