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  • Mildly entertaining
    Out of sheer curiousity, I checked out LOVED IS DEAD by Kerli from my library. I had heard samples of the album at a local record store and it had piqued my curiousity. Now that I have heard the album in its entirety, I honestly can say I was not impressed. Kerli shares that same grating vocals that Wind Up artist Megan McCauley possesses with a hint of Bjork. Her vocals tends to be more shrill than I cared for. The cd is a mixed bag. There are some songs that I found were pretty catchy and fun to listen to like "Love is Dead", "Walking on Air" and "Butterfly Cry". Unfortunately what drags down LOVE IS DEAD is the often silly and pretentious lyrics, and Kerli's vocals. The worst offense on the entire album has to be "Strange Boy". The melodies were annoying the lyrics were just awful. My personal favorite song on the entire cd is the ballad "Butterfly Cry". I like the melodies but the lyrics were a bit on the corny side. I really wanted to like LOVE IS DEAD but I just couldn't. It is deeply flawed. ...more info
  • Original and amazing!
    Kerli is absolutely one of the most amazing artists I've heard in quite some time. I don't think I've liked anyone this much since Alanis Morissette first came out. Kerli's lyrics are deep, and I love how each song has a completely different sound and beat...truly a testiment to her talent and creativity. I can foresee myself playing each and every song over and over and over again....more info
  • Loved IT!!
    I can't understand why Kerli's CD Love Is Dead isn't playing all over the radio. I've shared the CD with several of my friends while driving and they all like it!! Maybe she needs a new agent or manager. It's great music and she has great style!! Wishing her the best of LUCK!!!...more info
  • Big Kerli Fan
    I love love this cd. Her music mixes dark and light so its not depressing or over the top bubbly. Her lyrics are poetic and her music is a mix of pop and goth. Best Tracks: Love Is Dead (samples madonnas love dont live here anymore), Walking On Air(amazing video too!!!), Bullet Proof, Butterfly Cry. I love all her tracks though. Shes sooo beautiful too!! ...more info
  • Brilliant new talent
    I first heard Kerli on Indie 103.1 radio. I had no idea who she was but her gorgeous voice and the darkish sound of the song got my attention immediately. The radio DJ pronounced her name as "Curly" and of course I couldn't find her on the internet. Luckily I remembered the title of the song I had just heard (Walking on Air) and Kerli came up on YouTube. As soon as I finished watching that fantastic video I wanted to see and hear more of her. I too can hear a little Bjork and Evanescence in her, and perhaps even a dollop of Gwen Stefani in one of the songs, but she has her own very genuine talent, unique sound and completely different style, and she is by no means a copycat. While I like some songs more than others (the only song I really don't care for is Strange Boy - the lyrics are not bad but the music doesn't do anything for me), overall the CD is excellent. The more I listen to it, the more I like it!
    Too bad that Good-bye is not on it, though. I saw it on YouTube and it was just SO beautiful. And I'm pretty sure that I've heard Kerli's SUPER cover of one of Bauhaus' old songs on 103.1 several times that's not included either. Oh well, she is leaving us with wanting for more! (Smart girl! :-)
    I can't wait to see her in concert in Los Angeles (Bar Sinister would be a great venue for her to start with!). I sure hope that she will keep her edgy, gothic-y look and sound, will keep writing her own songs - and will refuse to be turned into yet another pop-princess by the greedy Hollywood Music-machine....more info
  • Love Is Dead Track-by-track
    Love Is Dead by kerli is a medium album, and sound a little misproduced and weak in the melodies. here the track-by-track:

    Love Is Dead- 6/10. The first single has beautiful lyrics, but the sound is too loud, and reach to the point that you cannot hear what she is singing.

    Walking On air- 9/10. One of the best songs in the album, the rythmyn is very cool and the lyrics are very personal, she should explore more this kind of "Hip-Hop" sound.

    The Creationist- 5/10. The usual mid-happy song in dark albums, i can imagine this music video... she walking on the street singing this silly song...

    I Want Nothing- 9/10. Other good track in the album, it remembers me of t.A.T.u. with the strong and quick beat.

    Up Up Up- 0/10. The worst song, i didn't hear it, but just in the first minute i noted this is a bad song.

    Bulletproof- 5/10. This is not a good song, but the lyrics are very emotional and has a lot of significate, remembers me of Evanescence (I don't like Evanescence).

