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Laughter and hearty guffaws abound in this comical look at 37-year-old career woman Kate Holbrook's (30 Rock's Tina Fey) desperate attempts to have a baby. Never mind that she's not married and has never been involved in a serious relationship; Kate wants a baby and will stop at virtually nothing to get one. After failed attempts at broaching the concept of conception with first dates and trying artificial insemination with the help of a sperm bank, Kate finds out that her t-shaped uterus leaves her with only a one in a million chance of conceiving a child. Adoption doesn't work out and she's left with the distasteful option of hiring a surrogate mother. Enter Chaffee Bicknell's (Sigourney Weaver) surrogate service and her recommendation of the working-class Angie Ostrowiski (Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler) who, with her common-law husband Carl (Dax Shepard), is just desperate enough to take on the job in order to make some money, and the stage is set for baby making. As fate would have it, Angie and Carl break up just after Angie announces she's pregnant and Angie ends up moving in with Kate. Unfortunately, the two are completely incompatible and what ensues is a hysterical struggle to coexist while clashing over everything from proper nutrition to stroller selection, hair dye, and delivery options. Further complicating matters is Kate's budding relationship with ex-lawyer and juice-store owner Rob (Greg Kinnear), who just happens to be morally opposed to the whole concept of surrogate parenting. Finally, there's the question of just how fully Angie embraces the virtue of honesty. It's the juxtaposition of opposing viewpoints--so boldly stated, humorously set, and blatantly exploited--that makes this witty comedy so darn funny. Expect graphic references, raunchy humor, and a whole lot of laughter. --Tami Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • Funny...But
    I wish I would have liked this movie a little more.

    Pluses -- I found several scenes to be laugh out loud funny and as a collector of humor and great one-liners I would consider purchasing the film for those film moments alone. Both actresses shine with physical comedy and in the art of sarcastic one-liners. I was surprised by a plot twist. Steve Martin played freak with great flair and over-the-top weirdness. He may have been the best part of the movie.

    Minuses -- verbal flinging of male body parts got old, however, and the stereotypes grew a little thin. The movie grew much more serious about halfway in and the humor slowed. I didn't fully buy into the romance between Kinnear and Fey.

    I recommend the movie to those who aren't looking for great depth, nor for a laugh a second. It's a cute girls night movie. The language is moderate to tame, writing clever, acting fun and the sex is closeted. If you don't expect much you probably won't be disappointed. Expect reproduction/birthing comments and a few embarrassing moments. I'd suggest giving it a red box rental if you are considering purchasing it, that way you're only out a buck if you hate it.
    ...more info
  • This will entertain you!
    Tina Fey fans should definately see this movie even if you have heard mixed reviews. 30 Rock fans will also enjoy this. It is a cute story and its a comedy that actually has some substance. This is one of the better SNL cast-goes-to-make-a-movie films as opposed to the ones that try so hard to be funny that it makes the movie awful. I was pleasantly surprised to really like this movie. Overall: A-...more info
  • Coulda, woulda, shoulda been funnier and more entertaining
    Another reviewer notes this is a very average comedy and I whole-heartedly agree with that sentiment. Yet again, I find that Lorne Michaels and the SNL crew just can't seem to deliver good, solid, entertainment. (If you've seen my scathing review of Hot Rod, which apparently offended more than a few readers, you'd know I'm not terribly impressed with the creative team at SNL...)

    Let me say that this isn't a bad film, certainly no where near as bad as the pretty weak Hot Rod, but it was no where near as funny as it could have been, or as other films with similar stories have been in the past. For example, my wife loves the movie Paternity, and as something similar, I'd definitely rate it much more solidly above Baby Mama.

    The concept is solid enough, and Amy Poehler gets in some funny lines and brazen behavior that is amusing, but the results in the final product seem, well, quite average. The story is predictable and even with distractions like Steve Martin's performance where he seems to be channeling some of the J. Peterman character from Seinfeld, the laughs just don't come as freely as they should.

    I put this one into the 'rent it' category for sure. Go in with low expectations and you shouldn't be disappointed, but if you expect too much, you'll probably be left unfulfilled....more info
  • Amusing
    Amusing movie with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Lot of stereotyping, but some witty dialog, and not as hokey as I thought it might be....more info
  • You can figure out the entire plot after the first ten minutes
    I like Tina Fey quite a bit but this movie was pretty disappointing. You can pretty much figure out the entire plot after the first few minutes. No surprises or twists. Lots of the jokes fall flat and too many rely on cheap gimmicks (such as a Lamaz coach who talks like Elmer Fudd). Also, although the movie seems like its about empowerment, strong women, etc. The ultimate message is still that for women to be happy they need to find the right guy and have babies. ...more info
  • SO FUNNY!!
    Oh my gosh, this was so funny. I didn't expect to like it, and I happened to catch it in a hotel room, when there was nothing else on. I have now seen it 3 times, and am looking forward to more. I laugh so hard every time I see it. These women are geniuses!!...more info
  • Baby Mama
    When you need a simple comedy to lighten the day, this film does it. Light and cheery with a few predicatable twists. Great performances by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with a few other well known actors/actresses. A surprise hit for the night....more info
  • Just not funny enough
    Any film with the Fey/Peohler mix -- the combo has the wit, timing and symbiotic comic genuis of Lucille Ball (Lucy) and Vivian Vance (Ethel)-- should be a winner. I write with great disappointment that Baby Mama, written and directed by Michael McCullers (The spy who shagged me) does nothing to take advantage of this dynamo duo.

    The script co-opted mainstream Hollywoods's version of humor and dulled down most opportunites for belly shaking laughter. Amy Peohler's character loses her quirky charm early on in the film, and Tina Fey's character begins to take herself way too seriously.

    Perhaps the film wanted to send messages: what is friendship, what is loyalty, and forgot that it was supposed to be a comedy.

    It's not that the movie wasn't cute (it is) or sweet (it is), but it just does not hit the mark.

    ...more info
  • Sweet, cute and funny
    The TV ads for this movie gave me low expectations and I enjoyed it much more than I expected. I thought it would be one long series of gags about the uptight career woman and the white trash surrogate. There were plenty of such moments but the movie had a lot more to offer.

