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The patent-pending lid on Nathan's 700ml Steel water bottle gives you access to whatever you're drinking without the bother of unscrewing the cap. The QuickClip will attach to a just about anything. And the wide mouth, screw top lid is easy to grip and large enough to allow fillling, mixing, adding ice, or cleaning without any trouble.

  • Stainless steel keeps fluids warm or cold for hours
  • Leak-proof cap and bottle
  • Finger-loop with QuickClip for attaching to belts and backpacks
  • Stainless steel will not rust and is dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Wide mouth screw-top lid is easy to grip, clean, and fill

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bottle!
    Bought 1 for myself & my family kept borrowing it, so I ended up buying 3 more. I'm a water snob & was worried about a metal-taste, but no problem with that at all. I've had mine for about a month now & have had no leaking problems either. I take it with me everywhere I go & am glad to being doing something positive for our environment!

    3/6/2009 UPDATE:
    Unfortunately my bottle has started leaking & spitting water too. Here's what the Nathan website FAQ states:
    Q: Why does my bottle squirt water sometimes upon
    A: To ensure our bottles are leak-proof, we have placed a seal
    on the bottle that is tight, sometimes causing pressure to build
    in the bottle. To release the pressure, tilt up the Flip Straw
    slightly, and then fully extend the straw and drink.
    Q: Why does my bottle seem to leak from the hole near
    the finger loop?
    A: If you close the Flip Straw too quickly after drinking, the
    water in the nozzle area that hasn't had the chance to retreat
    down will secrete out the hole in the straw. To avoid this, wait
    a couple of seconds after taking a sip before closing the straw
    to allow time for the water to retreat back down the straw.

    Hope this helps!

    ...more info
  • Leaks horribly
    I was so excited to get this bottle at my local REI. Take it home, clean it out and take a sip of water then fold the straw closed and water pours all over my shirt. Tried to see if I was doing something wrong but no, the designers just didn't bother fixing it I suppose. I am really surprised REI is selling junk like this. It goes back first chance I get....more info
  • Leaks from the air hole. I would not recommend this bottle.
    This bottle is good in most regards,except it leaks if it is not upright. I just wanted to let people know....more info
  • Nice Bottle
    This is a overall nice water bottle. Very easy to use. I like the hook and straw design.

    I didn't give it 5 stars because:
    1. It's a little heavy after filled with water.
    2. I dropped the bottle to the ground once and the paint was chipped and scratched. I expected the paint to last longer.
    ...more info
  • Customer service is an OXYMORON
    This design was so cute that I bought this for my daughter. When it came the orange tip of the "straw" was broken. In the box. So I called Amazon and they said I could return it, but I thought that is ridiculous to waste all that shipping fuel etc.. when all we need is a replacement tip. So Amazon gave me the phone number to Nathan. I called and left a really nice message and all of my contact info. And I did nit hear back so two weeks later I called again but again no reply so I called one last time and of course they did not call, email, fax, send a smoke signal, or anything back. So out of spite I bought 4 Gaiam bottles instead....more info
  • Exactly what I wanted!
    I have searched for several years for a water bottle like this. It is everything I wanted. ...more info
  • I Love my new Stainless water bottle
    I did a lot of research before investing in my first stainless water bottle after learning about the harmful chemicals from plastic. They are all kind of expensive, but I'm very happy with the Nathan. I got one for myself and one for my 9 year old daughter, who is a very big water drinker. We both love them. ...more info
  • great product
    Love the flip-top straw mechanism and the fun designs; great for kids. It came with an extra straw, and it is the perfect size. It keeps water cold and tasting good for a long time. It is a little expensive but feel it is worth it to move away from using plastic water bottles. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Great Alternative to Sigg
    I wanted a bottle with a simple slim shape that could fit as easily in a backpack side pocket, work messenger bag, bike messenger bag, or clip to a belt or bag loop. I didn't want a weird curve like the Klean Kanteens, or some weirdo laminate that has to be treated baby-soft gentle.

    I really didn't want a sip-top like a cheap plastic bike bottle either where you have to suck down water (seems like it'd be hard in a stainless steel vessel and it's hard to keep those tops from getting odors).

    The sippy-straw top is fantastic. There's a sealed-hole at the top so you can sip your water without that weird vacuum effect you usually have with strawish tops. It's also really sturdy and already has taken a bit of a beating.

    The most awesome part about the top is that the belt clip flips the straw up so if your hands are dirty, you never have to actually touch your drinking straw. Great if you're out in the wilderness or been spending a lot of time holding on subway poles.

    The bottle isn't insulated so if your drink is cold, your hands freeze and your drink gets warm fast. I had it filled with ice and water in my office, and within the hour it all melted (get a coaster). On my bike, it was tepid by the time I got home.

