Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention, Second Edition: The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning

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Product Description

Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention is a must-have reference for clinicians completing insurance forms, participating in managed care, or practicing in treatment settings requiring formalized goals and treatment objectives. The Therapist's Guide provides basic information on all major mental disorders. Treatment goals, objectives, and techniques are presented in an easy-to-read outline form for each specific disorder. Separate chapters discuss skill building exercises relevant across a wide range of disorders, for example assertiveness training.
The book is divided into four sections. Section I lists all major psychological disorders. Each disorder heading includes a brief paragraph discussing diagnostic criteria and general treatment goals, followed by specific treatment techniques to fulfillthese goals. Section II discusses how to anticipate and treat special circumstances across disorders, such as suicidal tendencies, dangerousness, and treating the disabled. Section III identifies skills useful in treating a variety of different disorders.These skills include stress management, relaxation exercises, problem-solving, and assertiveness training. Section IV provides a wcompendium of professional practice forms, for both clinical and business use.

Key Features
* Outlines treatment goals and objectives for DSM-IV diagnoses
* Outlines for assessing special circumstances
* Offers skill building resources to supplement treatment
* Provides samples for a wide range of business and clinical forms

Customer Reviews:

    Could not have been more disappointed with this text. I was in search of how to write treatment plans and thought I'd found the ideal book. Ugh! The content might be sufficient but I have NEVER seen a book more disorganized and without direction. I still don't have a real grasp as to how it's laid out. Very frustrating~...more info
  • Incredible Resource
    This book is priceless in my eyes. It has earned its price countless number of times. This book includes everything from Psychoeducation handouts, treatment plan information, assessment, administrative paperwork and much more. I have used this book on a daily basis in my clinical practice and continue to refer to it regularly. The amount of work put into this book is enormous and I appreciate every bit of it. Thank you Sharon and i look forward to more workbooks, etc . Im sure anything you create will be magnificent.

    Highly, highly, highly recommended....more info
  • all over the place
    lots of material. kind of a mess. not at all efficient or easy to use. the index is irritating, just one big long list, jumping around alot in themes and content. i spend more time trying to find material in the book then if i had done the work myself. it reads like class notes, which is not necessarily a negative, but the content is basic for the mental/social health practitioner. you'll get more substance by typing in the topic you're seeking information on in a good sw/psy/medicine journal search engine. it's customary for alumni to have internet access to the electronic journals of one's graduate school library. a simple search would bring much more substantial material and take a lot less time. ...more info
  • Practical Support Par Excellence
    As a Graduate level student not yet in an internship with access to professional documentation formats, this is a lifesaver. Ms. Johnson has provided solid formats also for some short-term work topics that can be adapted to a wide variety of approaches and styles. I thank her and you for providing this service....more info
  • Thorough, practical and ethical guide.
    The Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention

    The 123's of Treatment Planning is a timely resource for therapists in the age of managed care. This is a pragmatic and helpful reference for conceptualizing and writing treatment plans that should meet insurance, managed care, and national quality guidelines. There are descriptions of major DSM-IV disorder groups, along with general treatment goals and accompanying objectives for consideration. These plans are from a cognitive behavioral viewpoint. For graduate students, this first section will provide guidelines for treatment planning. For experienced professionals, it will provide reminders, help fill in some blanks, and encourage the use of some new techniques. The second section is on the clinical assessment of special circumstances. The red flag issues of suicide, homicide and grave disability assessments are covered in a succinct and straight forward manner. This is an excellent review for post doctorates preparing for a licensing exam. There are also assessment guidelines for chemical dependency, child abuse, spousal abuse, child custody evaluations and Worker's Compensation disability evaluations.

    The third section covers skill building for patients. It is an assemblage of file folders that most of us keep on general areas that are helpful to our clients. Areas covered include: management of stress, anger, anxiety and depression, relaxation, communication, dealing with chemical dependency, and parenting.

    The final section deals with forms, both of a clinical and business nature, that are used on a daily basis in independent practice offices. Many experienced independent practitioners will find this helpful when they wish to update their forms.

    The Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention is thorough, practical, and ethical. It is a reference source for graduate students, clinicians preparing for their licensing exams, and for seasoned professionals.

    Michael F. Antrim, Ph.D....more info

  • Somewhat Disappointed!
    This book was not as helpful as I thought it would be. It does not do what the title suggests. 1-2-3s of Treatment Planning suggests that it explains how to do treatment plans. At least, that is what I thought. It does not explain how to do treatment plans. It just has a lot of information, somewhat irrelevant for me. ...more info
  • An excellent tool for the new therapist.
    Sharon Johnson provides a valuable service to graduate students in counseling or clinical psychology with publication of the Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning. I recommend this volume to my graduate students in psychology who are preparing for a professional milestone such as a comprehensive exam or licensing interview. Several year's worth of detailed knowledge is presented clearly and succinctly in this compact, practical overview of "everything you thought you knew about psychotherapy but can't call to mind just now". We recently added the Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention as a required text for our graduate course in Advanced Individual Psychotherapy, and the students are grateful to learn of such a direct, practical guide to standard practices, diagnostic criteria, and documentation. Because it is designed as a handy reference, the Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention does not cover every style of therapy or therapeutic technique, but it does cover a wide variety of approaches to therapy. The index makes it easy to find what you need quickly. In an informal survey, our students of marriage and family therapy preferred Johnson's treatment planning manual to other similar references....more info
  • Thank You.
    A time saver that keeps me sane!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!...more info
  • The 1, 2, 3's of treatment Planning
    This is a real helpful book to have in the human services field especially, now with all the changes that are occuring. I would highly recommend it, not only for therapist, but also any other person who works closely with clients....more info
  • So Practical
    I have already recommended this book to many of my colleagues. It covers so many topics and provides practical, useful information for psychoeducation and treatment options. I don't know what I would do without it. I would love to see workbooks and printouts by this author....more info
  • a big help for group planning
    This book is great for group planning, and very helpful in treatment plans also...a great time saver!...more info


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