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Riddex Plus turns your home's wiring into a pest repellent forcefield. Simply plus Riddex into any socket and it'll send out electrical pulses that'll rid your home of almost any pest. Perfect for: Rats Mice Cockroaches Insects Includes a built-in night light and features patented digital pulse technology. For household/residential use only. 110V outlets only.

  • Drive Rodents & Roaches out of your home
  • Designed to work through electrical wiring
  • 110v oulet only. Household / Residential use only

Customer Reviews:

  • Does it Really Work???
    I'm still no a 100% on the validity of this unit, but I have noticed a difference....? it may all have to do with the ways your electrical wires run in your home, but not exactly knowing that leaves me to wonder. Compared to those ultra sonic devices, which in my mind have to affect you in some way or some how in time I would still give this unit a benefit of the doubt. again can't really say it works 100%, but must say that it has made a difference.......more info
  • Riddex
    This product seems to be working, however, it doesn't have an effect on spiders. I have seen several spiders, but no mice. I would recommend....more info
  • Riddex Plus
    I have these plugged in but not really sure they work, will give it time...more info
  • Good product
    This product really works!
    Thanks and thank you for the timely manner it was sent. ...more info
    In 2003 the FTC required proof of RIDDEX's claims. From what I have read, the product has since been banned from sale. The ads still run on some cable channels for which they will likely be fined. I imagine they will continue to sell the product until the fines outweigh the profits. Here is the government FTC report:


    There are other, more detailed accounts of this subject if you google it.

    My personal experience with this type of product has not been good. I purchased a similar product from Home Depot. We got it because we noticed a mouse in our bedroom. We plugged the unit in, and within a week the house was crawling with the rodents! It is as if the thing ATTRACTED mice rather then repelled them! I could hear the device when all was quiet. It made me edgy and I found it difficult to sleep. We didn't have children at the time and decided to use Decon. Poison was not our ideal solution but it worked. The mice, all of them, were gone inside of a week....more info
  • Waster of Money
    I purchased this product and it has been a couple months now..This thing is a piece of junk..I can't even believe people are selling these and some people are actually claiming they work..And now that i cant get me money back, it's garbage..Never again, and I welcome someone from the company that makes this would get in touch with me...I would like my money back...[...]...more info
  • Best Product Ever!
    The Riddex Plus is definitely worth the money. Within a week the mice and roaches were gone. ...more info
  • Garbage
    This product is garbage. Period.

    I have never written a review because I felt it was a waste of time and energy. Maybe if I would have read some of the earlier customer thoughts I would not have made this finacial mistake. Its not the money, its the principle although if they get $25.00 out of you and $25.00 out of me and $25.00 from her............... I'm sure you get where I am going with this.

    Why are these people in business? It will take a collective effort to have products like this and businesses that sell them SHUT DOWN.
    Angry- no.
    Dissapointed- Incredibly

    How do I rate Riddex Plus- Is garbage, trash, useless a actual rating? Do not waste your money. Trust me. ...more info
  • Riddex = RIPOFF
    Bottom Line: WORTHLESS. We got two of these, all they did was provide a warm place for roaches to hide behind.

    My mother's house was relatively clean, but roaches somehow found the house and *exploded*. I don't like using chemicals, especially with her health issues. So we got a couple of these Riddex. We tried them in several outlets, over a few months, and (like the other reviews have stated) they almost seemed to *attract* roaches. Certainly no drop at all in roaches.

    If there were credible evidence that these work, Riddex would be anxious to cite those studies. But the opposite is true -- there are several studies, readily available online, showing they DO NOT WORK. For example, search for "Lack of repellency of three commercial ultrasonic devices to the German cockroach".
    I find it really hard to believe the positive reviews are genuine.

    BTW, we finally did get rid of the roaches, mostly without chemicals: most important was meticulous daily cleaning of any surface that could have had food on it, and we removed any crack or hiding place we could find (caulking around all trim, even electrical outlet plates, adding weatherstripping around drawers and cabinets, putting away all appliances we could, even temporarily adding sticky strips around the back of the fridge, ...). When we'd find a hiding place we'd make it inaccessible. We're lucky we don't have adjacent buildings with roaches, once they were gone they haven't been back....more info
  • excellent was very consider about me receiving my order. She was very cooperative. Would order from this web site again....more info
  • did'nt help me
    I have been using this product since it's purchase a month ago and have seen no visible difference in my pest problem as a matter of fact i just trapped a mouse two days ago. I know that they will say that i'm not "doing it right" but trust me the only thing that thier good for is the nightlight...more info
    I have had this product for about a month now and have not seen any bugs in my house since. I was having problems with silver fish and an occasional roach. Now it appears all the bugs are gone....more info
  • Works very well for ants, termites and mice!!!
    I bought this primarily for a termite and ant problem we were having in one corner of the house. On a near daily basis, there'd be hundreds of ants swarming about and the wall also had a lot of termites. I plugged the Riddex into an outlet right in the thick of the problem. As the company suggested, there was actually an INCREASE of activity for a few days before things died down. Actually, it was more of an EXODUS as all the ants and termites fled the scene, never to return.

