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For generations, stories have been told of the fearsome weapon of Thor, the Norse God of thunder. Legend holds that Thor's hammer had the power to smash mountains into valleys and to destroy even the gods. For more than a thousand years it has existed only as a myth...until now.

In an ancient ruin on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea, Lara Croft uncovers proof of the Norse underworld and the mythical hammer. As she attempts to unravel the secrets behind these myths, Lara's journey leads her toward a forgotten power that, if unleashed, could destroy civilization.

Tomb Raider: Underworld for PlayStation 2 by Eidos resumes where Tomb Raider: Legend left off. This installment introduces a new, interactive playing environment that gives players a chance to immerse themselves more fully into the game. Players once again take the role of Lara Croft as she explores such wide-ranging places as the Arctic, Mexico, and beneath the Mediterranean Sea.

Lara's environment is now much more realistic and interactive. View larger.

And now she can hold onto a ledge with one hand and fire a gun with the other. View larger.
Interactive Worlds Introduces Realistic game play
Unlike the previous games in the series, Lara's environment is now much more realistic and interactive. Footprints will be left in mud, for example, but only until they wash away in the rain. Lara's shirt will also get wet, and she's more likely to lose her grip if she is standing on a slippery, rain-soaked ledge. When the sun comes out, her shirt will dry and the slippery surfaces regain their friction.

In Underworld, Lara also has a lot more flexibility in how she makes her way through a level, as there is often more than one way to get from here to there. She can now climb walls with texture and rocky outcroppings to reach areas she previously wouldn't have been able to access.

All of these additions have been made to give the game a non-linear, open feel. Players can interactive with the environment by doing things they find to be intuitive, and the game will respond appropriately. When Lara interacts with trees, for example, she will push aside leaves using either one or two hands depending, on whether or not she's holding something. These details give a lifelike, immersive sensation to the game.

New Melee Combat System
Underworld introduces a new melee combat system that requires players to strategically strike with offensive, defensive, and evasive maneuvers. Lara can now attack enemies with different punches, kicks, knees, and other acrobatic onslaughts. Items lying on the ground, such as poles that were previously walked on, can be picked up and swung at enemies. Players can also perform a greater variety of actions with weapons; for example, Lara can now hold onto a ledge with one hand and fire a gun with the other.

Realistic Enemy and Animal AI
The AI in Tomb Raider: Underworld has also taken a big step forward--both enemies and animals now make independent decisions based on their surroundings, employ ambush and squad tactics when fighting, and will retreat if deemed necessary.

With updated graphics and a more immersive and realistic game play, Tomb Raider: Underworld will have both fans and newcomers excited about the newest installment in this popular video game-pinup franchise.

Tomb Raider: Underworld is loaded with a new melee combat system, various weapons, and smarter AI for both enemies and animals.

  • Continues the Tomb Raider story from where Legend left off
  • All-new interactive environment
  • Real-time changes in the environment include footprints that are washed away
  • Smart enemy AI will attack strategically for a bigger challenge
  • New combat system offers more fighting options and skill

Customer Reviews:

  • A bad port of a good game
    This game is *almost* as good as Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary. I honestly had a good time playing it. I did not start feeling ripped off until I logged into Youtube to get help with a level, and realized the PC/PS3 versions of the game had a LOT more going for them.

    It's a completely different game on the newer systems - the difference is big as the difference between TR1 and TR Anniversary.

    That's when I started noticing the holes in the PS2 version:
    --FEWER features than TR Legend or Anniversary - especially when it comes to combat. Remember when jumping off of or dodging enemies would cause this nice slow motion mode? Not anymore. Instead, your guns are a too strong, which means most enemies are dead before you need to think about dodging them.
    --Much simpler landscapes and puzzles. I did find it odd that many stages find Lara walking down long uneventful paths or hallways. In the next-gen versions these are filed with beautiful details, obstacles or enemy battles. Another example is that in the PS2 version, the Kraken on the first level is just a part of the landscape - it only moves in the cut scenes. In the next-gen versions you're actually worried about getting close to it.
    --Very few battles in general. Most stages have only a few enemies in them.
    --Glitches. Glitches have always been part of the TR series, but here may you find yourself missing a jump and moving through a solid pillar, or teleporting a few feet when you're trying to climb.