    The cast was put together well. I knew Tina Fey (Kate) and Amy Poehler (Angie) work well together from watching SNL. But they can do the more subtle scenes as well as over-the-top comedy sketches. And the supporting cast had some great characters: Steve Martin as Kate's boss, the New Age-y head of a Whole Foods-type grocery chain, and Sigourney Weaver, as the inexplicably fertile and smug head of the surrogacy center, play their parts perfectly. The ending was fairly prediactable but that didn't take away from my enjoyment.

    The DVD has both wide-screen and full-screen formats on a 2-sided disk. The bonus features include an alternate ending (not as good as the one they chose), deleted scenes, and a couple sections on how the movie came together, as well as the usual commentary. Given the comedy improv background of so many of the actors, a bloopers or outtakes section would have made a good additional bonus feature.

    If you were put off by the TV ads for this movie, give it a chance. It's better than one would expect from the ads.
    ...more info
  • Tina Fey does it again.
    This film is just another example of why Tina Fey is known as a comedic genius. With her other film "Mean Girls" and the shows i.e. "30 Rock" and the famous "Saturday Night Live," Tina has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to make people laugh. She definitely deserved her three recent Emmy's for which you won for writing. She is in fact in my opinion one of the best female comedy writers of all time.
    With the dynamic duo of Amy Poler and Tina Fey, this film is sure to bring smiles and laughter to peoples lives. I promise that if you enjoy "SNL, Mean Girls, and 30 Rock" you will enjoy this outstanding comedy.

    S. Davis...more info
    Granted this isn't Citizen Cane, but for what it is, it really works. Fey and Poehler have frentic chemistry, and Poehler can make you laugh with just a glance. The supporting cast is sort of waisted, especially Steve Martin, but frankly, this is Fey and Poehler's vehicle to drive and they drive it like a Ferrari. There are several scenes that will make you laugh until it hurts, and the story itself works because Fey and Poehler are so likeable and you go with it, so to speak. The fact that Poehler is actually a little old to be playing this part, makes it all the more funny. If you are a fan of these two, then I can't imagine you not loving the movie, or if your just wanting a movie that will make you laugh. At times some of the gags go wanting, but when it scores it knocks it out of the park. ...more info
  • Funny Ladies
    BABY MAMA is one of the funniest comedies to come along in many months.

    Written and directed by Michael McCullers, the movie stars the always hilarious SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE gal pals, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, in what is sort of a female version of THE ODD COUPLE.

    Fey plays a classy, successful, well organized career woman who yearns to have a baby but, according to her doctor, cannot conceive. With the help of surrogate broker Sigourney Weaver, she hires the free spirited Poehler to carry her baby to term, but she gets more than she bargained for when Amy and her n.g. boy friend (Dax Shepard) have a fight and the blonde from South Philly moves in with her.

    These gals' lifestyles are so diverse that they make Oscar Madison and Felix Unger seem like the perfect pair. Nevertheless, Tina is determined to make the relationship work, because that baby Amy is carrying is hers. Or, she thinks it is.

    Greg Kinnear, as the "Prince Charming" who enters Tina's life, and Steve Martin, as her somewhat unconventional boss, co-star in the film, along with Romany Malco, Maura Tierney and Holland Taylor.

    DVD extras include an alternate ending, which we prefer over the one used in the theatrical release, deleted scenes, and some "Behind the Scenes" featurettes.

    ? Michael B. Druxman...more info
  • Baby Mama - Blu-ray Info
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
    VC-1 BD-25
    Advanced Profile 3 (Main Movie) / Advanced Profile 2 (U-Control)
    Running time: 1:38:59
    Movie size: 21,79 GB
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    Average video bit rate: 21.23 Mbps

    DTS-HD Master Audio English 3687 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 3687 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1536 kbps / 24-bit)
    DTS Audio French 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps / 24-bit
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    DTS Express English 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps / 24-bit

    Subtitles: English SDH / French / Spanish
    Number of chapters: 20

    #Picture-in-Picture...more info
  • I don't know your life!
    One of the best movies of this year honestly. So funny! Obviously not an Oscar winner but you will not stop laughing from start to finish if you have any sense of humour!...more info
  • Delightful, Funny, Smart
    I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did. I LOVED it. Tina Fey is a busy-busy career woman approaching middle life and longing for a baby, and Amy Poehler is the uneducated streetwise surrogate hired by an agency to carry Tina Fey's fertilized egg. It's kind of an Odd Couple thing. IT'S A GOOD GROWN UP MOVIE. Don't be turned off by the commercials trying to sell this as merely a gross/funny movie for the younger SNL set. I'm 52 and I absolutely loved it. Well done! Hollywood--make more movies like this! ...more info
  • Should have been funnier.
    Far from being "hilarious" as some misguided reviewers have stated, this film has a few mildly amusing moments and little else. The script was not as sharp as it should have been - the "jokes" seemed flat and lackluster. Steve Martin and Sigourney Weaver were not particularly funny either. The two female leads tried valiantly to salvage this material but didn't quite succeed. Overall, not a total waste of time but pretty darn close....more info
  • Falls flat
    I've really enjoyed what little I've seen by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- mostly online recaps of their Election 2008 coverage, but still, it shows comic talent. So when I was home convalescing after knee surgery, we picked up their recent buddy film, Baby Mama, to pass a little time. Sadly, it seems they should have kept making hay of Sarah Palin's political inadequacies, because this film -- though rife with potential and boasting a fine supporting cast -- was 99 minutes I could have better spent contemplating the pain shooting down my leg.

    Jokes fall flatter than Kate's seemingly infertile tummy. Stereotypes abound; blacks, gays and wiccans are among those who will probably be offended at one point or another. And the story keeps building to laughs that they movie just can't -- mind the pun -- deliver.

    It's a shame, because I know Fey and Poehler can both do better. I also expected more from the supporting cast, which includes Greg Kinnear as an easygoing juice-monger and Kate's potential love interest, Sigourney Weaver as the mogul of a lucrative surrogate-mother enterprise and Steve Martin as a narcissistic health-food guru. Weaver and Martin pull off much of the genuine humor in this film, while Kinnear puts sincere effort into a fairly bland and thankless role.

