Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir
Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir

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After undergoing gall bladder surgery at age twenty-three, Jennette Fulda decided it was time to lose some weight. Actually, more like half her weight. At the time, Jennette weighed 372 pounds.

Jennette was not born fat. But, by fifth grade, her response to a school questionnaire asking “what would you change about your appearance” was “I would be thinner.” Sound familiar?

Half-Assed is the captivating and incredibly honest story of Jennette’s journey to get in shape, lose weight, and change her life. From the beginning—dusting off her never-used treadmill and steering clear of the donut shop—to the end with her goal weight in sight, Jennette wows readers with her determined persistence to shed pounds and the ability to maintain her ever-present sense of self.

Customer Reviews:

  • Blah! Blah! Blah!
    I read this book in the hopes of reading a funny, touching and well-written memoir about weight loss and the hurdles faced in achieving such a goal. What I got was the ramblings of a one-time "fat girl", who awkwardly publishes her over-analytical thoughts about being fat and then being thin. ...more info
  • Fabulous!
    This is a fabulous book! It was like reading an autobiography. Only I haven't lost half of me. Jennette is very entertaining and very motivating. I wanted to get out and start running every time I read this book. I've already passed it on to my mom and a co-worker as well. Love it! ...more info
  • Mixed thoughts on this one, more of a 2.5
    I liked and disliked this book at the same time. What I liked about it is that she described some of the feelings behind being fat and told of her experiences with it. What I disliked was that she didn't tell how she did it. If you are going to write a book like this, that is why people buy it. If I had known that part wasn't in it, I wouldn't have bought it. You don't have to pay to hear "eat less, move more." I wanted to hear how much exercise she did, did she count her calories etc.
    I also never really connected with the author. Sometimes it felt like now that she was out of the fat club, she made fun of the people still in it or that she lumped them all together in one stereotype.
    So reading her story was interesting, but it's not why I bought the book and I felt like they should tell you upfront that the specific way she did it is not in the book so if that is what you are interested in, find another book....more info
    Jennette Fulda tells a remarkable story of determination. It's an incredible journey of dispair, joy and redemption. Fulda tells it like it is with honesty and large doses of humor. Anyone who is seriously overweight can relate to her stories. Only an obese person can truly understand life in a fat-unfriendly society. Her weight-loss journey is not an easy one but Fulda seems to have the inner-strength needed to succeed. She tells her own story without offering specific weight-loss advice. This is NOT a diet book. In fact, she refuses to discuss her exact method of losing weight. The diet she followed remains unnamed. She follows a healthier way of eating and tries to banish bad foods from her life, but there are a few mishaps and setbacks along the way. She knows it has to be a permanent lifestyle change. It's a journey of self-discovery on all levels. Her weight immobilizes her with so many aches and pains until exercise becomes her salvation. She is ashamed and self-conscious of her weight but her will is strong. It is her story and no one else's. She doesn't want to be come a weight-loss guru and doesn't preach for or against any way of thinking. She has her own views on fat acceptance and weight loss. It's up to the reader to find what is the right path and how to begin. Here story of dispair is one that so many seriously overweight people can understand. In Fulda's case, dispair becomes hope and hope becomes cautious joy as she nears her ideal weight. She tells her story with a humor that is often self-depracating. It's no secret that she succeeds in her quest before you start the book. She no longers suffers the stigma and pain of severe obesity. Readers just beginning their journey to weight loss might be put off with some of the humor. Fulda often uses humor to hide her pain, embarrassment and humiliation. Her humor can be a bit disparaging for a person who is still obese and the pain, embarrassment and humiliation is still a daily routine. She describes how she sat in an arm chair her weight spilled over the sides and looked like a muffin top. It's a funny visual unless being a muffin top is your reality. There is great joy in knowing that someone did succeed and ended the misery and pain of obesity. Her experiences show that the obese person is not alone in their suffering. Although obesity is a national epidemic, there are few books that address this issue in such a frank way. This is a gem of a book for anyone who suffers with obesity and seeks hope....more info
  • Well-written, Honest, Insightful, and Funny
    This book was presented to me as a gift recently and, although it's not one I would've picked on my own, I found it to be quite a good read. Jennette's voice is personal and vulnerable but never pitiful or bitter. I found her story of ultimate self-empowerment uplifting and have already purchased a copy of this book for a friend. :-)...more info
  • So Glad I Bought This Book
    I finished this book in about three days,and it was so enjoyable. Her weight loss success was hopeful and charming. I have read other books of this type and this one, by far, was more positive, inspirational, and so funny that I found myself laughing out loud several times to her well thought out comparisons and metaphors. I could identify with the authors experiences so well. She helped remind me of how wonderful it feels to be living healthy, and I am inspired to get myself going on the way to healthy again.