    In the end, if like me you're still using a PS2, and you don't plan to buy a PS3 or upgrade your PC soon, it's still worth the $25-$30 to get this game. ...more info
  • Underworld a different type of Tomb Raider Game
    Ever since the start of the mention of the long awaited game,Tomb Raider Underworld,being a long time fan myself I couldn't be more eager to see,play and experience yet another fantastic Tomb Raider experience.Alas I did not have the ps3 with me anymore,I had decided to wait out for the PS2 version,a year and a half later the game had finally come out in a playable platform for me,I had glanced at what could have been the first reviews here @ from the game,and found myself surprised,dissapointed and most of all curious...

    So I finally have it,I break the plastic,put the game in,and..VOILA!

    Its Tomb Raider Underworld....Im FINALLY playing it !,

    The Graphics + Presentation-

    Oddly enough it reminds me of playing a game in the Nintendo 64 or an early PS1 game whenever I see the "CG movies".The anticipation of amazing graphics was an immediate letdown when it came to the movies,the game itself doesnt look bad at all,but you can definitely tell everything has been simplified(and or completely altered) to just keep within the frame rate and speed of the console,sadly enough theres less in this game when it comes to enviroments than what most people are comparing it to,such as Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary,both these games had a better visual presentation without compromising the platform or the game itself.There IS one point most fellow game players are missing,the entire cg to gameplay or death sequence or muchless remark ANY sequence be it movie or interacting with objects is completely abrupt,coming on as a complete halt because you've advanced more in the level or so on.

    The Controls-Theyre completely ALIEN to any Tomb Raider Control basis, all the scheme is set up uncomfortably so getting adjusted to these is quite a task,and more so when it comes to interacting with your areas/moving along the levels or just trying to defend yourself from an enemy.

    Enemies-Theres not many enemies in the levels which would be a very big and astounding surprise it being a Tomb Raider serie a game made for the PS2 theres less than 2% of the entire 80 % of enemies in the original 360 game/PC version,so you find yourself most of the time traversing levels without more than 1 or 2 enemies at the most making it rather dull but probably with the exception of the later levels.

    Health System-This particular Tomb Raider Underworld doesnt appear to HAVE medipacks AT ALL,not once did i ever come across one and i finished the entire game without ever finding one!? Lara seems to charge up after a certain given time.

    Swimming-Another difficulty worth pointing out is that swimming in this particular TRU is done by using both ANALOGS,left to move left or right + the right analog to go up or down the camera view makes swimming rather annoying at times.

    The Bike- I was rather enthused with using this one but I must have mistook my enthusiasm for forgetfulness because traversing anywhere was pretty much a damn annoyance,though i would point out that using vehicles in most tomb raider games has never been a fun task,because theyre not really balanced,theyre abrupt and most of all hard to control,specially in this game.

    The Maps-Oddly enough i didnt see as many "thailand levels" as i wish i could have,so every level only had small segments at the most,summed up to be one big section,they were very linear in the sense of making your way down the ruins was pretty predictable,both left and right always meet up to one same corridor and you traverse downwards into the ruins**most levels are considered ruins anyhow**,at least 3-4 times before making your way to an end or a puzzle.Also some parts in the level are quite the nightmare to move through with your bike because of the simultaneous combination of bad controls+bad level design.

    The Music-Well its Tomb Raider,so theres many scores in here which hold up to the Tomb Raider standard,then theres some scores that plain remind me of OTHER games,games like DOOM where the music sounds quite demonic or nonsensical for a level like it,not to mention the abrupt factor kicks in,meaning the music also kicks in to a sad example of having a seizure or just coming on randomly whenever youre moving about on the level.

    The Story-Well Norse mythology sounds great so it was quite interesting seeing how they had melded the mythology into the game + other incidents,
    so I thought story wise this game is ok.

