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The third American release in the Disgaea series by Japanese game developer and publisher Nippon Ishi, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice marks the arrival of this acclaimed and beloved strategic RPG franchise into the Next-Gen gaming era. A PlayStation 3 exclusive, Absence of Justice features high-definition graphics, including beautiful high-res 2-D sprite character art and stunning spell effects. And although it is the third in a series of games, its story and gameplay stand on their own, allowing players both new to and experienced with the humor, zany characters, thrilling action, and unmatched excitement of the Disgaea universe to jump right into the battle.

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Disgaea goes Next-Gen on PS3
Search out clues and advice through conversation
Search for clues and advice in conversations.
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Enjoy 3-D play across Disgaea 3's geo blocks
Enjoy 3-D play across geo blocks.
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Level up weapons and gear with Disgaea 3's 'item world'
Level up weapons and gear with 'item world'.
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Wield characters as weapons with the Disgaea 3's 'Magichange' feature
'Magichange' makes weapons of characters.
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Inflict damage with Disgaea 3's 'stack attack' feature
Inflict damage with the 'Stack Attack'.
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The Story of Mao, a Demon Gone Bad
Set in and around the `Nether Institute, Evil Academy,' the demon version of the preppiest of prep schools, Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice follows the puzzling decision of Mao, son of the Overlord of the Netherworld, who after reading a manga comic book decides to forsake his proper demonic upbringing, become a hero and attempt to overthrow his father. But in the backwards world of demon scholastics where good is bad and bad is good, Mao is a top honor student. He knows all about ditching school, being totally unhelpful and quickly resorting to violence, but nothing of the selfless nobility and patience of heroes. Heroes are for delinquents, as the number one delinquent of the Nether Institute, Raspberyl and her friends try to tell him. But Mao's mind is made up. It's a hero he will be.

Flow of Gameplay: Events ? Base ? Battle ? Repeat
Events: Players advance through the game as events unfold. These events can occur during the story, at your base, or before/after battles. You will be able to witness the fun and interesting interactions through a mixture of sprite animation and exciting character battles.

Base: Mao's school, the Nether Institute, Evil Academy is the base point of the game. Players will be able to prepare for upcoming battles here by purchasing new weapons and items, customizing characters and/or restoring health.

Battle: You will be fighting against enemies in battle scenes with a quarter view, tactical simulations. The goal is to defeat all of the enemies before all of your team members die. Battles utilize a turn-based system, where all of your team members will have their turn to attack before enemies begin theirs.

Character Customization: The Evility System
Character customization is crucial in all role-playing games. Absence of Justice allows for maximum character customization through its "Evility System." There are two different categories of evilities: evility that is already set for each character depending upon the jobs of each and evility that players can customize. Customizable evilities include: evility to acquire the special skills for certain weapons, evility to up character status under certain requirements, evility to up the amount of experience points earned, evility to enable special skills and functions, etc. This variety is powerful and important. You may have only one kind of evility that supports a character's status, but you may have multiple evilities for skills. Use this system to create and customize your characters and ideally group multiple evilities in one to conduct battles more efficiently.

The Disgaea 3 Battle System
Combat in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice consists of a combination of the franchises familiar standard system of attacks, along with a whole new array of moves debuting with the game. This wide range of possibilities allows players to pick and choose tactics that suit the immediate conflict before them or to quest for overall success in the game, and maximum fun by attemping to master all. Attacks and skills include:

  • Team Attack - Use up to four adjoining team members to help you attack adjoining enemies. Although this may seem random, it is actually closely connected with the team members you have selected in class and their special skills.
  • Combos - Combos happen when multiple team members attack the same enemy during a single turn. They can occur even when team members are not on adjoining squares and their effectiveness increases with the number of occurring combos.
  • Lift and Throw - Humanoid characters have the ability to lift and throw enemies or teammates. The distance of a throw depends on the thrower and lifted team members are safe from attack, making this a key defensive tactic.
  • Stack Attack - If you keep using the lift command, you will be able to create a tower of characters. Select the attack command while in that state and all stacked characters will begin to attack. The larger the stack the higher the damage to your enemies.
  • Double Throw - If one of your characters stacked in a tower selects the "throw" command you can choose to throw any of the stacked characters. This is a useful skill when you want to reach a floor that is too high to reach on your own.
  • Throw and Receive - Useful in moving long distances, when you throw a character towards a monster teammate he/she will knock the thrown character further away in the direction faced.
  • Geo Effect - The combination of geo panels and geo blocks is called the 'Geo Effect.' The special effect of a block on top of a panel will affect all panels of the same color. You gain the power of those effects by landing on the right block.
  • Uniting Skills - If you meet certain requirements during a combo, two skills will unite into one, increasing damage and depending on the skills will increase the effectiveness of your combo.
  • Magichange - Magichange allows humanoid characters and monster characters to to fight as one. In doing this the monster will turn into a special weapon for the human to wield and in the process increase the power of both.
Will Mao be able to become a hero and defeat the Overlord? Or will Raspberyl and the demon delinquents convince him to return to his honor role ways? It all depends on you, and so the troublesome, devilish story begins.

Disgaea3 is a sequel to Disgaea, a hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable. In Disgaea, character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges, based on level and weapons equipped. There are other special game factors that let you take advantage of the 3D battle map, many of which are unique to Disgaea. One of the many new features is the addition of a Geo Block, which creates a 3 dimensional battle instead of the traditional 2D.
  • Story and endings evolve as you play the game
  • Geo Blocks introduce a real 3D battle system to a SRPG
  • Over 270 customizable characters
  • Class world adds 40 battle stages per character or 10800 stages
  • Only SRPG with infinite number of randomly generated battle maps

Customer Reviews:

  • Once you get in, you may never get out.
    Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories are Japanese strategy RPGs originally available on the Playstation 2. The original Disgaea has been ported to the PSP with upgrades and improvements. There will be a Nintendo DS port later this year. The original Disgaea is also being resurrected as a "Greatest Hits", somewhat of a milestone for a series like this.

    Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is the story of the demon Mao in the Netherworld and his quest to become a hero and overthrow his father, the Overlord while he attends the Evil Academy.

    The story throws snorts, snickers and outright laughs at you from the moment you boot the disk in your Playstation 3. Wry, tongue-in-cheek humor is de rigeour for this series.

    You start with a level 1 set of characters and have the possibility to progress through the story, with the option of restarting again when you finish it, to a level cap of 9999.

    Damage to opponents can rise to the millions of points.

    You can "enter" a weapon or other item in your inventory through the Item World to raise its attributes.

    Homeroom and Student Council votes must be secured to have more party members, better weapons and armor available at stores.

    The amount of customization and stat augmentations you can make are staggering.

    You can choose to have Japanese voice-overs, should you desire.

    Negatives include dated sprites. While the game is displayed on my 1080p television, the sprites (not the backgrounds or cut scenes) are a little pixelated, which I would like to have been a little more sharp. But this is a minor quibble.

    If this is your first outing in the SRPG world, it is strongly encouraged to get the strategy guide or find a good wiki as you will need a leg up in sorting things out. They've crammed everything including the kitchen sink into this game.

    If you want to try the cheaper Greatest Hits version of Disgaea, no one would fault you, conversely, the PSP version is highly lauded as well. The latest iteration is averaging a low to mid 80/100 scores from most sites, taking points off for the mild graphical upgrades, but cheering the deep replayability of the game....more info
  • Intelligently Designed
    This game takes a lot of the boring grinding out and replaces it with new, fun concepts. Academy world is a blast, as is the new dark world and Land of Carnage. The classroom system and clubs make leveling up weaker characters a snap and helps prevent the age old "only one powerful character" problem by allowing you to level up a team of five+ at a similar pace. The dialog is somewhere between the quality of Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 2, which is a good thing. Overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd rate this game as "awesome."...more info
  • My favorite "Disgaea" yet...
    I could not disagree with the three star review more: the current iteration of "Disgaea" is, IMHO, the best strategy game ever made, overtopping both of the original offerings in this series.