    There was only one little frustration in the book that was otherwise wonderfully enjoyable, and highly recommended, and that was the author stating that she was not going to share what book or plan she had used to help her nutrition and weight loss. She does write about some things she eats and so much more of what it "really" takes to lose so much weight.

    To sum it up, this book was creative and awesome!...more info
  • Sharing the journey with humor and honesty...
    Being one of the millions of obese people out there, I saw this book at the library and picked it up... Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir By Jennette Fulda. I can't say that I knew about her beforehand from her writing [..] But after reading Half-Assed, I'll be adding her to my blogroll and re-examining my own weight issues.

    Contents: A History of Fatness; Living Large; The Snooze Button; No Epiphanies; Diet and Exercise; Stumbling Blocks; The Incredible Shrinking Woman; The Girl in the Mirror; Too Small for My Britches; Two Weddings and a Funeral; Trail Mix; I Should Know Better By Now; My Online Waistline; Acquired Tastes; Decloaking; Half-Assed; The Secret; Killing the Fat Girl; Notes; Acknowledgments; About the Author "Before" and "After"

    Fulda doesn't set out to write a book about her weight-loss program or some secret formula she discovered. This is nothing but a raw look at the pain and realities of being fat, and the struggles she had in losing over half her body weight. And in my opinion, that's why this book works so well. The celebrity weight-loss winners all seem to want to "sell" you on their methodology and program. Fulda doesn't go into any great detail about what to eat, how much to eat, exercise programs, and the like. You learn her fears and self-loathing as she climbs to over 360 pounds. You're listening to her live through the fits and starts of finally getting traction on her weight loss goals. And more importantly, you also experience her ups and downs over the many months that it took to get to her current half-Fulda state. I enjoyed watching her mindset change as she went from someone who she felt didn't deserve any attention to someone who knows what it's like to be "normal". She's brutally raw in her writing style, and she doesn't pull any punches about the difficulties involved in making such a radical change to your body. It's also refreshing to see her current attitude towards her body. She's still at a point where the charts would say she's "chubby", but she also is comfortable with that knowing from where she started her journey. It's nice to see a weight loss story that doesn't end with the person becoming supermodel-thin and a fitness magazine covergirl. Fulda is no different than you and me... Flawed, imperfect, but working away on life.

    If you're looking for a "do this, this, and this" book, head elsewhere (or go over to her blog). But if you want to understand and experience life through the eyes of someone who's been there and is still working at doing that, read away....more info
  • Inspiring Memoir
    I found out about this memoir by accident, and decided to give it a try. It was a great memoir: a story about the real pain experienced by a morbidly obese person (360++ lbs ) before she began her weight loss journey and lost half her body weight. This book is not a story of her self loathing or self pity. It is a straight forward memoir where Jeanette shares her emotions, her successes and some failures along the way. This book is not an instruction manual as to how she lost the weight, but rather it's a very witty book about a mindset and the stick-to- it attitude required for success. Enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • THANK YOU!!!
  • A great read! For motivation and entertainment a like!
    This is a realistic, no BS account of what a weight loss journey is all about. It relates a story about a real woman losing weight the right way- through hard work, and has a lot of funny and true revelations about what one can learn through change. I would recommend this book to anyone- large or small. ...more info
  • Review of book
    This is an excellent book and the writer is so entertaining, it's like you're sitting down talking with her. For anyone that has a significant amount to lose, this book is inspiring. ...more info
  • You should read this!!!
    I borrowed this book from a friend and I dont know that she will get it back!! I haven't related so well to a book in my entire life. I hope she writes some more!...more info
  • Not the best story on the subject
    This book was okay, but I really didn't find it all that inspirational, or even typical of most weight-loss stories. In the first chapters the author gets into her childhood background and what it felt like growing up fat, but she really didn't suffer too much cruelty from other children, and she got to deal with her self-image without being constantly picked on and put down. I didn't come away feeling that she truly understood the psychological pain of being a fat child. As an adult she then makes up her mind to lose weight and goes about it in a analytical way that seems to lack the very overwhelming feelings that usually accompany a big weight-loss goal...the strong feelings of knowing that a daunting task of losing a great deal of weight and the long length of time it will take to reach such a goal lay ahead. I've known people who've had to lose far less struggle harder to reach their goal.

