Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High-Protein Recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months and Years After Surgery
Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High-Protein Recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months and Years After Surgery

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A Whole New and Completely Delicious Way to Eat after Weight Loss Surgery

After her weight loss surgery in 2003, Patt Levine knew she would have to stick to a very restrictive diet, but there had to be something better than the "totally tasteless mush" her post-op food guidelines recommended. Levine put her cooking skills to work and now, in Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery, she and collaborator Michele Bontempo-Saray offer over 140 original, low-fat, high-protein recipes that taste just as delicious pureed and chopped as they do served whole, so you can enjoy flavorful, satisfying meals through every stage of your post-op eating program and cook for your family and friends?all at the same time. These mouth-watering dishes, which cover everything from breakfast to dessert, include:

Crustless Spinach and Cheese Quiche * BBQ-Baked Chicken * Asian Turkey Dumplings * Cider-Glazed Pork Chops * London Broil with Horseradish Cream Moussaka * Salmon with Creamy Lime-Dill Sauce * Scallops Provencale * Orange-Ginger Tofu * Vegetable Frittata * Southwestern Tomato Soup * No-Noodle Zucchini Lasagna * Basic Cheesecake * Apricot and Strawberry Smoothie

Complete with advice from a certified nutritionist, helpful tips for stocking your pantry and refrigerator, and nutritional analyses for each recipe, Eating Well after Weight Loss Surgery is guaranteed to make eating a true pleasure and help you maintain your weight loss for years to come.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent, just what I needed
    I'm so pleased with this book. Now I'm one month out of surgery, and make one of the receipes weekly(which lasts for four days, i.e., four servings per recipe, and the other meals in my day normally consist of protein shakes). The meals are yummy, easy to make, for the most part, and are healthy. Some ingredients are harder to find, but go online to get them, it's worth it....more info
  • Handy post-surgery
    Tasty, healthy meals that have handy recommendations according to surgery type and post-op stage....more info
  • cookbook for bypass patients
    terrific idea to help keep bypass patients eating healthy delicious meals. Bravo to the author...more info
  • Great for Recipes...Nothing More
    This is a great book to help you find nutritious meals and recipes for post-weight loss surgery eating. If you're looking for more information about post WLS, such as support or advice, this book isn't going to help you at all. It's purely about the food....more info
  • Eating Well
    This book has some great recipes that can be shared with the family not just the person who had surgery. They break it down so that you know which recipes you can eat/drink during the weeks and months following surgery. This book was recommended to me by people who have already had gastric bypass. ...more info
  • Wish this was out when I had WLS 4.5 years ago!!
    This is a wonderful recipe book for WLS folks; or anyone for that matter. I picked this up at the library and then decided to buy it. I've made several of the recipes and I found them easy to make and delicious... even my family loved them.

