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The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 is the first role-playing game in a new series from Square Enix. This game delivers breathtaking visuals only possible on next-generation platforms, a mysterious storyline full of powerful artifacts, and a massive battlefield where you'll be surrounded by countless foes and friends alike.

Join Rush and David as they battle the Conqueror's Army and search for Irina. View larger.

Castanea, the Conqueror, and Roeas lead the enemy's search for the Remnants View larger.

Orders in battle are given in a command-select style. View larger.

Morale plays a role in a unions ability to inflict damage. View larger.
The Story Unfolds
In ancient times mysterious artifacts, referred to as Remnants, were discovered all over the world. People used these objects for their awesome powers -- a choice that eventually caused a rift in the world's balance. A thousands years later, the story of The Last Remnant begins.

Rush Sykes and his sister Irina are children of scientists researching the esoteric Remnants. One day, Irina is kidnapped right before Rush's eyes. Determined to rescue his sister, Rush joins forces with David Nassau, the marquis of a small city-state called Athlum. Together they are determined to pursue the criminals and save Irina from her strange captors.

Meanwhile, the world is thrust into confusion as ruling powers bicker over dividing the Remnants' powers. Soon a mysterious man appears calling himself the Conqueror. His presences escalates tensions as everyone eagerly attempts to answer the question: Into whose hands will the power of the Remnants fall? Before he knows it, Rush becomes wrapped up in this international power struggle and realizes that he is somehow connected to the enigmatic Conqueror.

Allies and Enemies
Before her kidnapping, Rush Sykes lived a peaceful life with his 14-year-old sister, Irina Sykes. Irina is a cheerful, resilient girl who stays upbeat even during the toughest of times. Some mysterious power seems to rest within here, but she herself has no understanding of what it is or what it can do. David Nassau, the 19-year-old who rules over the state of Athlum, spends his days working towards better his homeland. Although he decides to join Rush on his quest to rescue Irina, his motives are his own. Emma Honeywell, the matriarch of the Honeywells clan, Plagus, Blocter, and Torgal round out the allies.

The man known only as the Conqueror and his minions are eager to seize the Remnants throughout the lands. His origin is shrouded in mystery, but it appears that something strange and elusive connects this villain to Rush. Enamored with the Conqueror, Roeas has declared her eternal allegiance to him and acts as the ambassador of the Conqueror's Army. Although beautiful in form and voice, Roeas is sadistic and menacing on the battlefield. Originating from a large-bodied species with pronounced fighting abilities, Castanea is Roeas right-hand-man. He rarely speaks or expresses himself, so it is difficult to decipher his thoughts -- although Roeas seems to understand him easily. In addition, the strongest fighters in the Conqueror's army are referred to as The Seven. The Seven lead their own troops and report to Roeas and Castanea.

Combat Systems: Morale, Battle Unions, and Deadlock
Battles are fought between multiple friendly and enemy unions -- groups of up to five characters who fight together. Players give commands to unions as a whole, who then carry out the actions. Orders in battle are given in a command-select style that is familiar to most role playing gamers. However, The Last Remnant commands are not delivered with standard terms, such as "Item" or "Magic." Instead, players control unions with specialized commands, such as "Slam 'em with status ailments!" or "Do area attacks from afar!" Available commands change depending on the current battle situation or the distance and positions of friendly and hostile unions.

The Last Remnant adds a Morale component to the gameplay. Players can check current morale via the gauge across the top of the screen. The higher the morale, the more damage is dealt and less damage is taken by friendly unions, and vice-versa. When friendly and enemy unions go toe-to-toe and engage in melee combat, they enter a state called Deadlock. Once in Deadlock, the two unions must fight each other until one union has been completely destroyed.

Enemy monsters roam the land where they can be avoided or engaged at will. When battle is initiated, the scene changes to a specialized battle map where friend and foe can fight it out. Horizontal lined icons labeled A, B, C, etc. represent the on-field battle unions. Players choose which hostile union they wish to attack on this screen. The Last Remnant offers a wide variety of commands that focus on dealing damage or executing defensive maneuvers. Knowing which commands are most suitable for each situation is the key to winning battles.

The Last Remnant delivers breathtaking visuals, a mysterious storyline full of powerful artifacts, and a massive battlefield.

  • The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 is the first role-playing game in a new series from Square Enix
  • Breathtaking visuals, a mysterious storyline, and a massive battlefield provide hours of exciting gameplay
  • Battles are fought between multiple friendly and enemy unions -- groups of up to five characters
  • Commands change depending on the current battle situation or the distance and positions of friendly and hostile unions
  • In Deadlock gameplay, the two unions must fight each other until one union has been completely destroyed

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Concept Flawed Beyond Redemption
    It's like Square and Microsoft brainstormed every possible way to ruin a strategy game and still have it be sorta fun.

    Concept: 9/10
    The Last Remnant is turn based strategy game set in a fantasy universe created by the masterminds who created Final Fantasy. You play as a young adult named Rush. Rush's sister has been kidnapped by villains that want to use her innate magical abilities to take over the world.

    You can access areas through a World Map. There are towns where you buy weapons and equipment, or even craft your own. There are also dungeons and battlefields where you fight enemy Squads and Bosses.

    You advance through the game by fighting turn-based Battles.
    You hire Warriors, Mages, and Leaders and form them into several Squads.
    The number of Units in a Squad = the number of attacks that Squad gets per round. (Each Unit attacks per turn.)
    The Squad's HP is the combination of the Units' HP. As long as the HP is above 0, ALL of the Units in that Squad can keep attacking. If the Squad's HP = 0, all of the Units in the Squad die at the same time.
    You can issue commands to the Squads during the battle, like "Charge", "Heal", "Attack with Magic"...
    After the Battle, all of your Units are resurrected and improve based upon what they did during the battle.

    In a Battle, you cannot retreat, and if you lose, you must return to your last Save.

    Sounds Awesome... now here comes an avalanche of flaws that ruin the game.

    Technical Art: 1/10
    Square licensed an old version of Unreal before it had streaming. As a result, there are Load Screens everywhere! The game also is hindered by the most slowdown that I've seen since Aladdin fought Jafar on the SEGA Genesis. Textures and Bump-Maps constantly pop in and out whenever characters or scenes are rendered. It's incredibly distracting and makes your Xbox 360 feel like a PC with a 9 year old graphics card. However, you can avoid most of these bugs, by installing the game on your 360 Hard Drive and playing it from there.