    Meanwhile, the two leads slog through material that seems like it should be funny but isn't. Given the people involved, I expected a smart, well-written comedy that offered some touching insights into society along the way. Instead, they went for cheap chuckles -- and failed to earn them.

    by Tom Knapp, the Rambles(dot)NET guy...more info
  • Easy comedy, good rental option.
    The movie is pretty easy going. It has it's couple laughs and funny little phrases, but I probably wouldn't watch it again. I'm a fan of stupid comedy, as well as smart comedy, but this movie played it too safe for my liking. It's not a bad movie, but I would really categorize it as a Rental, not a DVD buying movie....more info
  • Humor Worth Laughing At
    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are like a perfect couple. Every movie, television show, basically any screen that they are on together has amazing comedic energy. Baby Mama is just another example of this! Even though this movie isn't one of particular brilliance (it doesn't hold to Tina Fey's Mean Girls) it still is pretty good. It has some great laughs and even a little bit of serious friendship/relationship content toward the end.

    Tina Fey plays a successful businesswomen named Kate Holbrook, who in the beginning of the film is informed that she does not possess the ability to bear children. Angie Ostrowiski, however does have this gift, and is hired by Kate to carry her child. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you like to look at it) for Kate, Angie (practically a child herself, and complete opposite personality from clean-hardworking-Kate) ends up breaking up with her boyfriend at the beginning of the pregnancy and staying at Kate's apartment. The two of them living together under one roof is nothing short of crazy and hilarious. One scene you will have Kate and Angie screaming at each other in couples counseling, in the next they are playing the American Idol Sing Along game on a Playstation. More humor is added by other cast members such as Steve Martin (who plays Kate's over-the-top eco friendly boss). They also add some romance for Kate in the form of the fruit juice/smoothie storeowner, Rob (played by Greg Kinnear).

    Not wanting to ruin the plot for you, I will stop there. I suggest this movie because it has the good natured, funny Tina Fey feel to it. Written by Michael McCullers, it isn't loaded with swear words and the humor is relatable. It's not too cheesy, not to rough, like I said, good-natured humor! It is worth the money to see this movie!
    ...more info
  • Don't be fooled by cover or title
    Being a guy I was real reluctant to watch this movie by looking at the cover. Tina Fey sort of gets on my nerves when she does the SNL Weekend update (I guess it would be different if norm mcdonald was there with her.) And the blond haired girl is just not funny to me. But this movie is as funny as anything that has come out this year*. It has great characters,including Steve Martin, and a well written screenplay with clever and hilarious jokes around every corner. Trust me, your girl will want to rent it, but you will be the one who agrees with me at the end. Lorne Michaels produced it, it's funny. *Also rent Forgetting Sarah Marshall...more info
  • It may not be as smart as it thinks it is, but it's a lot funnier than you'd expect...
    I may be a little bias going into this, since I personally find Amy Poehler to be one of the funniest comedic actresses working today, but I honestly loved this movie. My wife and I are huge fans of these two SNL girls, and so we were very anxious to see this movie, and I have to say that it did not fail to keep me entertained. Yes, `Baby Mama' lived up to my every expectation; and while the film tries at times to be more than it needs to be it still manages to be every bit as funny as it claims to be.

    The film tells us of single middle-aged Kate who is a successful businesswoman deprived of the life she's always wanted because she was so determined to get to the top before she started a family. Now, she's well into her thirties and is feeling that sharp kick in her stomach where her unborn child should be. Despite the fact that she is single and has no man in mind to father this child she decides that now is the best time to have that baby. When adoption and artificial insemination prove themselves `not happening' she turns to Chaffee Bicknell and her surrogate service.

    Enter Angie Ostrowiski.

    Angie wants Kate to put her baby inside her, and so she does. No sooner can Angie say "I'm pregnant" and Kate's world is tossed upside down when Angie shows up on her doorstep, homeless after a breakup with her common-law husband Carl. Kate is at first excited and then devastated as she realizes that adjusting to Angie is possibly harder than adjusting to a newborn.

    The film is hilarious from start to finish, thanks in large part to the undeniable chemistry between Poehler and Fey. Both of them have different yet complimentary styles of comedy, and so they work so well with and off each other that they carry this film scene after scene. But not only can they work off one another, but they work off the rest of the cast in various ways. Fey's romantic relationship with Kinnear is not only believable, it is touching and sweet; and Poehler's knock down drag out relationship with Shepard is hilarious. Fey also has a great vibe going with Steve Martin, who plays her eccentric boss Barry. Fey understands how to play uncomfortable without being awkward. Sigourney Weaver is priceless as Chaffee and Romany Malco has some very touching moments with Poehler.

    Sure, the film tries at times to deliver a message and it doesn't quite manage to bring that message to fruition, but it doesn't really matter. First and foremost this is a comedy, and as that it soars. You might want to wear an extra pair of underwear for this one; because when it hits it hits hard....more info
  • Its ok
    I was expecting to laugh a lot more but unfortunately this movie was that funny. Had its moments but over all i am disappointed....more info
  • Comedic Timing, on screen chemistry, a little drawn out
    I saw this in the theaters with some friends and we had a great time. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler clearly have a working relationship and great on screen chemistry. The film echoed some of the challenges career women have and the on screen setting in Philadelphia resonated with me, as I am in the Tri-State area.

    The plot was a bit like "You've Got Mail", in that big business comes to kick small business' butt, but other than that it stood its ground as a funny, relevant comedy. While the acting was a bit over the top for all characters it matched the "happy go lucky" music and tone throughout the movie, so it was bearable.

    I loved all performances by the actors, and the interlacing of current or former SNL actors was cool. The end was cute, and I was rooting for both Fey and Poehler's character which made the flick engaging for me. There were a scenes I laughed out loud, and the flick definitely has a "rewatch" factor. Picture and Sound both were clear on the Blu-Ray.