    Why, though? What makes this offering stand out from its counterparts? It's simple, really: it's precisely the bizarre storyline of the main quest. Lots of people heaped praise on the storyline of the original "Disgaea". I wasn't one of them. I personally thought that, while the story had its moments, in the end, it was pretty blah (particularly considering the cast of wonderful characters appearing). The storyline for the 2nd "Disgaea" was less entertaining than the first (mostly because the cast of characters wasn't interesting in the least, until the post-game madness started). Yet, I loved the first two games, precisely because of what happened AFTER the game. The number of extras in the first game was impressive, and the extras in the 2nd game were absolutely stagerring.

    But finally, I really enjoy the storyline. I won't spoil it, but it is incredibly strange, and wholly entertaining. Rather, I'll break my review into the typical pro and cons sections:

    1) Storyline - It's funny. It's well-written. What more could you ask for.
    2) Music - At times, it's positively incredible. The music playing in the background while in the academy (i.e. while not battling) ranks among my favorite video game themes of all time, and the main theme is good as well. The battle themes are less impressive, but this is actually nice, if one attempts to beat the game with skill as opposed to level-grinding (I would rather focus my concentration on the battle at hand).
    3) Voice-acting - I enjoy it immensely. It works very well for the story present (although the Japanese voices annoy me).
    4) Extras - I'm not talking about in-game extras (of which there are so many, I cannot even begin to describe them). I'm talking about the soundtrack CD accompanying the product. I love music CDs, when they're free.
    5) Price - Most Sony PS3 games are sixty bucks, and most PS3 games stink. It's nice to get a fifty dollar offering that is enjoyable.
    6) In-game extras - You could easily play this game for 150 hours. There is so much craziness to end the game, it's not even funny.


    1) Graphics - Yes, I know. It's not really important to the main offering. But come on. Most of the time in the game is spent either in battles, or in the school. There's really not much to illustrate here. Why not go the extra mile and make some interesting NEW character designs? I mean, these are the EXACT SAME monsters we saw in the original "Disgaea".

    That's about it. Really.

    This game, however, will not appeal to anyone. Action gamers, stay away. There's nothing wrong with that, and the comment isn't meant as an insult. Some people don't like the slow pacing of strategy games, or the level grinding madness that ends each "Disgaea" game. Strategy gamers, come one, come all. Let's face it, we haven't gotten many strong offerings recently (I deplore the DS "FFTA" game, and the Wii's "Fire Emblem" was a pretty frail offering as well). "Disgaea" fans - well, I don't even have to tell you, do I?

    Good stuff....more info
  • Underappreciated Game
    Bought this game a few days ago. So far it has been a great experience. Good strategy, game play, storyline, etc. Haven't been able to put it down. Highly recommend this game....more info
  • Ok game, not as good as 1 and 2 in series
    I was very excited about this game having been a fan of the first two in series. As much as I would love to give this game 5 stars I can't honestly do so.

    First the positives. This game is alot of fun for those strategy buffs who love to level up characters to insane levels. There are so many optional things you can do in this game, whether it be during the actual story mode or post completion of main quest. In fact, most of the "meat" of the game actually occurs after you finish the story line for the first time. Also, I do enjoy the story in this Disgaea, more so than the second in the series.

    However, what hurts this game in my opinion is two things. The horrible camera and the graphics. Why release a game on the ps3 if you aren't going to upgrade the graphics. Heck, the enemies look like carbon copies from previous games. Frankly there isn't much difference between all 3 games in series except for the storyline.

