Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

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Prediabetes is now an epidemic affecting close to 100 million Americans. In its early stages, prediabetes lowers a person's energy and mental clarity. Untreated, it turns into type 2 diabetes, which can be deadly. Along the way, prediabetes increases the risk of persistent weight problems, sleep disorders, inflammation, and mood swings. Ultimately, it predisposes people to heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and cancer. Stop Prediabetes Now offers a practical step-by-step program for improving eating habits and using nutritional supplements to reverse prediabetes and related weight problems. This unique book also includes shopping instructions, meal plans, and easy-to-prepare recipes.

Jack Challem, known as the Nutrition Reporter, is the lead author of the bestselling Syndrome X (0-471-39858-6) and author of The Inflammation Syndrome (0-471-47881-4), Feed Your Genes Right (0-471-77867-2) and The Food-Mood Solution (0-471-75610-5). Ronald Hunninghake, MD (Wichita, KS) is Medical Director of the Center for Human Improvement, the largest nonprofit nutritional medical center in the United States.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just What I Was Looking For
    I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar by my doctor and this book has all the information I needed regarding foods to eat, foods to avoid and suggestions on diet, good recipes, supplements and gives breakdowns on good and bad fruits and carbohydrates. It is organized well and has lots of information. I got exactly what I needed and would highly recommend it to anyone with questions on what they should eat and do with prediabetes....more info
  • Does what it says.
    I'm pretty impressed. Within a month of following the principles in this book, I have lost 13 pounds and got my blood sugar down from 116 to 85.

    It's easy to read, it makes sense, and it has some very good starter recipes for this new lifestyle.

    I'm pretty pleased. ...more info
  • Finally, realistic advice resulting in better health
    Stop Prediabetes Now clearly describes the problem of prediabetes in an engaging, easy-to-read style, but more importantly it lays out a realistic plan for what actions to take. You won't find fad diets here, but instead solid information from trusted and respected health professionals about a real way to get your health back on track for life. ...more info
  • Stop Prediabetes Now
    The first couple of frightening chapters motivated me to want to take positive action. The rest of the book allows you to do just that. Clearly written and well documented--I heartily recommend this book to anyone concerned about this dreadful, but reversible, disease.

    Rob La Follette
    Austin, Texas...more info
  • A Brilliant Duo
    Ron Hunninghake is a fantastic doctor at the front line of natural medecine. I've read some of his previous research and am very excited to see how he applies his expertice to this piece. I'm already a little ways into the text and find it very fascinating. Chellam and Hunninghake make a brilliant duo....more info
  • Another must-read from Jack Challem
    Jack Challem has once again demonstrated his expertise at presenting a wealth of health information in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow book. This book could be a life-saver to those readers who follow his program and avoid the harsh realities of diabetes....more info


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