    I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, due to some of the over the top acting, and because I think the film could have been "wrapped up" sooner. It seems it was extended unnecessarily, and I remember looking at my watch in the theater. If you love chick flicks, this one's worth a rent, to see Fey and Poehler interact on screen, and it's a good time, with a couple of girlfriends....more info
  • Three Stars Only
    I expected so much from this movie. The commercials made it seem funny. However, many parts were just stupid to say the least. I think that if you are interested in seeing this movie it is worth renting. However, I would not suggest buying this movie until you have rented it. Review it first buy it later if you like it. I give it three stars because I laugh at some parts....more info
  • Funy Ladies
    While I don't think this is 5 star material these actresses are VERY funny and you will laugh throughout the movie....more info
  • funny biological-clock film
    I don't really watch Tina Fey on SNL or 30 Rock. What I know about her is that she'll have a secure career the next 4+ years if my favorite VP candidate - Sarah Palin - makes into office (unlikely as it is). My wife and I are approaching our late 30s and some of the elements of this film hit close to home for us as we are considering starting a family now and my wife has had some of the same symptoms as Fey's lead character. So these were some of the more interesting elements.

    It had some problem points as the whole potential "Baby M" type issue of the surrogate wanting to keep the child was copped out by the in-vitro failing ... just as the surrogate was impregnated by her trashy boyfriend? Also, Fey's character was an "organic foods corp VP" ?? - earning 6 figures (not anything like a real person).

    They also had some deus ex machina elements like Fey's character eventually being impregnated by Greg Kinnear's although she was nearly-infertile. and then her side-stepping years and $$$ of red tape to adopt ... a black toddler. My understanding being that U.S. adoption agencies are loathe to allow inter-racial adoptions.

    Other than the fantastical ways to make the story have a happy ending, it was humorous and entertaining....more info
  • A Quirky and Intellegent Comedy In HD
    Funny that I am reviewing a Blu-ray movie but this is the first movie I have seen in full HD. The film is funny, intelligent, sexy, and the cast is a nice addition to this comedy. The cast made the movie stand out and gave it a nice polish. Greg Kinnear is comfortable in this role and steal one of the scenes. Tina, who I find especially talented, makes the movie an emotional ride. I connected with her character and felt her sorrow, however, she is quite the comedian as well. Amy Poehler brings on the laughs and is quite rude, crude, and sensationally hilarious. I was impressed with her performance, she is a complex character. The twists were fresh and I was actually fooled. Steve Martin delivers an awkward performance and pulls it off. Dax Shepard's performance suits him well and thankfully he is in a very small role in the movie. This movie delivers great laughs, good twists, an all-star cast, a heartfelt movie. If you have seen these comedians on SNL you know they have good chemistry and play off each other. Rent it, buy it, put in your collection, do all three. This is a solid four out of five. Why is it only four stars and not five? Well, I think the scenes with the irritating women giving the class with her Elmer Fudd impersonation was a bad idea. And the some of the gags really simple. Their are laughs but few in between that work. Listen, don't over think my review. Pick up the movie and unwrap the fun....more info
  • A Good Laugh
    I work at Blockbuster Video so I see all the new releases before they come out. I just recently watched this one and I feel that it didn't waste an hour and a half or so of my life.
    I felt Baby Mama was an enjoyable movie. I would never put it on my top ten list, but it had truly comedic moments. The acting was good, and the characters were memorable.
    When asked by customers at work, I will recommend this movie. You won't feel like you've wasted $4.88(That's the cost of a NR right now) of your hard earned money. I wouldn't buy this movie to put into my collection though.
    ...more info
  • Oh Baby, this was a pretty funny movie
    Light comedy here. Good enough for a Friday or Saturday night at home. If you are a fan of Tina and Amy like I am, you know what you are getting into. If not, buy this movie and see for yourself. You will be hooked on this comedic tag team. The Blu Ray looks great. Sound is just OK. But the picture is amazing. Nice work by Universal here on a good disk. VERY FUNNY MOVIE. Buy it today...more info
    'Baby Mama' is probably a film that should not be as good as it is, but when you have Tina Fey, Amy Poelher, Steve Martin, Dax Shepard, Greg Kinnear and Maura Tierney on board, your bound for a good time. When it's funny, it's hysterical and when it's not, it's still entertaining. I can only hope to see more films with Fey and Poelher in the future as they are too very funny girls! If your looking for a few laughs with a pinch of romance thrown in 'Baby Mama' might just be what the doctor ordered! ...more info
  • Middle
    I missed this one in the theater, so I was excited to rent it on the day it was released. I enjoyed the film, but not to the extent that I thought I would. With such a talented cast of comedic actors, I was really hoping for more laughs. There are a few good ones, but mostly it is just a mildly amusing movie that gets by with terrific actors doing the best they can with a so so script. The story is fairly standard with a late 30 something career woman wanting to have a baby, but doesn't have a man and finds that she can't conceive herself. In comes Amy as a white trash redneck type that is willing to have the baby for her. The plot brings in an even bigger redneck boyfriend and some shady dealings, and a nice guy for Tina. I want to like this more than I do, but I think a rental is good enough for this movie....more info
  • Baby Mama Love
    So funny you might need Depends. I laughed until I cried at the antics of Amy Poehler. She and Tina Fey play off each other like Martin and Lewis. All the characters were right on point except for Steve Martin's weird guru guy - he seemed completely superfluous to the story. I loved the birthing class lady with the lisp. Gather up a bunch of girlfriends and watch Baby Mama for a howling good time. ...more info
  • Moderately entertaining
    I really enjoy Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Tina is incredible in 30 Rock, and Amy is one of the funnier cast members of Saturday Night Live. Still, I wasn't expecting much because the commercials seemed more crude than funny. I found that it was better than I thought it would be, however not really by much.

    I was disappointed in the humor of this movie. I did expect more laughs than I got, especially considering the comedic ability of Tina and Amy. There really weren't many laughs. On the other hand, there was more real drama than we expected, but only enough to kind of hold our attention. I did enjoy Greg Kinnear and the fantastic Steve Martin, though there roles were relatively small.

    While I was just barely entertained enough to watch it to the end, this is not a movie that I would watch again....more info
  • This movie stunk!!!
    I watched this lastnight (thank gosh it was a redbox for a dollar) I thought it would so much more funny and it was awful. The story itself was good but just not funny....more info
  • gooooood
    Love the movie! I wish Amazon would ship before the release date so it would have arrived right on the day it came out. I think they shipped on the release date itself, so we got it like 4 days later....more info
  • Not Bad
    Baby MamaI gave this an extra star for the "Ladies of Saturday Night". We should see much more of their comedic talents in more movies. The "Men of Saturday Night" have ruled the movies for decades and since Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin I have not seen a funnier pair. Tina Fey is sexy and Amy Poehler, well what can I say the woman knows comedy. I thought that this movie could have been funnier. It has it's moments a few good laughs but something is missing. However if you have been a fan of Saturday Night Live for decades like me I think you will enjoy this one. No belly laughs like you expect from Will Ferrell but fans will like seeing the ladies in this movie. I recomend this one....more info
  • Expecting it to be more edgy, but instead getting formula...
    Three and a half stars.