    After years of ants and termite problems, I now rarely see either in the problem area. The occasional ant I do see, stumbles around like it's drunk or something. But I have not had a single infestation since. This product is GREAT!!

    As far as mice, we had mice before but got rid of them. Now, recently, we've seen evidence of them again. SO this was another good reason to try Riddex. Well, the mouse is gone too!!

    I've seen some of the reviews that saw this product doesn't work. Well, all I can go by is my own experience, and personally, I'm very happy with it and would highly recommend others give it a try!!!

    Bottom line: It WORKED for me!! And it's also a cool blue night light too! :)...more info
  • useless waste of money
    This did absolutely nothing. I still have the same roach problem as before using Riddex. ...more info
  • TRASH!!!
    This is nothing but a waste of money!!! I've had it plugged up for two months even though the instructions claim that it works in a week. DON'T WASTE YOUR HARD EARN MONEY!!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I love this product because: IT WORKS!!! Have been using it for many years and will continue to do so. My house will never be without Riddex. I ordered it from Amazon because they had the best price. I have found that Amazon, more often than not, has the best prices on products I like to order from on-line vendors....more info
  • Mouse convention
    We purchased two of these devices about 9 months ago and all we can say is they must be broadcasting invitations to all the mice in a 2 square mile area to come to a convention at our home. Am glad that we do not have roaches in our area as I am sure the mice would be sending out invitations to them to join the party too. We went back to using De-con and it was a great party buster as we have not seen droppings or any other evidence of mice using our house as their convention center, they come, they eat, they go back outside and die....more info
    We saw a mouse and have tried everything to get it out and it wouldn't leave or get caught in the traps. So we bought the ridex DID NOT WORK at all. See the rodent the next night after we bought it. I'm not sure if I need a brand new one but this did not work....more info
  • bugs still here
    Bugs are still coming in
    Also your web page said Low prices on riddex plus. Qualified orders over $25 ship free , I was charhed 7.95 for shipping...more info
  • Good Riddex Product
    Oh yeah. The product works good. I got the product.
    Effectiveness, that's a different story. I still see
    mosquitoes and flies flying around. Maybe the product
    is not 100% effective, but it works. Therefore, I
    rate this product 3 out of 5....more info
  • It takes time
    It is too early to tell whether or not this product really works. In time I hope that it works as promised....more info
  • elemental sulfur
    this is like the old timey product that my mother used for us when we were sick. I bought it for use on acne breakout due to menopausal changes. it works well....more info
  • Completely worthless
    We purchased two of these units direct from the company, and after a couple of months of use, we have noticed that not only have they not solved our roach problem, but roaches seem to be drawn to them. Any time of the day or night there are roaches on, around, and behind the unit. Frankly, it's creepy.

    We try to keep a clean, sustainable, chemical-free home and don't want to use poisons around our pets (or ourselves), but honestly, don't waste your money on this....more info
  • Better than chemicals
    Had a similar product years ago and it worked fine. Living in the tropics (Puerto Rico) the creepy crawly and flying pests are a HUGHE nusense. This product did not completely eliminate them but the roaches are seldom seen (I think they getting smatter at hide-n-seek). No effect on ants, mosquitos or anything that flies and thank God have not seen any rodents which are the size of house cats here and walk the electrical lines with the agility of trapeze artists. They do not put that in the brochures. My BIGGEST complaint about this product is the UNAVAILABILITY of direct mailing to Puerto Rico. Had to use family stateside address and have them Fedex it to me. What's up with the embargo bullcrap? Puerto Rico is a common wealth of the US. And yes we pay taxes down here too! We're not Cuba!...more info
    I had purchased an earlier version of the Riddex product 12 plus years ago from QVC it worked like a charm. It recently died and I found QVC no longer sold them so I purchased it directly from the company. Well I found out why QVC doesn't sell them any longer the new improved version DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. I still have a very large mouse problem. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Fed up with roaches
    I purchased 1 of the Riddex Plus about a month ago, there is no change in the roaches in my house, maybe I should have bought 2 since I do have a 2 story house, but I don't think I will purchase another one because that one is not helping....more info
  • Great buy
    I am very happy with this purchase. I received it in a timely manner and am very pleased with the product. I would recommend to all my friends. Thank you, M...more info
  • Garbage it seem like it sent a signal sayin " CALLIN ALL ROACHES "
  • Complete waste of money
    This is my first review and just happens to be the first time I was unhappy about a product I ordered online. I bought two units for $32.50, plugged both of them in my one story home at opposite ends of the house and I have yet to see any results. At first, it appeared that the roaches had a slower response, so they were easier to catch and kill. They must have adapted to the product because I think they have started to reproduce and I have a bigger problem than before. This product is a waste of money. I used Pest Offense when I first moved into my home and it lasted about 4 years. The way I discovered it wasn't working any longer was after I made the mistake of buying an old chest that contained roaches within the back lining and boy am I paying for it over and over again. They are only in one part of my house, THE KITCHEN area, and it is a pain to keep spraying. I paid an exterminator for a year, but they were useless as well. I'm glad I didn't pay full price, but I still wish I could get my money back. I should have bought Pest Offense, but I've noticed mixed reviews about that product so now I wonder. Maybe it only worked because we didn't have a pest problem to start....more info
  • Works for my house...
    Not sure why there is such a great difference in reviews, but such is life. I'm in Florida, it's hot and humid. We have roaches here, big suckers. I've had two of these little gadgets in the house for a week and I haven't seen a single one inside since I've plugged 'em in (did have a few in the garage after a major clean out over the weekend, but Raid took care of those). Rodents are not a problem for me, so I cannot attest to how well it works for those, but so far I'm loving the little plug ins for roach repelling. My house is cedar siding, so I have trouble with carpenter bees in the Spring and Summer - am hoping they will help with those, too...we shall see. Will report back if they quit working......more info
  • Riddex Plus
    Received this item within a few days of ordering. Was very pleased with that. I guess I would have like to have been made aware that the Riddex takes at least 7 days to work and that it would cause the problem to get worse (causing the rodents to come out of hiding) before it got better. We definitely had to use some D-Con to control all the mice we started to see. Didn't know we had more than one or two hanging out within the walls. The problem seems to have dissipated now, but it took two weeks, controlled with the Riddex and with d-con....more info
  • Riddex Review
    Purchased a Riddex for each floorof our house and one for our deck and they've been fairly effective thus far. Keeps most squirrels off our deck and haven't seen a mouse (or droppings) since they've been in use. Spiders don't seem to be affected. Overall happy with Riddex....more info
  • But wait... stay tuned for our Special Offer!
    I have some neighbors who truly love to buy things that they see on the infomercials that appear on late-night television. I won't name them but let's just call them Wally and Wanda, a nice couple approaching retirement age.

