Gloria Jean's Coffees, Tea K-Cup Variety Pack 24 Count Box (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

24 cups total

  • 5 cups Pomegranate
  • 5 cups English breakfast
  • 4 cups Earl Grey
  • 5 cups Serenity Green
  • 5 cups Mango

Customer Reviews:

  • easy to enjoy
    Our daughter has a day spa and she uses these k cups as they are easy to use ...with no mess... the clients enjoy the coffee from the k cups much more than coffee allowed to remain on the hot plate of a conventional coffee brewer.........a fresh cup of coffee each time...more info
  • Good Variety
    I ordered this so I would have some k-cup teas. The description didn't tell what was there but when it arrived I was pleased with the teas. I would have given it a 5 star if there had been some herbal teas included....more info
  • Nice Variety -- too many Green tea cups
    I won't go into a lot of detail on this particular item but I will say that Gloria Jean has some pretty decent teas. Not the best, but not the worst either. In general, it's good tea.

    This variety pack had quite a few green-teas, and I typically only enjoy green tea when it's a "good" green tea....more info
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees & Teas
    Gloria Jean's Mango tea is one of the best I've had. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes fruit flavored teas. It's refreshing and not too strong. The coffee is also one of the best brands (in my opinion) you can use in your Keurig....more info
  • Earl Grey and Mango good. Rest is barely OK
    I really hoped that this assortment of tea would be "The One". But unfortunately it is not.
    The Earl Grey and Mango teas are good,but the rest are barely OK.
    The Green Serene Tea does not meet my expectations of a green tea. (Bitter,dusty)
    The "Chai' is much to heavy on the cinnamon and the English Breakfast blend is not much better than the old dusty bag I found behind the computer-monitor last week:Bitter,with a slight aroma and after taste of dust...
    (Still looking for a great Cappuccino and an Espresso good for Latte's...)
    (Bodil) Birdbrain...more info
  • Taster's Choice
    My family and I enjoy the variety and taste that we get from the Gloria Jean Variety Pack of teas: Earl Gray (with Bergamot - YUM), Chai (perfect blend and balance), Serenity Green Tea (not too strong, but a healthy taste, good roasted flavor), and my favorite: English Breakfast Tea (a nice jumpstart in the morning and tastes VERY similar to Starbuck's "AWAKE" tea). Nice variety and great flavors. Caution: I think that all 4 flavor choices in this product contain caffiene (which I love), but others may not. =^..^=...more info
  • My favorite
    This is one of my favorite tea bundle to order, although I never find any liking to the Serenity Green Tea, the smell always throws me off. All the other ones are a great taste....more info
  • Delicious Coffee
    Coffee had a great flavor. It was nice to have an assortment of flavors to try....more info
  • Good tea variety
    This product offers a good variety of teas. The only thing I'd like even more is to have some decaf choices in the package. That would make it perfect....more info
  • Nice variety
    The Gloria Jean variety pack offers a nice selection of flavors to pick from and try out. The coffee is good. Try a package, I think you'll like them if you like flavored coffee, such as Hazle Nut, etc, etc....more info
  • Great Coffee
    Delicious flavors. We love the convience of ordering online. We have not found a Gloria Jean's coffee flavor we didn't like....more info
  • Great Variety, Great Price
    Of the K-Cup products I've purchased, this is the single best when it comes to teas. A great variety in caf/decaf and a wonderful flavor line-up. I usually drink a ton of green tea, however, adding this into my daily mix has provided not just a great alternative to liven things up, but also a variety that lives up to the Gloria Jeans quality.

    In terms of K-Cup teas, this is a must-have....more info


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