Yo Gabba Gabba!: The Dancey Dance Bunch

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 10/14/2008 Run time: 98 minutes Rating: Nr

A hip Nick Jr. show for toddlers that's both entertaining and educational, Yo Gabba Gabba features human host DJ Lance Rock and five colorfully costumed characters who dance, sing, and play together while learning about things like friendship, differences, and problem solving. "Friends" finds the Dancey Dance Bunch playing together and discovering the importance of respecting one another and "Dance" features lots of dancing fun and a lesson about taking turns. "Eat" trumpets the benefits of healthy eating and trying new foods and "Happy" celebrates the joy of play. Each episode includes segments with real kids doing things they love, animated sketches, celebrities like Mya and Elijah Wood teaching dance steps, drawing lessons with Mark Mothersbaugh, and lots of musical numbers in varying styles including pop, rock, and rap. (Ages 6 months to 4 years) --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD for 14-month old
    My 14-month old daughter LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba, and it's interesting enough that I enjoy watching it with her! She loves to dance with the music and I like it that they're teaching good 'toddler' lessons and all speak clearly (unlike the Wonder Pets.) We watch Yo Gabba Gabba on TV, but it's handy to have the DVD for other times as well. I would definitely recommend this DVD for fun, entertaining, attention-holding TV for our whole family....more info
  • My two year old Loves it!
    I got this dvd a couple of weeks ago and my daughter loves it, whenever I have to do something I pop this in and I dont have to worry about keeping her busy. Since she is only 2 years old not a lot of dvds can keep her attention for a full 20 or 30 minutes,but this does and she loves Yo gabba gabba. We just got the newest dvd New Friends yesterday, we havent watched it yet but I know it will be just as good. Great video!...more info
  • grandson is so thrilled with C.D-
    Searched other sites for the YO GABBA GABBA CD for my grandsons birthday. Ended up Amazon was the most reasonable. I recieved it pretty quick and he has watched it over and over. This is not the only time i have shopped here. anytime I am looking for a pacific item now, I always go to amazon and know i will find it. Very pleased...more info
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!: The Dancey Dance Bunch
    My 15 month old son loves this DVD. I've tried watching it with him, but really don't get it. As long as my son loves it, that's all that matters. He loves the characters and the music. Watching him watch the DVD and dance along with the characters and laugh is worth the effort of me having to watch it along with him. As you can probably tell from this review, I'm not much into kids stuff and really have to make the effort. For those of you who don't mind all the kids things, this DVD would probably be very interesting. It does have a lot of good things to say like why you shouldn't hit, etc., but my son is too young to understand at the moment. It'll be fine once he's a little older as far as the lessons. For now, I'll just enjoy watching him dance along with the characters....more info
  • not happy with delivery time
    the dvd took over a month to get and they kept telling me that it got sent to the wrong place and it would be here soon. well another week went by and i finally got it....more info
  • Lots of Singing & Dancing
    This DVD has a lot of singing and dancing so it'll keep the little ones busy for a while (lol in my house about 20 minutes)...My daughter loves it. One drawback is the length of the DVD...as a parent there is but so much one can take, otherwise it's a very good DVD....more info
  • Love it!!!!
    My two youngest children LOVE the show! When I purchased the "new" hat from (D.J.Lance-orange hat w/ glasses) I ordered plates & the dvd! I recieved the dvd in the mail within two day's (my children were thrilled!) As alway's Amazon is a pleasure! If your little one's love the show they will love the dvd too!
    Thank you again Amazon! Mrs. Jason Barrick ...more info
  • Perfect for Generation X parents
    Perfect for X Generation parents that are tired of watching with their kids DVds like My Litte Pony, Barney or other sing along kid shows. It has a lot of catchy songs that get your kids to behave and most of all they have a lot of Hip Hop, New Wave, Alternative music influence. My 3 year daughter loves it also. ...more info
  • Wonderful kids video!!
    I ordered this video for my 2-year-old son. He loves it!! It has three episodes that replay all by itself! I can't wait until they come up with more Gabba Gabba videos, I'll definately be purchasing more in the future....more info
  • Yo Gabba Gabba DVD-Only Slightly Disappointed
    Great DVD with a lot of shows on it from the T.V. series. One big bummer for me is that there is not one episode that has the "Super Music Friends Show" which is my favorite part of the show. ...more info
  • Preschool heaven.
    What is there NOT to love about Yo Gabba Gabba? It features Mark Mothersbaugh, Biz Markie, fat beats from DJ Lance Rock, real kids doing real kid stuff (exploring their worlds through movement, learning social conventions, developing sense of self), and strangely relatable "Gabbas" (Muno is tall and friendly, but he also sometimes is clumsy...Brobee is the little green one, but even he forgets the time-honored edict about personal space). From a curriculum standpoint, the themes for each show are concrete for young children--"fun", "eat"--and the even mixture of live action with the Gabbas plus animation and music are reminiscient of old school Sesame Street (when it was really cutting edge and nitty gritty for small children, not the Abby Cadabbified saccharine it has morphed into). I have a child with an autistic spectrum disorder, and she has internalized a number of social skills that I see the Gabbas displaying--the magic words of please and thank you, remembering to greet a person when seeing them as well as how and when to say goodbye, how to introduce yourself using your own name. I also like that DJ Lance Rock is an adult African American male who is trustworthy and positive--it is critical that all young children regardless of race see black men (not just our new President although that is a great start!) as someone they can relate to, who can be meaningful in their lives. The animation in the show is just beautiful--if you can catch the Christmas show in rerun I recommend it--it was especially well done. All the episodes on The Dancey Dance Bunch are terrific. ...more info
  • My 3 year old loves this!
    It's a quirky show and a little strange, but my 3 year old loves it. They dance, sing and learn about good behavior--it's all good. ...more info
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Rules!!
    Kudos to everyone involved in the creation of Yo Gabba Gabba. I happened upon the show when I used to afford cable and fell in love with it right away. My 2 year old daughter did as well! Nostalgic of Sid and Marty Kroft from my childhood I've since bought accompanying products from the show which have proved much enjoyment for my daughter. As for the DVD, first of many installments I hope, it's not only crazy fun and creative but my daughter learns so much from the show. In a world of cynicism there is still hope for our young to learn joy, kindness, appreciation for great music and that acting like a nut while dancing like crazy isn't so bad! ...more info
  • Hip, Fun, and Creative
    Along with my kids, I've never been so entertained watching a children's program. I find myself singing the tunes in my head at work even. Great characters, good messages, and interesting music and visuals. Not just your standard kids show. I am impressed....more info
  • Great for little ones
    Bought this for my 10 month old daughter. She loves this show. Has a couple episodes on it. Holds her attention. She loves to see them dance and sing....more info
  • Good DVD
    I am new to Yo Gabba Gabba, but I have a 21 month old and she seems to love them. I think they are fun and encourage tots to get crazy and dance around and burn energy, yet also teaches them important lessons about how to behave--like hugging is ok, but you are to keep hands to yourself, and it is good to try new foods--you might like them, eat your veggies, etc. I think it is fun stuff with a good message. ...more info
  • My Son loves Yo Gabba Gabba...
    It is nice to have some episodes to play in the car, but as always with DVDs of this sort... the nickelodeon commercials at the beginning are quite annoying... and they could have put more than 4 episodes on the disc....more info
  • My name is Leah, I like to dance...
    My son was addicted to watching Yo Gabba Gabba clips on YouTube, and we don't have any kind of tv reception, so i got him this. Like someone else said, i was a little disappointed that there were only 4 episodes... and NO BIZ! But my son is happy, so are my neice and nephew. My son still asks to watch Biz on YouTube.
    As for me... well, i went to bed last night singing "Snacky-snack snack snack snack snack, Snacky-snack snack SNACK SNACK SNACK!" and woke up singing "Find a friend, find a friend..."...more info
  • I Like To Dance!!!
    My whole family loves this show. I've even downloaded some of the episodes to my iPhone!!! This show is great for children of all ages! It keeps kids up and moving istead of being in front of the tv like a zombie....more info
  • You gotta wait in line .. no cuts, no buts, no coconuts! ...

