The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us

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Cure for cancer? End to world hunger? What's left to do after the publication of Felice Newman's definitive guide to lesbian sex? Drawing on a wide range of published sources as well as her own notoriously graphic questionnaire circulated by e-mail--stunning mild-mannered office workers as it reeled across their computer screens--Newman has compiled an exhaustively thorough how-to guide for practices as exotic as play piercings and as pedestrian as oral sex. Along the way, she offers a primer in sexual politics and lesbian manners at the turn of the century. The S/M hanky code is laid out once and for all. There is even a (brief, happily brief) section on celibacy.

Highlights include descriptions of sex writer Tristan Taormino's private consultation with Betty Dodson, the author of Sex for One described as "the mother of masturbation": "I was so excited about this adventure that I nearly peed in my pants," recalled Taormino, "I was going to touch myself for Dr. Betty Dodson!" (In the end, Newman reports, "Tristan earned an A+ in pelvic thrusting, but got a big 'needs improvement' in the breathing department.") Although it sometimes skimps on the details, especially with regard to women's health, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is so rich, inclusive, and authoritative that it invites challenge. Now inventive lovers can ask each other: "Is it in Whole Lesbian?" --Regina Marler

Witty and personal, this is the first post-sex wars sex guide for lesbians, offering information and support for all lesbian lifestyles. It speaks to lesbian and bisexual readers of diverse experiences - young and old, partnered and single, trans- and traditionally gendered, sexually experienced and naive. The Whole Lesbian Sex Book offers basic information, techniques, advice, support, and playful discourse on the subject of lesbian sex, including: where to find partners, G-spot stimulation, oral sex, vaginal fisting, dildos for fun and fashion, dynamics of butch/femme sex, anal sex, the pleasures of lube and latex, where to cop the best cybersex, and leather, piercings, tattoos, high heels, and other fetishes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lesbian Sex Book
    Great book. Very informative, altho I'd say it is geared more towards women who are inexperienced, new to Lesbianism or are not too familiar with the female body. Wouldn't be on my top 5 to recommend if you're past all the basics and looking for something new or deeper....more info
  • Finally! an up-to-date sex book for all lesbians
    I'm so happy to have found a book that includes so many of us, not just the androgynous vanilla lesbians, (who have books already) but those of us who are butch/femme or into power-play, or curious and questioning about these things. Talk about straight-forward answers and real-life feedback from real women-this author has so much to offer, but she lets a lot of the info come from the women who responded to her survey. It gives me the sense that lesbians and bi women from all over are exploring and enjoying their sexuality more than ever. Very Inspiring....more info
  • Overall Great but some disappointments
    The tone of this book is a assuring and friendly while also being authoritarian on matters of anatomy and sexuality. The illustrations are very poorly drawn and this is a great disappointment because many women (and men) do not have the education and experience the book is really assuming on several levels and clear, correct illustrations could be helpful for them. Also the book isn't really about lesbians, its a women and women's bodies. Regardless of your sexual orientation and your sex or gender, I think you can learn a lot from this book. Your experiences may not be the same and that is ok, keep remembering that as you read and you'll get a lot from it....more info
  • A Tome of VERY Useful Information!
    This book is a tome of useful information. It contains not only the basics and standby's, but also a lot of creative ideas that will turn you from novice to sexpert with just a little practice.

    I recommend this book not only for lesbian and bi-women, but also for men who like women, because the best place to get sex advice is from the people who know the parts the best. (Likewise I tell all my straight girl friends that if they really want to find out how to make their men scream with delight - they should read "The Joy of Gay Sex".)

    Girls, if you are not that familiar with your parts or your partner's particularities, this book will open a lot of creative doors for you. Guys, if you are looking for tips on how to please those parts you normally only get to learn about *while* you are actually "borrowing" them, this is the book for you!...more info