    The Overall- Its a very interesting game to play in the PS2 particularly,i would suggest anyone to play this game if they wanted to see an alternate version of Tomb Raider Underworld,however i would NOT recommend this game for anyone wanting to experience the game itself,as this game is not the original in itself but an adaption for the PS2.LASTLY any given player might want to ration the time out playing this particular game in this console because its somewhat of a shortlived experience,depending on how long it takes one to master the controls....more info
  • Tomb Raider Underworld
    a good game and one that I have been waiting for but I was very disapointent with the grapic's for a brand new 2009 game the grapic's were no better than a 2006 game that I have just finished playing, also alot of people have complained that there is a clich in this game so watch out....more info
  • PS2 Version is Pathetic
    It's obvious the creators of this game spent all there time on the PS3 version, because there is absolutely nothing good about this one. Like another review stated, it's as though they just threw this version together to get a quick buck. It's not even close to TR Anniversary or Legend.

    Don't waste your time or money. ...more info
  • Tomb Raider-Underworld
    I really enjoy the Tomb Raider games, although this one has a few flaws..there are no treasures where there are supposed to be and saving the game was very hard to figure out....more info
  • Ugh
    I'm one of those Luddites who hasn't bought a next-gen console yet, but Legend looked great on my PS2, so I thought Anniversary and Underworld probably would, too. Anniversary lived up to expectations--it looks and plays a lot like Legend. So I was eager to try Underworld...that didn't last. Even in the short opening level (Croft Manor), the graphics were horrible. When Lara jumps to grab a ledge, she looks like--no kidding--Frogger. I understand this game was designed for PC/PS3/XBox 360, but come on! Even Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories--which were ports from handheld consoles--had better graphics than this! I haven't been able to figure out how to change the controller settings like you could do in Legend and Anniversary, and I hate a few of the defaults. It's something that I might be able to get used to, but it's another annoyance. There are also a lot of buggy and jerky transitions to the cut scenes.

    I stopped playing midway through the first full level because I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm not at all a hard core gamer, and I'm aware that the PS2 is an old console and the game was designed for the new ones. But this is such an ugly, annoying version that they really shouldn't have even bothered. Sooner or later, I'll get the PC version and try that.

    DO NOT BUY the PS2 version of Underworld! You'll regret it if you do....more info
  • PS2 Version is a let down
    I really enjoyed TR Legend and Anniversary, but was really dissapointed with Underworld. Controls didn't work very well. Camera shots were weird and it really lacked substance. It felt like my goal was to get from one cinema to the next. Puzzles seemed like they were there to make the game take longer as an after thought. Controls made some easy puzzles seem impossible.

    Overall, very frustrating game to play. Maybe computer or PS3 version is better?...more info
  • Does not Live Up To The Hype
    We've played tombraider games since the first one on the PC with a joystick. With a couple exceptions, they have more or less been good. The problem is that you expect them to get better and better. Tombraider Legend was an improvement. But Tombraider Underworld was a large step backward from that. It was easy, actionless and not very thoughtful. There was no huge battle with the arch-nemesis, or challenging maneuvers throughout the game. We never had to use the arsenal of guns, which was not as impressive as previous editions. The controls were different, though not bad. The graphics brought nothing new to the table. But what did I expect of the PS2 version since I am too cheap to buy the newer system......more info
  • They Must think we're stupid
    I have played and beat every Tomb Raider game, and played the first three complete at least a dozen times.. I am writing this review as a message of disappointment. I don't own a PS3 and playing TR:Underworld makes you feel really bad for owning a PS2. Why spend money and time releasing a practically unplayable, bland and ugly port for the PS2 when more work could have gone into the PS3 and Microsoft versions. Well.. Lets go through it then.

    First I cant believe how shortsighted and simplified this game has gotten.

    They should have released the PS2 version with no guns, Enemies do less then ever before, and they've actually made shooting less amusing than the Angel of Darkness release. They even have lara do this supermario jump-flip-crush move so idiots dont get bored. Why the grenades? What are they for? I hope the person whom decided picking up ammo, health-packs, save-points and such was too hard for us already lost their job. The infinite ammo, health and empty running in the game is mind-blowingly dumb. The only thing that really hurts you are mistakes.. Like jumping into green glowing death for the first time or the cr.@p control scheme screwing you over and over and over.