    Beautiful Day- 4/10. Another mid-happy song, but it's a little worst than "The Creationist" because of the chorus that is annoying.

    Creepshow- 10/10. The best song, some people are talking that she did this song "just for fun", but it's very cool and it's rythmyn combines with her kind of different voice. She should do more songs like this.

    Hurt Me- 5/10. A very weird song, it has a kind of masochismic lyrics, and differs from the innocent (or not) songs of the album. Could be a song from Marylin Manson.

    Butterfly Cry- 6/10. Despite the weird title (I think butterflies cannot cry), the song is not so bad, is very emotional and personal.

    Strange Boy- 8/10. A cool song, i think she did this song "just for fun", she mixed kind of dance rythmyn with soft rock, which in my opinion is very cool.

    Fragile- 7/10. A good song to close the album, has a very calm feel and the lyrics are beautiful.

    Overall- 5/10. Her debut could be a lot better. It seems like her producers let her do wathever she want and the album sound a little immature and weak, but the artwork is very beautiful and well done unlike the songs.
    ...more info
  • One of the best I've heard this year!
    Ok, I normally listen to a lot heavier stuff then this such as Slayer, GWAR, Pantera, Meshuggah, even Marilyn Manson things of that nature. But I was introduce to Kerli by some of my close friends and then I finally decided to look up some stuff about her on the good ol' youtube then I heard the title track and I got hooked. Now for the album I love the whole cd my faves are Strange boy, Love is Dead, I want nothing, and creepshow. The only song I dont really care for is up up up though i still like its just not one i listen to a lot. So i highly recommend you give this cd a shot. ...more info
  • Uniquely Beyond the REALM of NORM!!!!!!
    Uniquely Beyond the REALM of NORM!!!!!!

    I love this CD. I downloaded the 1st single on iTunes since it was the freee single of the week and thought it was interesting. I picked up the album at my local music store since it was $7.00. I believe an album cant be that bad if its for 7 bucks. To my suprise i picked up a winner. Kerli is very interesting and unique enough to make her stand out from the crowd. The real stand out track is the album name and title track for #1 which is "Love Is Dead". Its a wonderful CD and is very unqie and cutting edge. In a world full of typical artist its nice to see someone come along thats new and doing something different or something that hasnt been heard of in awhile. Her angelic voice has traces of Dolores from the Cranberries. There's a mixture of just about everything on the CD. A little bit Avril, alittle bit Dolores, alittle goth. Its all here. Pick up this CD because its truly a great debut from a very promising new artist....more info
  • Over The Hills and Far Away in Estonia
    So I purchased this cd because I heard two songs "Walking On Air" and her cover of Bauhaus's "She's In Parties" (should have been on this album).

    All I can say was that I wasn't dissapointed. For being what some people call a 'depressing' album, I didn't think so. You have to have a different twist on music to make it stand out and be one of a kind and thats exactly what Kerli does. She makes you think about your actions, feelings and what your theme is in life.

    Love is Dead -sounds like a morose song but is a lovely tune.

    The Creationist - We need to learn to not follow the pack and learn to
    create and believe in our own ideals without what others think.

    Up,Up,Up - has a neat little island feel to the rhyming verses.

    Beautiful Day - Make your day beautiful even if its grey.

    Creepshow - Kerli shows us about herself and reminds me of Siouxsie and The Banshees

    Strange Boy - Even the strange people in our life can be the ones we get along with.

    For a girl that sounds like a cross between Bjork/Siouxsie Sioux she is making a mark here in the US by being herself. Sometimes she sounds a bit younger than she is (twenty some old girl) and that she grows on her next album. Other than that, a very awsome debut from the girl from Estonia. ...more info
  • Nobody Knows Where It's At.
    Kerli's debut "Love Is Dead" is a cross between Bjork and P!nk with a dash of Regina Spektor and Evanesence. It's not entirely original or unique, and not all the songs work, but it does have enough interesting things to keep it afloat.

    Sure, she's got the gothic, blond Eastern bloc thing going for her, but at 21, Kerli isn't making a "Faith" or "Thriller" or "Jagged Little Pill". No, what she has here are an array of songs that, for the most part, are average. The lead track, for instance, is a direct nod to Evanesence, and it doesn't quite come off. This is more than erased with the excellent one-two of "Walking On Air" and "The Creationist". "I Want Nothing" is another forgettable track followed by the slow grower "Up Up Up". She whips out a ballad with the mediocre "Bulletproof" and the equally bland "Beautiful Day".

