Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement
Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement

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Anthony Robbins calls it the new science of personal achievement. You'll call it the best thing that ever happened to you.If you have ever dreamed of a better life, Unlimited Power will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, and how to master your personal and professional life. Anthony Robbins has proven to millions through his books, tapes, and seminars that by harnessing the power of the mind you can do, have, achieve, and create anything you want for your life. He has shown heads of state, royalty, Olympic and professional athletes, movie stars, and children how to achieve. With Unlimited Power, he passionately and eloquently reveals the science of personal achievement and teaches you:* How to find out what you really want* The Seven Lies of Success* How to reprogram your mind in minutes to eliminate fears and phobias* The secret of creating instant rapport with anyone you meet* How to duplicate the success of others* The Five Keys to Wealth and HappinessUnlimited Power is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. It will show you, step by step, how to perform at your peak while gaining emotional and financial freedom, attaining leadership and self-confidence, and winning the cooperation of others. It will give you the knowledge and the courage to remake yourself and your world. Unlimited Power is a guidebook to superior performance in an age of success.

Customer Reviews:

  • How you can control your own mind, emotions and physical des
    I highly recommend this book for its ability to saturate your mind with new and amazing concepts that are easy to grasp and read. Robbins is always someone that I enjoy listening to or reading and in this book he shares how you can control your own mind, emotions and physical destiny!

    ...more info
  • Worth The Time & Money!
    As a student of the self-help genre of texts, tapes, and the like, I found Anthony Robbins' book "Unlimited Power" to be a great leap forward in compiling your own tailored "personal owner's manual."

    Robbins takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and if he or she desires it, provides a blueprint for the ability to change many personal, socio-economic, and environmental factors for the betterment of the reader.

    Like every other self-help manual, the reader must contribute to the process, hence the maxim "what you put into the task is what you get out of it." However, this text does a fine job in narrowing down the troublesome areas in our contemporary lives and provides insight, wisdom, and advice to correct what the reader finds that he or she needs to be corrected to render and provide a more fulfilling life.

    Well done. Five star rating for simply taking the genre to new heights. Readers would be well informed to look at Author Michael V. Abruzzi's not so well known, but equally powerful book "2 Minutes Can Change Your Life."
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  • Required reading for life, possibly the best book ever on personal achievment
    A good friend of mine recommended this book to me with much praise. So I found it on amazon used section listed for $0.01, which came out to about $4 with shipping. You might be thinking who cares how much I was able to pick this book up for.. THIS BOOK IS WORTH MUCH MUCH MORE! If everything in these pages are considered and used, there is not a price that can be put on it.

    Life would be so much easier if all the knowledge and principles in these pages where second nature at an early age. The good news is that you are here now reading the reviews and likely to pick this book up like I did and buy it.

    Out of all the books I have read all my life this is definitely in the top ten. If you think the bible is important to read, I would put this one right beside it if not in a more accessible place.

    Anthony does a terrific job organizing his writing and making his concepts clear and understandable. There are many guidelines, rules, and strategies that can help you improve your life and ready you for what is to come next in your life.

    People pay ridiculous amounts of money to find the secret success formula for this or that or the next thing.. and its all here for the taking.. Heck, its likely at the library for nothing. But this book is like a bible for life. A bible for the mind and the way to do and achieve.

    Keep in mind that no book is going to kick you in the [...] every day to make decisions and take action, you need a wife or a mentor for that :)
    This is however is a fantastic place to start. You will be glad you did!
    "Unlimited Power: The way to peak personal achievement"
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  • The Best of Its Kind
    Quite possibly the most important book I have ever read. Robbins touches on every element necessary for success, no matter how you as an individual define success. Unlike the Robert Greene books (don't get me wrong, I love those, too!), Robbins actually delves into morals and ethics rather than trying to remove them from the equation. This was key for me, as I don't think I could stomach some of the tactics advised by Greene. Knowing how far you're willing to go (and the price you're willing to pay to get there) is paramount, and Robbins examines this in great detail....more info
  • Important, well-done, and inspirational
    I read this book originally years ago. I owned a bookstore at the time, and it kept falling off the bookshelf, so the last time I picked it up to put it back, I got the message and decided I should read it.

    I had become a Hypnotherapist right about that time, and I was very interested in NLP, an associated therapeutic tool. I had read a couple of NLP books by the formulators of that work, and honestly, I wasn't really impressed with the presentation of the concepts.

    When I read Tony's book which is very much about applied NLP, I found it one of the "meatiest" self-help books I had ever read, as well as one of the most motivational. I had yellow pieces of paper stuck in every 5 pages or so, and it was so highlighted that it was hard to separate the highlights from the plain text. I devoured that book.

    Tony's message is one I fully embrace today. I believe deeply in the limitlessness of the human mind and spirit, which ultimately is this book's message.