    Gameplay: 2/10
    During Battles, when you give orders to your Squads, you only get a few options per turn. These options seem completely random. There are many times when a Squad is at Full Health and you get an option to Heal them. However, when a Squad is low on HP, sometimes the Heal Option doesn't show up, causing you to lose a battle. There are other times when you fight an enemy and you're thinking, "My Poison Gas Attack is perfect for this." But it doesn't show up in your Command List. Whoever thought of taking the Player's Options away in a Turn Based Battle Game was a good idea, is clearly insane. Too often, you are forced to make bad decisions because the options you want just aren't available when you need them most.

    Even when you do get the commands that you want, sometimes the characters "REASSESS" and ignore your commands and do something different. If your Squad's Leader gets KO'ed with a spell, it's called a BOTCH and the AI takes control of that Squad.
    It feels like the game is doing everything possible to take control away from you in a game where the fun is supposed to come from you commanding your army. As long as the AI is good, this usually isn't too much of a problem...

    AI: 3/10
    At times Allied Squads join you. You cannot give them commands and they act on their own. Sometimes, they attack enemies for 20 points of damage instead of healing one of your Squads, restoring 2000 HP! The AI is so bad, you'd swear that Leroy Jenkins hacked into your 360 through your live account and he's controlling the Allies.

    BOSSES: 2/10
    Because of the AI and Gameplay issues, the Bosses feel incredibly cheap. Also, all of their Health Bars show up as ???. You have no idea how many HP they have. When they are close to death, their Health Bar flashes red, but that's the only hint that you get. Bosses attack hard enough to take out an Entire Squad, or Charm them and make them fight on their side. If you have 3 Squads, and the Boss decides to Charm all 3, you lose! There are times when you don't get the commands that you need to win the battle at the times you need them, causing you to die.

    QUESTS: 4/10
    Most of the Quests are of the dungeon crawl variety. You gain access to a dungeon and fight to an objective with an AI companion. Most of them are ok, and some are horrible. One Quest in particular has you running through a barren desert for 12 minutes, touching posts. The only way to Identify them is to touch them and if you touch the wrong one in the wrong order, you have to start over. It's got all of the excitement of your Gym Coach making you run 3 miles in real time.

    ART: 5/10
    Slowdown aside, the art is very dull. The lighting is very dark throughout the game and colored lighting is pretty non-existent. Everything looks dull and drab, like you're watching the game through a dirty window. The Character Designs are interesting, but lack the Style found in the Final Fantasy series. Another issue arises when your army fights another humanoid army. The characters in the battle look nearly identical, so it is really difficult to tell who is who. When you see a guy swing an axe at an identical guy and a 1000 appears above the injured character, you don't know whether to cheer or panic.

    WRITING: 3/10
    If you're looking for an epic script, look elsewhere. The dialogue in this game is as epic as 2 third graders talking about their lunchables. The lines are delivered like the actors are in a breakfast cereal commercial where the first 5 ingredients are Sugar.
    Rush's Battlecry, "YEAH, Everybody is getting HYPED!" He says stuff like, "Yo Dave, whassup?" "Yeah, No Prob. Whatever..."

    Another annoyance is that the team reversed the Critial Hit Dialogue, so when your characters critical hit the enemy, they say what they would have said if they had gotten critically hit. If you do 5000 damage to an enemy, your character is likely to grumble, "Aww shucks."

    BROMANCE: 0_o /10
    Homophobes beware. The first major NPC that you speak to is an aging bartender at the Tavern. He calls you "Cutey" and hits on you. In all fairness, your character is feminine and he's wearing leather chaps as a fashion statement. Later on, Rush meets Dave, a flamboyant magistrate, and they get along better than any other two characters in the game. In one scene Dave gives Rush a flower and they gaze into each other's eyes. Normally, Rush replies with a nonchalant "whatever" to the other NPC's but if Dave says something, Rush says, "Aww, I can't say no to you." If the enemy surrounds you, they can attack with a "REAR ASSAULT" and Rush says, "They caught us with our pants down!" So, after a while, the game starts to feel like Brokeback Kingdom.

    ECONOMY: 1/10
    Rush is the only character that you can equip, and it seems like once you buy a decent sword, there's no reason to get another one until Disk 2. The game has a crafting system, where you can make things for Rush, but the parts are so rare, it's not even worth searching for them. Also, 90% of the items that you can create are the same as items that you can buy. Your NPC's equip themselves and manage their own gear. Sometimes, they'll ask you for something in the inventory and you have the right to refuse. But if you refuse, the NPC just becomes less effective.

    The Game is Rated M for Blood, Language, Violence and Suggestive Themes (between males)

    Overall, the game is at least 50 hours long full of Quests and Side Quests. At times, the game is fun and the cutscenes are pretty good. Your Characters do improve after almost every battle, so it does feel rewarding. It's a semi-decent way to kill time in small doses. But, the lack of control that you have over your army is incredibly frustrating and the homosexual undertones as well as the juvenile dialogue can get on your nerves.

    If you're dying for a turn based strategy game for the 360, and don't mind playing it from your hard drive... and all of the stuff I just wrote about doesn't bother you... Buy this game.

    Avoid this game if you hate Slowdown, Bromances, Bad Art, Load Screens, Dull Quests, Awful Dialogue, or if you actually want to control your soldiers in a strategy game.
    Note: There is also a bug that prevents you from getting 200 Achievement Points when you finish the game.

    If the flaws that I mentioned above are just too much, but you still want a strategy game, check out the Fire Emblem series for the Nintendo Systems, the Total War series for the PC, or King's Bounty for the PC.
    ...more info
  • Another Great RPG
    This game has received many poor reviews from professional reviewers for game magazines and websites. Do not listen to these reviews. As most of you RPG gamers know, Americans in general are not hugely fond of RPGs. The same is probably true to these game reviewers.

    The Japanese know that what makes an RPG great is the story, the characters, and the locations you travel to in the game. I do not know of anybody who plays an RPG for the "gameplay" aspect. They play the game to experience the story and the way the characters interact with each other. An RPG is not supposed to be constant action; it is basically a really long interactive movie.