    The lag in this game is so bad you'd think you were playing on a PS1; No, PS1 games were better.. Everything from the frame-rate jumping down to those stuttering 10-15 fps moments, (the game becomes unplayable under the widescreen setting), welcome back the Angel of Darkness - like lack of control of lara, *all* of your controller actions happen with lag, dont try to do anything fancy like jump in a direction, because she wont do it.

    Remember how Pre-rendered cut scenes used to make in-game PS1 graphics look bad? Well, the look is back. Way back.. I dont even want to talk about it. Horrible..

    All the objects in the game are horribly placed, starting with the secrets.. More than half of them are right in your path, like right there, no secret. There are a few keys, but the maps are so simple that they aren't interesting. Then you have the enemies, static detached from the.. Oh, its bad. The motorcycle sucks. L1 go, L2 Sudden reverse? No. Play some Gran Turismo.. Or any other game with vehicles. And those linear paths artificially cut through maps just for the bike? Makes you stop wanting to play videogames.

    The Maps and Environments.. Why are the maps so simple? What happened to mazes and complex puzzles and Maps with multiple paths? they must think we're stupid. All of those people who hate Tomb Raider because you get lost in it? Finally got their wish.. You can't leave the path of the game at all, you can't fall more than twenty feet without dying, Lara doesnt jump *up* anymore, she wont grab or land or get to anything outside of the paths and ledges proposed by the game. Don't worry, they didn't create much to explore anyway. The maps are damn empty, and any chance you see outside of the map its back to more empty.

    The Environments and textures are blander than any game I have ever seen for the PS2.. Very TR1 like.. Thats not good. They were able to add a select few high resolution textures throughout the game, but it clashes with the pixelation of the lower res textures, and viola.. Also glowing plasma and an attempt at anti-aliasing? Or maybe its fog fuzz.. Yep. *fog fuzz*..

    They got lara down.. Oh yea.. Sure did.. Already had though.. Still with that doll model death sprawl though.. And they turned her model actions from sexy sure woman to sexy ditzy blond girl (I know shes not, dont even). Shes now *flamboyant*. Guess they screwed Lara up too.. Damn..

    What story?

    Oh well, looks better on the PS3 and such.. Maybe im missing out, I'll get it sometime.. The point is, They released it for the PS2 (half a year late?) and its really bad. Anniversary was one of the best ideas the people running TR ever had, I wish more companies had the vision for ideas like that, and as far as PS2 as a platform TR:Legend was great. I enjoyed the idea of playing another TR game but for some reason TR:Underworld is for dummys.. Or TR 101? No, there is nothing to learn in this one, it doesnt allow you to.. Worse than Angel of Darkness because it never should have been that bad in the first place....more info
  • Whoops Hits The Spot...
    Fans of "Tomb Raider" will definately want to pass this shoddy PS2 offering up. It's a very sad, deliquent attempt form the developers to port a next-gen game to as passed gen system. Sad but true...

    "Underworld" is the lastest episdoe in the re-vamped Tomb Raider history. Oicking up where "Legend" left off, Ms. Croft must further explore unknown ruins and wrecks to find the secret to her family's history. On next-gen systems (with the equally shoddy Wii port excluded) "Underworld" is a solid adventure game, that while doesn't revolutionize "Tomb Raider", provides a fun adventure for Raiders to enjoy. On the PS2 players are treated to a game that is very un-Tomb Raider in it's polish (on the heels of the excellent "Legends") and seemingly devoid of any real point or purpose. Lara Croft moves like a tank, the puzzles are insanely easy, and the lack of real enemies is completely inexcusable. You'll spend the first level just running up and down corridors. With nothing to do, nothing to do!

    The graphics take a leap backwards from what was done with "Legend" and "Anniversary". Muddled and lacking any great texture, most the levels will look the same to you. The cut-scenes are basically low res rip offs of the higher gen systems, and majoy parts of the game have been cut or drastically reduced. Not fun.