    If you are in a helping profession, or you want to be, or if you life is simply not working, please consider reading this book. If you open your mind to the possibility that you can have whatever you want or become the person you want to be, then reading this book, will propel you on that journey....more info
  • Great book, takes the mystery out of NLP
    This is a great book. I do not always agree with Mr. hype (Robbins), but this is some of his finer work. It is too bad that he forgot what put him on top. When he ventured of and started promoting holistic charms and food products he lowered his standards. Maybe someday Tony will pick up where he left off and do another NLP or NAC book. Until then, this is a classic and can really help you make your life the way you want it. It worked for me!...more info
  • Inspirational and delivers
    I guess what amazes me about this book is Tony hits cords that we have but we dont play, or uses muscles that we have but never use. We have the capacities with in us, he just shows you how to maximize the benefit of using these instruments. I not only bought this book but his tapes sets as well and by me personally taking action I have change the way I view others, myself and how I connect the two to be influential making a difference in the lives of those I know. However, you need to be willing to change the book wont do it for you....more info
  • This One Book Will Change Your Life.
    This is without doubt the best book I have ever read. I recommend all my clients to read this. This man has worked with President Clinton, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and on the other end his worked with cocaine addicted kids in the ghetto.

    He has focused his whole life on how anyone, with any real commitment can improve their life now, and not someday. After reading this book it will be nearly impossible for you to not make a marked difference in all areas of your life. It covers emotional, physical, financial and spiritual areas. Einstein said "A mind once stretched can never return".

    This book will teach you how to be an effective communicator, how to instantly change how you feel, how to change what you believe in and how to leave a legacy amoung other things. These are serious life issues and Anthony Robbins has used the latest in technology to develop simple patterns that anyone can use.

    You can trust this man because his worked with everyone from the most famous to the most destitute. His philanthropy work has pledged millions to the homeless, elderly and those in prison.

    It would cost you over a million dollars a year to get this man as your personal coach but you can get the best of what his learned in over 15 years research scouring the planet for the best information for under $20 from your local bookstore. A truly remarkable feat.

    Dr Edward Steiner
    http://www.energyboostnow.com...more info
  • A new science!
    When Aristotle inaugurated the concept of scientific study, "science" was just one component of the whole broader area of "learning". Since that time, new discoveries in science have often led to major technological and social developments in the world, not to mention quite a lot of excitement. Occasionally they can also lead to the invention of a "new science" in itself, as one area of inquiry gains focus and breaks off from its broader parent disciplines. I guess it's a sign of the times nowadays that when a new science emerges it's published as self-help literature. The fad for specialised scientific journals empirically following specific and specialised lines of enquiry has, like all such passing fads, died. If any of those olden-days scientists like Eisenstein or Newton-John were publishing today, they'd be up against the likes of this book in the competition for the attention of the scientific world and the public.
    The new science of "Personal Achievement" is pithily summarised in faculty handbooks as "performing at your peak while gaining emotional and financial freedom, attaining leadership and self-confidence, and winning the cooperation of others". This book is surely worth at least 2 stars, since it's the ground-breaker for this brave new science, devoted to bettering quality of life for all humanity through extensive experimental research and dedicated data collection....more info
    Tony Robbins has good advice. In fact when one of my employees moves into a supervisor or sales role I give them a copy of one of his books. And I credit his motivational books with some of my financial success. However he misses one point that all motivational speakers miss: no not everyone succeed no matter how much you pump them up. Some people lack the basic skills. For example to suceed in a given business you need motivation but you also need
    1. Experience in that industry, extensive experience.
    2. An innovative idea.
    3. Working capital.

    If you lack one or more of these then all the motivation in the world won't help you. ...more info
  • A winner from the world's greatest "life coach"
    I think Tony Robbins is brilliant. He's simple and very logical in everything I've ever read or heard by him. When I hear of what some of his critics say, I have to wonder if they've ever even read his books. There's nothing spooky here, folks. Most everything he teaches is a "no brainer"--things you can't believe you wouldn't think of on your own. More than anything else, Tony reveals the obvious, things we were probably too busy or wrapped up in our daily lives to see on our own, hence the term "life coach."

    "Unlimited" is a classic, probably the most important book written on personal life strategies. (This or "Awaken the Giant Within.) It this book, we are introduced to Anthony Robbins, whom I consider to be the worlds leading authority on self improvement and motivation. He's straight forward and balanced to the utmost. No mind manipulation or emotional hype here, folks. Tony isn't a spooky guru. He's not a cult leader. He's simply a man who has studied and successfully practiced self improvement to the degree that he has become a master in the feild.

    Get this book. You'll be glad you did!

