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Mana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers. It's for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash.

  • Mana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers. It's for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash.
  • 50mL of Mana Energy Potion

Customer Reviews:

  • Weaponized Caffeine: a warning
    I bought this as a joke, and because I knew I was going to need some caffeine in my system over the weekend. I've downed Bawls of every flavor without issue, and generally don't really get buzzed by caffeine.

    But this stuff... this stuff is unique. First of all, while the bottle is pretty, it is the nastiest, most disgusting taste I have ever had the misfortune to let near my mouth. I instantly regretted the cough syrup like drink. Thick, dank, and putrid it slid down my throat and settled in my stomach like a stone lump.

    And there it sat, oozing and slithering, until it finally hit my system.

    I felt like I had gone from zero to sixty in less than a second. No, there was no gradual build up of energy, there was nothing, and then there was everything! I was twitching, insane almost, desperate to do anything and everything at once. Raid MC, knit a pair of socks, learn three foreign languages at the same time, watch all of Firefly, chat with friends, write a letter to dear grandmama, study calculus, program my own dungeon, and then I crashed.

    It was like hitting a brick wall while rolling down a hill in a garbage can. There was too much energy, and then none at all. Uncontrolled explosions in my system followed by an oxygen vent to finally put them out, and the crew dying a fast and miserable death.

    If you think the concept of the Mana potion is cool, then buy one. It is pretty, and it is a cool thing to look at. But be warned, this stuff is the closest thing to weaponized caffeine I have ever experienced in my life. From now on I'm sticking to Bawls, and staying away from little bottles that all but scream 'drink me'....more info
  • I want my money back, this thing is pathetic.
    I realize now that 50 ml is TINY, and that I admit was my fault for not realizing. So, for anyone else out there who doesn't realize that this thing is only about 2 inches tall and ridiculously small, I hope my review can save you from the disappointment I felt when I opened this. ALSO, it is terrible quality. It looks nothing like the picture. I bought this as a cool present to give my brother, who is an avid WOW player, and I am too embarrassed to give it to him now. The cap is a cheap, clunky-looking BLACK cap, not blue as pictured, that is about a third of the length of the bottle. The cool emblem on the front is only printed on a plastic wrapper that rips off if you actually open the bottle, leaving you with a plain, ugly plastic bottle if you actually want to drink it. Not to mention that the plastic wrapper is badly wrinkled and full of bubbles, so it looks nothing like the cool look of the picture. This is just a cheap, sad little thing that is nothing like what the picture leads you to believe it will be. I would try to get my money back if I didn't think it was more trouble than it is worth. This was a total waste of $7.95!!!! I do not recommend buying it! ...more info
  • Not for children--but it works well
    I bought one of these and one of the health potions for fun--was going on a trip to meet up with some friends who would appreciate such items. Here's what we all pretty much agreed on:

    Visual: Small but very attractive packaging. Pretty much exactly what you might think a mana potion would look like in real life. Smaller than expected--but then it more easily explains how your character in World of Warcraft, or 'toon, could carry 40 in one backpack.

    Taste: Also explains why your 'toon refuses to drink another one for several minutes, even if it means dying. Dying is preferable as long as you still have the aftertaste. Think cough syrup, only without the benefit of alcohol or drugs. Very glad it came in 50ml bottles--one good sized swig and it's gone. After a short period of time, however, one starts to think it wasn't that bad. An appropriate support group could probably help with that mild problem.

    Effects: Works as advertised. Taken at approximately 17 hours of wakefullness after less than 5 hours of sleep the night prior, allowed me to stay awake for an additional 5 hours while still being able to focus and perform. Able to fall asleep when desired. Awoke the next morning feeling fine with no adverse effects.

    Active ingredients: Per their website, contains 25 calories per serving, includes Vitamin C (10% RDA), B1 (80% RDA), B3 (130% RDA), B5 (80% RDA), B6 (1600% RDA), B12 (6667% RDA--no, not a typo) as well as caffeine and enzymes. Caffeine content roughly equivalent to two Red Bulls or four cups of coffee.

    Bottom line: Works well, but I would not recommend for children based upon the caffeine and very large dose of B12.
    ...more info
  • over priced
    I bought this Mana for my daughter at Frys for only 3.50, why it is so much more here I have no clue (7.75). While I bought it more for the looks, I hope she doesn't drink it. From the other reviews it seems I would have a 12 yr old bouncing off the walls. I wish the company would have labeled this specifically as an energy drink, I thought it was a candy drink or like a sugar water...I am glad I read the other reviews before giving it to her. It is a nice concept however for avid game players...again the price on here is outrageous when other places have it for half......more info
  • Takes a while to get going
    Took me a while to feel it but once I did it worked pretty well without giving me a constant high from it...tastes a little bitter but it doesnt last too long. All in all, a fun little drink for some long lasting engery hehe

    But on that note this is also not for 12 year olds, with the amount of everything thats in them easily read on the lable to identify what the product is, Hot Topic was right to only sell this to 18 and over....more info
  • wonderful packaging, horrible taste, worse aftertaste that stays for days
    Got one of these as a gift. Avid World of Warcraft and Diablo player, I thought it was a nifty concept. The packaging is spot on. The color of the contents is perfect....and the consistency is almost dead on, too...maybe a little thicker would have been nice.

    On the other hand, the's over a day ago that I drank the darned thing and I STILL taste it. Argh! Bad bad bad! Drink one if you're a masochist just so you say you did, but you're better off looking at it and drinking something that tastes better....and I'm including tree toad urine in that category. Yes, we have a contender for bad taste of the millennium here. It's so bad that it brought tears to my eyes....not tart tears but tears as in "good god, what did I just drink?"

    summation: keep it as a shelf nick knack or drain it and put something else in the bottle....more info
  • Mana? Who Needs it? YOU DO, NOOB!
    As an avid World of Warcraft player and high priest of a Cthulhu cult I can tell you that Mana is one of the most important things in life. Mana IS real, and REAL MEN really DO need it! Although I'm sure the jocks in my high school class will beat me up for saying this, caffeine is not just for athletes. I know that when I get in what society so narrowly considers "Good Shape" (i.e.: for me a sprightly 600 lbs soaking wet) that the ladies will be all up on me like that big douche bag Chad Nargy who is captain of the soccer team, but I will be ignoring their advances and be drinking my Mana potions for the good of my beloved Guild (Hello to "Elune's Sex Toys" on the Dragonmaw server!!!! I told you I would use my real name, Steiner! You owe me 200 gold pieces and I WILL COLLECT by homeroom tomorrow, or someone is going to going to get MurlockGurgle.mp3 played over every order they give out on vent during their next ten raids! LOL! ROTFLM!!!! OMG! WUT YOU GONNA DO NOW STEINER?!!)

    For those of you that think this drink is a joke let me warn you that I have PVP'ed on this drink and I can tell you that I threw down some serious whoopins on noobs who obviously were drinking that p****-a** Mountian Dew. Do you really think that Mountain Dew is going to protect you from my Druids dire bear form? How can it? I'm practically uncritable!!!! It doesn't have the caffeine necessary to enhance the pump your n*ds enough to compete with mine! You are a jerk and a loser for thinking otherwise. And who are you going to complain to? When Lord Cthulhu has risen from his dark sleep the game masters are going to be too busy lamenting the loss of all human life to read your complaint tickets. The skies will be darkening for the last time all across the globe, but I will be logged on and beating chumps like you down in-game until the final moment when all of reality is swallowed by the evil one.

    And I'll be drinking Mana Energy Potion as I do it!
    ...more info


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