  • This book is sooo [physical] and helpful
    ...If you need help coming out of the closet or want help meeting other women, this is the book for you. Hope many of you can use this book the way i did. ......more info
  • Answers
    This book is wonderful and informative. Especially if you haven't had much experience and are young. It answers questions that either women are too bashful to ask or have never thought about. Felice Newman breaks sex up into several catagories making you go absolutly wow and I hadn't thought of doing that before. She also answers a lot of questions that young lesbians need to know. Even if you are dating or even in a long term relationship you need to give this book a peek. It has some great insight....more info
  • Very Informative
    I enjoyed reading this book very much. I'm not a lesbian. I bought the book to learn more about female sexuality. I did. It's well written and very enjoyable to read. I found the additional resources in the book very helpful. I also gained a better understanding of gender, sexuality, and sex roles....more info
  • A must have for Womyn
    My partner and I were among the 250 Contributors to this book so I might be a bit biased! It's informative and educational, we can all learn from each other on the art of loving womyn....more info
  • was looking for more hot sex
    This book has seen it's share of hype lately so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and read it. If you want a book loaded with lesbian safe sex then this is the one to get, however keep an open mind about this for everything the author states as facts is not necessarily true. Safe sex is important but a lot of the information about stds is unfounded and already obsolete. I was hoping to find more hot and dirty sex tips and such, this book was rather bland and offered up a selection of commonplace and intuitive practices. This is a good selection for the neophyte who is paranoid about lesbian safe sex but I would look elsewhere for some truly informative literature....more info
  • Womanly Pleasure
    If you want to be more open with your partner about sex, this book will help. Men will also find plenty here to help them pleasure a woman.
    ...more info
  • (probably) useful for the hetero male
    Us heterosexual males are a lot like lesbians in that they are girl crazy. So this book has lots of (probably) useful info--- but in our case we will usually be having sex with heterosexual women.

    At one point, Ms Newman states that a lesbian's "experience of the feminine bears little resemblance to that of a heterosexual woman." If this book is accurate (and it feels accurate), lesbians have sex for the same reason men do--- because it is one of life's basic pleasures. But for heterosexuals, sex is mixed up with all sorts of gender-politics issues which are (understandably) given minimal attention in this book. In our society and most others, hetero women think of sex primarily as something the man does to you, and not as something you yourself are actively doing---- and you're not supposed to let him do it to you merely because you enjoy it. You're supposed to save it as a reward for good behavior on his part.

    But, in any case, there are many great ideas for making all forms of sex more enjoyable and more emotionally rewarding, regardless of the genders or sexual politics of the parties involved.

    It would be great if a companion volume for heterosexuals could come out someday....more info

  • The Title doesn't Lie!!!
    As a fellow professional woman and a Lesbian for as long as I can remember. Felice has compilied the most up-to-date guide to lesbian sexuality and sensuality, that I have come across. All of the topics she explores are culturally relevent and more importantly includes information on possible health risks to us that are often ignored within the community. All aspects of lesbian expression are described in great detail, any lesbians that are not in larger cities with active, easily accessible communities, would benefit from the reading her book....more info
  • For beginers
    This book is quiet good if you just coming out and want to know some basic knowledge...ok, in the other hand, the page weeb's informatiʫn is very useful to explore some una lastima que en latinoamerica este tipo de libros son raros y escazos...sin embargo para las interesadas, que no tengan mucha experiencia sobre el tema, es un manual informativo interesante y esta escrito de una manera amena e informal.......more info
  • Anoint me Mocha Angel...
    I found this literary work to be highly important for all women. Ms. Newman has accomplished a great deal and has covered the various components of the lesbian experience....more info
  • Great on the Basics
    I read the 2005 German edition of the 1999 US book. It is on the basics of lesbian sexuality and beyond. There are other books recommended for saving the bored done-it-all inner city sexpert from lesbian bed death. But let's face it: Most of us aren't that lucky. It depends on what book you are seeking. It is not the book's fault that a few already know most of its content. This book is also for those who lack imagination, knowledge and/or experience in lesbian sexuality. Meaning, you don't have to be a lesbian to find this book informative. Which can't really be said about many heterosexual sex books vice versa. In fact, one or the other information, many gay men should be aware of, as the author isn't squeamish about anal sexuality.

    You will find not only virtually everything from masturbation to sex parties, but also on safer sex. Especially this section is important for heterosexuals as well, as most of the latter hardly engage in it, when it comes to oral sex on females. Lately, I went into a classic straight sex shop to buy some dental dams and the sales person didn't even know what I was talking about, even though they offered them in some corner. This expensive, that I am glad that this book gives instructions to the public on how to make them yourself from cheaper and more readily available items. Again, recommendable information for everybody else in the anilingus version.

    I find it noteworthy that this book takes the pressure off political correctness, when it comes to sexual fantasies. And yes, there's a difference, when this lesbian sexpert does it or some creepy sexual release magazine.

    Be aware that the traditional hanky code has many variations. The meanings to the colors provided here are mostly shared. However, some may lead to misunderstandings. For example, white is decoded here as seeking/being a newbie. I know it rather as: "Leave me alone, today I am here just for the beer." It should also be noted that some colors look very similar in the usually softly lit places, where you find them.