    More than 5 stars if I could!...more info

  • Wonderfull Book - it blows you into action!
    This is one of the most wonderfull selfhelpbooks I`v ever read!
    It`s so much more than just NLP (NLP you can find everywhere) - this is a new raising standard of human transformation.
    Change your life this second, you are only a click away.......more info
  • Best book on success and NLP!
    This is definitely one of the best books on personal achievement and the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the market today. Anthony Robbins has probably been the most well known peak performance consultant and life success coach for the past two decades for good reason. Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP)is the study of excellence and the systemic study of human communication and is widely recognized worldwide as the most effective technology for achieving almost anything you want and has helped millions around the world. This book is not only an excellent introduction to NLP but also gives extremely useful advice on Success, Health and Personal Power. This is definitely a book everyone should own. Anyone can be a skeptic but less than 20 dollars to change your entire life for the better forever is a fantastic deal....more info
  • Change your life with an OPEN MIND. Its the only way...
    For the person just reading the reviews to Robbin's book just to click "No its not helpful", I sugest you get a life and start thinking of what you really want in life and taking actions to achieve it, instead of spending your time going against Robbins just because you don't understand what he is writing about (or you didn't apply it after reading it). Give up the narrow mindedness and start to open your mind and start taking action towards the life you want. Just because someone is happy, successful, rich, doesn't necessary mean he is doing it by unscrupulous ways. Robbins truly is out there making a difference in people's life. If he couldn't touch your life because you were closed off, then whose fault is it? Have you ever asked yourself, "If others can change their life for the better with his books, then why can't I? Or why didn't I even try to apply it as a test?"

    As a philosopher once said, "If you choose to be poor because you think its spiritual, thats fine. But if at the same time you despise or envy those who are rich, then that is called a hypocrite."
    The more you envy and despise other people's success and wealth, the more you are sabotaging your own growth. And who in this world is not selling hope? Think about the religions, the makeup companies like Revlon, the schools, the architects, the teachers, the entreprenuers- all these people and institutions are selling FEELING and HOPE AND IMPROVEMENT for those who want to improve their life in some way!

    For the reviewer who said Tony is not original, let me ask you this- does it necessarily take an original splendid and complex idea to change your life? Do you want a new sophisticated ideas just to make yourself feel so sophisticated and intelligent or do you want to change your life? Isn't changing your life with simple ideas that works more intelligent than trying to fill your brain with so much philosophies but doesn't change a thing?

    Tony is not really reknowned for his ability to come up with new ideas. Even the people whom he learned those ideas from were trying to emulate some other geniuses. In fact, one of his core ideas is to 'model' the best people in any selected field and master their beliefs and consistantly apply it. He is more known for his commitment to be the best, his ability to apply ideas intelligently in different contexts etc.

    This is a really exciting book to read. How could a young man with little education, no money, washing his dishes in his bathtub, low income , became a millionaire in 1 year? The answer and knowledge is all in this book. Written in 1986, it was a bestseller among entreprenuers and business people. This book teaches you how successful people think. Tony was a total failure, until one day he went to a NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) seminar by the genius Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

    NLP is a new field of science/psychology that can radically and quickly change human behaviour and thinking in very short time. With techniques and beliefs modelled from America's genius hypnotherapist Dr Milton Erickson, and family therapist Virginia Satir, Richard Bandler and John Grinder was able to cure phobias, anxieties, depression, etc within minutes (where traditional Freudian Therapy took up to 4 years without results).

    IN a nutshell, NLP is to find out specifically how somebody who is good at something do that thing, (studying his beliefs, and subjectivity), and then model that to apply it to yourself or others to produce the same (or better) results. It is called the Modelling of Mastery.

    Tony mastered NLP within a short time frame, and he used NLP to change his thinking,beliefs,behaviour in a massive way that turned him into a success. Tony is one of the few people Richard Bandler (the NLP co-founder) gives a lisence to teach NLP, and if you know Richard, he trusts very few people!

    The first time i came across NLP, i thought, "oh yeah, right, another of these quick way to happiness and success", without really understanding it. Then slowly i learned more about NLP, and i applied some of the NLP techniques on myself, and I was so shocked it WORKED! I used the NLP method to cure my nail biting habit, instantly! Then i used it to cure my shyness. Then i used it to propel myself to success. Bandler and Grinder's mastery is in how the Brain and nervous system works. They are not theorists, (unlike most psychologists). They only do what works.

    When Bandler and Grinder first came out with the NLP model in the late 70s, everyone said they were making false claims. Yet one by one Bandler proved to them that NLP really works, where traditional psychology doesnt. HIs favourite saying is "If the old way of doing things doesnt work (or is producing mediocre results), do something else... do something new!" I recommend people to read other books by Richard Bandler, especially "Frogs Into Princes" and "Magic In Action" (this book is from the famous seminar where Bandler proves the cynics wrong and cures phobics and patients (on stage, live!) within 30 minutes,(no preparation before hand)as an experiment' conducted by one of the Universities who wanted to disprove Bandler)...more info
  • The most important book written for personal development
    Tony's work is legendary - he's touched millions with his work, and this book is a foundation for personal success. I turned my life around from unemployed, divorced and broke, to self-made millionaire entrepreneur thanks to this book. Tony Robbins is the most important influence in my making the best life possible for myself, and my gratitude is immeasurable.

    Everything Tony Robbins produces has made life-changing impacts on my life and that of my colleagues and clients. Tony Robbins is the best at helping people improve and fundamentally, instantly change their lives.