    The author writes about a rapid 10 pounds a month weight loss with almost no set-backs. Everything she does seems to spur on a rapid weight-loss. She moves to a new apartment and drops five pounds. She steals desserts or eats cheesecake and gains nothing. She rarely mentions fighting temptation, doesn't seem to be suffering any self-deprivation and never has to push herself to stick with her excercise regiment. Everything is easy and just keeps getting easier.

    She's lost the weight after the first few chapters and now her story seems focused on how she perceives herself and the world around her from inside her now smaller body. She discusses how she relates to clothes, shopping and interacting with other people. I just didn't see any real struggle to reach a truly daunting goal. Everything was somewhat quick, easy and went according to plan. She started out facing a health crisis but her motivation for losing weight really just seemed about looking good in nicer clothes....more info
  • No whining here!
    Jennette's writing is funny and light-hearted when dealing with a very serious subject: morbid obesity. The great thing is she does not whine, blame or spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about the changes she had to make in her life in order to lose weight. She just does it, sensibly and continuously, for more than two years to reach her goal weight. Amazingly uplifting!...more info
  • eye opening
    Though is sounds like a cliche, this book changed my life. Specifically it changed the way I think about food and diets and being overweight. Jennette's common sense approach to her weight loss was unique among "diet books" - she wasn't going to make herself crazy with the dieting and exercising - most plans make you feel terrible about yourself if you screw up just a bit. Because of her book I'm going to reduce the huge spare tire I have and hopefully lower my risk of diabetes and heart disease. Thank you Jennette!...more info
  • Not so inspirational
    This book was not the best book I have ever read. Yes she looses a lot of weight...no it wasn't that inspirational. She is very whiny about being the "fat girl". She spend a lot of time whining about the people who read her blog and the comments they left. The book was boring and I couldn't wait to finish it. Though it must have been good on some level because I wanted to keep reading it. I would not recommend this book to anyone..esp. someone trying to lose weight!Quote-right...more info
  • Skip the book...read the blog
    There's little point in reading the book, because the "Half of Me" blog has all the same musings - some identical to the book, as others have noted - and then some. However, the Pasta Queen has apparently stopped writing about weight and fitness issues, since she's regained weight as a reuslt of a chronic headache.