    I had WLS almost 5 years ago and I wish that books such as this had been available. This book is a great assess as I continue to search for new healthy ways to prepare meals. The recipes are high protein, low in fat, low cal, and no sugar. All I can say is YUMMY!!! I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Best I've found so far
    I'm a dietitian and I bought this recipe book for one of my gastric bypass patients who wanted a little more variety in her food choices. The book alters the recipes based on what stage diet the person is on and what type of surgery that had. It also pretty practical and contains a lot of foods that you would already have at home or that are very accessable. ...more info
  • The Lap Band Chronicles thinks...
    This is one of the more sophisticated bariatric cookbooks I have come across. Not only does it contain very bariatric friendly recipes (high in protein, low in carbs and saturated fats), but it contains an entire introductory section that explains in detail all of the different types of weight loss surgery and how they differ in terms of dietary requirements. But that's not the best part. Each recipe is followed by a serving guide--not your ordinary serving guide. This guide explains exactly what size portions you can have of the dish at each stage of your surgical recovery. Amazing! The authors put a lot of thought into this book. The Tuscan Veal Stew recipe is luscious and so are many others. This one is a keeper. I give it three lap bands. I would have given it four if the book had pictures. For more, visit [...]...more info
  • Excellent resource
    Well thought out and presented. VERY practical in terms of different stages of recovery and portion sizes, etc....more info
  • Excellent Cookbook for Creative Recipes after Lapband Surgery
    My wife and I like this cookbook a great deal. At a time when virtually everything she likes was off the menu, this supplied some very practical menus and some insights on how to utilize spices and alternative ingredients to make dishes that are compliant with guidelines but taste good....more info
  • Helpful book for those who need to know!
    I like the way that the book organizes the recipies! It gives the calories and when is a good time for the recipe. The hospital gives you some recipie guidelines, but nothing specific. THis book is very helpful for people that are board with soups from a can...
    ...more info
  • Great recipe ideas
    This book is good, it gives your imagination a boost even before you cook. After my surgery I thought I'd have to eat cardboard, tasteless foods forever, or just water. This book opens up so many options you feel free....more info
  • Outstanding CookBook
    I found this book soon after I had gastric bypass surgery and was I surprised at how easy some the recipes are to prepare and how tasty they are also. I am not a cook but I found this book to be 'just what the doctor ordered'. Congratulations on some great recipes!...more info
  • Good Info
    it was not what i expected but i have gotten allot of information out of it....more info
  • wonderful
    this book had exactly what I was looking for the meals are moist and that is important to my post opp belly the nutritional information is all there and that makes it all the more easy for me to figure out my daily needs...more info
  • Yuck
    I have tried many of the recipies from this book and for the most part they are just bad. My roommate has eaten some of them simply becuase, but I'm the one who had RNY gastric bypass and I couldn't stand them. The strogonaff is the only tolerable one so far....more info
  • Good for WLS and "regular" eaters
    So far I highly recommend this book. I received this book as a gift after my gastric bypass. It has been a pain trying to adjust to "real" food after several months of soft food. Plus I am an inexperienced cook. So I tried out a few recipes. The victims of my culinary efforts consist 1 WLS patient, 1 dieter and one regular eater. ALL pronounced the shrimp bisque one of the best they'd ever eaten. Trust me it was the recipe, not the cook. I've made one of the desserts and the partially finished product tasted great (gets served tonight). I like this better than many of the light cooking books because it does not overemphasize low carb by just replacing those carbs with fats. Wish the book was longer, but otherwise great. ...more info
  • Best Book I've Found Yet!
    I have three recipe books and this one is the best one. My husband loves the recipies as he is a fit man that works out a lot and my son also enjoys the simplicty on the dishes I make.

    The recipies are quick and easy and delicious!!!! I also like the fact that each recipe also lists the nutritonal info as the other two boks I got do not do this....more info
  • finally some light!
    You know, one of the reasons I underwent a gastric bypass surgery in December was to escape the hordes of diet religionists--those odd folks who have found the solution to their dietary woes and will proselytize until the cows come home!
    Enough, says I, of no-carb, low-carb, non-fat, low-fat, this, that and the next! Surgery so altered my body that many of the choices I once made are invalid--out of my hands! I can't eat the crap that made me fat anymore because now it makes me sick.
    And yet, imagine my dismay when, recovering from surgery, I found even more no-carb religionists among my surgically altered compatriots. One woman's intolerance of my ideas was such that I had to filter her e-mail directly into the trash! Even though I had now an anatomy that wouldn't tolerate certain foods, she insisted that I had to further subjugate myself to her odd notions of nutrition. No carbs ever again!
    And so it was with a sigh of relief that I opened this book to read my new mantra: all in moderation.
    After all, surgery means that you can eat what you love. You can have good food and love it. What you can't do is binge. What you can do is make a meal of fat and sugar. And this book points the way.
    Salads, entrees, desserts, it's all here. And more: suggestions on how to change the contents of your refrigerator and pantry to make eating easier.
    After all, life after surgery need not be deprivation. Most of got fat on deprivation and our inevitable gut-busting reaction to that, so a book that tells me how to enjoy what I now eat is a wonder to behold.
    Thank you, Ms Levine! And thanks to my friend Laureen who recommended it!...more info
  • Never Cooked Until This
    Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery: Over 140 Delicious Low-Fat High-Protein Recipes to Enjoy in the Weeks, Months and Years After Surgery