    My guess is that those people that gave this game bad reviews just don't like RPGs very much.

    This game has a great, dramatic storyline, and characters that you will really end up caring about (the true mark of a stellar RPG). The cities you will travel to are many and each one has its own feel to it, from the architecture to the way the inhabitants act. It has a long main story, with lots of side quests to help advance your characters.

    There are a couple of problems with this game. The battle system is a bit hands-off, which makes some battles pretty much play themselves out without much input from you. It also makes some boss battles VERY hard. You don't tell a character exactly what to do; you give them a rough idea of what you want, and then they do what THEY want within those parameters. Meaning that sometimes you will want to heal a particular character, but the game won't give you an option to, or you may want a character to perform a particular attack, and the game won't let you. It is a bit annoying and does make some battles very long and difficult.

    The other problem is the way the game runs. The Xbox 360 is just not a powerful enough system to play this game very well. I am a relatively patient person, and even I think that some of the load screens last ridiculously long (up to 5 minutes in some cases). Also, the game will lag pretty often. As a bonus, however, I noticed that once I started playing on Disc 2, the game ran much smoother and none of the load screens lasted longer than about 15-20 seconds.

    Overall, this is one of my favorite games. Sure, the battle system is a bit annoying, and the game doesn't run as smoothly as it could, but these are minor inconveniences. The grand story and the great characters are definitely worth it.

    Also, this game is going to be released later on the PS3, and all of the problems with how the game runs should be smoothed out on this version. Screenshots I have seen from the PS3 version also show a few new features not on the 360 version, like an expanded menu list. It seems that the 360 version was supposed to diagnose the problems with the game, and that the intended version of the game will be on the PS3. Having both systems, I am willing to spend an extra $60 for the PS3 version, even though I already own the 360 one.

    This game is not as good as, say, Final Fantasy X or XII (my two favorite games of all time), but it does make the long wait for Final Fantasy XIII not as bad. If you love RPGs, pick this game up....more info
  • rpg
    it seen this game has a potencial of rpg formula
    not as the first installment infinity discovery
    the game is a kind different from regular rpg games
    but with a bit of pay atention and get used to it
    to the new formula strategies commands can be a entertanied game

    the command attack for player are by choicing the right attack so
    a good option pick decide you win or lost. not manual control of caractres
    at battles. only by teams atack called unions.

    a very good game not as good as FFXII ,but the waste of time looking around for places or stores are gone in this game . since with a single botton on the map you can go right away to the next target place or place of choice. very easy to navigate. I like it and this will keep me entertanied until FFXIII come up next year. I recomended for those good rpg player .
    ...more info
  • Casual Gamer's Perspective on Last Remnant
    I am a casual gamer and lover of the RPG genre who feels the genre has lost some of its old charm. This game appealed to me initially because it seemed to be a relatively good-looking game and it seemed to be a tactical RPG (and having never played such a game I was curious). I have played through most of Disc 1 making a point of avoiding the main plot in order to do all the sidequests.

    First, the positive:
    + having full control over the camera angle while walking around
    + being able to save anywhere just by accessing the menu
    + very accessible (easy to use menus, etc.)
    + being able to branch off into sidequests
    + being able to avoid enemy encounters (some friends of mine really hate random enemy encounters ... there are none in this game!)
    + no need to heal after every battle (this may be a negative depending on your preferences)
    + semi-decent world map (all the newer RPGs I've played suffer from simplified world maps and this is no exception but it's far better, for instance, than the FFX/X-2 airship-based world maps which you hardly ever use in any meaningful way)

    Then, the negative:
    - the protagonist is a bit of a selfish brat
    - no one puts the protagonist in his place for some reason
    - in battles, the camera flies around in a circle very rapidly for no reason and occasionally jerks upward when an enemy is defeated (I've gotten used to this and it doesn't bother me now but your mileage may vary)
    - there are arbitrary rules on how many "leaders" and regular units you can have in your party (the rules are relaxed as the plot progresses)
    - there is not a lot of variety in the monster designs and most of them get recycled over and over again
    - most of the monsters are not visually impressive with the exception of some of the dragons (compare to any FF game where most of the monsters are virtually works of art)
    - there are lots of problems with the mechanics of the battles (nothing major but enough to be annoying)
    - the graphics are really good but textures often take way too long to load (if you play off the disc and not a harddrive)
    - initiating a sidequest often yanks you away right into a dungeon with no warning (no big deal but makes it feel more artificial)
    - the story feels immature and uninteresting (so far)
    - there are not a lot of NPCs with dialogue in towns
    - the dialogue is very minimal and there is no mystery in finding the right people to talk to because anyone with something important to say has a red bubble over their head and anyone else has a blue bubble or no bubble at all (they have nothing to say) which is sort of lacking in that old school mystery and charm if you ask me
    - there are no job classes and anyone you recruit can learn anything based on what you tell them (in my experience the Mitra (humans) seem the best overall in terms of stats, the Yama (brawny fish) next best, then the Qsiti (intellectual frogs) who are only occasionally useful sadly); if you don't like magic or specialization or unique skills and favor pure tactical realism, maybe this is not so bad
    - the non-leader party members lack individuality (everyone has one unique "joke stat" as far as I can tell but it's a lame attempt at creating individuality as far as I'm concerned ... e.g. "Gustation")
    - you are limited in how many leaders you can use (right now I can only use 5 of 12) and MUST use the non-leader grunts
    - Combat Arts are neat but Mystic Arts and Item Arts are boring and I get them confused sometimes because they often do the same thing (e.g. heal)
    - Combat Arts in the higher levels are just the same animations recycled (e.g. Nimble Smash IV is just Smash) and I can't even keep track of who knows what because all of the Arts are so generic
    - underwhelming maps: there is nothing wrong with them, per se, but besides really nice textures and tile floors the overall town and dungeon design is not all that creative or memorable
    - the mini-map features and blowup map are really convenient except for bigger maps which require you to scroll (there is a big desert where this is a bit annoying)
    - the towns all have the same stock stores and throne rooms (this is a common RPG flaw)

    In summary, if you love plot and characters and magic and aesthetics and don't really care about mechanics or tactics one way or the other, you may be better off with Lost Odyssey. If you love tactics and combat and don't really care about story or characters one way or the other, then you may enjoy this game but still notice some of the minor mechanics issues that are listed above. In terms of general adventure, this game does OK. I'm not thrilled with it yet, but then again I'm still on Disc 1 and I take a while to warm up to games. However, I do enjoy the occasional sidequest (there are some funny NPCs along the way) and have been able to branch out a lot from my main objective.