    (On a side note, and yes, I admit this might be a bit snooty of me, but I was embarrased to take the book on the train to read, because of it's trashy title. I think "Half of Me" would have been a better choice: less adolescent, more serious. Oh, well...just a tangent.)...more info
  • Even if you don't have half your weight to lose
    ...you'll still find plenty to identify with in Jennette's entertaining memoir. This isn't a self-help book or a diet instruction manual. There are enough of those already, aren't there?! Instead, it's an honest and funny look at the author's relationship with food and herself, and how she found out what life could be like when she ate better and moved more. A great weight loss memoir that you won't be able to put down (except when you go for a run, which Jennette might just inspire you to do)....more info
  • clever
    I enjoyed the book, although more for the lively writing style than the content. If the moral of the story is discipline, diet, and exercise for substantial weight loss, the book provides only very sketchy information on how to bring about the required changes. The author also appears to be operating under quite a few popular dietary delusions, such as the existence of "lean protein" and "good & bad carbs". On the positive side, the author admits that her weight-loss journey and nutrition/diet/lifestyle education are on-going, so the book is refreshingly free of dogmatism. Recommended!...more info
  • Loved this Book!
    When I bought this book, it took me a while to start it but not to finish it. Jennette Fulda is funny! Not just an inspiration but funny! There are many "weight loss" books out there and many "inspirational" books out there but this is one you will actually get something out of and enjoy it too....more info
  • A Must Read
    This is a great book. Very witty and encouraging. If you have weight to lose, or just want to be inspired, this is the book for you. I read it very quickly and loved it....more info
  • Food for thought
    Fulda lost around 200 pounds and details her weight-loss journey in this book. It's peppered with some facts, along with her slow start (she didn't just get serious and go-go-go) but it took a year to really get losing. She doesn't detail a diet plan but mentions cooking more and making smarter choices and exercising more. This is fine by me because I know how to cook healthier, I know the smarter choices in restaurants and grocery stores and I know I need to exercise. I just need to do these things to succeed. I don't need a plan to follow. She is good at detailing the little day-to-day observations, like buying a top in a size large for the first time in years or huffing and puffing and sweating after walking a few steps or any number of details that plague the life of someone who is too fat or someone who is losing weight. Anyone who has been in either pair of shoes can relate. She's a good writer and it's good food for thought for anybody who wants to lose, who is losing weight or who wants to try and understand a fat person's struggles....more info
  • A quick, easy read, both inspirational and funny!
    This book is cleverly written, the author is so descriptive and introspective, and so much of what she talks about will resonate with every person who has ever struggled with his/her weight. Just buy it and read it. ...more info
  • Inspirational and funny
    I'm a regular reader of Jennette's blog & looked forward to reading her memoir. Her memoir didn't disappoint - it's inspirational and funny. And I disagree with the reviewer who complained that Jennette didn't tell how she lost weight - she totally did! She found a healthy eating plan that fit her lifestyle and followed it. When she made a mistake, she didn't give up. That's the "secret"! I appreciated that she wasn't trying to "sell" a program or a "diet pill" - her tools were confidence and persistence, and those are free. I was so inspired by how she added athleticism into her life that I signed up for a 5K Run/Walk myself, and I've been making time to walk on nature trails. Read and be inspired, too!...more info
  • Jennette, you rock!
    Your book brought me to tears--tears of joy, sympathy, laughter, you name it. The part at the end of chapter 14 about watching yourself in split-screen as you ran to the zoo was particularly stirring, and the description of your run at the end of "The Secret" was absolutely breathtaking. The last few chapters are brimming with the most impressive confidence and tenacity....more info
  • Inspirational FAST read!
    I've been following Jennette's blog for about a year now and have found her to be witty, inspirational and truthful. She says what I've thought for years. It's so nice to see her attitude change throughout the years and what peace and athleticism she's found. She's also shown how she treasures those traits as well. Her ability to put herself first and still be kind to herself when she has a slip up is so refreshing. All in all it was a great read just at the time I needed the umph to be kinder to me. Even though I don't know her personally, I feel so happy for her and the hard work she has made happen! What a triumph....more info
    I really enjoyed this book, the motivation, the writing style, its just a fabulous book! If you are dieting, you will be able to relate to the author, fall in love with her! :) ...more info
  • witty and true
    I don't buy books, but this one I could read over and over. She is a great author, her thoughts ring true; she is honest and interesting. I am very very glad I found this book. ...more info
  • Not your average weight loss book...
    This book is a mix of the realization of what most "fat" girls go through on a daily basis and how it makes them feel with the wit and humor of one persons journey of the realness of losing half of her weight. Jennette has an awesome writing ability that had me laughing in my chair and almost peeing my pants at times! This woman has lost this weight and totally transformed her life in the process. She is very inspirational and NOT AT ALL does she force her ways on others. This book just shows that being thin isnt all that makes you happy....it is how you live your life! Rock on girl! Please write more books. Your style is impecable. A MUST READ.
    C. Pearcy , OK...more info
  • An intelligent, funny memoir with much food for thought
    I've been reading a lot of weight loss related books this year as an inspiration to get myself moving on my own weight loss efforts. This one is very impressive. Not only is Jennette Fulda smart, funny, and self-revealing about her own journey to lose weight, but she has many insightful and thought-provoking comments to make about body image in our culture, size acceptance, surgical weight loss, and the changes weight loss brings that have nothing to do with the pounds. Some people who have lost a huge amount of weight (especially those who have done it the way Jennette did, through diet and exercise) are judgmental toward others who choose a surgical solution. Jennette is not. She expresses compassion for others who are struggling with obesity, and does not try to tell anyone else what to do or how to do it. I have highlighted many passages in this book that resonate with me and inspire me. I'm sure I will refer back to it many times to help keep me on track. I highly recommend this memoir if you are struggling with weight issues, or even if you just want to understand how it feels for someone who has tackled this problem....more info
  • Great read!
    This is an insightful, candid look at the process of losing a great deal of weight. I could relate to the writer in many instances, and her experience is a hopeful story for those who have a lot of weight to lose....more info
  • A Gutsy, Bold, and Honest Ass-Kicking
    Jennette Fulda's Half-Assed is not your average weight loss memoir. Not only did Fulda lose over half her body weight, but she does not offer any apologies. In some ways, the book is as much pro-fat as pro-thin. This book, based on her blog Half of Me, chronicles how she got so fat, and, to some extent, what she did to lose the weight. Some of her struggles, such as finding clothes and getting around, are obvious, while others were more hidden, which she explores with humor and wisdom.