    If you buy no other book in your lifetime, get this one....more info
  • Amazing
    I think sometimes Destiny smites someone on the forehead, allows them to do really good deeds, and at the same time make a snootful of money while doing so.

    This, clearly, has been Anthony Robbins' life experience.

    Anthony teaches principles that are Very Hard Work to apply. None of his teachings are easy -- and if you were looking for an easy way out of Life's hard lessons, you should look elsewhere. But, if you commit to doing the Hard Yards and applying the lessons that Anthony teaches, you will not be disappointed by your results.

    This is a personal investment in your own self-worth. The harder you work, the better your reward.

    Tony's presentation is overtly American, and it p*sses me off for its overt simplicity that borders on patronizing. Remember, tho', Tony *is* All-American and he can't help it. Read his works thru that filter, and you will find Unlimited Power. It's up to you to apply it.

    Tony gives full value for money, full-stop. And then some....more info

  • Make Dreams Realities: Create the Life You Want and Need
    If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.
    -Anthony Robbins

    If I did not read this book at 12 years old, I would be dead right now.

    I tried to change my attitude and my actions for years. Yet, no matter what I did or where I went, I could never change who I was.

    This book opened my eyes to the fact that perception is reality. We have to first change our thoughts, which determine our attitudes, our actions, and our life.

    Anthony Robbins is the leader of leaders. He has spent his life studying and modeling the principles of success. He has helped people from all walks of life, from CEO's to homeless, from Olympians to celebrities, and from young to old.

    I read this book after I got out of a mental asylum at twelve years old, after my third suicide attempt. By then, I had been through hospitals for my eating disorders, psychologists for my mental disorders, and cops for my emotional disorders.

    I tried to change to the stereotypical Asian child with the highest grades, mild manners, and conformed obedience, but I never succeeded because I disdained that image that everyone else wanted me to be. After I prayed my last prayer for some "god" to save me, I realized that no one could ever help me but me. I had to die unto myself to be born anew. In that complete hopelessness, there was hope. In that final emptiness of the past, there was a chance to be fulfilled for the future.

    This book opened a whole new world to that boy who was supposed to be hopeless and helpless. It gave me the strategies and tools to become who I am today.

    I am 22 right now, and I have begun 5 successful companies that are on their way to change this world forever. It all began because of this book.

    I was an obese, troubled, and timid youth until I found martial arts, philosophy, and peak performance psychology (via Anthony Robbins) at 12 years old. I transformed my body and went after my dream of being a professional fighter. At 18, just when my career was about to take off with national sponsorship and show requests, I went through severe injuries due to overtraining.

    Realizing the need for systems that could succeed without my constant involvement, the warrior became an entrepreneur. Within two years of college, I traveled the world; lead seven clubs; worked five diverse jobs (marketing and sales, personal training, executive search research analyst, student success coach, and freelance writer); did a prototype for a health franchise; overcame severe injuries; transformed relationships; found love; and studied business in one of Asia's top universities, as well as finance, sociology, and psychology in UCSD.

    I would not be where I am today, much less alive, if it weren't for this book.

    Thank You Tony.
    ...more info
  • The power of NLP...A Brave New World...
    I read this book many years ago, when I was looking for guidance in my life. Tony Robbins is a great guy, a great achiever and definitely a great coach. His method is excellent to empower people and he has been mirrored many times. I had his CDs and tapes. But this all NLP scares me a bit. It became like this big "Mass", full of people laughing and happy and successful where one forget who one is to become somebody else...We erase the original program and put another one in our brain, and we are ready to go...
    John Grinder and Richard Bandler, when they developed NLP, have created a powerful tool to help people and to control people. They mirrored Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir and other therapists, and it feels like today NLP is to the brain, what a medication to a body. It acts on the symptoms, not on the causes. It feels sometimes, that we are in a Brave New World with a regime of universal happiness.
    Is happiness what it is all about?
    ...more info
  • The book that helps you believe anything is possible
    'Unlimited Power' is the first of Tony's two books. (He has numerous other publications and tapes, but he only has two major books.) His energy and enthusiasm are infectious and that comes across in his writing.

    The reader will learn something new on almost every page. That is not to say that what Tony has said in his books isn't polemical. 'Unlimited Power' is basically an introduction to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and contains suggestions for "training" the mind to act in a productive way. The work is impressive, particularly since the book is almost twenty years old. You do not have to agree with the ideas in the book or believe any of them, but at least being open minded to some possibilities the book suggests wouldn't hurt. In fact, my favorite aspect of the book is how Tony encourages the reader to try out his ideas. It's essentially a book about changing minds. I've always gotten the impression from Tony's books that he sincerely wants to help the people who read it be the absolute best they can be.

    Tony draws out the flaws of traditional therapy early in the book. Why force a person to relive the negative thought patterns in their brain to help them get better? A lot of Tony's book is just common sense. 'Unlimited Power' is written for almost anyone in any stage of their lives. Change is possible and the appeal of Tony's book is that he gives a person a way to change quickly and through their own initiative.

