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FRS concentrate is ideal for those people who drink FRS on a regular basis. Each 32 oz. bottle contains a 1-2 week supply of FRS and fits conveniently in your refrigerator. The concentrate is great for adding to your favorite smoothie, seltzer water or juice blend. Each serving of concentrate is powered by 250 mg of quercetin.

  • 16 servings per bottle

Customer Reviews:

  • Changed my workout
    I use this product every morning before hot yoga. It gives me stamina to make it the 90 minutes in 105 degrees and increases my flexibility and ability to do the postures. The product keeps me energized all day; no need for coffee!...more info
    I wish I would have ordered from Amazon instead of the FRS companys auto mailing. I loved the way the product affected my energy but after a week my arthritis flared up from the immunity increase. Arthritis is a auto immune disease so when you boost your immunity it fights against you. When my next auto mailing came in, I sent it back. When I saw no credit on my card, I called them. Well they had a certain system of sending back what you can't use. I got credit for what I had left but no credit for the product I sent back. I think it was a $60 package. I was out $60 and they didn't care....more info
  • incredible
    I have been ordering this product from the FRS website for a few months now, ( and it does work! you can find all kinds of information from their site, but order from amazon, it cost less.
    I do believe that this has helped me maintain my weight loss as it certainly does boost my metablolism. I feel such a difference when I use it on a regular basis. I use the orange concentrate, mix with club soda, or diet ginger ale and it is so refreshing.
    I don't care much for the chews, they have a somewhat bitter flavor to them, and they are higher in calories if you are counting.
    I can't endorse this product enough, and I am not getting paid for it!
    Enjoy!...more info
  • WORKS! Boosts the Immune System - this stuff is amazing
    Several times when I have been coming down with a cold I take FRS and immediately feel better and within a day I am over the cold. I have shared this with coworkers and friends with the same results. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I had a terrible tooth infection that was beyond painful and loading up on FRS made the infection go down by 90%, I truly was shocked.

    As for energy, this doesnt give a jolt like RedBull or other caffeine products, I notice for me that it gives a clear, steady energy that feels so much better than the other energy drinks, and there is no crash and burn later. Drinking FRS is like health insurance for me. ...more info
  • FRS drug interaction with Lipitor and other statins
    This has an enzyme like grapefruit that is contraindicated for statins. DO NOT TAKE if you are on Lipitor. ...more info
  • Lousey customer service from FRS site...purchase here!
    This stuff is really amazing. The reason I will not give it 5 stars is because I have NEVER EVER encountered such terrible awful customer service. If you go to and read the complaints you will see I am not the only one.

    Other than that I feel a huge energy difference, like the taste and will keep on using this but purchase it here. The auto-ship program is a joke by the way, they have not shipped ONE order out correctly, thus encountering the rude non-caring customer service. ...more info
  • FRS DRink
    This drink is like drinking orange juice except you do get eneryg from it. I work a lot of hours and it has helped me keep going. The drink also works on your appetite so you don't eat a lot of junk food while you are working a lot of hours. I will order more!...more info
  • Matt Birdman
    I heard the hype about the cult drink FRS and it definitely delivers. It gives me energy without the crash and burn of the typical energy drinks. Also I use it before surfing every day and I can definitely stay in the water for a much longer time. ...more info
  • Caution if a statin user
    Anyone on a statin drug should not use products with Quercetin as it's a potent inhibtor of CYP3A4, the enzyme that breaks down most drugs in the body (the same reason why you shouldn't eat or drink grapefruit if you use statins). Unfortunately the FRS website doesn't post this anywhere and it's only after you order and receive your order confirmation that they show a note "you can read more about Quercetin at" which is where this information is posted. Not cool FRS. ...more info
  • Didn't give any noticeable engergy..
    I felt no energy difference, and I wasn't even looking for an espresso-type pick me up or anything. I gave it 2 stars because it is delicious, and has healthy ingredients....more info
  • This Stuff Works!
    I am a health professional and cancer survivor and have tried many products for low energy, and this is the first time Ive had measurable results. It also helps me maintain a healthy weight, and is now all I use on bike rides for an energy boost! Great product backed by both anecdotal and clinical evidence. ...more info
  • Decent effect/mediocre taste
    I like the energizing effect of these FRS products, particularly since they are based on natural products. However, this low-cal orange has a mediocre artificial taste...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I have used FRS for a month now and have been somewhat surprised with the results. It's not an over the top, jittery buzz, it's like a guide to clarity, for a couple of hours. The only thing I don't like are the chews. If I'm away from home and don't have the orange concentrate with me I'll rely on a chew or two, but I wont mix the drink and the candy in the same day. I got a little too jittery and felt a bit nauseous one evening.
    And another thing, the label makes me feel like I' part of some lab experiment.
    Tooooo summarize, worth a try, not for everyone, might harm me...FRS Healthy Energy Liquid Concentrate, Low Cal Orange, 32-Ounce Bottle.
    cycle on!...more info
  • I highly recommend this product
    I've been using this product for months now. I really like it. I DO notice an energy boost...but best of all, I seem to think clearer and it even seems to improve my mood. Love the mere 20 calories per serving. I've tried the powder and the premixed canned, don't like them as much. Oddly, I don't get the same effect with them that I get with this lo calorie concentrate. Go figure. No explanation for it,...this is just my experience. ...more info
  • Love this product
    Purchased from Amazon since I have free two day shipping. FRS requires a monthly shipment schedule to get the free shipping. FRS really does boost my energy and I feel good about drinking it.
    ...more info
  • My Favorite
    I love this stuff! the effect is subtle, which I like, there's nothing worse than experienceing the Spike - like effects of energy drinks especially while working out. I loved that this just kept me going at a nice reasonable pace. Definitely recommend, but if you're someone who wants the drag-you-out-by-your-hair sensation of other energy drinks, this one's not for you. ...more info
  • Why pay big for marketing?
    Save your money and get quercetin - the active ingredient in FRS - directly and much more cheaply via capsules from a reputable company not FRS. Despite what the company says the science is not clear that quercetin does anything anyway; it may have some benefits as an antioxidant which is why I take one pill of it a day but this is more in hope than expectation. The rest is expensive sugar water, caffeine (sorry, I mean "metabolic enhancer") and marketing. ...more info
  • It is a slow.... but steady energy booster...
    I have tried the many energy boosters out there and they all leave me weak and jittery at the end of the cycle. Which made me feel like it just isn't healthy to use.