    Fulda's is an easy read, one that I'm glad I read in part on the treadmill. There is no whining here, even when Fulda presents evidence about why it may be harder for the severely overweight to lose weight. She covers the highs and lows of her journey, as well as the way, as she lost weight, readers and others turned to her for advice as she blogged every step of the way.

    Though it seems hard to believe that someone could just happen to wind up weighing 372 pounds, she shows how her lack of education about nutrition spiraled into a weight gain that she didn't truly recognize as a problem, let alone know how to handle, until it had reached such massive proportions. "The fat lost its shock value. It didn't scare me like it scares a skinny girl who's just put on ten pounds and can't fit into her favorite jeans. Ten pounds was a trivially small percentage of my overage." This is but one of the ways that even conceptualizing losing weight was a challenge for Fulda, one she wound up meeting head-on. Both her writing and her weight loss path show a woman with determination, independence, and the ability to sort out what worked for her and what didn't on her own.

    Fulda also doesn't give you a saccharine "and now I'm thin and happy" ending. She makes the reader feel the true pain of her weight gain, as well as the not-always-perfect life she leads now. While losing the weight (and blogging about it) drastically changed her life, it was not a panacea, and Fulda doesn't try to spin it that way. She also admits that, yes, there is a chance she might gain weight again, and boldly asserts that being fat is not the worst thing in the world (a fact you might not realize from, well, living in the United States). About her former fat girl life, Fulda writes, "Given the choice between that life and the life of a skinny starlet in rehab, I'd put the fat suit back on fast enough to jam the zipper."

    I also must add that this book is published by Seal Press, a feminist press (one I publish with as well), and I think adds a feminist spin to the topic of weight loss. Fulda is not talking about trying to conform to some mediagenic image of perfection, and in fact sounds like she had a pretty good sense of self-esteem when she was overweight (before she got obese), one which aids her as she starts to lose weight. To even have the vision that she could lose half her body weight in a healthy way is a provocative idea at a time when many people simply opt for plastic surgery. She reveals her own issues without pandering to the sexist ideal of ultra-skinnyness at all costs.