    For fans of the series, it's obvious you'll need to pick up either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game. The PS2 appears to be more a port of the Wii version, so stave off those too and hit the big guns. If you are unable to play anything but the PS2 version of "Underworld", by all means do so. Just expect to be sorely dissapointed and longing for the formers days of "Tomb Raider" glory....more info
  • 0 out of 5 stars
    This review is based upon my recent, unpleasant experience playing TR Underworld on the PS2. I havent played it on any other platform. As a longtime fan of the Tomb Raider games, I am very dissapointed in this game. To be blunt, this game completely sucks and does not deserve to be played. I payed $29.99 for a real piece of crap. Total loss.

    First of all, the graphics are not any better, maybe even worse than in Legends and Anniversary. The game's graphics look at least 5 years old. The gameplay, IE, character movement, controls, camera angles/panning/control all are just terrible, worse than any of the series to date. I mean seriously, TR1 thru TR3 all had better controls and environment interaction than this piece of junk.

    Lara's movements are really jumpy and twitchy. It is impossible to make delicate movements. And she doesnt do what you want, You push left and she jumps backwards. you push backwards, she jumps right. And the character motion design is horrible. Lara walks/runs like a man, not the shapely feminine walk she used to have and she jumps like an orc.

    Even the in game menu is like some tweeked out scrapped together system that seems to be on crack. I hate this game and would rather go back and play TR1, 2 & 3. I can expect that a game series will evolve and change as technological achievements are advanced and improved game programming and graphics can be enhanced, but it seems like evry installment of TR nowdays is just a big step backwards.

    They keep adding new features when they havent even perfected the existing ones. Big deal lara can scale walls diagonally. She still doesnt jump in the direction I want, because the controls dont respond worth a crap and I cant even see that next ledge I need to jump to, because the camera is frozen in some stupid view showing me the face of the wall i'm stuck on, and so i have no idea where to go next.

    I am not good at writing reviews, I mainly wanted to vent some anger about this atrocity of a game, and hopefully give someone some warning. I advise, do not buy this game! It really sucks!!!!!

    I only gave it a rating 1 out of 5 stars because amazon wouldnt let me rate it at zero stars, in my opinion it is 0 out of 5....more info
  • Not so challenging anymore
    My biggest complaint is that the animals/creatures you come up against aren't very challenging....the octopus doesn't move at all, and at one point I killed five tigers at the same time, and it STILL wasn't challenging.....the puzzles still get you thinking some, but as far as the game being just isn't the same as the other games.......more info
  • Stripped down version
    I've played all the PS2 TR games. When I first started playing this one, I thought the disc was defective. Odd cuts in the first section; took me a couple tries to figure out how to save the game; I still can't find any option for quitting the game (I just turn off the machine); twice (so far; I'm about halfway through the game) when trying to swim into water tunnels, Lara simply swam around the surface and wouldn't actually go into the tunnel at first -- took a bunch of tries since she would not submerge -- and finally I got lucky and got Lara to go into the tunnel.

    Controls are bad when climbing walls; not fluid; have to stop movement in one direction before Lara will move side-to-side.

    Camera sucks. Constantly getting in the way or refusing to let you look around for where to go. Sometimes I just jumped and hope it went okay.

    Croft Manor graphics very murky and dark. Many places are very dark, difficult to see, even with my TV's brightness cranked up.

    Some graphics (e.g., Mexico) a bit better, but not even as good as last two PS2 TR games. And if God of War can have great graphics on a PS2, why not TR?

    Very short game. I'm not a fast or particularly adept player but I'm halfway through after a couple evenings of after-work playing. (Just look at the number of areas on walkthrough sites to see how few there are.) Compare to the lengths of older TR games. While no one should expect here all that goes into a PS3 or other version, this is unacceptable, especially given the release delays for the PS2.