    The paint is already chipping at the bottom and it's only been a few days, so I can't imagine the enamel being that durable in the long run. ...more info
  • Love the straw
    I found this bottle great for use at the gym. I like that you don't have to touch the straw when flipping it up and that you can get a good sip or chug when you need it. I was not looking for something to keep my drinks cold or warm, so that was not an issue for me. I do however use a powder drink mix and the bottle isn't that great for shaking up the mixture. It's possible, but I recommend you do it over the sink and with creative placement of your fingers. Also, don't rely on the clip to actually hold the bottle to anything. I managed to drop the bottle on the sidewalk and gained my first dent within the first week. I didn't expect it to remain pretty for its whole life, but I winced because it was brand new. Fits in the cup holders in my car, easy to clean, and comes with two extra straws....more info
  • Best Water Bottle Available!
    I have owned many water bottles including Klean Kanteens, Nalgene, and others. This is by far the BEST one ever. I wish I had known about these before I purchased my two klean kanteens, although I still use those everyday. The size is perfect, the flip top straw is very comfortable and so easy to use. No unscrewing caps or sucking out of an annoying sports top bottle. The stainless steel keeps water fresh and cold for hours. The only drawback is that these are fairly pricey. However, I would still HIGHLY recommend these Nathan water bottles to anyone! I bought two and I use them everyday. I wash them with baking soda each day and once a week I put them in my dishwasher. The straws and bottles do fine on the top rack of my dishwasher. ENJOY!!!...more info
  • awesome
    Great bottle ,if you have little ones make sure you watch the little rubber end because it does pull off if you pull hard enough....more info
  • Ease of use
    I carry this stainless steel water bottle in my car all the time. I can flip the spout up with one hand. Many others need to have the cap unscrewed before drinking. Only negative I have is, it doesn't fit all cup holders....more info
  • Not quite as good as CamelBak
    I was really excited to try this water bottle because I have been a long-time CamelBak fan (love having a water bottle with a straw), but don't love the bite valve on CamelBak's bottles, and really wanted something in stainless steel. This seemed like the perfect solution, but in practice, CamelBak's bite valve still wins out. When I fill the Nathan water bottle with cold water, it's great that the stainless steel actually keeps it cold a bit longer than my CamelBak (it's not insulated, but still, just the single-walled stainless steel is a better insulator than CamelBak's plastic). But then when I go to flip up the top and drink from the Nathan bottle in my car, 1 out of 5 times I end up getting sprayed in the face with the water pressure that has built up in the straw due to changing temperatures. Turns out there's a good reason for the design of the bite valve on the CamelBak! I also agree with other reviewers who have commented that the flip-loop clip does not seem very sturdy. The plastic loop on mine has developed a strain line of white through the plastic, looks like it might break at some point. It's harder to push to rotate than CamelBak's flip-spout design. If only CamelBak would come out with a stainless steel version, I'd be happy! If you hate the bite valve on CamelBak and don't mind getting occasionally sprayed in the face, you'll probably be happy with this water bottle. For me, the CamelBak is still the winner between the two....more info
  • Awesome bottle!
    I was looking for a hybrid between a Sigg water bottle and a Camelbak. Like the straw mechanism on the Camelbak, but liked all the aspect of the Sigg metal ones--except I don't care for non-attached caps or sports tops. This was a great compromise.

    I only plan to use this for water, but I should note that the tag says not hot beverages or dairy products. Would not recommend this for coffee, then, even iced.

    It really does seem to keep the cold water colder and there is no metallic taste.

    I think the clip on the top looks pretty non-durable, and it might rust in the dishwasher. Everything else feels tip-top solid. ...more info
  • not worth the price
    I find it hard to believe that my Klean Kanteen can survive a fall from a bicycle at a high rate of speed with only minor scratches and the Nathan water bottle did not survive a fall from a backpack at walking speed, after only a month of use. After the fall, the Nathan water bottle became a sharp weapon near the straw drinking region. I originally was going to put up with the squirting and leaking issue as mentioned by another reviewer, but the lack of durability is unacceptable. ...more info
  • Best Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles
    I purchased the Nathan stainless steel bottles with the flip straw after trying a couple of other brands/types. My goals was to find some economical, ecological, as well as something aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing - a tall order I know. I knew that I needed to find a product that was a replacement with distinct usage advantages over convenient alternatives that are costly over time and pollute the environment, or I would just buy it and put it on a shelf, and never really make the shift.

    I found the Nathan bottle to be an excellent altnerative, not only to the plastic bottles of convenience, but over the other replacement options I have tried. It is well designed with intuitive features that translate to true improvements in convenience and ease of use, and not just features intended to lure buyers without real purpose. Here are some highlights:

    1) Stainless Steel - many 'permanent' water bottles are aluminum, stainless affords much better sanitary maintenance and durability.