    Tina Fey doesn't quite top my list of Hollywood hotties (declares the pig in me). What turns me on about her is her smarts, her wit and her sense of humor. I've geeked on her since her days in SNL, all the way to 30 ROCK and now to her theatrical releases. And is it too kinky to admit that her Sarah Palin impressions render her even more attractive? (dammit, it's too kinky, isn't it?) BABY MAMA is Fey's likable second feature film (after Mean Girls (Special Collector's Edition)), and it floats on the strength of Tina Fey's talents and her odd couple chemistry with Amy Poehler, also from Saturday Night Live. But, since it does feature Tina Fey, I expected something edgier. Instead BABY MAMA gives us formula.

    Kate Holbrook (Fey) is a thriving, single career woman who, at the age of 37, suddenly gets the urge to have a baby. But when she finds out that she has a T-shaped uterus (apparently disastrous for conceiving), she resorts to a surrogate mother. Except that the baby mama the straight-laced Kate sets her eyes on is Angie (Poehler), a low income white trash girl. Uh oh. Then, it's just a matter of time before the film contrives a way to have Angie move in with Kate. Because we're about to venture into "Oh, snap!" territory.

    After other films like Father of the Bride 2, Juno (Two-Disc Special Edition with Digital Copy) and Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition), BABY MAMA can't help but feel familiar, even if it does offer up a different perspective. The presence of both Fey and Poehler lends a singular SNL vibe to it all, although not so strong that it deters from the enjoyment of the movie. Michael McCullers's script goes for the big laughs, but also mines many opportunities for sentimentality.

    The baby mama drama doesn't break new ground, but once you get over the disappointment of the picture's over-all blandness, you can sit back and soak it in. Fey and Poehler handle the dramatic elements with ease and warmth, and their contrasting personalities provide several good gags (I like what happens when Angie couldn't solve the locked toilet dilemma, and it's funny to me that the unhip Kate's entire arsenal of dance moves consists of framing her face over and over). One of Poehler's assets is this loose cannon energy she exudes and barely contains, and, here, it provides an effective synergy with Fey's more reserved core. Their culture clash scenes are fun to watch, specially when Tina puts on her appalled or bemused expression (which is often).

    Poehler puts in enough work that you don't mind going thru that same old, same old. Her Angie starts out immature with horrible social manners, and her antics may make the more refined out there cringe. But she's not really meant to be an unlikable character. Gradually, Angie develops into a sympathetic woman-child.

    The movie takes full advantage of Tina Fey's persona (I only wish she'd written this script). Fey has this ability to play it mousy and unassuming, yet at the same time be able to serve up her own digs. Not to mention, Fey can assume a harried mien like no one's business. No complaints about the supporting cast. Steve Martin enacts a health foods guru role and sports a ponytail wig. His character's a quirky sort, who rewards his minions with forehead-to-forehead bonding and with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Sigourney Weaver runs a surrogacy center and it doesn't at all strike her character that it might tick off her clients when she blithely brags about her fertile body and constant state of pregnancy. Oh, Entitlement, thy name is Sigourney. Maura Tierney and Greg Kinnear show up but are underused. More relevant to the plot, Kinnear and Fey's romance needed more room to develop.

    I might've laughed the loudest during the group therapy session, based solely on that one guy's line delivery regarding his dour Wiccan surrogate mom. I also like that the actor who plays the loser PC guy in all those PC/Mac tv commercials has a bit role. The dvd also comes with humorous audio commentary by writer/director Michael McCullers, producer Lorne Michaels, and a riffing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

    BABY MAMA, bland but enjoyable, would've been vastly improved if Tina Fey had written the script. I was expecting even more barbed skewering of stuff, more wicked jabs at obssessive upward mobility and the self-absorbed yuppie lifestyle and all things New Agey. Instead, what we get is bland....more info
  • A good laugh
    This was a fun movie to watch. Started off a little slow, but got better and then there was a twist to it, which was good. Enjoyed watching this one....more info
  • Baby Mama
    Baby Mama was not the movie I expected at first. It turned out to be a very funny, heartfelt movie. The movie had a lot of unsuspected twists to the plot. I think you will like the movie. I give the movie 5 stars. However, in order to find out if you agree, you should buy or rent the movie to see what you think of it. Personally, I loved it.
    Reviewer: Cyndi Reaver...more info
  • Baby Mama in blue-ray
    Baby Mama was funny when I rented it and then I purchased a copy on blue-ray. The film is the perfect showcase for the two actresses - if you are a fan, then I recommend you having this as part of your collection....more info
  • bonemovies
    funny show from start to finish. refreshing movie without all the other stuff other producers and their sorts put in that's not needed. thumbs up way up! ...more info
  • Starts out well and then insults us
    This film starts out well enough with the two very talented leads but then slips into one cliche after another about half way through the film. The "happy ending" is so unlikely (the film actually says that the chance of it happening is a million to one)that it is a slap in the face to anyone who bought into the initial premise of the film. Rather than try to develop an interesting ending that doesn't insult our intelligence, the scriptwriter decided to quickly tie things up with cliches and sugary Oprah-style nonsense. This ruined the film for me. Don't start a film by telling me that something is impossible and then end it by doing the impossible. Bleeaaahh!...more info
  • Forced And Not Funny...
    Movies that are billed as comedies should not have numerous, terrible pauses while waiting for a laugh-track that isn't coming. Fey deserved a better script to showcase her talent. Not sure how Kinear got mixed up in this flop. Steve Martin, well, Steve Martin is the ONLY reason to watch this movie. His over-the-top enviro-guy was hysterical. The rest of this movie crashed and burned. It was a good concept lost in a bad script with choppy editing and non-funny jokes. Avoid!...more info
  • Couldn't stop laughing through the scenes!
    I watched this movie back in May and I want to say this is one of the funniest down to earth movies on Hollywood. It touches on a lot of today's sensitive issues surrounding surrogacy, cheating just for money, and romance.