    My one quibble is that she did not elaborate on the specific diet she chose to use (she has revealed on her blog and in interviews it was the South Beach diet), which made some parts of the book less informed than they could be. Though she explains that this would be like "asking Yo-Yo Ma what kind of cello he played and then expecting to buy one and become a brilliant cellist," I think it could have informed her memoir, but that's a small quibble. Anyone who's ever struggled with their weight, or just wants to read an inspiring story of one woman who forged her way through the world of weight loss, should check out Half-Assed....more info
  • Refreshingly honest
    What does it take to lose half your body weight? Lots of time, hard work and willingness. I love that Fulda looked at this endeavor as a project, a hobby of sorts, rather than a do-or-die proposition. Blog readers should be delighted to find the book isn't simply a reprint of the Best of Half of Me. We get lots more insight and background into both the why and the how of this amazing accomplishment.

    I'm inspired anew, not because Fulda is half the woman she used to be, but because she is so matter-of-fact about the process. Each and every success in life begins with the first step, and doesn't happen without all the steps following it. This book isn't so much a blueprint of how to lose weight, but a guide to having a good attitude about the process....more info
  • Great book
    This is a very real and inspirational book. I couldn't stop reading it! Really great to see people who do it without surgery and to go through the struggle with them!...more info
  • Her rear is tiny, her life is big
    I'm a sucker for a good before and after tale. Lucky for me, this memoir is so much more. Fulda chronicles her amazing 186+ weight loss, more than half of her starting weight. But she does more than just show us her weight loss; she describes her relationship with her body and with her daily habits with such wit and humor that I laughed out loud dozens of times. The pace is quick, and the content is interesting (no daily diet plans or lists of gym workouts here).

    I also like Fulda's attitude. She doesn't pretend to be a weight loss guru, and she never disrespects herself and her body. Everyone knows how to lose weight...it's her dedication that makes her tale amazing. Also, I enjoy her focus on becoming athletic rather than getting thin (especially refreshing in today's "Get Skinny!" social climate.) She is a very positive person, even when dealing with ugly plus-size clothes, negative blog comments, or the inevitable plateaus.

    This is a great, inspirational read, and Fulda is a delightful writer. Reading it made my wait at the DMV actually enjoyable; I only wish the book could have lasted longer!...more info
  • A refreshingly honest look at life
    What a wonderful and inspiring account! Jennette Fulda most certainly tells it like it is when it comes to her life as both a morbidly obese person, and someone who has now lost half her body weight. Her honesty, wit and humor as she tells her story of transition make this an insightful and entertaining read for anyone, not just those interested in weight-loss....more info
  • True to life, and very funny.
    I don't do a lot of reviewing, although I READ others' reviews. Guess I'm too lazy. I did want to post a comment about this book, because the unflinching portrayal of the ongoing process of getting thin was very familiar, and at times almost painful, but I also laughed out loud ALOT!(which I don't even do with Road Runner cartoons).
    Looking forward to ANYTHING else this author writes, whether it relates to weight or not. ...more info
    This is not just another diet book but a book about what really happened during those years of losing weight. I get frustrated with success stories that don't delve into the mind and emotions of the struggle to succeed. Or often times when they try to explain the journey after-the-fact it just comes out sounding so cliche' and empty. Fulda breaks the mold with this book and brilliantly communicates raw and real emotions of the struggles, victories and failures of her phenomenal weight loss achievement. Her commitment is the key to her attitude progression from 'fat girl syndrome' to 'weight loss mentality' to 'athletic decision making'.

    There are no secret recipes, instructions or food rules, no exercise plans, etc, etc and thankfully so. If you don't know what to eat or how to exercise by now then you may not be ready for this book because this is where the rubber meets the road. This isn't about how to eat but about how one person got it done and is keeping it done! Not everyone is ready to hear about the struggle when they are still making 'plans' to lose weight but for those of us who are in the trenches this is a MUST READ! This is about a girl who didn't quit - a REAL American hero.