    If you like other tactical RPGs, you'll have to be the judge for yourself because this is the first tactical RPG I have played so far. If you are less casual and more hardcore, my hardcore gamer friend who hates traditional JRPGs and loved FFX-2 recommends the Valkyrie Profile series and the Persona series as an alternative. If you're casual and loved FF2 and FF3 and FFX like me, then Lost Odyssey (not to be confused with Last Remnant) is a good bet or FFX (if you have a PS2 and haven't played it)....more info
  • Awesome game
    Great game. Square Enix has done it again. One of the best RPGs I've played in a long time....more info
  • One of the worst games ever
    Square Enix should be ashamed to have their name on this game. It looks like a PlayStation 2 game with poor production quality. Even with the terrible graphics, the game manages to run into framerate problems. The battle system is absolutely horrible. ...more info
  • The real review
    Ok people i have read alot of these reviews but let me tell you how this game really is. Let me first start off by saying if you don't have a hard drive dont get it. I repeat if you don't have a hard drive or enough space to download it to your hard don't get it because this game is the most choppiest game ever in this era of games but if you can download it to your hard get this game you will not be upset trust me. This game is insanely hard it might not seem that way at first but some creatures you run are not a joke. But overall this games depends on if you can install it on your hard drive or not....more info
  • Faults aside, a solid 8/10
    Okay... first of all, I read reviews before purchasing this game. BUT, I'm a huge RPG buff, so the positive I had read/seen about it outweighed the negative.

    I've only had the game for about a week and a half, but I've played it quite a bit. YES, it does have some technical issues. It graphically lags a bit when super fancy-schmancy effects are processed. So they used the Unreal engine and hadn't perfected said use... big deal. AS LONG AS YOU INSTALL IT ONTO YOUR HARD DRIVE, none of the load screens or technical issues really become that big of a deal.

    All that aside, the voice acting is pretty freakin awesome if you ask me. The rest of it plays much like any of the more recent Final Fantasy series, but it feels a little different. Most notable are the combat system (A combination of old-school turn-based and a tactics-type system, with a hint of nutmeg), the item customization system (It's pretty ridiculous... in a good way), and the treasure digging system! Heck yes, it's almost like a little mini-game-type nugget that you pick up early on and take with you throughout areas that you explore.

    The only problem I've had so far was that my party seemed SO INCREDIBLY WEAK early on (once you reach a point at which Rush ventures off on his own for a bit). It was taking me forever to fight anything or get through areas, and I had to take enemies on in as few numbers as possible. It was later that I realized how to put additional party members into a union. It's MUCH better after that, haha. But that's what I get for not reading the manual.

    Honestly, so far, My only complaint (other than that, ideally, there shouldn't be any problems, really, with graphical lag) is that in the morale system, you get a severe detriment to morale if an enemy engages you before you can initiate combat yourself, BUT, there's ABSOLUTELY no way for you to gain any advantage on an enemy. It's either starting at 50/50, or 75-25 in the enemy's favor. Unless, of course, I just haven't gotten that far yet... But, even so, it should be accessible already. It's fairly difficult to sneak up on an enemy...

    If ya like RPGs, and you especially like them with an extra dose of strategy, then go ahead and snag this one ^_^...more info
  • Great Game
    This game is fun the graphics weren't that great but they were good enough for me game play was fun I would tell anyone who likes R.P.G's to buy this game....more info
  • Damn This Thing Lags
    Yikes! A great game, but horribly marred by huge slowdowns thoughout every battle sequence.

    It feels like SquEnix didn't even try to optimize this game for the 360. I installed this game to the HD right away, but sadly, things didn't get noticably better.

    Wait for the PS3 version... I'd say this is worth $20 tops or a rent to see some mega-slowdown and texture pop in action. This thing plays, looks, and feels rushed, like some bad leaked beta.
    ...more info
  • Get's old quickly
    Oy! I read the reviews and decided to buy this game. I put in 25 hours and got probably a quarter of the way through and got bored. The story seemed good and the graphics are great, but the battle system and growth system don't engage you. I like rpgs for growing my characters. This game takes that away from you. Growing Mr. Diggs, the side character, was more fun. Here are my problems, which made the game slow and boring:
    1) Battles - no control. Concept of unions is cool in order to get a bunch of characters into a fight. It gets old when you can only really select four general commands, which are random. Usually, you end up with the same commands over and over again, which makes it difficult to work up experience in other areas, such as healing, which rarely comes up
    2) Experience - you don't really gain experience, you gain HP separately, AP separately, strength separately, etc. After a while, you have no idea who is growing what.
    3) Speed - I loaded this game on my hard drive and the battle load time is still slow (about 10 seconds). Given that the battles are boring and you do about 50-100 per area, you really start to waste a lot of time for nothing new per battle.
    That's my beef with the game. At the end of the day, you spend 95% of the time battling, as one review put it, and the battling/leveling up system isn't interesting. The game tries to engage you by having you hit buttons at the right time, which to me sounds like the developer's solution to making it more interesting after they realized that they'd spent a ton of money on a game that turned out to be boring in its main aspect....more info
  • A good time waster, but nothing revolutionary
    Last Remnant is not a game worthy of any awards. At times, the game feels like it is almost broken. Combat will lag, characters will disappear only to reappear a few moments later, the game stutters, etc. But, with all this mentioned, the game still is pretty fun. If you can look past all the technical issues this game has, you may be able to find some fun in this game. But, if you aren't a fan of JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Games: i.e. Final Fantasy, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery) stay away. This game is heavily JRPG. Right down to the battle system which is not in real time.