    Wally is always picking up the phone and responding to the ads and infomercials for "male products" such as Enzyte - Male Enhancement Formula (and yes, they have it here, but more on this at another time).

    Wanda, on the other hand is somewhat more practical, and orders such products as The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch, Mighty Mendit, and those SHAM WOW wipes, to name a few. They have a closet full of things like this.

    In any case, early last summer Wanda saw a television ad for the Riddex Plus product which promised to turn their home's electrical wiring into "a pest repellent force-field" or something to that effect, and that they were having a promotion during their "chemical free campaign" to help eliminate roaches and rodents. At least that's the way that Wally remembered the dialog when Wanda woke him up to tell him about it.

    Then she heard the magic words that went something like: "But wait... order now and get a second Riddex Plus for FREE!" That's all she needed to hear; she picked up the phone and ordered their generous buy-one-get-one-for-free deal. A few weeks later their Riddex Plus units arrived, and a grumbling Wally plugged them in for her, one upstairs and the other downstairs in the kitchen, according to the directions.

    It should be noted here that Wanda and Wally have a nice two-story townhouse down the street from me, and it always seems very clean and neat when I'm there. They have never had a "bug problem" in the 12+ years they have lived there. But remember that townhouses share common walls with neighbors, and in their case that have a common wall on each side.

    Moving time forward to a couple of weeks ago, and the weather had turned cold. I was returning home and Wally approached and asked me for a bit of help. It seemed that suddenly their home had turned into what Wally was referring to as "the Roach Motel" as for the first time they seemed to have an infestation of cockroaches... as did their neighbors on both sides. Angry accusations about dirty homes were flying back and forth between neighbors, and finally an exterminator was called to take care of three homes in one visit.

    Don't know exactly what transpired when the exterminator went into Wally and Wanda's townhouse, but when he went into the kitchen and saw the wondrous Riddex Plus unit plugged into the wall, he is alleged to have pointed at it and told them that there was the problem, and that it was a "roach and bug magnet." Wanda got upset and the exterminator shrugged his shoulders, pointed to their computer and suggested that she "look it up on the Internet."

    In any case, Wally and I unplugged the Riddex Plus units (he needed reinforcement) and threw them out, and he told her to just smack any bugs with a shoe or newspaper. Wanda was still looking for a more refined solution that that. I suggested that if she didn't want to hire an exterminator again or smack the cockroaches with a newspaper, then she just go online and get a tennis racket shaped Charcoal Companion Amazing Bug Zapper, load it with batteries and zap the bugs. Wanda said that she couldn't bring herself to do that.

    We left it at that, but the next day Wally came up to me, chuckling, and told me that Wanda had ordered the Bug Zapper. Hope that it works better for them than the Riddex Plus units. ...more info
  • ReddexPlus
    We live near A wet lands and for the 50 years we lived here we have had
    RAT problems we have tried most every thing and none of them worked very good so we tried RiddexPlus after A month or so they were gone and we have not seen any for meny years now we can't hardly beleave it I mean there are ALL gone none in the basement or the attic or in the yard RIDDEXPLUS is THE BEST RAT CONTROL THERE IS.

    ...more info


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