Grobag Egg Digital Room Thermometer

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Product Description

The Grobag Egg color changing digital room thermometer is another clever innovation from the people who brought you Grobag baby sleeping bags. The correct temperature is vital for creating a safe sleeping environment for baby. Health professionals recommend that the room your baby sleeps in should be maintained between 61 and 67 degrees to help reduce risk of Infant Death Syndrome. The Grobag egg glows yellow if the room temperature is within the recommended guidelines. If the room temperature is outside the range, the grow egg will glow a different color. Comes with a power adaptor. 4" x 2.5" x 2.5". Every babys home should have a Grobag Egg room thermometer and it is ideal for use with Grobag baby sleeping bags to help you to monitor the temperature of the room where your baby is sleeping.

  • Simple to use room thermometer that changes color
  • Digital room thermometer with permanent 'back-lit' LCD readout
  • Provides a soft 'nightlight' glow
  • Power adaptor included
  • Instructions and safe sleep guide enclosed

Customer Reviews:

  • This is the best purchase we've made for our baby yet!
    I've realized, after receiving this product and trying it out in our living room for a few weeks, it's hotter in my home than I thought. This is really going to help my sleeping infant, due in November, to sleep better since I will know exactly how warm/cold her room is and can adjust accordingly. I don't know how mom's accurately tell the temperature in their children's rooms without this amazing product. And the "night light" feature is a warm, soft glow that adds just enough light but not so much it keeps baby awake. Great product!!!...more info
  • Cute but not accurate.
    I thought it would be cute putting this is the nursery to check the temperature, but its not accurate. Its off by 3 degree, meaning instead of changing color it will always stay the same color. ...more info
  • Love the Egg
    I love the egg, gives me piece of mind that the nursery is the correct temperture....more info
  • Only reads ONE temperature, 77 degrees!
    I bought this room thermometer despite all the bad reviews b/c I figured you can't believe everything you hear or read. In this can! It only reads ONE temperature which is 77 degrees!! Doesn't move from that. I get frustrated and put it away and pull it out again like a month later and try again, but get the same reading, 77 degrees when I know it's a good 50 degrees outside & our air unit was off. I don't think it works right. Oh, well :(...more info
  • We love the egg!
    We bought this product for our daughters room. We love it! It's great to be able to peek in and "see" the temperature without having to go into the room. We have found that it the temp is accurate for our house. The only reason I did not give this prodcut 5 stars is because I do not agree with the "safe" temperature ranges. My doctor prefers for the room to be between 68 and 79 degrees while the eggs suggested temp is much lower. ...more info
  • It's a good egg.
    My wife got one of these and I made fun of it (so she made me write the review). I'll admit, it's pretty cool and certainly makes life a little easier than trying to read a little LCD on a normal therm. I just peak in the room and look at the colour of the egg. Simple. We have even given one as a gift. No faults as far as I can tell. ...more info


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