    Sometimes the book needs to be taken with a grain of salt (and I doubt Tony would want his readers to accept ideas uncritically anyway). Overall, however, I highly recommend the book as an avenue for self-improvement and maximizing your potential. econ...more info
  • Better Than ATGW, but still nothing life changing
    I have been involved in the self help genre more or less since I was 16 when my father let me read his Steven Covey book. I am now 24, so I know my stuff. Tony here has been the one who most relate to, so I did all his programs. No, it was not life changing at all, but, yes, there are a few good ideas in this book. I actually read this after ATGW, which I hated. This one was a little better, but even reading the words, I got that 'rah rah' motivation feeling. Some of the ideas are plain stupid at best. His works are the classic " Ive got all this nice stuff, if you read my books, so can you" routine. But Im skeptical about his getting rich business. The book is a long read, and is divided into certain sections. In my opinion, modeling and goal setting are the two best things this book has. Everything else is just'fluff' to me. But watch out guys, after you read this book, you may be intrigued to buy his tapes, and then you may attend a seminar, and then that leads to more expensive seminars etc.. I personally know a man who spent 20K+ plus on his seminars and has not improved his life whatsoever. Granted, he may not do anything himself, but there is no way 10k for a week seminar is worth the price. NO WAY! I know Im getting off on a tanget here, but I think it's a vicious circle. In summary, the book has about two good ideas and that's it. Borrow it for free at your local library....more info
  • Great information but proceed with caution...
    Tony Robbins is a man who, I think, truly wants to help millions of people change their lives. Unlimited Power is a great introduction to the topic of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which a great tool for change that, unfortunately, has gotten a bad wrap from scientific circles.

    Overall, Unlimited Power will give you the basics of changing your life. If you're new to the self-development genre of books, this is in my top ten.

    My only issue with this book is Tony's knocking other types of therapies and his approach to NLP. Tony does highlight the benefits of these therapies, but often in a condescending tone. Learning NLP from a book can be fine for a lot of ailments, but may not be effective for long term trauma, mental illnesses, or serious psychoses. While there is limited data, I feel that NLP can be effective for these ailments but would suggest the person seek a highly qualified NLP practioner or psychiatrist/psychologist trained in NLP.

    In a nutshell, this is a great introduction to self-development and a primer for NLP, but it is not a cure-all. I encourage the reader to balance her studies with authors such as Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Dave Pelzer, and Scott M Peck....more info
  • Thank you Tony!
    My Sister gave me this book 16 years ago and it sat on the shelf of every place that I lived but never read. About a year ago I hit a small rut and felt it was time to read this book... WOW! The simple diet chart on how to mix food is amazing AND IT WORKS! I stopped eating sugar, red meat and pork, and 99% of the processed foods I used to eat and my energy sky rocketed; I've become more focused and positive and goal oriented. I'm back in school working on a business degree and over the past 8 courses, 6 in the last semester, I have a 4.0 GPA, and I didn't even feel challenged. This coming semester I decided to do something else Tony suggests from another book, "If you can't... you must!" So I've registered for 8 university courses and I'm not ever worried about the workload.

    I suggest you read any thing Tony writes and add it to your arsenal.
    BEWARE though, once you read this book and follow its instructions you'll soon notice how negative the world we live in is; how limited many people make themselves, and you may also discover what I have, that many people are victims of self-imposed struggles.

    So many great things in this book but most of the other reviews cover those....more info
  • Wonderful book when read with an open mind
    I picked this book up a few years ago and didn't like it at all. I have since taken a beginning level training in NLP and am currently reading the book and love it.

    The best advice I could give anyone about this book is to read it with an open mind! Really experiment with his tools and if you don't like them - discard them. What is much more likely is that you'll find they work wonders for you.

    I have a feeling that many disappointed readers did what I did originally. They wanted to analyze everything before trying it on. Usually this makes sense but occassionally it's really unuseful. Robbins was writing to a huge audience - there is no way he could have addressed everyone's particular mindset and objections.

    Many, many people think that Robbins is a genius - even smart, skeptical noncultists like me. You're the one who loses out if you ask Robbins to adapt to you instead of you adapting to him....more info