    The second half of the disc follows the same formula with "Creepshow" erasing the the memory of the previous two tracks and then collapsing again with "Hurt Me" and "Butterfly Cry" which don't propel the cd any further. Thankfully, the disc is wrapped up with two of the best songs on the disc "Strange Boy" and "Fragile".

    So what you have, in essence, is half of a good album. Or three stars, if you will. I'm probably more jaded than the average reviewer here as I've already grown accustomed to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Toni Childs, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Feist, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, and other female artists who have come before Kerli.

    The bottom line is that "Love Is Dead" shows hints of genius and the promise of something better to come. As of this writing, I understand that "Love Is Dead" has only sold 20,000 copies and only charted at 126 on the albums chart. Not a great start, but an okay one. Let's hope the record company (that didn't promote this cd very well at all) doesn't drop her from the label. Also, a little more maturity and life experience might just add some quality to Kerli's future music....more info
  • pretty darn good.
    Good Cd,I just would have liked to hear more songs like 'Love Is Dead' and 'Bulletproof' on the Cd. Goes from Dark to off the wall Bjork style. But it was worth the price and I would recommend taking a chance and buying. I enjoyed it. 'Love Is Dead' and 'Bulletproof' are great songs....more info
  • Surprisingly good, though somewhat naive
    This is an amazingly good debut disc for a singer. Some of the other reviews critique the fact that it is quite easy to track Bjork's, Evanescence's and Pink's styles. My answer: Sometimes genius is not about coming up with a totally new thing, but about combining the existing things on the right way.

    The musical arrays are, in my way, great. That doesn't mean that there are no weaknesses. I think that probably would be even more enjoyable if it was in Estonian... I don't speak any Finno-Ugiric language. The lyrics seem to be too naive, as if they had been written by a fourteen year old girl, and not by a twenty plus woman. I hope this improves as times goes by....more info
  • Fresh and sincere
    I picked it up as I happen to be born in same tiny town as Kerli. You know, just to check how she is doing and this album ended up monopolizing my playlist. It is surprisingly good, it's very good actually. It's not yet another young girl debut in pop-rock - it's deepish, it's changing, it's interesting but very sincere and honest. As such it reminded me early Kate Bush.
    ...more info
  • Nobody knows where it's at
    Just when you might be thinking the singer/songwriter genre might be dwindling someone like Kerli comes along and proves it's still thriving.

    Kerli is completely original, yet she's also kind of a mish mash of artists. At one point (Love is Dead) she sounds like she's channeling her inner Dolores O'Riordan. Then another time she sounds similiar to newcomer Charlotte Sometimes. And that's just vocally! Figure in the fact that she has an insane range of music to back her and you know you're in for a listen you won't soon forget.

    What really separates Kerli from the rest of her singer/songwriter peers? Seems as though they focus more on lyrics. Kerli, however, more or less seems to just be having fun. Her lyrics are pretty good but I like the fact that--FINALLY!--we have someone who puts fun first. Kerli, to me, just wants you to enjoy yourself as you listen, which you entirely do.

    As for the songs, not a single one deserves to be skipped. Kerli fully embraces the creepy factor throughout Love is Dead. It helps when her voice has an intensely dark feel to it, no tracks really offer a sunny feel and neither do the lyrics. Immediate standouts that grab upon first listen are Love is Dead, I Want Nothing, Bulletproof and Creepshow. Others that ease their way into your head are The Creationist, Beautiful Day, Hurt Me, and Butterfly Cry.

    My favorites are Love Is Dead, I Want Nothing, Bulletproof, Creepshow, and Strange Boy. Kerli can only go up from here. She's got the perfect CD to catapult her career, she's got a look begging for attention, so all the ingredients are there for her to gain popularity. I will concur with a reviewer who said she hopes she doesn't get too popular so she'll retain her originality (or something like that). Recommended!...more info
  • Twilight Zone
    I was asleep in front of the TV when the 2008 scream awards began. I was then in the twilight zone when I awakened to this music. "Who is this?" I asked. In sharing this with my family, I find that my daughters and grand daughters already know who Kerli is. My youngest, age six, insists in hearing the end of the song when Kerli comes on the radio. "Love is dead" is a must buy for all ages....more info
  • Surprisingly good
    I was attracted to this album by it's cover art. So I decided to samlpe the songs via iTunes, turns out the girl can sing. Plus its something different from all the bubble gum pop ''music'' out there....more info
  • Delightfully offbeat
    Don't let the cover fool you. Kerli's freshman effort is light on the gothic overtones and makes more of the pop and electronica genres than the industrial and darkwave.

