George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya
George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya

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Studio: Mpi Home Video Release Date: 11/25/2008 Run time: 69 minutes Rating: Nr

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  • It's really good for ya!
    They (whoever they are) say laughing makes you healthy. If true, this video should push you toward the pinnacle of heatlh. Extremely funny as expected. My 22-year old son could hardly stop laughing.
    ...more info
  • It's really good for ya!
    They (whoever they are) say laughing makes you healthy. If true, this video should push you toward the pinnacle of heatlh. Extremely funny as expected. My 22-year old son could hardly stop laughing.
    ...more info
  • Greatest final performance ever.....
    I've been a fan of Carlin for a long time, and like others, I not only got to see this performance on HBO, but I had the honor of attending one of his last live shows in Orlando shortly before "It's Bad for ya" aired on HBO.

    I have say I thought Carlin was kinda losing it with his last couple of HBO specials, I didn't find "You are all Diseased" or "Life is worth losing" quite as good as previous specials, but with this latest HBO special, Carlin showed he's still master of his game. Carlin will be missed and I'm grateful for one last masterful performance that we've been left with....more info
  • George Carlin
    Carlin is Carlin on this as he always was. What a total loss to comedy...more info
  • One of Carlin's Best Specials
    It's funny and critical just as much as his last 3 specials before this one. It also a little bit sad to have a lot of the material on this be about death being that he died a few months after filming.

    Oh well Carling, yoou are deeply missed and just like you said: "There is no... UP THERE!"...more info
  • It's Good For Ya
    I saw this on T.V. and decided to buy it both for my own entertainment and to share with others. Carlin probably is in large measure the stereotypical cynical, cranky old man. But he must be self-aware enough of that fact to wrap it all in humor. It is often a very biting humor, but he is so outrageous with some of it that it is hysterical

    My favorite part is his dissection of religion. His mockery of it is rooted in a commonsensical analysis. He pokes fun at it, while genuinely believing that those who embrace the supernatural, er, bunk, are nuts.

    I'm less tickled by much of his political material which strikes me as virulently anti-American and, in particular, left-wing on the loony side. But some of it is funny.

    I'm not a fan of bits where he goes on too long in a sort of a Milton Berle goofiness. Just not my bag. But if you are already a Carlin fan, you'll love it. If you're not, I think it's well worth watching. You'll either be convinced that he's not for you, or you'll want to see more and more!

    If you're considering this DVD, you're looking for humor, and you should buy it....more info
  • its good
    its the usual george - but I have always seen him on
    tv - so, a live performance is way different.
    I would rate this pg17...more info
  • One of his best - RIP George
    One of his best performances yet. He crosses the line and takes the audience with him. ...more info
  • pretty good dvd
    while not the best he has ever done, this dvd stands well as a final tribute to his work. Its rough in some spots yet over all very entertaining. ...more info
  • My thoughts exactly.
    Being a lifelong fan of Georgie boy (50 years),and already possessing all the other HBO specials ( All My Stuff ),and enjoying this last one before we even knew it'd be the last...sigh...and checking daily for a pre-order page...well, I understand " reviewing before releasing."
    We'll never see the likes of Georgie boy again......more info
  • Carlin's Swan Song
    George Carlin has done it again. A concert intended for laughs but ends up going much deeper. He easily attacks our beliefs and values, destroying them. Same wonderful Carlin, funny but thought provoking. Obviously much more than a comedian. He knows all the stuff we have had jammed down our throats by parents and religion and appropriately educates us all with simple logic. Who else could make one not believe in God or government? Makes a lot of sense to those willing to think and question why we are in this state. George Carlin, before his death, implored people to ask why they should believe in something with no proof. He will make you re-evaluate all that you believe in. A must see for eveyone out there. There is something that relates to us all....more info
  • Comedy Critic
    Disappointed. Listening to a "few" of his skits on the radio is better than having to watch an entire performance....more info
    This is one of his best. If you want "true" Carlin humor...this is perfect for you. I had tears in my eyes it was so continually funny....more info
  • George Carlin - Bad Day for Ya
    I really like George Carlin, but I only watched TV performances which limit the type and amount of profanity. It was always funny when they bleeped the 7 words, but if they did that to this DVD, all that you would hear is bleep, bleep, bleep. George seem to try to put as much F#@K this, F#@K that as he could pack into the act and I think that it ruined what could have been a funnier performance. If you like profanity...Go For It! ...more info
  • George's swan let up in sight!
    Like George's last DVD (HBO Special) Life is Worth Losing, It's Bad For Ya will scare and offend many. For those wanting the hippy dippy weatherman or A Place for my Stuff or Baseball/football type of humour light, this will feel like a sledgehammer. For those of us who have grown over the years with George and appreciated his loud wake up calls ...from his dissing George Bush 1 and the gulf war on....this is more vintage Lion in Winter George. Lambasting the child worship culture,the fraudulant SELF ESTEEM movement, pointing out that unlike his father , Governor bush, hasn't truly been elected president in the traditional way, and our dead relatives aren't hoovering above us guiding us through our daily duties. There is much more to the set..and while I slightly prefer the previous Life is Worth Losing due to its in your face wake up approach..there is much to enjoy here and take note of ....George claims that we are soft and easily placated with cellphones that make us pancakes and rub our balls! ...and he's right. Oh...and he suggestes if you really believe you have RIGHTS? Google Japanese Americans 1942 and find out about your precious RIGHTS!