  • If you want to create positive results, read this book
    Tony Robbins is an absolute genius. While reading this book, I have achieved so much. He taught me how to live a healthy, happy life that is full of goals that I can achieve. I am only half way through this book and I have now started a daily exercise routine that I can now enjoy and a low fat healthy diet that I love as well. I now enjoy every aspect of life like I never have before. This man is a god!!!!!! All of those negative people out there who can even say Tony is a crook should have never purcahsed the book in the first place because they must have been reading with a closed mind. How can he be a bad guy when I am living proof that he is a life saver. He taught me some things that I already knew, but never understood how to apply.
    If ou have only fourteen dollars in your pocket, buy this book and I promise it will save your life as it has mine. I would empty out my entire bank account to go to one of his seminars....more info
  • I am now dumber from having read this
    I can't stop reading a book once I start, because if I do I feel that I've wasted my time. Well I decided to cut my losses and give up about a hundred pages shy on this one. It is completely outdated, in contrast to modern medicine, and otherwise fluff with a bit of commons sense thrown in. Imagine sitting through the worst class in school you've ever had and that is what reading this book is like. He admits right at the start that he threw this book together in a very short amount of time due to publishing deadlines and it shows in the content. Some of his "new science" is downright ridiculous to the point of being funny. It appears he wrote this book because someone offered him a book deal based on his reputation and his work is lazy and misleading. If I could rate this book a "no stars" I would. Save your money. Dr. Seuss is more helpful than Mr. Anthony Robbins. However, if you are stupid and gullible, you may enjoy this book....more info
  • Buy this book and read Chapter 10
    Feeling down, stuck in a dead end job or just think you have more to give? Well you have found the right book.

    Chapter 10 covers changing your diet to improve performance. I tell you it works. I started on it 18 months ago and I am a different person. I am brighter, sharper, more alive, better at my work....I could go on all day but I think you get the idea.

    I have learnt over these last months that in order to succeed over a long period of time, you require superb energy levels and good mental health. The fuel for this comes from a good diet. Don't believe me, try it for yourself, what have you got to lose? I suspect that within 10 days you will notice a change in well being and performance levels.

    You may be surprised at what he says is good and bad for you. It certainly goes against conventional attitudes you hear from most doctors, health professionals and food companies. Before I was blind and now I can see.

    Another book worth buying is Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, which goes into more detail on the subject....more info
  • A Book For Success
    Excellent book to help you achieve success in all areas of your life. Get the principles shown here, apply them and get the sucess you want. Highly recommended....more info
  • Incredible.
    Everyone on earth, needs to read this book.

    A lot of NLP tactics are used in this book, but hey whatever gets the job done.

    What I've learned through this book:
    - how to change my physiology to change my current state of emotions
    - how to better manage my emotions and time
    - how to build rapport with others
    - to really know and understand what I want
    - new techniques on how to completely delete bad thoughts
    - so much other stuff!

    your gonna love this book, it's basically just you that's helping you and in the end who else is gonna help....more info
  • NLP in action
    It was suggested I read this book to see NLP in action instead of just theory. So far so good....more info
  • A True Inspiration!
    This book has truly inspired me and has allowed me to see things in a whole new light. I was given a copy of this book to read 4 months ago and it has truly changed my entire thinking pattern. I no longer have a grim outlook on life. I find myself living my life more joyously and realizing the potential I have within and I truly thank this book along with Neale Donald Walsch's Conversation with God - Book 1, for allowing me to see things from a totally different perspective. This book is an excellent follow-up to Walsch's Conversations with God - Book 1 and I truly recommend this book!...more info
  • One of the best books i have ever read
    I first read Unlimited Power six years ago and it is one of the most powerful books i have ever read. Anthony Robbins passes on belief systems and techniques that make the reader grow in every aspect of their lives. Deep down he is a philanthropist that wants to help people and his techniques are a fast track to living the life you dream of. Since being aware of Robbins i have accelerated my happiness, love for humanity, personal life, well being, charitable endeavour and become a better person. This is a choice that i make every day just as Robbins says so. I wish every person who ever has had a mental health problem could benefit by reading his books and seeinh him in person. This is something i would love to deliver in my line of work by incorporating his techniques into the NHs and schools in the UK. ...more info
  • Simple and Effective
    This book is a great introduction to the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), without the jargon of NLP (OK, Tony has renamed it Neuro-Associative Conditioning, NAC). It uses simple language to help you access your inner power and as such is suitable for everyone. It is a practical manual that can help you to become greatly empowered. It is loaded with simple exercises and practices you can incorporate in your daily life to create dramatic changes - almost effortlessly....more info
  • The absolute recipe for personal disaster
    Hypnotize yourself. Breathe this way and that. Milk isn't that good for human health. You don't have to have too much water. If you copy someone's body language, you gain control of their thoughts and win them over.

    In short, you get ready for a long-term failure.

    When my fiance first told me of Anthony Robbins, I was suspicious but curious. When I SAW this man's picture, I was shocked: oh dear, he looks fake and in pain! I would NOT want to meet this person. I would NOT want me or my fiance to read his books.

    This man's books deluded my fiance through one of the worst crises of his life, and he kept believing that not only will he recover like Mr Anthony Robbins, but that he would gain some supreme power. On top of that, he joined a millionnaire's aspirant club on Robbin's website. I would like to know how many persons from that club became millionnaires in a year? My fiance hardly bailed himself out of debt that he accrued in those times when he most believed he had unlimited power. (I also discovered that he got involved in Internet lottery/ gambling.)

    I have no personal vendetta with this man Robbins, but I have an aim to disclose the fraud he is. I read Unlimited Power, gifted to me by my THEN fiance (yes!). And I could see where this would lead any believer of this twisted, incoherent system.