    I am enjoying some parts of the game; some are pretty pathetic; others rather blah. My incentive is to learn more of the story. Hopefully someday when I can afford a PS3, I'll get that version of TRU and see what the game really looks/plays like....more info
  • This game doesn't work.
    I cannot get this game to save on my pS2. I have read about other Playstaion 2 owners having the same problem. It's crazy to have to start over every time. I am returning it to Amazon. I also agree with everyone elses comments about the choppy scenes and sporadic movements. Not up to usual Tomb Raider standard of play....more info
  • Tomb Raider Underworld has really gone under!
    Although I am a big fan of all the Lara Croft Tomb Raider games, this one seems to not catch my attention. After I had finished the previous game (anniversary) I could not wait until November when I would get to play Underworld. This game had been delayed a total of 4 times due to working out the graphics. As some have noticed the ps2 game is not the same as any other game system. They do not contain the same amount of animals or places. The graphics in this game are unbelievibaly poor for a tomb raider game. I was very unimpressed. I wish I would have rented this game instead of buying it. It sure is not worth $30 in my opinion. The levels are easy to figure out and finish. There was no challange for me. I had my 12 year old brother play it, he had beaten the game in less than one day. (He is not a bright one so that is saying a lot for how easy the game is) Yes it is a continuation of Legend and Anniversary, and it is also facinating how the story comes together. I just wish that the makers of this game could have put more thought into it. For instance, there is a level where Lara is in the ocean; fish could have been present in the ocean to make it more realistic. There could have been more animals, or people other than just Lara running aroung tunnels that lead to only one place. This game is borring. The music is not as intense where you feel the rush to complete things. In my opinion the music carries on its unoriginality into a forever continuing game of bordom. I am more amused watching workers outside putting sidding on a house than playing this game. I must say that if they do decide to make another Tomb Raider game, it must be worth it. I know that I will not be buying another Tomb Raider game. ...more info
  • Insulting to fans
    I'm not one to put something down a lot. If I don't enjoy it, I normally won't take the time to write about it. However, being that I am a huge Tomb Raider fan, I find it is my civic duty to warn other fans of the atrocity that is Underworld. For those of us that don't have a next gen console yet, it was a welcome release (probably one of the last) for the PS2. However one has to wonder why it was even released for the PS2 at all. My only guess is for them to make the quick buck on us poor PS2 folk.

    I'm going to start with something that really drew me to the Tomb Raider series from the beginning: The enemies, many of whom were animals. When you watch game play on sites such as YouTube where Lara is battling sharks underwater or getting ambushed by spiders in the jungle, your mouth waters in anticipation of being able to take on these creatures on the PS2 version, but hold that thought. Because even though you'll encounter jellyfish (which don't move) in the ocean level, you don't come face to face with a single shark nor do you have the ability to shoot your guns underwater either.

    While you will encounter a few tigers in Thailand and even some giant venom spewing lizards who will crawl out of the holes in a wall in one location, that's really about the extent of the fun enemies. You'll encounter some black panthers in Mexico, too, as well as some supernatural enemies (which Tomb Raider is known for doing) in later levels, but the bulk of the game is platforming and exploration. Encountering enemies is few and far between which doesn't give it much depth. And what about that boss kraken in the underwater level?

    It just sits there doing nothing! No excitement and in truth, it really can't be called a boss at all. In fact, there is not one single boss in this game. While I always get nervous going up against Tomb Raider bosses for their uniqueness and sometimes difficulty in figuring out a way to beat them, this game offered no challenges of the sort. Heck, even when you make it to the conclusion of the game, you'd assume there would be some sort of final confrontation, but you don't even get that - just a few fireballs thrown your way.

    As to the platforming part, the camera tends to have a tendency to pull away literally making you a fly on the wall as you desperately squint to see where Lara is and where you can make your next jump. While this doesn't happen all the time, it's annoying when it does. Also, the camera gets caught behind ledges or walls not giving you a decent look at your surroundings and making you fight the camera and losing every time. It isn't until you move that the camera relaxes and by then, it may be too late.

    As to the environments and tombs (another reason I liked the older games) aside from the platforming in a few locations that seem massive, there really aren't any nor are there any animals to bug you as you try and make each jump. In Anniversary, I remember having to deal with bats on a few occasions. But in this game nothing. And really, saying that the PS2 is last gen is a poor excuse, especially when the last gen version of Anniversary was so good. They could have at least given it that amount of quality.