    The Bjork-esque "Love is Dead" gets the album off to a solid start. If you're a fan of the Icelandic Diva's "All is Full of Love" be prepared for it to overshadow the chorus here, but try not to let it ruin the song as "Love is Dead" stands well on its own. Next is "Walking on Air" which is a fun slice of goth-pop. Track three, "The Creationist" follows the upbeat trend. Across the disc the lyrics bounce between nonsensical, fanciful, heart-wrenching and angry, but make allowances for Kerli's youth and the fact that english is not her first language.

    On to track four which makes a 180 turn to hard rock. "I Want Nothing" is one of the heaviest tracks on the CD, and surprisingly it's produced by Lester Mendez, whose other contribution to the disc is the bouncy "Walking on Air." It's more in keeping with the feel of Love is Dead, and the upcoming "Hurt Me" (track 9) both of which are heavy on the emotion and distortion. In another setting, or surrounded by other tracks "I Want Nothing" might fair better, but sandwiched between "The Creationist" and the island-ish/folksy "Up, Up, Up," it's jarring.

    "Bulletproof" would be categorized as the power-ballad of the album if not for the title track. It's heavy on the percussion and electric distortion, yet still melodic. The only track produced by Dead Executives, "Beautiful Day" is a strange electronica-meets-hiphop-meets-sampling mash-up which wasn't my cup of tea. "Creepshow" is just weird and fun; you'll either like it or loathe it.

    "Butterfly Cry" while pleasant and listenable is perhaps the most generic pop-ballad in the group. Adjectives to describe it include, pretty, smooth and... plain.

    Love is Dead finishes with "Strange Boy" and "Fragile," both produced by David Maurice. The former sounds about twenty-years-too-late for the pop-charts, while the latter draws heavily from the ambient genre circa the late '90s.

    All in all, it's not perfect but there is a lot to like on Love is Dead. I look forward to her sophomore effort....more info
    What a great, refreshing CD! I had originally heard Kerli on Yahoo Music and found her to be very interesting. Little did I know I would fall head over heels for this CD. Lots of variety and what a great message in "The Creationist". She has lots of insight and the music wonderfully mastered. I enjoy all types of music from Garbage to Led Zepplin, and I think this is a wonderful addition to anyone's collection. Enjoy!...more info
  • Walking on Air
    I first heard "Walking On Air" in a restaurant. I couldn't believe the sound, so I stopped the waiter and asked who it was. After finding out her name, I bought the CD next day. I love it. It's great-sounding and very motivating, but the last few songs are a little "NEEEEEXT." I still love her, though. She's very pretty and creative and she writes all of her songs too. The only thing I don't like about Kerli is that she isn't considerate. I watched her on live video answering fan questions and she was pretty rude....more info
  • Estonian Brilliance
    She's from Estonia! E-S-T-O-N-I-A! And don't you forget it. This makes her creepy, unpredictable, and prone to fits of musical spontaneity. Despite her uncanny physical similarities to fellow blonde rocker Avril Lavigne, newcomer Kerli has an earnest and raw vulnerability to the truth of her music.

    It is the presentation of Kerli, however, that spins the greatest web of lies about this wonderful performer. If you believe the packaging, Kerli is a gothic porcelain doll, wrapped in misery and strife and haunted by her own emotions, clutching onto any false sense of security she can. But as Kerli co-wrote every single track on the album, one listen through will shatter that trite, yet very marketable, painted image. Kerli desperately sings for help, her airy yet solid vocals belting out that "Love don't live here anymore" on her debut single, "Love Is Dead," which is also the title of her album. The video depicts an aged and wrinkled, graying and frazzled Kerli, from the shoulders up, alone and singing on a scrolling backdrop of nature and effects. As the video progresses, slowly but surely she appears younger and younger until her hair is smooth and golden, her skin youthful and healthy. No climax, no story, no relation to the content of the song, but the simple beauty of the video aligns perfectly with the simple beauty in the music and Kerli's voice. Bleach-blond damaged rocker I can believe. Dark and gloomy goth girl? I definitely don't buy that.