    2) Dishwasher Safe - Plastic top is high temp, high grade plastic that is heat molded to the bottle top, making it dishwasher safe - unlike many other models.

    3) Internal Straw - no need to tip the bottle up over your head, especially difficult when jogging or bike riding, it has a replacable straw that reaches the bottom, and comes with 3 straws. VERY convenient.

    4) Pressure Relief Valve - there is a pressure relief valve in the top that prevents the vacuum buildup you get with other straw water bottles, and it works flawlessly thus far (3 months of use).

    5) Upper Flip Straw - the upper flip straw is made of the same soft material as you would find on camel-back type products, very easy to use.
    It is attached to a straw base that also forms the carrying/hooking mechanism which is designed much like a carbiner.
    * To use, you simply press down on the hook to change the straw position to inclined, which engages the valved path to the straw, and drink.
    * To close, simply lift the well designed hook to the carrying position, which stows the straw in the groove in the cap, and its closed and ready to carry with spills or drips.
    * The mouth piece is replacable - you can pull it off for cleaning, or get a new one and replace it - VERY convenient and a nice health option.

    6) Wide Opening - the opening is wide enough to allow large ice cubes, but also makes for easy filling and cleaning.

    7) Size - large capacity bottle fits in my bike water bottle carrier, my car cup holder, my backpack bottle holder, and just about anywhere else a water bottle should fit.

    8) Easy Cleaning - this bottle is easy to clean, fits nicely in the dishwasher (simply open and place both pieces in dishwasher), and has proven very easy to maintain. No surprises. Did I mention dishwasher safe?

    1) Expensive - this bottle is comparatively expensive, but you get what you pay for in this case, and you can use Amazon free super saver shipping to help reduce the overall cost. I found it a good value.

    2) No Double Wall - the unit is not double walled, so there is no air insulation gap to keep your drink warm or cold. There are advantages to having an insulated bottle, but with stainless steel this comes at a significant increase in cost. The bottle would likely suffer a 50-75% cost increase and loss of internal capacity that would make the benefit questionable. I simply add ice, and it stays cool for my needs.

    Summary - this is by far the best water bottle I have tried, and the features have proven sufficient to break my convenience habits and I (and my family) always use these new bottles. We use them in the house, car, during exercise, and on trips - just fill from a clean water source and off you go. When you're out and about, you can buy a gallon of purified drinking water and refill your bottle(s) as you please, at considerable cost savings and reduction in plastic waste. The size and design are very convenient. In my opinion, this is the best water bottle I have tried, I really find it a natural replacement that was preferrable to even convenient 'disposable' drink solutions, and I definitely recommend them....more info
  • Love these!
    This bottle is perfect!
    It is really dishwasher safe...I gave up on my Sigg bottles because I can't stand to wash things by hand.
    It fits in my car cup holder.
    You don't have to touch the nozzle to flip the straw up...which is really nice if you are out in the woods with dirty hands.
    Plus the designs are really cute....more info
  • I LOVE This Water Bottle
    This water bottle is fantastic! Something I didn't see in the product specs was that it came with an additional two extra straws- I was very pleased with that forethought. Overall, I'm very please with this bottle- it's very easy to use, and I love the straw- it's just an easy-to-use water bottle, and I love that. I also have used a juice and water blend in the bottle, and have had no issues with the flavors carrying over. My only complaint is that if you don't get the straw flipped down all the way, and you drop the bottle in a bag, it may leak a little bit- not a lot, but just enough to let you know you didn't get the bottle shut all the way. Otherwise, no problems, and I'll be ordering more for the rest of my family....more info
  • Just what we were looking for
    We were looking to replace all our #7 plastic water bottles with stainless steel, but really wanted something with a straw. After reading lots of reviews of Kleen Kanteen and Nathan we decided to try these bottles. We've had them for several weeks and so far we love them! We drink a lot more water with the straws, and it's great for driving. The bottle does have a non BPA plastic straw and lid, but everything else is stainless. Best product of its type out there right now. ...more info
  • Great Stainless Bottle
    I have been switching my drinking bottles to stainless and have different problems, like what a pain to screw off a cap while driving, hard to clean pop tops, and do you really want to tilt your head back to drink while driving.. Well these great little bottle answers all these problems. Just fill lift straw and drink, no cap to unscrew, easy to clean, and no need to tilt head back. I love it and plan to buy a few more......more info
  • Great way to save the Enviro!
    I love this bottle, and that it's made out of Stainless Steel. I first bought an aluminimun one- but remembered that it causes Alzheimers.... So this is a great way not to get cancer or Alzheimers, and to save the environment!...more info
  • leaks and sqirts at me
    This bottle is such a good idea but not executed well. For starters if the liquid insine the bottle is colder than the outside air it squirts at you everytime you open it. This is due to the straw. Without the straw just air would come out and you wouldn't notice but due to the straw the liquid has to come out to equalize the pressue. I also tried using it without the straw and it also leaks at the top where you flip the spout up and down. With or without straw inside this part leaked everytime. Bummer...more info
  • Great Bottle, Horrible Lid
    I got this bottle as a christmas present, its wonderful if you plan to use it in a totally upright position, the bottle itself is a nice change from plastic. But, if you are like me, and are used to throwing your bottle in your backpack or bag, its not a good item to buy. It leaks almost immediatly if it is turned on its side, and leaks a lot, meaning your bag and everything in it will get wet. I'm disapointed that I have to look for another water bottle all because of the lid....more info
  • Just what I was looking for....
    I was looking for a BPA free water bottle with a leak proof straw that would hold a lot of water but also fit into the cupholder in my car. I also wanted something that was easy to fill and dishwasher safe (in other words, not a Sigg). I couldn't decide between the Nathan stainless steel flip straw and the Camelbak "better" bottle so I got one of each -- the Camelbak is already in the recycling bin because I hate that you have to bite down on the straw. I am ordering a couple more of the Nathan flip straw bottle's because it fulfills everything on my checklist plus the flip straw mechanism lets you push the straw up and down without touching it. My only wish is that they made it in a 1L. ...more info
  • love it!!
    after reading the previous reviews, i was skeptical about what kind of quality bottle i was in store for. needless to say, i love this water bottle! i carry it EVERYWHERE i go and cannot come up with a complaint as to why i should not own it. the straw feature is lovely, no more spilled drinks like i had with my larger mouthed bottle previously. the designs are fun. drinking water tastes great. it comes with an extra replacement straw which was a nice bonus and it's fairly easy to clean. i would have to agree with the sweating issue, but what bottle won't sweat if ice cubes/cold stuff is inside...i have not seen the spitting issues yet, but i keep the straw open when placing the top back on so air can get out (common sense). i would highly reccommend this item.