    If you have an xbox elite, install this game to your HD, it will help with some of the issues. ...more info
  • misleading
    I'll start by saying that I generally don't play Japanese RPGs, but I thought I might start with this one, as it seemed to get high reviews on other game reviewing sites. A big mistake. This game seems to have got everything wrong - it can't decide whether it wants to be a strategy game or an rpg, you can't customize your character, no open world(which seems to be becoming a given in rpgs these days), awful weapon variety, bad graphics in general, cliche dialogue and story, bad voice acting, bad gameplay, the list could go on and on.
    I suppose if you really enjoy japanese games, it might be okay, but for a mainstream rpg player it is extremely underwhelming. If you aren't into Japanese Rpgs already, you should probably skip this one. I wish I did.
    Well, I'll wait to see if Final Fantasy XIII redeems this genre for me...I'm hoping it will.
    ...more info
  • Wow, I'm just always waiting...
    To sum up this game, it's hit the green button three times, wait 5 minutes, hit the green button three times, wait 5 minutes, hit the green button, wait 5 minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat. After GTA IV, Fallout 3 and Fable 2, I am just SO bored by this game. I have put 20 hours into it and the story is boring, the battles are boring, and the character custimazation and progression is boring. It is in load screens CONSTANTLY and there is so little world to explore... I think the 8.0/10.0 that some review sites gave this was way to generous... I give it a 3 ... one for each green button push before I can go make another snack. ...more info
  • Where did it go so wrong?
    The price was around $30 when put The Last Remnant up for preorder, and considering my positive experience with most of Squaresoft's (excuse me, now Square Enix) RPGs, I thought that this new IP would be even better, so $30 seemed like a bargain. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would've asked them to keep the game. Alas, it was too late, so I decided to swallow my pride, ignore the mixed professional reviews of the game and give it a shot.

    First, I will say that the battle system does have decent improvements over most of Squeenix's previous titles. Granted, the combat is still turn based, but the formations and placement of the units actually do play a small role in the battle. There are no magic spells or physical attacks that are completely useless like in RPGs (for example: you can poison or paralyze an enemy just as they can do to you.) The spells look pretty cool and there's actually some strategy involved in selecting the list of attacks for your union. Do you risk attacking the enemy and try finishing him off? Or do you eat a turn to heal and let another Union pick up the slack?

    Also, another thing I really like is that you can (usually) pick and choose your battles. No longer do you have to fight a dire wolf every five steps because the AI felt like it (I'm looking at you, Lost Odyssey). If you don't want to fight a monster, you simply dodge it.

    Unfortunately, that's where my praise ends. Now here's the things I didn't like about this game:

    -The story is pretty generic as far as Japanese RPGs go. You play a whiny young brat named Rush with a rather unhealthy attachment to his young sister. Despite his age, he's able to wield a variety of weapons (depending on your equipment) with exceptional skill in his quest to save his sister and rid the world of evil. Upon spending all of one minute meeting the Marquis of Athlum, the conversation goes like this:

    Rush: "Can you help me find my sister?"
    David: "Sure, and I'll tell my four Generals to help you out too."

    This was another thing that annoyed me: Rush's propensity to speak in modern-day anachronisms with a startling naivete that would make any sane person want to punch him in the face the moment he opened his mouth. So it figures that he becomes The Hero of the story. On a related note, the voice acting is atrocious. From David's awful faux-Aussie accent to Pagus sounding like he's still going through puberty, whoever did the directing for the voice actors should've been locked out of the studio.

    -Graphics-wise, you've probably heard the complaints about major slowdowns, 10-second loading screens with every scene change, and the noticeable pop-in textures everywhere. They were right. Did they really need to use the Unreal graphics engine for this game? Seriously, why would ragdoll physics even be necessary in a game where you don't even control how the characters fight? It's not exactly a gamebreaker on its own, but combined with every other negative it becomes more noticeable.

    -The weapon crafting system is a good idea in theory: customize some of your weaponry in order to create weaponry that either you can equip or hand off to other party members. In practice, there's a sword you can pick up halfway through the first disc that makes almost every other sword irrelevant. Yes, Rush is mysteriously capable of using everything from spears to axes, but I haven't felt the need to switch from that one sword yet, and I've gotten halfway through the second disc.

    On a related note: sometimes, your teammates will ask you for items or weaponry to strengthen themselves. However, even if you want to give them a weapon or item you aren't using from your inventory, you can't. You have to wait for the AI to decide it wants what you have. I thought part of RPGs was the ability to manage your characters and their equipment. So much for that.

    -Sidequest monsters: Occasionally, you will get a request from a guild asking you to kill a certain monster in a certain dungeon. Sounds simple enough, right? Except that once you enter the dungeon and slaughter hordes of weak monsters, you realize that the rare sidequest monster doesn't show up. According to GameFAQs, the possibility of these sidequest monsters showing up for you to kill is itself an act of random chance you can't control. The only way to make the monster show up is to keep entering and exiting the same dungeon over and over until he appears. That's not a challenge, that's artificially lengthening the game!

    -Party list attack system: I know, I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here. I really did think the battle system was fresh and I still find it good. However, the one thing that ticks me off about it is the fact that you can't choose your attacks individually, you have to choose from the list that the AI feels like giving you at the start of each turn.

    In conclusion, if you really, really like Squeenix or Japanese RPGs, then chances are you've bought this game already. If you're trying to decide whether you should jump in to the wonderful world of console RPGs, then I would suggest you start with Mass Effect, Persona 4, or even Lost Odyssey (depending on what system you have). All of those titles have a much better plot and gameplay (ok, Lost Odyssey is debatable on that point) than this sloppy, unfinished game....more info
  • JRPG
    Loved. Just. Loved.
    If you don't belive me just read the famitsu's review (I can't explain books and games very well XD)...more info
  • Some shortcomings, overall very good
    As an admittedly picky game player, and having played enough RPGs to know "good" from "bad," I definitely think that the good parts of The Last Remnant outweigh the bad. I will jump right into the parts of this game that I enjoy:

    1. Outside of the battle field, the game has stunning scenery. While there are standard caves and dungeons, there are vast and beautifully detailed outdoor environments that are very refreshing and energizing. Some of environments are very reminiscent of the "Myst" series, which I particularly liked.

    2. Along with the scenery, there are some stand-out tracks on the soundtrack. Namely "Old Traditions, New Methods" and "Rolling Hills, Sprawling Plains." Many tracks have a very eclectic, new age feel. Unfortunately there are some uninspired electric guitar battle themes, but the composers more than make up for it with the better tracks.

