Struggle for Intimacy (Adult Children of Alcoholics series)
Struggle for Intimacy (Adult Children of Alcoholics series)

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The struggle for intimacy is part of a life-long process for those who have grown up with alcoholism or dysfunction in the home. To be intimate, to be close, to be vulnerable, contradicts all the survival skills learned by Children of Alcoholics.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good starter book on intimacy issues
    I didn't grow up in the typical alcoholic household Janet constantly portrays in her books, so I didn't have all of the ACOA myths as expected - which she stated you may not have all of them. I did see a few lines that I connected strongly with (the actual "Myths" did not ring true, but rather her detailed description fit better). For example, not knowing how to get angry or what is appropriate enough to get angry. I see this in my relationship, and it wasn't until others who cared for me would say "Why are you putting up with that crap? I would never let that fly!" Alot of things seemed to roll of my back. It's not because I'm easy going and forgiving (well maybe!), but I didn't know when it was appropriate to be angry, or how, or what good getting angry would even do! The scenario about the security guard who turned off the lights and one person was angered and the other was not really hit home. Good starter book, you may not fit every myth, but it's an informative read nevertheless. If anything I understand my own parents even better as they are ACOC too....more info
  • Good resource for a married ACOA client
    When I am dealing with a married ACOA client, I follow giving as homework the basic ACOA text the author wrote with this volume to help him/her understand how their lack of intimacy skills may have thwarted their reaching the deeper level of attachment with the spouse that they desired. It has always proven helpful to my clients as they move into a healthier spousal relationship....more info
  • Struggle for Intimacy
    The book I have read over and over. I slip back into my old patterns very easily and this keeps me on track....more info
  • I loved this book
    If you are an ACoA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic), I recommed this book and all of the books by Janet Woititz. I've read many of them, they are easy reads and so informative. It is really helpful to learn about other's experiences and struggles, and to hear advice on how to help you now. My favorite part of this book is the chapter called "So, you love an ACoA..." and is good for your partner to read to help them understand things like why you might overreact to certain situations or have such a negative view of yourself. Don't be turned off by the old cover, mine looked like it was from 1960 or something, the book is not outdated by any means....more info
  • I learned about healthy relationships
    I thought I knew about relationships and how to make one work and what it took to keep one going. I thought my past failures were a product of bad timing. I did not see why I went after the wrong people, prused bad situations and stayed when I should have left. This book opened my eyes and changed my perspective. It was brilliant....more info
    If you have ever felt abandoned, this book is for you. If you had a parent who was unavailable when you were younger (work, alcohol, drugs, divorce) this book is for you. If you are constantly struggling through relationship, after relationship, after relationship, this book is for you!

    I can't say enough about it and how much it has helped me. I thought I was "over it" as my father had quit drinking and we have a wonderful relationship now; however, this book covers how you were brought up. Sure, I had a loving home and didn't not "want" for anything - but little did I know what the daily grind made me into. This is a MUST read!...more info
  • One of just a few practical help books
    Woititz has written several books aimed at helping "Adult Children of Alcoholics" (ACA). I recommend all of them. This book is based on the problems ACAs (and others from troubled homes) have in beginning and maintaining close relationships. She gives practical advice rather than the usual "cuddle your inner problem child" blather that some books give. All of her books are based on 10-12 things that most ACAs have in common. These things are listed at the front of each book and I recommend that each reader start there. If this list strikes a chord with you, then get the book! Among the list are: ACAs wonder what normal is. ACAs lie when they could just as easily tell the truth (I didn't believe this of me until a friend pointed out a few). ACAs have a hard time changing their course even when it's obvious that they should (I'm paraphrasing this one). Check it out!...more info
  • this is my second-favorite Janet Woititz book! (read to find out my first!)
    I love and recommend Janet's "Adult children of Alcoholics" to my counseling clients...but I must say, I love this book too! And I love the John Bradshaw's "Healing the shame that binds you" book.Healing the Shame that Binds You: Recovery Classics Edition (Recovery Classics) ...... and the "Getting Them Sober, you CAN help" book by Toby Rice Drews (this book is a real lifesaver--- my counseling clients tell me that Toby must have had a crystal ball in their living rooms! And that they read it and read it again, and sleep with it under their pillows, it helps so much.) Getting Them Sober: You Can Help! (Getting Them Sober)...more info
  • essential
    as a partner to an ACOA this is a must read for anyone involved in this kind of relationship. easy to read, easy to understand, and full of AHA! moments. great information!...more info
  • Struggle for Intimacy

    This book is very well laid out and answers many qestions based both on past experiences and present. It also provide a excellent strategy to survive in a "real " world.Great book for the person looking for insight into a "healthy relationship"

    RW...more info


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