    ...(later add-on)...I have discovered the straw spitting issue now that the weather has changed. When the temperature in the drink changes and the top is closed, pressure builds and once you open the straw watch out for the volcanic erruption! I just have to be more conscious of breaking the seal to release the pressure...oh well....more info
    I never received the parcel so I had to ask for a refund that I have already received. Really disappointed because no attempt to deliver it was done and no card was left if there was.

    Juan Jose...more info
  • great water bottle
    Definitely is exactly as advertised. I like the clip on the screw top, it's good for clipping onto a backpack. Also like how the straw top folds over and seals, I never have a leakage problem. I think next time I would choose a bottle without a straw built in, but I definitely spill it on myself a lot less than I did with a wide-mouth Nalgene! ...more info
  • Geat bottle, love the straw !!
    Keeps water cool, great for hiking especialy when your hands get dirty.
    Very light but sturdy....more info
  • Not meant for carbonated beverages
    This product is a good idea just beware if you put soda in it and close the lid when you open it soda be come out like a geyser exploding I like for the cold liquids that aren't carbonated thoug...more info
  • flip straw water bottle
    Liked the looks of this but would like to have the advantage of holding it with the straw in the up position. Have had a little leakage at times when the straw was in the up position. The bottle gets really cold and I have had to use a cover to hold it and to reduce the sweating....more info
  • Water bottle
    Great prouct. Only wish that the drinnking spout operated separately from the carry handle similar to how the Camelback brand works....more info
  • Nice bottle, fat straw
    I love the bottle, as it was hard to find one with a straw. Only complaint is the straw is very fat -- like the size of a finger. ...more info
  • I use this every day! So glad I bought one for myself.
    This water bottle is fantastic! I bought one for my mom, sister and myself during the holiday season. My mom was undergoing chemo treatment for breast cancer and she needed to drink a lot of water. I thought this would be a great reminder. We all love this water bottle. We use them every day. I love the straw, the durability and the fact you can clip it to things. However, I don't often clip it to things directly, because it does seem like the clip it comes with might break. The plastic is a bit thin. I usually put a carabeaner on the existing clip to give it more movement and relieve some of the pressure. I get compliments on this water bottle all the time. People love the straw. I put all the pieces in the top shelf of the dishwasher all the time and have not had any problems. Overall, a great purchase. ...more info
  • cute and practical
    My kids like the decorated bottle, as well as the flip straw. Seems sturdy and the water has no unpleasant taste. I would recommend these for people concerned with the plastic water bottles....more info
  • Love it!
    I just love this bottle. My water always tastes fresh and stays cool for hours. I especially love it for when I am on the treadmill. I don't have to tip my head back so I don't feel like I am going to fall off....more info


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