    3. There is a geniune sense of free adventure in this game. The story line is set up for you from the beginning, but the majority of the game is spent exploring areas through side quests. Through these sidequests and exploring different maps, you can open up new cities, landscapes and dungeons that have nothing to do with the immediate story at hand. Whatever your mood, you can satisfy yourself in this game. At almost any time during the game, you can choose between free roaming, completing side quests, or progressing with the main story of the game.

    4. No matter where you go, the enemies usually seem to be programmed to fight at your level. Of course, there are difficult boss battles that you must level up your characters to win. However, for the vast majority of the game, there are no sudden huge spikes in difficulty that plague some games (like Star Ocean 3). You are able to save at any time you can open the game menu (99% of the time), and you are fully recovered after every battle. That said, regular encounters are a little more drawn out and less frequent than, say, Final Fantasy XII.

    5. The characters have some depth! While some of the characters' stories leave a bit to be desired, you get to learn a lot about your party members and may even grow attached to them like you did in Final Fantasy X. This helps because you feel involved with their story, and it provides motivation to progress in the game.

    There are few bad things that I can say about this game. The load times can be a little distracting. However, they tried to make it helpful by including game tips on the load screen. Additionally, there are some frame rate issues during battles because there is A LOT going on (by the end of the game, you can control up to 25 characters divided into 5 parties that fight at once on the battle field). However, I quickly got over that and don't even notice it anymore.

    In all, this is definitely a game to check out. With the reduced price, there is no excuse not to try it out now. This is a masterfully done RPG - not completely groundbreaking, but very refreshing and enjoyable....more info
  • Pretty good title from SE
    I've played almost every Square Enix game there is, and when I saw the across the board bad reviews for Last Remnant, I was a bit worried. But I bought it anyway, and I don't regret it. Just for some background, here's my preference for Final Fantasy games, so you can compare with your own tastes and see if TLR might be for you. I thought FF3 (6 US) was the best hands down, FF2 (4 US) and 7 were tied for second, 10 and 1 (for the sake of nostalgia if nothing else) were tied for 3rd. 12 is next, 9 was not terrible, but it was definitely forgettable. And 8 was a steaming pile of garbage.

    With that out of the way, there's one thing you have to accept before you get into this game. If you don't just accept it going in you won't appreciate the game, and if you do you will. And that is the fact that the hallmark of this game is the battle system. That was their #1 priority. Story came second, even graphics came second. Don't get me wrong, I think the graphics are fantastic personally and the story is fine. But the battle system is very impressive and there are a lot of intricacies to it, and it really shows that they were willing to sacrifice other areas of the game for a stellar battle system.

    The levelling system has been redesigned as well, although it's up to your taste whether you'll like it. You don't actually "level" your character, instead your skills go up as you use them. For example use a lot of combat skills and they'll become more powerful, use a lot of magic and you'll get new spells. Do a lot of physical attacks and your strength / attack power will go up, get hit a lot and your HP will go up. Etc. Again, some people will like this and some won't, I personally get a sense of satisfaction about hearing that ding every time I raise a level, and keeping track of how much more exp I need to get there, but I can live with this system, it's not that bad once you get used to it. One interesting aspect of it is that it really requires your characters to specialize, since you want to get access to the more powerful techniques you have to keep using that same type of technique over and over, and using some other type of technique will delay you getting the stronger ones from the original category.

    The slowdown and stuttering that everyone talks about is indeed an issue, but one that I hardly notice. It's completely forgivable as far as I'm concerned and it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the game at all, period. And that's with the disc in the drive, if you install it to the hard drive it may be even less of an issue.

    The main complaints I have about this game are as follows:
    - Exploration has been eliminated. I like the fact that I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want in an RPG. This game doesn't have that. The second you accept a quest, you are teleported to the dungeon / place where the quest takes place instantly. This is just weird, is it really that hard for me to walk there? A side effect of this is that you usually only have one quest active at once.
    - Travel is instantaneous. Again I like walking, or taking a boat or something. Opening a map and just clicking something and bam I'm there takes away from the nostalgia feel, makes me lose sense of how big and expansive the world is. You can still travel to any previously visited place at any time, even if for example a bunch of people join your party and yell "We must get to Elysion with haste, Rush let's go now!" You can still take your entire party and travel around to lots of previously visted places. In fact doing this you might find a few secrets :P But nevertheless, it also makes the game feel more linear that no matter how far away something is, you can get there instantly.

    That's pretty much it. If you're an RPG fan, if you can accept this game for what it is, I think you'll find it to be of good quality....more info
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Nice, But Expensive, Movie
    I was extremely disappointed with this game. If I had known it was just a bunch of CGI movies strung together with battle scenes where you direct all the troops, I would have never have bought it.

    This is not what I would call an RPG -- not even close. There is little interaction between your character and the NPCs that is not regulated as a mini-movie. Bah.

    It does not even come close to Oblivion, Diablo or Fallout 1, 2 & 3. It's more on par with the Middle Earth games, which I also disliked immensely.

    The CGI IS nice, though, I will say that. Otherwise, complete waste of time and money for me....more info
  • loading times
    Loading times are really long. other than that kinda tough to get into fighting has a random element in it that can be incredibly frustrating when trying to heal a group of people....more info
  • Absolutely amazing... once the textures load
    Simply one of the most complex, amazingly fun games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. There's so much to customize and keep track of it just boggles the mind.

    The only downside in the Unreal Engine the game runs on. It simply cannot handle this level of graphic detail and there's lots of stuttering framerate and texture pop-in. Over all it doesn't affect the gameplay at all (except for making some of the Timed Button Presses a little harder then they should be) but it's a testament to the quality of the game that I'm more then willing to completely overlook it.