    Yes, I still enjoy this game, and for those who love strategy games its a game you should check into. However, if you are new to the series, buy the first or second on ps2. They are cheaper and essentially the same thing as the 3rd...more info
  • Fun Strategy JRPG
    Disgaea 3 overall is a fun game to anyone who is into strategy role playing games. The game play is pretty deep with quite a bit of micromanaging your characters which can sometimes be a pain. Also with a level cap of 9999 you can get into some pretty tedious level grinding. The graphics are sprite based which may seem odd on a PS3 but it goes well with Disgaea 3 and it doesn't detract from playing the game, so to those looking for bleeding edge graphics may just want to pass.
    The voice acting is very well done, and the english voice actors have really convincing voices that fit with the characters in the game. Any fans of anime and such may notice some of the voices are familiar to them, I recognized a couple unfortunately I can't recall from what show though. You also get the option to switch to original Japanese language for a more authentic feel, but the to me the english voice acting was more entertaining.
    ...more info
  • Disgaea 3 is good.
    Disgaea 3 takes all of the mechanics from previous Disgaea games and perfects them. It is by far the most well thought out and most fun to play of the whole series. The combat is extremely deep and challenging, and the characters are interesting and fun to watch.

    Disgaea 3 takes everything learned in making Disgaea 1 and 2 and uses that knowledge to create the best game in the series....more info
  • awesome
    This game is really fun, the story is great, its hilarious, and over all brilliant. But seriously, the graphics could have been updated a little...lazy game developers. ...more info
  • oh how my social life has suffered...
    im sure people looking at the game know what it is. Its a super rpg, with hours, days and years of game play. quirky characters with a fun compelling short story. btw i heart salvatore.

    amazon was great as well, shipping it as scheduled. now go out and get it already : P...more info
  • not at all good.
    this wasnt a very good one.Laharl wasnt even in it.so i dont see a point to it without laharl.Laharl was my favorite character too.too bad.=(...more info
  • The best of SRPG genre.
    This is simply the best SRPG on the market today. If you own a PS3 and love SRPG's (strategy role playing games) then you simply owe it to yourself to buy this product. The downloadable content for the game adds in characters from previous games as well. ...more info
  • For Fans Only?
    Disgaea 3 was the first game in the series I played, and if you've never given the series a look and are hurting for a turn-based and/or strategy/RPG title for the PS3, you might want to give it a look. The story was interesting--some weird inside jokes I didn't get--and the gameplay was fun. While the graphics were fairly dated, they're apparently a small improvement over the previous incarnation in terms of the visual effects and the animated sprites. Yes, I said sprites.

    I'm fond of strategy games and RPGs where you've got a lot of control over character development, and there's more control over what your characters can do in this game than any other I've played. Items and characters can be powered up through "Item" and "Class" worlds, and characters can "reincarnate" as other classes.

    However, a lot of the hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay here are made grinding your characters and items up to ridiculously high levels (9999 is the cap, but it's not at all necessary to reach it to finish the game) through simple random dungeons. The "geo effects" stat modifiers on certain squares helps add tactical depth, but even so some gamers--even RPG players--will be after a more visceral sort of thrill.

    The music is solid. The Japanese voice acting is above-par for a video game; like many RPGs designed largely for a Japanese audience, the English dialogue is almost painful to listen to. Turn the audio to Japanese and the subtitles on to make the hurting stop.

    The developer, Nippon Ishi, made a solid effort but should raise the bar for the next title. It was fun, and I'd probably get the next game, but it's like they don't care if their series is meant for a rabid in-crowd or more accessible....more info
  • It's okay.
    Have you played the first or second "Disgaea" games? Then you'll know what you're getting here -- more of the exact same thing.

    Ludicrous stats? Check.
    Geopanels? Check.
    Dungeon after dungeon after dungeon? Check.

    The plot is that demonboy Mao is attempting to overthrow his father, the Overlord, because the Overlord crushed Mao's SlayStation(R)Portable and his four million hour save game. The problem is that Mao's voice actor is shrill and obnoxious, leaving me to stream internet radio in lieu of listening to anyone speaking. Indeed, this may be the worst batch of voice acting for a "Disgaea" game yet, excepting the Vato Bros.