    I don't want to give the plot away but Baby Mama hits the surrogacy issue head on with Tina Fey's character looking for someone to carry her baby (her egg + donor sperm) since the doctor says she has a 1 in a million chance of conceiving. She finally finds Amy Poehler's character Angie who is willing to carry her child and then the is the hilarious sentimental music ("My Love; There is only you in my Life, the only thing that's right") when the donor sperm/egg is inseminated into Angie. That is the part where I laughed for almost two minutes! If you think that part was funny there are a chockful of other funny parts involving the surrogacy issue and Tina and Amy's character getting along. The one that hits the spot is where the toilet is locked for safety and Angie urinates in the sink! The whole theater was cracking up at that point. If you can think of any funnier movies please contact me.

    In closing this movie is a down to earth (deals with real life issues) funny movie that is worth seeing again and again! I watched it twice this year. I can guarantee you that it is worth every cent. Buy it on blu ray for the special effects....more info
  • Another fertility comedy
    I suppose every woman who wants kids also wants to be the perfect mother. When you're becoming a mother using someone else's uterus, though there are complications in reaching perfection.

    After the plot gets underway with Sigourney Weaver as matchmaker of a very special sort (and scary), Kate and Angie enter a business relationship. Kate can't become pregnant, and Angie's uterus didn't have any plans for the next nine months: Angie will carry Kate's child to term, for a fee. After falling out with her boyfriend (just what entitles him to any part of her fee, again?), low-rent Angie moves into high-rent Kate's apartment, creating an Oscar and Felix odd couple. Kate isn't just a Type A personality, she's A+ and going for extra credit. Angie's a slacker party girl, so the plot centers on turning the two of them into one perfect mother. And, after a dramatic blowout toward the end, everyone ends up predictably happy.

    Throw in an assortment of other amusing characters: a doorman of surprising wisdom, ditzy birth coach, boyfriend worth losing, boyfriend worth acquiring, and cheerfully deranged boss, and this turns into a solid (if forgettable) comedy. There's nothing offensive here, or not much, but it's not for young viewers uncertain about the baby-making process.

    -- wiredweird...more info
  • Every Female Fan Of Comedy Needs To Thank Tina Fey....
    Normally I run as far as possible from any film described as both "female" and "comedic". To quote the late great John Belushi, "Chicks aren't funny". And 9 outta 10 times I gotta agree with him. But there is just something about Tina Fey. Is it that she's hot while humorous? No, that's not it. Or maybe because unlike every other female comedian, she doesn't tell jokes about how bad her boyfriend is or how it sucks to have a period? Nope, she at times goes there too. So what is it about her?

    To put it simply, it's her timing. Along with the ability to write her own material without a man to spell it out for her, she has one of the most endearing ways to speak-out those typical lines, making anything she says to be ironicly funny no matter what the content. It's no wonder her NBC sitcom 30 Rock has been showered in Emmy's, including the words of it's male lead, completely written from her female mind. This is one lady twenty years from now could be placed next to Lucille Ball and Roseanne Barr as one of the Comedy Queens of all time.

    So now we have her first starring role in Baby Mama. It's what you'd expect from her, much like her 30 Rock character, of a late 30-something trying to make it in a crazy-filled world. But instead of a television show scenerio, this time she's trying to have a child while realizing that in order to do so because of her dreaded T-shaped uterus, a surrogate mother will be needed. Now don't get me wrong, her character is exactly like Liz Lemon going as far as wondering just when Alec Baldwin was going to pop his head in. But again, it's her lines and delivery that make this typical lighthearted comedy worth watching. Fellow SNL cast member Amy Poehler plays a decent underprivileged not-so-bright bun-carrier, though at times she seems a little too old to play the part, but does very well in bouncing off Tina's reactions. In fact, the film also has a great and capable supporting cast featuring Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin, Dax Shepard, and in one of his most likable parts in quite awhile, Greg Kinnear. And even when you think you figured out how the whole movie's gonna be ten minutes in, it throws you a curveball that you didn't think the movie had in it. This is the type of film that both parts of a couple can enjoy without the male involved looking for a reason to leave the room. Funny, but smart. Goofy, but fresh. Laughs without the eye rolling. And also all things said that relate to Tina Fey as well.

    The DVD presentation is typical: a two-sided, single layer each disc with a few extras on each side with decent picture/bit rate/audio. Not that this film will make you think you've found one of the best female buddy pictures of all time, but it won't make you want to turn on Nascar immediately to redeem yourself either. Tina Fey might be one of the best things to happen to female comedy in a long, long time. Let's hope that unlike alot of her gender peers, she only gets even better with age.
    (RedSabbath Rating:8.0/10)...more info
  • "A Real Mess"
    If there's been a trend in Hollywood, it's been the desire to have and keep babies. `Knocked Up (Unrated Full Screen Edition),' `Bella,' and `Juno (Single-Disc Edition)' were a part of that trend last year.

    This time it's the turn of yupwardly mobile single mother, Kate (Tina Fey). She has it all, even if she hasn't found or kept Mr. Right. She's been promoted to Vice President of Development of Round Earth Food Stores, an organic health food grocery chain. Barry (Steve Martin) her boss, is a New Age hippie entrepreneur who makes every decision by meditative vibes.

    Her salary makes most things affordable, so when she has a yen to have a baby, she goes looking at every angle: a sperm bank, a boyfriend, etc. until she hears the bad news that's she's almost 100% infertile.

    Her solution is to do what most people in her shoes couldn't afford: She'll pay for a surrogate mother to carry one of her eggs, have it inseminated, and bring it to birth. The agency, Chaffee Bicknell, is headed by the ever-so-smooth Sigourney Weaver, who into her forties is a specimen of fertility herself.

    Her perspective client is Angie (Amy Poehler), someone whose working class toughness excels--even if her intuitive sense is closer to Barry's and keener than her street smarts. Her husband, Carl (Dax Shepard) is an inconsiderate and unfaithful slob. An inventor by trade, his idea of supplementing income is hounding the phone, so he can be the #107 caller for the next rock trivia question.