    Yo Gabba Gabba! is easily one of the best children's show to surface in a very long time. Anyone that has seen the show knows just how infectious the songs are, how cute the characters are and what fun the show is. All the children in my family ranging from two to seven lose their minds when this show comes on. The kids know all the words and they love when it's time to dance.

    DJ Lance Rock and his crew of friends always have good lessons to share and the music is incredibly infectious. The online buzz about the show is massive and everyone seems to like it. I've been noticing a slow build up of merchandise in the stores connected with the show and I imagine post-Christmas, Yo Gabba Gabba! will probably be the biggest children's show on the planet without doubt.

    Nickelodeon is heavily pushing this show, Wow Wow Wubzy and Little Bill. All these shows are much better than the shows that were available when I was a kid, and they're all award-winning. I let my son watch a two/three hours of TV everyday and I'm thankful that he gets to watch this show, commercial free, either on Noggin or on DVD. Well done.

    The episodes on the disk are as follows:


    These are some great episodes from the show and I'll definitely look for another volume when it comes out. The extras are a little bit lacking, but the show is what it is and it's enough.

    Great show ... well done ...

    Go! DJ Lance Rock!
    ...more info
  • Was hoping for more episodes
    When I received the dvd I was really disappointed to find out that there are only 4 episodes on it, but I guess you can't expect much for only $12.99. Otherwise I would highly recommend this series. My daughter's only 9 months old and she's already addicted to 'Gabba Gabba', and I don't mind so much because, as wild and crazy as the show is, it's probably one of the most moral things I've seen on tv recently... "Be nice to everyone", "Don't bite your friends", "It's more fun to share", great stuff. I just wish they would release more episodes, and a cd of all the music from the show....more info
  • Episode Info
    From the Nick Jr. website...

    The Dancey Dance Bunch is the DVD launch of YO GABBA GABBA!(tm). The DVD includes four episodes: "Friends," "Eat," "Dance," and "Happy," plus special features. Hosted by DJ Lance Rock, YO GABBA GABBA!(tm) infuses retro-style and modern-day music to teach simple life lessons through a vibrant world of puppet characters who play and dance when they hear the magic words "Yo Gabba Gabba!"...more info