    I highly reccomend finding a FAQ or getting the strategy guide however; there's a LOT going on under the surface in this game. ...more info
  • Great graphics, but a slow game
    I have played Fable II extensively and I thought the Last Remnant was a good follow-up. Coudn't be more wrong. Although the graphics are superb, better than the ones on Fable II, the loading in and loading out of battle scenes is a killer. It takes away a lot out of the fun of playing an RPG - i.e. waiting. Also you cant really control what happens on the battle scene as everything is pre-programed once your decisions are made... unlike Fable II where you manipulate every bit of the actual encounter with Mobs. For $[...] bucks I would've spent my money elswhere. After 5 hours of gameplay I gave up....more info
  • What is SquareEnix doing?
    I'm a huge fan of final fantasy and chrono trigger series. What the heck is up w/ latest SquareEnix games? First, before every battle you'll have to wait 5 seconds and occational slow down during the battle. There's no traveling to a city. You just get a global map and point and you're there. I don't know if it's just me, but I enjoy free traveling. Second, to me the graphic looks worst than final fantasy 12. Granted, this game is not Final Fantasy but it's from the same company! Why did they use unreal engine? I won't comment on battle system as I'm only 2 hrs in the game. Also, I won't comment on the story as well but so far it feels rushed and very boring. I will comment on the graphics though.. some may enjoy Westernize RPG looks but I'm more into Japanize RPG looks. I don't want the character to look like a real human, I want a character w/ spiky hair w/ huge eyes (Cloud on FF7). Not sure why SquareEnix wants to merge Westernize looks when they clearly have a successful formula w/ final fantasy. Again.. why would square use unreal engine??? they have been known to make epic story w/ gorgeous graphics! heck~ they even made movies! now why would they use other people's engine? anyways.. enough of my rant.... I will play until the end of FIRST disk and decide if it's worth my time. So far... it's been a HUGE disappointment! I'm afraid SquareEnix is losing their originality as they are now using other company's graphic code.. so sad... come back to the light Square!!! come back!...more info
  • JRPG Fan Review:
    GAMEPLAY: I enjoyed the first 5 hours of this game very much. But the amount of level grinding is too much, and the dungeons' bland and uninteresting feel makes matter worse. Plus, the combat is unique but ultimately not very satisfying.

    PRESENTATION: The presentation is good, and the voice acting is very good for the most part, and the epic cutscenes are the best part of the game.

    I love JRPGs and Square-Enix but overall I did not enjoy this game as a whole. If you can get past uninteresting dungeons and level grinding, you might enjoy it....more info
  • A remake of a classic genre
    I saw preview screens of this game a while back but had forgotten the name of it. Recently, it's popped back up on the radar due to the upcoming release date. Did a lil research, and low and behold, The Last Remnant.

    If you're a fan of turn based RPG's with impressive graphics, this game it for you. If you were a fan of the old Shining Force games for the Genesis, this game is for you. All in all, it's not a bad game even though I am still in the very, very early stages of playing.

    The game does have some glitches. The animation for the cutscenes completes and there is a noticable pause before the voice acting kicks in. Nothing super serious, very easy to look past, but it's noticable.

    I look forward to completing this one. There aren't alot of games I have time to sit all the way through and complete, but this stands to be one of them for sure. ...more info
  • Bad gameplay
    I regret buying this game and wish I had bought Fall out 3.Square try's to impress us xbox owners with a RPG which sucks major behind,Fable 2 kick its butt.I also have just played Val chronicles on the PS3 and so far I like it better than any new next Gen RPG but I would recommend it only if your into strategy RPG's ...more info
    SOUND-----10 TEN
    MUSIC---10 TEN
    I love Square Enix ever since Dragon Warrior one however this game has been a VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT ---soo sad
    you do not control the combat hardly at all
    THE ITEMS--------------
    ...more info
  • This review is for the GAMEPLAY ALONE!!!
    I read a lot of bad stuff about the graphical glitches and hang-ups in this game, so I borrowed a buddy of mines to play it before I bought it. I never let technical issues's stop me from getting a game unless its something as abysmal as a pc game that crashes every time you save your game or something fun like that.

    This game is an extraordinary new title from square-enix. While it certianly pays homage to the strategy titles of old like Shining Force or Dark Wizard, it makes me think more of something like Dynasty Warriors, but as an rpg, a true rpg. That is to say that the battles take place on large fronts but still focus in on your main group. Its essentially a take on the epic feel of the huge battles that take place in a world wide war, but without losing focus on your select group of heroes. Its quite novel actually if you ask me and takes the feel of the drama up a notch. The story, from what I saw of the first 10 hours is quite compelling, especially for something done by the new cash-in squad at SE. The graphics are better than FFXII, so I wish people would stop making that comparison. The art technique and layout of the world itself CAN be compared to FFXII only because that is the type of rpg world SE seems to want to build now. I think their plan is to try and make rpg more accessable to American's by getting away from the Japanese form, which seems to be less popular(god knows why...).

    I can tell from 10 hours I will love this game but, having said all that, I am going to wait for the PS3 before I purchase my copy. I own both systems and can wait 4 months or so for the release of what will hopefully be a much more rounded out and perfected version of the game. It seems like SE tried as hard as they could to push this game to market before the holiday season because it was never supposed to come out before early first quarter of '09. Its simply presonal preference though, because I really want to get the best version of this game because it is THAT GOOD, honestly, and I do not want anything to take away from the experience.

    If you do not own a PS3 and want every rpg that is worth playing, you sincerly need to buy this game because it will not disappoint you. Tenchnical issues aside, its the best your going to get before FFXIII is finally released(unless you own a PS2 still, then it is Persona 4 ;p ).

    ...more info
  • Excellent RPG
    Very unique RPG, it tries a lot of new things and is very involving. The gameplay can be a bit confusing at times, but once you get the hang of it, it is awesome.

    Please note that you definitely need to install this game to your hard drive in order to enjoy it. That is no big deal though, takes less than 10 minutes.

    Very cool game....more info
  • An absorbing RPG... if you can get past the technical issues
    I first heard of The Last Remnant over a year ago when previews starting popping up online, and I've been excited to play it ever since. I've had it for about a month now, and I can safely say that there is a deep, addicting game here... but you have to be able to look past some of its technical flaws.

    First, the game is choppy in battles, especially in outdoor battles when there are lots of characters present. It's almost like if you're trying to run an MMO on your PC that you don't have quite enough RAM for. You can do it, certainly, but it can grate on you after a while. You can install the game to your hard drive and this alleviates much of the choppiness, but it still exists. It's something you're either going to get used to very quickly or not at all.

    Second, there is pop-up. Again, installing it to your hard drive helps with this. It reminded me of Mass Effect or Halo 2 where the game would load and then the textures would pop in a second later. It's not a deal-breaker if you've seen it before, but it *is* noticeable.

    Fortunately, the game is a lot of fun once you get past it all. It's got a unique combat system (it reminds me of a mix between Final Fantasy and Ogre Battle), the graphics are outstanding and the story, while not terribly original, keeps you interested. The voice acting is hit-and-miss, but none of it is terrible. It has a steep learning curve, though - the game goes from being not too hard to really difficult quickly.