    I kept my faith strong in my fiance during his hard times of financial and emotional crisis and only made the merest suggestion that these kinds of books are delusionary and feed on general human weaknesses. He slowly learnt to believe in himself, and even admitted that Mr Robbins' success is only thanks to the sale of his books and seminars to the naive.

    Ah but the glitzy promises of power and what-not of this man worked. Human are lazy and greedy, and after getting a new job, and having better prospects of marriage, my THEN fiance fell back into the trap of achievement and power...

    Today, my ex-fiance is alone and miserable because he chose to let go of one sound job, dislikes his new job (several times better than the previou), and let go of his relationships. That includes me, his parents, and his sincerest friends.

    Our relationship is over, not only because of reconcilable normal personal differences, but because he on the one hand believes his past and future are messed and on the other harbors 3 different delusions about success.

    God bless him. Please burn your copy of Anthony Robbins....more info
  • Brilliant!
    This is a book that will change the life of anyone who reads it properly. It's not perfect, and there are some parts especially on health that seem a bit outdated and not too convincing. But for the most part, this is a brilliant book that has allready helped me achieve much more of my goals, and put me on a road to living an even better life! I would recommend buying Awaken the Gigant as well. :)...more info
  • Powerful book that can deliver powerful results
    This is how Tony Robbins started with powerful NLP techniques. It is the advice in Unlimited Power that made Tony Robbins a household name; showing people how to overcome fear, release lifetime phobias in minutes, helping superstar athletes reach beyond their previous best performance, achieve goals in record breaking time and more.

    Unlimited Power offers the best of what Tony Robbins learned from his mentor Jim Rohn and the best of NLP techniques. Tony puts it all together in an easy to read and exciting form. Once you start reading, you won't want to put the book down.

    Anchors and swish patterns were a huge help to me. At the time when I first read Unlimited Power, Tony's goal setting session was the most powerful goal setting system I had ever used. For setting and achieving goals now I recommend Brian Tracy's excellent book Goals along with the information in Unlimited Power: limitation disengage and Tony's massive goal setting session in Awaken The Giant.

    Tony Robbins is clearly helping a lot of people. He is like a modern day Napolean Hill harnessing the winning strategies of the most powerful and successful people of the times as well as the rich and famous.

    I can't recommend Unlimited Power enough. It can change your life. Read this along with Awaken The Giant. Also recommend Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and Goals by Brian Tracy....more info
  • A step above positive thinking
    Some books teach just to be positive. Certainly having a positive attitude is better than being negative, but positive thinking is not enough.

    Anthony Robbins teaches positive thinking but goes beyond that to positive doing. That is what personal power is all about, it is the ability to ake action and get the results you want.

    Unlimited Power is an excellent book to show you how to bring out that power. Robbins advice works. Try it you'll ove it....more info

  • A good choice to have a better life based on NLP
    This is a great book that helps us to improve our personal and profesional life. The author uses NLP principies. ...more info
  • A great and powerful book
    This was a great, great book. I have resisted reading his stuff for quite a while because his ventures are so commercialized and he still has a bit of that infomercial stigma in my head - but I was completely wrong. This book was gold. Great for beginners, great for the experienced.

    About half the book is basic material that I was well acquainted with - goals, health, motivation, etc. Although I did get a few new viewpoints. The real benefit to me was the introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming, or at least Tony's flavor of it. It was so effective, I was able to put it into use while only about halfway through the book. My wife and I were stuck waiting for our son in a dentist's office that had the air at about 60 degrees and I was able to program myself into feeling warm - the chillbumps went away, my skin warmed up - even my wife (who thought the whole thing was hokey) admitted it worked.

    This is not a one time read, but a manual to be often revisited....more info
  • Greatest Book Ever!
    The bad reviews on this book absolutely boggle my mind. I read this book for the first time seven years ago and since then have become a millionaire, written and published two children's books that are now sold in major bookstores across the country, bought four homes as investment properties, and gotten into a very fulfilling relationship. I would have done NONE of this if it weren't for this book. Anthony Robbins is for real. I was skeptical before I read his books, but was blown away after reading the first chapter. Awaken the Giant Within and his 30 day Personal Power CD program are also brilliant. I owe him more than he will ever know. That's all I have to say....more info
  • This Is Useless
    I have actually been through a long period of spiritual chaos. I have owned this book in the past. I also owned many other books that are of this kind. This book is actually useless. The best thing to do in times of turmoil is to keep things SIMPLY. That is the best solution. Think in a positive way but not to the extreme end that is advocated in all these self improvement books which are actually self DESTRUCTION books.
    For those who question my opinion, I have been severely depressed for over 6 years. I stop being depressed back in 2003. I am currently a psychology major. REAL psychology books are VERY different from these SHAM books.
    I hope my review have helped someone. If you have books like this, you should throw them away.
    ...more info
  • Result come from Action - Action comes from Being
    Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within are cornerstone books by Tony Robbins. Within these two books, you will get 92% of all of this courses, live and home study. If you are like most people, you will get incredible results from either of these two books ...... IF, and ONLY IF you APPLY what you learn! So beware! If you want to buy these books (or any book or tape program for that matter) to place on your shelf and absorb the contents through osmosis, forget it! NOT GUNNA HAPPEN! You will need to APPLY YOURSELF to make these processes work!...more info
  • Great book, but gets a little bit repetitive
    A lot of the ideas are repeated over and over throughout different chapters. When these ideas were repeated I found myself zoning out or skimming past to try to find something new. I realize that repetition is one of the key foundations for his teachings, but too much can make one doze off. Otherwise, a GREAT book!...more info
  • great book!
    I have to say I bought this book and read it only because it was necessary for a class I'm taking, but turns out it really is a great book, and this is coming from someone who hates reading! I can't say I've picked up a book just to read for fun in years and I've honestly been interested in the things covered in it. ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Time or Money
    Reading this book evoked emotions equivalent to the experience of purchasing a vehicle at a car dealership. A lot of convincing sales talk leading to hollow results. The concepts presented are not new, scientific, or innovative as sold. The concepts are simply gift wrapped in expensive paper. And many are false, deceptive, or simple common sense.