    Eventually, complications will have Angie leaving Carl during her pregnancy and moving in with Kate with no where else to go. There are predictable clashes as Kate, a control freak, will have much to say about her prospective child's diet and the surrogate mother's lifestyle. Kate's profession will make her dote on Angie eating organic pea soup; while Angie craves junk food. Obsessive-compulsive Kate will insist on subliminal foreign language tapes to rear the embryo on the fast track to success; while Angie roars out her favorite Karaoke songs and sing-a-long games. As you might expect the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding/Diane Chambers-Karla Torelli match up will make some funny and some predictable situations.

    On the periphery of Kate's life are romantic opportunities with Junga Juice bar competitor, Rob Ackerman(Greg Kinnear) who offers some quality time as well as some pointed observations about what chain stores can do to small business owners.

    I enjoyed the culture clash provided by Fey and Poehler, but felt the badly needed romance was a welcome respite from the strife found in the central conflict. Martin's small role is refreshingly different from the protective father/hyperactive jerk he's played in the past--even if his character seems a little creepy here. Sigourney Weaver is smooth and seasoned as the savvy, but sweet agency head who knows how to talk to adults like kindergarteners and get away with it.

    Not all the humor is funny or subtle. "I'd rather be shot in the face than eat this stupid food!" shouts Angie when pressured to do things Kate's way. Significantly, this is a 'Saturday Night Live' movie. (Fey, Poehler, Martin are in it, and Lorne Michaels is also the producer here.) While not always entertaining, the situations and characters are unique and fun enough to see at least once.

    A J.P.'s Pick 2.5*'s = Fair ...more info
  • cute
    Watched the movie on a transatlantic flight to Paris, and laughed out loud almost the whole time. Had to buy it to share with my friends, but it lost its fizz already at a second viewing, and just became a so-so movie...Quel dommage....more info
  • Better Than I Expected
    Maybe I've been spoiled by fantastic comedies, because I had no desire at all to see "Baby Mama." I mean, when you've got so many movies by dudes like Judd Apatow and co. and the British kings of comedy coming out in one year, how can one be interested in a film starring two actresses best known for being on SNL, which continues to get less and less funny each year? Well, it turned out that I did wind up seeing "Baby Mama" and I even left with a sort of moral: I need to be less picky with my comedies, because this was pretty good.

    There are a few laugh out loud moments scattered throughout, but it's a movie that will consistently make you smile. Tina Fey is great, and Poehler is surprisingly not at all awful. Yeah, she's over-the-top, but she still brings something endearing to this role that I definitely didn't expect. Some of the best bits came from Steve Martin, who plays Kate's (Fey) guru-like boss, as well as Romany Malco of Weeds fame who plays the hilarious and sympathetic bellhop. There are some pretty predictable twists and rom-com tropes at work, but the writers brought enough originality to the table to keep this fresh enough.

    It's not one of the best comedies you'll see this year, but it's still an entertaining movie that's worth seeing.

    7/10...more info
  • cute
    I thought this was a cute movie. I am biased though because I really like Tina Fey. I am glad I rented it instead of seeing it in a movie theatre though. There are some really funny parts, some not so funny, and some predictability....more info
  • I'm rewarding you with 5 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.
    Okay, I seriously loved Steve Martin in this movie. I thought it was great- not a masterpiece or anything, but a good comedy. I was more impressed with it than I thought I would be from the trailers. I was expecting a more cliche slapstick approach, but was pleasantly surprised. It made me laugh out loud. I loved the cast and definitely think this one's a buyer....more info
  • Funny Movie - Even For a Guy!
    This may appear to be a "chick flick" but I enjoyed it. Some of the relationships were funny and the situations were often familiar! I really enjoyed the music, although the soundtrack is not available.

    If anyone knows the name of the song played when Angie meets Carl in the bar scene, could you please give it to me? It is not in the closing credits, nor is it in any list of songs from the movie that I was able to find.

    Thanks!...more info
  • Fey and Poehler team for motherhood comedy

    Kate Holbrook (Fey) has devoted her life to her career, gaining promotion after promotion to become an executive in an organic foods company. Now 37 and single, she's determined to have a child, but her doctor finds that her chances of becoming pregnant are remote. So she decides to investigate surrogacy, and hires South Philadelphia working girl Angie Ostrowiski (Poehler) for the job.
    When Angie becomes pregnant, Kate shifts into obsessive mother-to-be gear, showering Angie with baby care books, pregnancy videos, and prenatal health care manuals. To complicate matters, Angie leaves her common-law husband, Carl (Dax Shepard), has nowhere to go, and winds up moving in with Kate. Angie feels smothered by Kate's overprotectiveness and would rather play video games than watch dull documentaries and take horse-pill sized vitamins.
    Written and directed by Michael McCullers, "Baby Mama" is a pleasant, though predictable, comedy that relies on the charm and comic timing of its two leading ladies. Fey and Poehler are both alumni of "Saturday Night Live" and Fey is the star and writer of one of TV's brightest comedies, "30 Rock." They work well together in "Baby Mama" and the growing relationship of Kate and Angie is what keeps us involved.
    "Baby Mama" features Fey in the kind of role that fits her well. She's effective at playing smart and clever because she is. We would have trouble, I think, accepting her in a purely harebrained role. In her previous film, "Mean Girls," she played a levelheaded, tough, funny teacher who dispenses sensible advice to her students about name calling and self-image. In "Baby Mama," we feel her character's strong desire to have a child and we empathize with her. At the same time, her Kate is always upbeat, taking the bumps in the road as they come, dealing with them, and never collapsing into helpless hysteria. Poehler is a first-rate comedienne. Watching her, I was reminded of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett's ability to handle slapstick and slip into a character with accompanying facial expressions and mannerisms to land gags. Poehler is very broad as Angie, in comic contrast with Fey's tightly wound portrayal. The supporting cast is impressive. Sigourney Weaver plays Chaffee Bicknell, the steely businesswoman who heads the private clinic that matches up Kate and Angie. Steve Martin is Barry, Kate's New Age boss, who is very funny as a touchy-feely CEO. Greg Kinnear is Rob, a nice guy who runs a juice bar in the neighborhood in which Kate's company will open a new retail store. Romany Malco plays Oscar, the wisecracking, street-smart doorman who is on hand for the apt one-liner or wide-eyed reaction shot. Holland Taylor plays Kate's Mom as a woman who's never heard of political correctness, speaking her mind as those around her cringe. Maura Tierney is Caroline, Kate's sister, who's usually shown with her kids in tow mostly as contrast to Kate's motherlessness, but otherwise has little to do.
    Siobhan Fallon is a birthing teacher with a severe lisp. We see her in a few scenes but the speech impediment is never referred to, making it all the more amusing. Shepard is very good as Carl, a role that could have been mere redneck, dumb hillbilly, but comes off wittier and more original because of Shepard's doofy likability. If you look hard enough, you'll also spot "Saturday Night Live" cast members Fred Armisen and Will Forte.
    Though "Baby Mama," rated PG-13 for sexual humor and language, is fun, I kept feeling the leads deserved better, sharper-edged material. There certainly are laughs, but they're not machine-gunned as in an "Airplane!" or "Naked Gun" film. The film is one of many to come from producer Lorne Michaels, father of "Saturday Night Live," who has had an uneven box office record moving his "SNL" cast members onto the big screen. "Baby Mama" is one of his better projects.
    ...more info
  • Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Baby Mama" is awesome!