    Dancefloor friendly?
    Her second single, "Walking on Air," is about the girl from Estonia, trapped and isolated by her differences and striving to be so much higher than she is. The instrumentation is gloomy and fits the album packaging perfectly, while the lyrics definitely embody the spirit of overcoming your obstacles. No matter how strange and secluded you are, you can achieve. For a goth girl, this message is extremely out of place, yet somehow fits perfectly among the Halloween that is "Walking on Air." Island Records made a fantastic move regarding "Walking," as they issued club mixes from Ralphi Rosario & Craig J, Josh Harris, Lindbergh Palace, and Armin Van Buuren. Ralphi and Craig take the track in a soulless, circuit style meant to pack the floor but not really in any deference to the original. Josh's mix adds a little something extra, definitely involving adequate floor appeal but also making a more palatable track. Utilizing a beat similar to Christina Aguilera's "Keeps Gettin' Better" and Britney Spear's "Womanizer," the Lindbergh Palace mix strays from their typical style, a lush and poppy backdrop for Kerli's yearning vocals. The winner here is Armin Van Buuren's club creeper, taking some of the best vocal elements from the track and transforming them into trance beauty. The only fault I find with Armin's mix is the fact that the chorus has mostly disappeared.

    The rest of Love Is Dead vacillates between styles. "The Creationist" is an upbeat romp through good-natured Estonian cheer where Kerli, sounding very much like earlier Bjork, informs us that she is a creationist. Good to know! "Creepshow," possibly the album's darkest track, playing along like the dark and twisted carousel ride we all wanted to hear when first seeing the album packaging. Near the end plays the dark electronic number "Strange Boy" which is one of my personal favorites. There are other light and dark moments interspersed throughout, making this a well-rounded journey through the lost and lonely child of Estonia. E-S-T-O-N-I-A!

    'Love Is Dead' is one of the best and most unique major label offerings of 2008, and hardly something to miss. With Kerli's emergence into the dance scene, I predict that this is the album to watch. Four and a half stars....more info
  • Welcome to the creepshow...
    I bought this album solely on appearance which is something I rarely do anymore. I loved the gothic look of the cover art and faintly recall one of my favorite artists recommending her music months ago on myspace. It was enough to drive a sell with me but I must admit, I was half expecting (on pure speculation) something a bit darker and heavy sounding, like Evanescence. Instead I surprisingly got some positive lyrics -- such as following your dreams, no matter what others think of you -- with more of a commercial sound similar, perhaps, to Paramore... but then... not really. Kerli's music is very hard for me to categorize which is naturally a good thing since I prefer diversity in my music. She's got a slightly edged out, dimply tinted blend of peculiar pop/rock songs that at times warrant comparisons to the quirky muscisian Bjork (most noticeably heard on the first two tracks) as well as newcomers like Katy Perry (only more original) and the equally amazing Charlotte Sometimes. She definitely has potential hits here if promoted in the right hands but I'm hoping that she maintains enough obscurity to keep her uniqueness in tact because, truthfully, there's a whole lot of crap floating around out there and this isn't one of them!

    Standout tracks include "Love Is Dead", "Walking On Air", "I Want Nothing", "Bulletproof", "Hurt Me", and "Butterfly Cry"....more info
  • Best CD of 2008
    After playing her clips for a week, I bought Kerli's CD LOVE IS DEAD today and have been playing it nonstop ever since. To say that Kerli is the best new artist of the year would be a gross understatement - I haven't been this excited about a new singer since the 90's. The title track LOVE IS DEAD is an instant classic, but BULLETPROOF and CREEPSHOW are just as great!...more info
  • A Gift to the Alt.Pop Genre
    Kerli is not the typical music I listen to. I usually listen to hard rock, so when I found out that Kerli was a pop singer, I assumed I wouldn't like it. However, I just became so interested in her that I bought the album. I am very satisfied with the album.