    I started using this product thinking I would see no results and I have seen a huge change. I already use Dr. Sinatras vitamins and eat very healthy, but I also do sport performance training for skiing. I swear it just makes me happy and I do not feel the regular drain that you can get from post out.

    Less lactic acid and a higher tolerance endurance training.

    I love the stuff!!!

    I take it in the morning pre work out and then during the day about 3:00 when I usually need a cup of coffee. It kicks in about 45 minutes later.

    Enjoy !!

    ...more info
  • Great beverage for morning and pre-workout
    I love this product. For those of you expecting a caffeinated kick, this isn't it. For those of you who know the increased energy and overall feeling of wellness from a good dose of B vitamins, this is for you. I drink it every morning with a fiber supplement stirred in as a healthier alternative to coffee or juice. And then I have this or another FRS product before a workout. The liquid concentrate has a bit of a Tang taste to it but it's pretty easy to get used to. I prefer it to the powder version for taste but the powder packets are easier to carry around and dump into a bottle of water before workouts or in the middle of the afternoon for a low-calorie pick-me-up. I'm going to try ordering through Amazon. I'm supposed to have a regular repeat shipment directly from FRS but after two attempts to convert my monthly deliveries to a regular 6-month supply, they have yet to send me anything at all in the last three months. Reps are friendly enough, but they can't seem to deliver their own product to a customer that's been with them for a year! After using this product for several months I can point out that although the increase in energy is subtle when taking it, the decrease in energy is really noticeable since I've run out of product. I'll try Amazon to see if I can at least keep a regular supply on hand!...more info
  • For health benefits only, not performance enhancement
    I tried two of the FRS products prior to my morning runs over a weekend. After a long work week, I need the energy boost. First the liquid concentrate on Saturday. After a two-day running layoff, my legs should have been energized to go on their own. I nixed my usual routine of tea before the run and drank the energy drink with my breakfast only because it already contains caffeine and I am caffeine sensitive. My run was horrible. Absolutely no energy at all and I was craving my tea by mile two. In fact, it was one of my worst runs in a while. Nothing ever kicked in. Sunday morning, I tried the chews pre-run AND drank my usual tea, and while my energy was much improved from Saturday, I actually did a six mile loop 2mins and 15 sec. slower than the prior Sunday before using FRS. Now, while the difference this Sunday was very hot/humid compared to last Sunday when it was very, very cool, the product did nothing to sustain me or keep me going. In fact, due to the heat, most of my time difference faded on the last half of the run which is where I would expect a purported energy product to help esp. since I ran with water to hydrate. So I will cancel the plan before they ship me more.
    I guess it wouldn't be bad to have the chews around, but honestly I didn't see any reason to spend the $$$. The items are all low-cal, so you won't get any glycogen upload benefit or sustaining energy from carbs/pro/fat, just the supposed energy from the mixture of vitamins and flavonoids and a small amount of caffeine. As mentioned, I am very caffeine sensitive and didn't even seem to get an extra boost from that. ...more info
  • Good product BUT...
    I will share my experience with you. Whenever I take FRS and I am fully rested with a full night's sleep, I feel a boost in energy HOWEVER if I do not have a full night's sleep (say six instead of 8 hours), it doesn't do me any good whatsoever! This is disappointing because this is when I can REALLY use some extra energy, when I'm depleted.

    Has anyone felt the same way? Comments welcome.

    Side note: not everyone wants to lose weight, I happen to be skinny and I don't need to lose even more! FRS should only include the catechins as an option. This is a very secondary issue.

    Last but not least, I find it a little strange that every single review gives this product five stars. What happened to "individual results may vary"? ...more info


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