    Other points of interest: originally written over a decade ago and contains extensive outdated information, lacks focus, discusses unhealthy dietary practices, and ? If you are looking for a motivation book - don't waste your time or money. Look elsewhere......more info

  • John Recommended Read
    This book is fabulous. Tony Robbins invested his time and awareness to make a really awesome read. The loss of the full star sweep has to do with 2 things. First, there is nothing so new in here if one has read many books of this genre. NLP, positive self-talk, nutrition, etc. is covered by others in different books. That being said, he does a solid job of incorporating them. The other issue is the mere length. For an avid reader, this huge book is alot to get through, and with casual readers it must feel like a huge endeavor to get through.

    This is required reading to anyone who is success bound! John Recommended Read....more info
  • Highly Inspirational
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book "Unlimited Power". I am reading the book again and I have already successfully used some of the concepts and ideas. This certainly is not a book that you read just once but the insightful and useful information needs to be read again and again until it really sticks. In fact, one benefits a lot by practising what is being suggested say for 3 -4 weeks and see the results for yourself. Then maintain the new useful habit.

    Anthony Robbins encapsulates the best personal development strategies and combines it with NLP to create quick change. This book will improve your entire life from reaching goals to rapport with others. "Unlimited Power" gives the utmost concepts on achievement, given by a very successful author, in a clear and easy to understand and follow style. I was very impressed with the ideas and information contained inside it which are very practical and powerful.

    However, the book can only provide guidance and it's up to the reader to put into practice the advice and wisdom of this motivational guru.
    It is overall an interesting book to read. This book is recommended as it has the potential to highly motivate, stimulate and help you focus your mind on meeting your goals.
    ...more info
  • From author of Anthony Robbins Life Story
    I couldn't believe that Anthony Robbins wrote this book in a month, but he proclaims that he did. I read the book many times, and one of the best ideas was to leave your wallet, money, keys, everything behind, and go to a city you have never been before, and use what you have learned to survive. I must admit that I slept outside the first night, but after that I quickly found solutions with the help of this book....more info
  • what happened to ATGW?
    i went to both of Robbin's websites and there is no mention of this book "Awaken the Giant Within". Does this mean he has renounced what he wrote in "awaken...?"

    I found the book very helpful but am a bit confused as to why he himself no longer promotes this book on his websites....more info

  • One of the best books ever written on achievement
    Unlimited Power was my introduction to NLP. I bought it over 20 years ago. In fact, I have rebought it many times as my original copy was all dog eared and fell apart. I also bought Tony's Tapes, "Unlimited Power" and "Personal Power" and his followup blockbuster bood "Awaken The Giant."

    If your goal is to achieve maximum success then you can't go wrong with this groundbreaking book by Anthony Robbins. In fact, if you were to buy just one book on personal success, this could be that one book. You will learn everything you need to know from being your best, overcoming fears and phobias to developing rapport and creating better relationships.

    I also recommend Awaken The Giant which goes into even more detail the actuall techniques to use to develop personal power. In fact, I recommend everything by Tony Robbins. Also highly recommended is "NLP: The New Science of Achievement" by NLP Comphrehensive.
    ...more info
  • If you want to create positive results, read this book
    Tony Robbins is an absolute genius. While reading this book, I have achieved so much. He taught me how to live a healthy, happy life that is full of goals that I can achieve. I have now started a daily exercise routine that I can now enjoy and a low fat healthy diet that I love as well. I now enjoy every aspect of life like I never have before. This man is a God!!!!!! All of those negative people out there who can even say Tony is a crook should have never purcahsed the book in the first place because they must have been reading with a closed mind. How can he be a bad guy when I am living proof that he is a life saver. He taught me some things that I already knew, but never understood how to apply.
    If ou have only fourteen dollars in your pocket, buy this book and I promise it will save your life as it has mine. I would empty out my entire bank account to go to one of his seminars....more info


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