    1. Love Is Dead - 10/10. A powerful first song and single. It can be interpreted as either a song about breaking up or about the world in general.
    2. Walking On Air - 10/10. Catchy and so far the most famous Kerli song.
    3. The Creationist - 8/10. It is catchy, and I know it's a good song, but somehow I skip it sometimes... it's just a little weird, or something.
    4. I Want Nothing - 10/10. Very catchy, something you can dance to and sing along with.
    5. Up Up Up - 8.5 or 9/10. The verses are annoying but I like the chorus.
    6. Bulletproof - 10/10. Beautiful and emotional.
    7. Beautiful Day - 6.5 or 7/10 - I tend to forget this song, but it is nice.
    8. Creepshow - 10/10. Hilarious and catches your attention.
    9. Hurt Me - 10/10. Catchy and good.
    10. Butterfly Cry - 10/10. Beautiful and sad.
    11. Strange Boy - 10/10. One of my favorites. Extremely catchy and fun to listen to.
    12. Fragile - 10/10. This song kinda touched me. It's very sad and pretty. It's about how people don't watch what they say around quiet or shy or nice people because they think they won't care, but they do. I think a lot of people will relate.

    In general, the songs at the end are the best. The cover might be misleading, making it look gothic, but it is more of an alternative pop album. There are a lot of great musicians and bands coming out of Europe recently, which I love. Kerli has a little accent but it adds flavor to the songs. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for her....more info
    HORRIBLE and blatant rip-off of Bjork.
    Kerli's only good track 'She's in Parties' isn't even on this album, so it's a total waste.

    I can't believe I've been following her career since last September just to watch her become a sellout....more info
  • Support New Talent
    Kerli has an eclectic mix of music for her lyrics and it compliments it very well. This album tells her life story and rather than depress the heck out of her listeners, she wants you to be able to take her lyrics and use them to inspire the listeners to live their lives as well as they can. I hope that her new album whenever that comes out, will be as inspiring and daring as this....more info
  • Do yourself a favor
    Buy this album. Listen to it over and over and fall in love with it like I did. And then go tell your friends about it. They will thank you. And if this isn't your usual fare, buy at it least because of the cool cover art. ...more info
  • This album surprised me
    I heard of this artist on the 2008 Spike Scream Awards when she performed "Walking on Air" onstage. I was instantly hooked on the song (and got everyone else in my house hooked too). After looking up more of her music I decided I wanted to buy the album.
    She has a kind of cool weirdness to her music and her songs each have a different style to it. I think the music itself sounds a little too synthetic sometimes - like there was no real band available to play or it was over-produced.

    My favorite tracks on the album are "Walking on Air" and "Bullet Proof"All in all - its a good album and she is an interesting character.
    I would recommend this album to anyone who is open minded about music and likes things that are a little different or kinda strange. The album cover makes it look like it may be some kind of goth-pop stuff but its not. Its a cool album and I'm happy with it :) ...more info
  • Something Different
    i like kerli's music because she is different and isn't trying to copy other singers songs that's why i like her and her songs are great and have alot of meaning to them my favorite songs on love is dead is: 1.beautiful day 2.the creationist 3.fragile 4.waling on air

    ...more info
  • One Listen and You Will Be Hooked
    Love is Dead is an awesome CD! The songs each have a unique sound and are the types of songs that if you listen to them once you will want to listen to them again and again. Kerli definitely reminds me of Bjork but with a slightly more pop sound. Love her!...more info
  • Kerli Koiv Love is Dead Review
    Thanks so much for this Kerli Koiv CD to me! Sure it was sent a couple days after it was supposed to, but i don't care, it was totally worth it and it was in great shape too! ( yeah i know, terrible review, but writing isn't my thing).... Thanks again!
    ...more info
  • Kerli is awesome!
    An amazing voice backs the emotions she sings about
    Music is unique & fresh
    Also has some songs that rock!...more info
  • SCREAM 2008 was a Career Break-thru Moment of Discovery!
    Kerli, besides coming to America, the 2nd best thing I think you did was the live performance of 'Walking on Air' at the Scream 2008. WOW! That performance, the lyrics, the background artists/outfits/makeup, was one of the most entertaining 5 minutes I've ever experienced in a live music video! You've just turned me into a big fan, your being cute is just a bonus. This is a really unique sound you've created, don't change for awhile! Everyone else, you need to check her out! You'll be surprised. Start with this album and work back to her earlier works. ...more info


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