    Sorry I'm not being funny in this review. It's just, well, if you like grinding, you'll love this. If you don't, it's going to be a short game....more info
  • Disgaea 3: You're in for a treat.
    This is my first Disgaea game in the franchise. I certainly hope it isn't my last. I've put in about 6 hours into the game, enough to give me an idea of how the game will play. I have to say, it's been fun, great fun.

    It's like playing a saturday morning cartoon, except it has a lot of content kids won't get. The game starts with Mao, who wants to defeat his father the Overlord, because his father ruined his video game system(sound familiar?) that cost him millions of hours worth of data. And so our quest begins. The voice overs sound like something off of Fox Kids saturday morning shows.

    The game offers so many little things to do and manage. I was actually quite intimidated by the options it gave me when I started playing because I was pretty clueless. After some experimenting I'm slowly understanding parts of it. It is an srpg, but it is like no other srpg I've ever played. The levels are usually small and offer some traps, and puzzles as you traverse the area. I have a feeling this game is going to offer me a lot of great hours. There's so much to upgrade and different things to do.

    I'm sure by now everyone knows this game has the look of a ps2 game. And honestly it does. But it's been such a good time, it doesn't bother me one bit. I love it. Rent it, buy it..I don't care. just play it...more info
  • Dood.
    When a game advertises they have a Penguin (Prinny) that explodes when you throw them, you better take it seriously. Disgaea so far has been the best strategy RPG series with more levels, characters, weapons, moves than any other game.
    My first SRPG was Final Fantasy Tactics and the sequels dissapointed me to no end, no other game had the fun of that game till Disgaea.

    Disgaea 3 offers what the first two give and tons more, you still have the story mode and Item World (a game in itself seriously) "hero" units, demon units, monster units who you can name and pair up. Though now you're in a school of demons, a school of chaos, innuendos, sarcasm, explosions, lazy teachers and students sure to fail and be happy about it.

    Now when you create a character their chance of team attack will be based off where they're seated in the class with another character.

    There's more "hero" units in this game than the other Disgaea games with their own unique look on the netherworld (Hell) more demon units and monster units to make even bigger teams, more insane attacks, and even more damage. (the game has characters doing over 9 million damage!

    Now you can merge special moves instead of just team attacks, buy moves with mana and special buffs to help your character. You can lift your entire team to make them toss fireballs at a enemy, or use "Tower Swing" to fling them around the level while your characters act like a giant whip. Another interesting combat addon is Magichange, where you temporary turn a monster unit into a weapon to give your character boosted stats and new moves only when they're "fused".

    Rant rant rant, it's a great game with only one real flaw, the sprites are not in HD and it's on PS3, some of the sprites have been ported from Disgaea 2. But they did make more frames of animation for the classes they did "port" but there's also a lot more classes and characters and some redone all together. And honestly it's not about the graphics in this game, it still looks awesome but might have been more at home on PS2/PSP.

    The game is easily over 150 hours, you could spend 250 I'm sure it depends on if you're willing to level your characters up to 9,999Lvl. Which could take a while since you can reincarnate characters to 1Lvl to buff their stats with benefits. To add to the game length you can jump into an item and go through levels inside. That may sound weird but it's what you do, you can go inside of a sword, stick of gum, axe and there's levels inside where when you beat them, the item will get better/stronger.

    Seriously you like turn based RPGs this one is amazing....more info
  • better than the first 2
    adds more features making it more complex and story line is more enjoyable like the first one....more info
  • Camera is really painful
    I traded in after playing only a few levels. I guess if you are dedicated, you can get used to camera. It gets really painful to see where you are on some of the more complex boards.

    however, I really liked the concept. Its sorta like playing chess. I just wish they had made camera more accessible....more info


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