    Though thoroughly entertaining this book is not meant for sensitive people. There are times when the language is quite rough and her merciless thoughts about others are a little tough but that's what this book is - her inner thought life. You may even get offended (like you would if you could read the minds of people around you) but I'd encourage you to get over it quickly and read on. I finished this book in 2 days, I don't even know how I found it because I wasn't looking for anything like this on Amazon but it showed up...to use Jeanette's words, my computer must know I'm fat!...more info
  • Horrible writing
    Okay, the people who praised this book must be those who like the author's blog......and maybe that's good, but it certainly doesn't translate well into a book. This book was a total waste of money - so boring and poorly written that I wound up skimming it. There's just no substance to it - it's basically the author's musings, a continual stream of introspection, written as stream of consciousness: "I did this, then I did that, then I did this..." etc. Just how many sentences in a row can you start with the word "I"? This book will help you answer that question. Sorry I wasted my time AND money....more info
  • The blog is better....
    I am a big fan of Jeanette's blog, I have read her entire blog archives 2-3 times and some of my favorite entry's even more than that. Getting inside the head of someone who was successful loosing weight while they were doing it has definately helped me devolop the right mindset for my own weightloss journy. With that being said, while I'm in love with her blog, the book is basically the movie version of her blog that is not as good as the book.

    I absolutely did not mind spending money on Jeanette's book because I am such a fan or her blog. This book is basically trying to turn her blog into a book. I would say 70-80% of the book materieal is taken verbatum from her blog archives....the same exact jokes, puns and all. At times it felt like she was trying to squeeze a clever take on something she covered on her blog, into the book where it just didn't fit, even though she would shorten it and try to make it fit.

    I am glad I bought this book and read it because it did fill in some of the blanks of things I was wondering about from reading her blog. It was nice to know her thoughts about her blog and the online community, also a little more information about her past. I wonder how someone not familiar with her blog would fare trying to read her book, becasue with the blog it is easy to know what weight she is at and how long she's been dieting with each entry. It seemed like this book jumped around alot and would be harder to follow for someone that doesn't read her blog.

    It was a fast easy read, I enjoyed learning some new things about Jeanette's story. I just think the story reads better on a blog, where jumping all over the place is expected. I would definately refer a friend to her blog before recommending the book. I realize that alot of the things she posted on her blog had to make it into the book, because they are both on the same topic. It's just the same exact jokes about EVERYTHING was a bit much. I was hoping it would be more of a look back at the journey with some new insight rather than her regurgetated blog entries. ...more info
  • Jennette Fulda Is An Inspiration.
    I really feel like Jennette put her whole self into this book, literally. Heart and soul, and sweat... Losing weight is such a difficult thing to do but, she did it! Showing the rest of us that we can to, its NOT impossible. I appreciate her more than ever for writing this book, it truly is an inspiration....more info
  • I am sooo tired of this [..]
    Whine whine whine. Look, all diets work - but they are only short term. Unfortunately emotions are the reason why 95% of people can't sustain weight loss. Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dr. Norton L. Williams found the only way to sustain weight loss is to change your habits...one at a time (also see Robert Mikkelsen's book The Story of Big Belly Bob).

    Funny how this research gets brushed under the carpet.

    Below is some additional info:

    Dr. Norton L. Williams, psychiatrist, said recently that modern man's anxiety and insecurity stemmed from a lack of "self-realization," and that inner security can only be found "in finding in oneself an individuality, uniqueness and distinctiveness. Our currently held beliefs, whether good or bad, true or false, were formed without effort, with no sense of strain, and without the exercise of "will power." Our habits, whether good or bad. were formed in the same way. It follows that we must employ the same process in forming new beliefs, or new habits, that is, in a relaxed condition. It has been amply demonstrated that attempting to use effort or will power to cure bad habits has an adverse rather than a beneficial effect.

    Emile Coue` The little French pharmacist who astonished the world around 1920 with the results he obtained with "the power of suggestion," insisted that effort was the one big reason most people failed to utilize their inner powers. "Your suggestions (ideal goals) must be made without effort if they are to be effective," he said. Another famous Coue` saying was his "Law of Reversed Effort": "When the will and the imagination are in conflict, the imagination invariably will win."


    If you want lose weight and keep it off then focus on making one change at a time.

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