    Just had Gastric ByPass just over 5 weeks ago. I am so sick of protein shakes - this cookbook is a lifesaver! Finally I have really food options. As someone that never cooked before I am finding the recipes easy to follow. Although I'm still trying to find some of the suggestd pantry items, the 2 recipes I made tasted really good. Guess everyone can cook if you follow the directions! With so many recipes to choose from I can't wait to try them all.... SLOWLY ;)
    ...more info
  • Great Book!
    This is the best book ever! It helps me with my food choices in the future. This was the best cookbook I have on my shelf....more info
  • Finally, A Book for DSers
    I was pleased to see that this book included information for post-op Duodenal Switch patients. So often, this surgery is bypassed (pun intended!) in books. More and more people are choosing the DS, so having recipes that will work with this surgery is a must! Granted, DSers can eat most anything post-op, but it is helpful to see the different stages of eating that some surgeons recommend.

    I agree that the ingredient list can be someone expansive and most of us will not have all the spices on hand, but there are some tasty recipes in this book. ...more info
  • Everyone would love these recipes!
    What a great cookbook! I got Lap-band surgery and was looking for recipes that both me and my family could enjoy. I found them! The recipes in this book are amazing! They are easy to prepare and delicious! They were something my family would eat with me. I love that each recipe breaks down what stage post-op you can enjoy the recipes at. That was so helpful. I highly recommend this book for people with any type of weight loss surgery!...more info
  • If you only buy one cookbook after WLS, this should be it!!
    I LOVE this book! It has the kind of recipes I loved to prepare prior to WLS, only in a new (for me) low-fat, high-protein way.

    I've prepared about 15 recipes from the cookbook and each and every one has been positively delicious - even in the early days when I had to puree them!

    I made the Beef Stroganoff the other night and it was so delicious (and smelled so good) that I couldn't wait to warm up the leftovers the next night.

    My family eats what I eat/prepare and they have really liked: Chicken Breasts with Creamy Tomato Sauce, No-noodle Zucchini Lasagna, Asian Marinated Scallops, Shrimp Italiano, Moussaka, Shrimp with Coconut-Curry Tomato Sauce, Tofu and Veggie Curry and several of the egg dishes.

    The other thing I absolutely love is that each recipe has it's own nutritional information - seeing how much protein and calories each dish has, along with other nutrients, is so important! The authors also include information about how to prepare each item during each stage of the post-surgery process (less than 4 weeks, 4-8 weeks, etc.)

    The less-than-positives (which shouldn't stop you from buying this book NOW) is one recipe that I needed to "doctor" (Orange-ginger Tofu - easily rescued with more orange juice and zest) and the fact that I never looked at slicing veggies like eggplant and zucchini horizontally &/or vertically, as is written in the book (shouldn't it be lengthwise &/or crosswise??) - this created some discussion amongst my family members!

    Yes, some of the recipes take a little bit of time - cook on the weekend and portion out for your other meals. And some use ingredients that are a little more expensive - buy on sale or consider what you are saving by not buying Haagen Daz and chips and avoiding fast food a couple times a week!

    Trust this Italian foodie - this is good, real food!...more info
  • I haven't used it!
    I skimmed over the cookbook when I first received it, but nothing really popped out at me. The ingredients are a little gourmet for me on an everyday basis. The book hasn't been used and I feel it was a waste of my money, but perhaps not for someone else....more info
  • Complicated Recipes/Exotic Ingredients
    I am extremely disappointed with this cookbook. I feel mislead, after reading the info about it and the excellent reviews other people wrote.

    First of all, the title says "over 140" recipes. There are 142 or 143 (I counted last week...can't remember off the top of my head). Call me pessimistic, but that was the first thing I didn't like.