    As I said, installing the game to your hard drive helps immensely. It's two discs and each one is about 4 gigs each, but you can install one disc, then when it's time to switch over you can uninstall and install the second disc (if you're low on hard drive space).

    This is a pretty hardcore RPG, and the amount of fun you get out of it will be influenced by how much you can look past its limitations. If you can, you will really enjoy it, especially if you like JRPG's. I would recommend renting this first before purchasing, but if you like what you see after you rent it I recommend The Last Remnant without reservation....more info
  • Not a Final Fantasy (Thankfully)

    The key to enjoying this game is to completely forget who made it, don't read any reviews (I know, contradictory considering I'm writing a review), and keep an open mind. If you go into this thinking "Square-Enix made this game so it's going to be just as great as Final Fantasy" you're going to be disappointed. If you read all of the bad reviews, chances are you're going to believe them or take all of their bad points and deliberately hunt them down in the game. The key is to keep an open mind about what you're going into.

    While I'm only about half-way through the game, so I'm in no way an expert, I'm giving my outlook on it so far.

    Battle System: The battle system is something I've never encountered before and is pretty enjoyable if you take it for what it's worth. It's turn-based, and war similar. You have a one character that's in a "union" of up to five characters and you can have several different unions. Each union acts as a single entity, and shares the same HP/AP. This is great considering you can completely customize the strengths and weaknesses of each union. The downside is that if one person falls, everyone does.

    Also, you don't get much in the way of choosing what your characters do. You get a general command, and the union does with it as it will. I personally didn't mind because I knew what I wanted my unions to generally do. If I wanted one to stick with combat, one to stick with magic, one to attack, or one to decide for itself, I could do that. That, and the unions are so complex, and you can have dozens of characters in your party, if I had to choose an action for EACH individual character, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

    It does take up quite a bit of time as it is, though and I haven't seen a way to escape from battle or to outrun a monster that is dead on finding you.

    Some battles are harder than the others, but that's just the way it is.
    Characters: I enjoyed the characters. Though they were based on some stereotypes, as noted on other reviews, they seemed pretty "real" to me. The main character is an 18 year old Rush, a hopeful kid that doesn't seem to realize he has no respect for authority even when it's literally beaten into him within the first twenty minutes. His sister, the typical damsel in distress, actually does her part to save her brother and proves her worth every now and then.

    Then there's the Marquis David (Dah-veed) and his chain of command, Torgal, Pagus, Blocter, and Emma. I won't go into them individually, but they each have their redeeming qualities. I will say though, that I enjoyed how tough and reliable Emma was.

    Finally, a female character that's wearing clothes and weilding a sword! A heroine (even a side character) is a big deciding factor on whether or not I'll enjoy the game. As a female, I scrutinize every female lead in a game. Where I see the need for a healer in every game, I can't stand that it constantly has to be the weak female main character. I think the stereotype of weak (Inside and out) scantily clad fan-service female who's only good for healing has been chewed, swallowed, and spit back out to rinse and repeat. I don't like the two-dimensional damsel-in-distresses that don't even try to rescue themselves or help out in any way. This game was a nice change.

    Game-play/Story: The story can be slow moving at first, then it seems like things are just being thrown at you at random, and sometimes it seems like all you're doing is watching a movie. It's all necessary though to get you into their world as quickly as possible to get you acclimated with the characters and their history. If you wait through the somewhat tedious (if you're impatient, which if you are you really shouldn't be playing an RPG) beginning, it gets a lot better. You can see where the plot is going, and because you know your characters, you can understand their reactions better. It so far has a pretty decent -even if it takes awhile to get to it-- story and it has me wondering what's going to happen next.

    I enjoyed the game play once I actually got to control Rush and got past the entire (necessary) tutorial. You can't free-travel the worth and to get somewhere it just takes a click of a button, but the places you can travel, you can absolutely travel them. Sometimes the area isn't that complex, but it does take awhile to get through them and the scenery (especially in the outside areas) is gorgeous.

    Leveling is something altogether different, it seems like it's a needs basis leveling. The more monsters you defeat in a level, the greater your characters attributes grow, and you can customize which area's the characters are going

    Graphics: It really all depends on what kind of TV you're using for the graphics. If you have a high def TV, the graphics are fantastic and look pretty smooth. On a regular TV I suppose they could look grainy and/or washed out. The characters aren't anime looking.

    Voices/Sound: The soundtrack for this game is a fifty-fifty for me. I like the voices, they fit their characters. The sound though, while I'm playing it is great, but isn't memorable outside of the game, it just doesn't stick with you and you can't really find yourself humming it at random parts of the day.

    Cons: SAVE OFTEN! There aren't icons telling you to save every twenty minutes, and you can save pretty much anywhere you want, so people are likely to forget, and when/if you get a game over it takes a long time to get back to where you're going.

    The load-screens are annoying if you're deliberately trying to get annoyed at them, take a breather, read the information it gives you, and carry on with the game. Games lately have been spoiling us with zero load screens, but if you go back a few years, people wouldn't be complaining about that. The battle system does take "too long" to get through it. But that's fine by me because I didn't pay $40+ for a game so I can beat it in 8 hours.

    Bottom line: I read the bad reviews, a friend of mine actually complained to me about the game, but I decided to try it out anyway and enjoyed it. It's refreshing to see that SE is making games besides Final Fantasy, and that they can do it well

    If you're thinking, "I need something while I wait for the next FF" Don't play this game. While I enjoyed all of the final fantasy games, especially 3/6, I think it's time for the fan-worship on how there can never be a greater game than FF7/whatever to realize that each final fantasy game is a different game, different characters, different plot with the similar attributes and a title. If someone were to time jump from the first final fantasy to FFXII they'd be completely lost "This isn't even the same story!" Exactly. And neither is TLR, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good one.
    ...more info
  • Amazing game - install to hard drive to avoid glitches!
    Amazing game - battle system is completely addictive. Just finished a 5-hour playing session; RPGs don't usually do that for me! To get around most of the technical glitching, just make sure you install the game to your 360 hard drive and play from that. Amazing graphics, great music, innovative battle system. Wow!...more info


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