    You may be interested in specialized topics, like Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother's Orgasm Book! (Positively Sexual)....more info
  • wow
    you taught me everything I know. You touched on topics I was scared to ask. things I never knew about. Thank you to the author for being so open and candid. men yes men should read this as well. teach em a few things HA !...more info
  • The whole lesbian sex book
    There were a lot of insights I didn't know. There were many myths that were cleared up with this book. Just knowing the female anatomy is priceless in itself. Understanding your body and getting the most out of your sexuality is the best way to begin to enhance your life....more info
  • Was expecting to more
    Wanting to be the best ""Lover"" I can be, I was expecting to read something that I did not know. Anything new happenning Ladies?? Anyway, I was slightly dissapointed but still a good read with good instructions and has vlaue....more info
  • mmmm, yummy!
    A delicious introduction to figuring out exactly what that rubbery part is and how to get over your senseless groping in the dark and become a sexpert....more info
  • The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for all of Us
    Excellent lesbian sex book that jumps from the usual grade school lesbian sex 101 to this great book of post graduate studies in lesbian sex! Fabulous!
    Extremely informative! Detailed and explicit! Dealt with more intimate and specific issues, in depth information, using candid relaxed comments when discussing some traditionally taboo subjects.
    Using humour and a relaxed writing style to set the tone allowing the average reader time to appreciate how in depth this book had been researched,how extremely tastefully done and presented.
    The knowledge gleaned from these pages is invaluable for all lovers of women.
    It is so detailed and graphic, on so many subjects and therefore may be offensive to some.
    I was very impressed with the extensive research done,as well as the excellent resource section at the end of each chapter with an even more extensive resource section at the end of the book. Extensive resources for web sites, book stores, Bibliography, Index and so much more.
    This extensiveness of this resouce section will also serve those lesbian women who have no other access to lesbian books except through these resource and source section.
    Woman need this book, its information resources to gain extra knowledge for our own self knowledge yet we also benefit greatly with the delightful new knowledge of the joy in giving extra pleasure to women lovers.
    This book is even available in Canadian book stores! A bonus for this Canadian!
    A well researched and informative book! The author continues to seek readers feedback by continuing to include her questionaire in this issue.
    It was the response from over 300 international women who responded thus providing the needed information for this first book. The same questionaire is included here and the author wishes readers to continue to send in their responses. Let's hope for Book II as well as hope the author continues her research and her unrestrained writing so we continue to benefit, grow and enjoy.
    PS: Although written with lesbians in mind I'm sure men could also benefit by reading this book if they truly desire to please their woman...more info
  • Complete, Informative and Open-minded Guide for All
    This is a must have for any lesbian. I know a few guys who could benefit from it too.

    This book informs you, opens your mind to new ideas and places you might not have thought of before. I immediately wanted to grab my girlfriend and experiment.

    It's not just a few hundred pages of stuff you've already heard before... and it's not just a dictionary either. Newman discusses issues around different sexual experiences and play. She gives tips and wisdom from experience.

    She covers it all in a easy to read, informative, and very interesting way with an appeal to women who are just fantasizing about being with another woman, to those who have been with their partner for years.

    Great buy!...more info

  • Are you serious?
    I respect authors who write intelligently about lesbian issues. However, this book was not bought for this reason. If your looking for a book about female *health* issues then this book is for you. If you have absolutely no *common sense* about common & unususal female to female activities, then this book is for you. If you need drawings and diagrams about the female anatomy (that you already have)then this book could be for you. If you need a drawing that shows you what a strap on LOOKS like or how to put on a latex glove..then this book is for you. But for the rest of us who have *been there-done that* and would like to find a book on something new, exciting and passionate..STAY AWAY, this book is not worth it....more info
  • Finally an answer
    I have been denying my sexuality for a long time. Finally I can come out. The advice in this book is great. Thank goodness for honesty....more info
  • Helpful and Informative
    I found this book to be informative, helpful, and fun to read. It reminds us out there that men are not the only ones who can pleasure a woman well. The topics range from oral stimulation to water sports to STDs. If you're looking for something to not necessarily teach you how, but to remind you how to love a woman, go buy it....more info
  • Keep it beside the bed
    This isn't that bad of a book to have lying around especially if you run into a lover who isn't very creative, this has a couple good ideas to help you with your little problem......more info