    Second, the ingredient list is overwhelming. The things she expects you to have on-hand are hard to find, exotic and expensive ingredients that I don't keep on-hand and don't expect to, to use for only one recipe.

    Finally, the foods are "gourmet" at best. They aren't something the average working mom can come home and make for her family. My family won't eat 3/4 of what is in this book. I've gone through all the recipes several times...I'll probably use 10 at most.

    On the plus side, the author takes the time to break down how to prepare the food for each stage you are at in the recovery process. It is printed at the bottom of every page. Some of the instructions seemed like common sense, but it was useful, nonetheless....more info
  • I did not care for this cookbook
    I purchased this book because I just had Lapband surgery. I am from NC and the recipes in this book sound like they are from Turkey! I do not even know if you can get those kinds of ingredients in our grocery stores - there were so many things I had not heard of. would cost a fortune just to make one recipe because I counted at least 23 items needed for one recipe.

    If you really want a book with great recipes, little preparation time and cost efficfient - I recommend the 5 Ingredient, 15 Minute cookbook from Cooking Light. I bought the book off of Amazon and it was cheaper than in Borders book store. This book is EXCELLENT!!! I lost 6 pounds in one week just eating the recipes in the book. It is great!! My husband and I have tried 8 meals out of it so far and they are ALL GREAT!! It is regular food cooked healthier - not some foreign food that you cannot even pronounce. I would not waste your money on this LapBand Cookbook - the only thing positive that I have to say about it is that it tells you how to prepare the food if you have had lapband, Bypass or Stapling done - and it tells you how to prepare it after you are so many weeks out of surgery - I did like that part - but there are NO pictures in there at all. The coooking light cookbook has a picture of every recipe. ...more info
  • Excellent recipies!
    I was hoping to find a few things that would work for me after my surgery in November. I was pleased to find many, many recipies that are easy and delicious. I have dog-eared so many pages that I need to find a better way to mark off my favorites!...more info
  • Recipes
    I like this book but feel it should be only used after you've been cleared by the doctor for these foods. Mine did after 3 weeks. Dont think you can use these right after surgery....more info
  • Not just for weight loss surgery patients!
    Potential buyers should know that this book's usefulness is not limited to those who have undergone weight loss surgery. It is also of tremendous value to people recovering from dental work or jaw surgery, where soft or liquid diets are of necessity for a length of time. As someone who has experienced this type of surgery, I can attest to the desire for flavorful meals, beyond what can be found in typical shakes, soups and purees. This book is the answer.