    You'll love this movie, very, very funny!

    The movie is full of stars, Steve Martin, Dax Shepard, Greg Kinnear, Fred Armisen and ER's Maura Tierney!

    I'm a huge fan of SNL, so I rushed to see Amy Poehler and Tina Fey on the big screen, they do not disappoint!

    Any current SNL fan will admit that Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig are the shows biggest stars!

    Great comedy, check it out soon~...more info
  • Such a shame ...
    It's already been said that the script was weak for this film. I concur. I believe Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, if not the best female comedians ever produced by SNL, they are most certainly among the top 4 or 5. That's why it's such a shame they didn't have a great script to help make this a great comedy. Sometimes mediocre acting can be elevated by a good script, but seldom can a poor script be saved by the actors, however good they may be.

    Tina Fey should never agree to take on another comedic role without serious control of the script - she's too good a writer to risk her career to a bummer like this one. And she and Poehler have such wonderful chemistry & splendid timing together, it's just a shame this movie wasn't what it might have been....more info
  • Congratulations, Kate. I want to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.

    With the SNL comedy stylings of hilarious Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Baby Mama falls a little short.

    Maybe I expected too much before sitting down to the film,(with images in my head of Fey's Mean Girls or Poehler's performance in Blades of Glory) but if what you expect is an Apatow-esque comic romp, Baby Mama isn't quite your film.

    Kate(Tina Fey) is a hard working, career-driven women with little time for much else in her life, only she can't stop thinking about one thing that is missing, a baby. One big problem, she's single and 37.

    Of course Kate turns to surrogacy where she encounters Angie(Amy Poehler) a loosey-goosey opposite of Kate herself.

    When Angie gets in a fight with her foul-tounged boyfriend Carl(Dax Shepard) Kate takes her in, and the 'bonding' commences.

    It's not a laugh-every-minute, but it's a cute film worth one watch.

    I personally loved Steve Martin's bossy psycho-babble more then much else.
    ...more info
  • Tina and Amy will make you laugh
    In some ways this movie is completely "by the numbers": Two women, one a polished, driven careerist (Tina Fey) and the other a streetwise, rough-around-the-edges neighborhood gal (Amy Poehler), butt heads over a multitude of issues during the course of their forced alliance until each realizes she could learn a lot from the other. But even though the basic idea is predictable, there are many funny scenes, a few surprises, and solid supporting turns by Greg Kinnear and Steve Martin, who's especially good as Tina's flaky, new age, yet enthusiastically capitalistic boss. It was also nice to see a comedy where the women carry the movie and aren't just there to support the guys. Though "Baby Mama" perhaps falls a little short of a must-see experience, it easily qualifies as perfectly good entertainmnet during an evening at home.

    The DVD features a sharp, clean image, a handful of brief but interesting extra features (deleted scenes, interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, you know the drill), and a commentary track featuring the cast and production people. Oh, yes-- one of the special features is a clever alternate ending to the film. I'm glad we got a chance to see it, but the producers made the right choice with the ending eventually chosen. It was clever and ironic enough without the extra "oooomph" and complication of the alternate ending. But again, it was fun to see other ideas that were considered.

    A final plus: "Baby Mama" is set in my hometown of Philadelphia, and the movie really brings out the beauty of our great city!...more info
  • Another Pretty Good Chick Flick!!!
    As I've mentioned before, I'm not usually a chick-flick guy, but I watch them on rare occasions. This is a very funny movie about a 37 year old woman named Kate Holbrook who desperately wants to have a baby, she's unable to, because she has a different-shaped uterus. She hires Angie Ostrowski to become a surrogate mother. Angie is sometimes childish and gets on Kate's nerves. Angie starts to feel guilty because she's not really pregnant. (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were awesome together, and they are both incredibly beautiful!) If you love comedies about pregnancy, you'll love BABY MAMA!!!...more info
  • Baby Mama Delivers a 3.5 Star Baby
    Kate (Tina Fey) is getting promoted while other women are getting pregnant. Everywhere she goes, babies have their eyes on her and she develops a case of baby envy. The desire for pregnancy comes at a bit of a cost as she finds out of her infertility. With adoption out of the question, Kate is referred to a surrogate mother, Angie (Amy Poehler). Behold, the surrogate mother of your worst nightmares. Angie isn't exactly mother material. In fact she acts more like a toddler than most kids do. She also doesn't like to be bossed around by Kate, even if it's for the better. Thus, baby mama drama.

    Fey and Poehler both turn in surprisingly impressive performances. They were both funny, played their characters well and illustrated great onscreen chemistry. Watch out for an oddball, yet humorous performance from Steve Martin who plays Kate's hippie/environmentalist boss.

    "Baby Mama," no pun intended, delivers. Delivers ample amounts of jokes that are both smart and quick, but not raunchy. Go and see for yourself that pregnancy can have a humorous side to it....more info
  • Terrible
    I love these two but this is absolutely awful. Acting is flat and jokes are obvious. Unfunny....more info