    Like someone previously said, it's like they ported this game onto the PS2 making it playable but removing all the fun features the next gen installments contain. Why do that to the fans that have been so loyal to the series? Those involved in making this version of the game need to issue a public apology to the fans and the sooner the better. This is just heartbreaking. Despite all this, I will say that the music is decent in terms of the overall soundtrack (like the few times you encounter animals or during the end credits) and while the graphics could have been better (especially underwater which almost looks murky) they're decent, especially for being a late PS2 release. However, the bad far outweigh the good. Keep your money and begin to save up for a PS3 before getting this title for that. Or, if your PC has the specifications, get this game on that....more info
  • Not exactly what I expected...
    I've been looking forward to buying this game ever since it came out. I watched previews of this game thinking it's going to be the greatest game ever with awesome graphics. Nope, I was wrong. I bought this game for my PlayStation 2 and the game is not what I expected. I then realized that the PlayStation 2 is VERY different than the game on the computer, Wii, etc. What the heck? What a rip-off! Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, but seriously. Why change the graphics? If they kept it the same like the computer version, the ps2 version would have been great. It's not just the graphics, they left out a lot of game play too. They left too much stuff out on the ps2 version. I STRONGLY suggest NOT buying the playstation 2 version. Buy the computer version or another one!...more info
  • A very enjoyable PS2 game
    I'm very glad to see Underworld on the PS2. The controls are a bit awkward at times but the game plays smoothly and the puzzles are well thought out....more info
  • How does this happen?
    How is it possible for a great game to get worse? You've already got something that works, plays great, and is very popular, then decide to change the game and make it worse. That must be the case as it would be impossible to mess something up this bad without putting a lot of effort into it. But the box and marketing campaign look great. They ought to be ashamed. ...more info
  • The game sucks!
    I've played and still own every iteration of all the TR games, including the highly disappointing "Angel of Darkness" and the little laughers on the GameBoy color. I'm going to keep plugging through this game, because it's Lara Croft and the graphics are really decent, especially on the PS2.
    But I have some SERIOUS ISSUES:
    CAMERA CONTROL: basically the camera is broken in this game and there is no way to reverse the camera axes. I've always preferred both axes to be reversed and have played through the other TR games with this configuration. I may invest in the PC copy of this game, just so I can tolerate the camera, which involuntarily zooms and focuses on things while you're trying to look around. If you remember, in the original PC games, Lara would call your attention to places or items of interest in each area, but you could always disable it with a quick "0" on the number pad. This game refuses to relinquish camera control in a lot of annoying situations: like dangling 100 feet in the air, trying to look around before you take that leap of faith.
    Not to mention that ALL THE WALLS SHOULD BEND FOR THE CAMERA. The camera is a non-entity and the walls should not restrict camera control. In the original EIDOS/CORE iterations, the camera was not allowed to enter the walls because it sometimes it allowed you to see into the next room. Nowadays the next area doesn't exist until it's been rendered, so it's not a problem. If I remember right, it was the original Half-Life engine that fixed this glitch and made the walls and the camera mutually exclusive.
    LARA CONTROL: Maybe it's just the PS2 version, or maybe it's both of my controllers (which work fine on Legend and Anniversary), but I have to fight my controller to get Lara to behave. Again, not very pleasant when you're fixing to perform a death-defying move (which normally ends up in a deadly move).
    LARA'S MOVE-SET: Lara has a wonderful new move-set, for the most part. I like the occasional flip or flair that she does when you jump or vault or whatever, but at the same time, she occasionally staggers and trips like the clumsy Wanderer in Shadow of Colossus. I've always expected Lara to be pretty much infallible like a superhero, which would be the only way she could be still alive after all that tomb crawling. Now, she has occasional drunken moments tripping down the stairs or falling of ledges. Mind you, she never falls down, but she looks pretty stupid in the process.

    While I'm on this rant, Lara can't swim anymore, either!
    AAAANNNDDD!!!! the game is full of graphics glitches that allow Lara to hang in mid-air, or cuts her arms in half when she's hanging from a ledge.

    Anyways, you can tell I'm a little upset. Maybe someone can calm me down.
    I'm going to go play a Steam game now and restore my faith in great game design....more info