    The recipes are varied, well-written, and most importantly, produce delicious results. Patt Levine has done an amazing job of creating a valuable resource for people who have gone through a trying physical ordeal, and now long to resume a sense of normalcy. Since so much of our lives revolves around what we eat, this book is a must-have!...more info
  • This is a wonderful cook book
    I like food and I like to cook and I didn't want to give up good-tasting food after my gastric bypass. These recipes might be a little labor intensive for the non-cook but I have loved each one I've tried. They make it very easy to stick with the rules as far as eating - - each one I've tried so far is a winner....more info
  • Good recipes and portion sizes
    I had lap-band surgery 8 months ago. I wish that I had this book just after surgery. There really are good suggestions of how to fit the recipes into your life at each stage after surgery (liquids, mush food, solids, etc.). The one thing that I didn't like is that her timeline of when to switch from liquids to mush foods, etc. was different than the one given by my Dr. I think that if one follows the Drs recommendations of when to switch and the cookbooks recommendations of how to adapt the recipes for each stage, this book could be a big help....more info
  • Where would you find these ingredients?
    This book is exactly what I hate in a cookbook. Recipies for stuff I can't pronounce (Souvlaki-Style Swordfish) with ingredients you can't find at my Wal-Mart supercenter! Truly a book for the chef and not for the average housewife or working mom. ...more info
  • Fantastic Kitchen Addition
    Being a gastric by-pass patient is tricky enough balancing out the nutrients in foods -- this book is very clear with nutritional values and calories to maintian or continue the weight loss. ...more info
  • Good eats for the Small minded!
    Eating well after weightloss surgery says it all. With 140+ recipes it will be a long time before I get bored with these meals. Flavor is formost, with all the important needs taken care of. This book was recomended to me by one of my nurses who is one year after the same surgery as me and looks great! She's happy with the menu so am I....more info
  • not helpful for lap band
    I did not like this book's recipes. I have the lap band. A lot of the recipes are pork or seafood which I do not like. The other recipes like the meatloaf did not taste good. Just my personal opinion! Not good for lap band people....more info
  • Fantastic cookbook with great WLS info
    I purchased several WLS cookbooks at the same time. (I recommend getting them before the actual surgery and go shopping for the stuff pre-surgery to have on hand afterward.) This was the best of the three. The recipes are simple and good and the breakdowns for the different types of WLS and the applicable serving sizes are helpful. The recipes are mainly for 4 servings and that makes it easy to divvy up my portions and the ones for my husband so that we can have dinner for one night and use our leftovers for lunch the next day. I haven't tried one recipe that I didn't like. She does like the mushrooms though! Unfortunately, my husband hates them, so I take them out and try to add them just to my portions, if I can....more info
  • Good Mix of Recipes
    I especially appreciate the serving guidelines provided for each recipe. It gives quantity and timeline by surgery type. The ingredients are not too exotic -- all things you can find in your local Safeway-type store....more info
  • Great detailed recipes that you know you can eat
    I ordered this book right after my surgery, so I had it in hand when I could start eating pureed foods. I found all the details that post-surgery patients have to worry about: high protein, specific instructions for portions, no sugar or fat, and very knowledgeable info about the diet needs of post gastric bypass patients. I've made several recipes (my absolute favorite is the Asian Scallops...the marinade is great on chicken too!) and I look forward to trying the vegetables when I start adding those back to my diet.

    The cookbook helped save me from feeling overwhelmed by all the things I COULDN"T eat post-surgery. It gave me delicious tasting protein options to look forward to trying. I'd call this book a must-have for anyone planning weight loss surgery....more info
  • I LOVE this book! Post op Rny Gastric Bypass-Proximal
    I had purchased this book prior to my WLS. With all that happened afterwards i forgot i had it. Finally i used it, simply delicious. I didn't have to tweek any of the recipes, and they got rave reveiws by my friends....more info
  • Great book for after weight loss surgery
    Everything about this thin book has been helpful. Not a lot of fluff, but it goes beyond the bare basics the surgeon passes out (printed by the lap band company). Just the real nitty gritty. Haven't tried many of the receipes yet, I'm only three months after the lap band WLS, but the info for these first three months has been wonderful.

    The best part is that I enjoy following these suggestions: And I'm down 50 pounds in 3 months.

    ...more info
  • low fat and high protein just like it said
    I bought this for my sis in law after the gastric bypass. I have made a couple of the recipies from it and they are delicious. They are extremely low fat and high in protein. The recipies are simple and quick to make. I would recommend this book to everyone. ...more info
  • NO "tasting" needed
    I enjoy this book so much!I no longer need to taste everything before I serve it to my family. Everything(with the exception of the fake cheesecake) is fabulous. My husband and my sons love it also, plus they are seeing how good lower calorie food can taste. Most recipes take under 30 minutes to prepare including cooking time. Some do take longer, but it is well worth it. My nutritionist at Stanford recommended this book and I am so glad she did....more info
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I have been banded just over six months and I wish I had this book from day 1. The recipes are easy to follow and wonderful to eat. They have given me alot of my own ideas too. I can enjoy food again. Thanks!...more info
  • This is the recipe book to have!!!
    This book is great! It tell nutritional information,serving ideas,and other great cooking tips. Regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey, this book will be helpful from beginning to wherever!! HAPPY COOKING...more info


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