    RIP George Carlin...he never took the easy way...he never flinched from the truth and he always kept growing...14 of these specials over the years ....what a treasure!!!
    BONUS FEATURES: ..the bonus 7 minute performance (in color) from the Jackie Gleason show in 1969 is a riot!!! very cool to see George in a suit/tie short hair...doing a normal non-confrontational stand up...

    and..the 32 minute bonus "Too Hip For The Room"...which I believe was pulled from a 3 hour tribute to a WONDERFUL bonus feature...I wish they would have all 3 hours but this 32 minutes is sensational...the value of this package just went up up up...

    enjoy ...more info
  • it's bad for ya
    sadly, the last of a long line of great work. i miss george carlin....more info
  • R.I.P George
    George was as raw as ever on what was his final HBO special. This was the funniest comedian ever. Yes, it maybe somewhat offensive to some but not as offensive as say "you're all deseased". It just seems ironic the George talked so much about death and the "so-called after life" and it was aired on HBO only 3 and a half months before his death.

    George was never afraid to tackle any subjects. He went where most people would not dare to go. Hopefully George is up there "smiling down on us", and getting a kick out of this current presidential election.

    George will be missed....more info
  • Poor George Had an Agenda
    I like George Carlin. I really do. My earliest memory of him, like for many people, was as Rufus in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". I've always appreciated his edge, and the clear sense of moral center behind his humor. Unfortunately in this, his last hurrah, George's personal beliefs cross the boundary between comedy and demogoguery.

    It's no secret (nor does it need to be) that Carlin is an atheist, but despite being a faithful Christian myself, I've never found that a problem -- his normally good nature, warm sense of presence, and general good sense have always eclipsed any "denominational" differences.

    But approaching death has a way of making one worry about what they're leaving behind, and George Carlin, apparently, was afraid to leave behind so many religious people. It's clear this fear got the better of him for his final live performance -- gone are the warmth and good nature, replaced by an angry but ineffective rehash of commonplace anti-religious themes and weak atheist arguments, thinly disguised in a comedy routine that isn't very unique and isn't very funny.

    Far from making me angry, it just made me sad for poor George -- this wasn't the bold, thoughtful, politically incorrect final statement he was hoping it would be. Instead he delivered a screed with too much finger-wagging and not enough joyful smackdown; what little laughter can be found here is very much overshadowed by the sense of a crotchety old man, frustrated with the world, and having no wisdom left to impart but another humorless insult.

    Skip over this one, for you and for George, may he rest in peace....more info
  • Waste of money
    I am a lifelong fan of Carlin's, going back to attending the infamous standup in Milwaukee in the 70's when he was arrested. This DVD was a big disappointment. It's a mean spirited harangue on kids and a second rate rehash of his opinions on religion and some politics, which he has already done, and much funnier. Rent it if you must, but don't waste money buying it. It gets a little better in the last 15 minutes, then it's over. Bah....more info
  • Carlin - It's Bad for Ya'
    I was fortunate enough to be in the audience the night this last HBO Special was taped at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, CA. The DVD taping was done the night before the live show on HBO, but George was in fine form, even though it was becoming more apparent that he was not well. I am so anxious for the release of this DVD so I can see it again - but we all loved the show the night he performed it. A true comic genius has left us and will be missed. I am just glad I got to see him one more time in person before his sad death....more info
  • George, we sure miss ya
    George was so good for us- his intelligent, irreverant, insightful humor is especially missed these days when everyone's so conscientious abt. being "politically correct" that we don't even laugh at ourselves anymore and people are funny and his riffs on parenting, manners, religion, etc. are so true to life that it had me and my husband "rolling in the aisle" at home, his candidness, courage, insightfulnes, outrage and caring is so straight to the heart and soul. I'm ordering more, in fact! I originally bought it as a xmas present for my husband, but I knew it would also be a present to myself as well! ...more info
  • George Carlin Interview
    An amazing bonus feature on this dvd contains selections from a full-length interview with George, completed just months before his final HBO performance by the Archive of American Television. It's a riveting interview, and some of the best moments were selected for this special DVD.
    More information about the full (3+ hour) interview can be found at info
  • George's last is also one of his best
    A refreshing change from his "angry man" shows from 1999 and 2001, this and "Life is Worth Losing" are a great coda to Carlin's long career. This is also probably Carlin's smartest show, while also being his least hostile. While he's aggressive and critical as always ("They never hear those all important words: "You lost, Bobby! You're a loser!"), they're insightful - everyone can't expect to be a winner. Losing is an important part of life.

    It's also George's softest, where he gives hints that he does believe (somewhat) in a higher power. While he says, "There IS no 'up there'", he goes on later to talk about how God would never pick favorites, and quotes Proverbs as well ("Pride cometh before the fall.") He also reveals that despite his 14 shows he actually LIKES people (in short doses) - which sets up some of the funniest lines in his long career ("You remember my neighbor with the burns on 90 percent of her body? Well, she burned the other 10 percent now. She was lighting a fart and her bush caught fire!")

    He's also visibly waning in health - his posture is somewhat hunched, his voice weaker - though crustier. One gets the impression he knows his time is short, and his musings on death and how people act at funerals seems to be his way of instructing people on how he wants to be remembered ("There goes old Georgie".)

    70 was far too young. Goodbye, Georgie....more info
  • It's good for you
    Carlin is hilarious and his humor is fresh and timeless for the self proclaimed old fart. It's a great video to have, but be advised that it's probably not for children or the non-controversial crowd... or is especially for them....more info
  • goodbye georgie
    George carlin has been one of mr favorite comics for many years because of his insightful way of looking at our society I'm going to miss him very much!!!...more info


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