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Investigate what happened on board the ship / Mental Echo / Maintain balance between hot and cold / ESRB T For Teen Features - Mental Echo - Alexander has the ability to change the present by traveling back in time and altering the memories of the crewmembers and creatures aboard the ship Thermodynamics System - is used to represent the struggle of surviving in sub-freezing conditions by showing you the balance of heat and cold Alexander needs heat to stay alive and must find it via lamps, heaters, ovens, etc. You must maintain the delicate balance between hot and cold Highlights - Gripping, original story and unique, new game play features packed into a recognizable and successful genre and formula Lack of in-game copy protection software adds extra appeal for core PC gamers Brand new IP with a unique survival-horror story and dramatic twist ending Mental Echo feature is a new game play mechanic that fundamentally changes the style of play for a shooter Unprecedented support for NVIDIA graphics features create a stunning visual experience- AAA Quality!

  • Terrifying first-person shooter/survival-horror gameplay
  • The Hero?s Mental Echo ability adds a unique gameplay twist, allowing players to relive the final memories of the dead and change their actions, thereby altering the present
  • Battle more than 15 different powerful enemy types, each with unique capabilities
  • Fight for survival using historically-authentic weapons
  • A completely new physics and weather system with realistic ice, frost and snow with advanced character/object physics

Customer Reviews:

  • EERIE!
    T. T. F. N.
    CANDYMANKIRK...more info
  • Fun if i could play it, not compatible with Windows Vista 64
    Well sorry to say not just the demo doesnt work on Windows Vista 64bit. On the back of the box it simply states what its not compatible with, and WV64 is one of them. Also beware if your a laptop gamer like myself, the 9800M series is not compatible either. So my advice, keep Windows Vista 32, and get a gaming Desktop if you wanna play it. This isnt the only game with this issue....more info
  • Fun and different.
    This game is pretty damn fun. The game play was more like melee first person game then a "shooter." I really got into the atmosphere of the game it was like I actually felt claustriphobic and cold at times.
    If you like this read The Terror by Dan Simmons it almost felt like part of the book....more info
  • A thinking person's game
    This is a truly wonderful game for people that regard storyline and ambiance over endless, mindless killing. Painkiller this game isn't; a cross between Penumbra and Bioshock is a much better comparison.

    Unlike many FPSs you don't have to choose between the weapons you carry. You have a full complement of everything you find; from a chain wrapped around your fists, an extremely effective axe, a bolt-action rifle, a sniper rifle, to a full auto machine gun. This is a game that forces you to be conservative with your ammo supply and, in some cases, to be very careful with when you decide to reload (these are older style firearms and you never know what's creeping up behind you).

    I know that most don't think that the graphics are particularly impressive; but I totally disagree. I think the game designers succeeded in creating a visually stunning experience. There's water perpetually flowing down the walls in warmer rooms, and the walls are covered with ice patterns in its colder rooms. When you get some warmth into colder rooms the icicles on the ceilings melt and fall to the floor. The shadows and lighting effects are absolutely breathtaking. I think people are used to wide open environments and constantly changing scenery. That is not Cryostasis--this game is all about close quarters and the inherently claustrophobic environment of a ship.

    The sound design is another high point. Your only companion is the groaning of the hull, the screaming wind and your footsteps--save for the occasional hair-raising moans and grunts from whatever hell-born creature is coming at you from the darkness. I've heard no in-game music at all. Try playing the game in the dark and I suspect you'll agree that sound is a big part of the success of this title.

    The fighting is this game is not constant. Not every hallway or room contains a bad guy. In fact, sometimes you'll go for several minutes before encountering one. But I personally think that this adds to the tension.

    The game is not difficult but it takes thought. The time traveling puzzles are fun and can be challenging; but you will not likely be stymied by this game. But if you enjoy a challenge it will satisfy you. Fighting is also not particularly hard, but there are points that are difficult and most encounters require some level of strategy.

    The one star I've removed is due to the lack of optimization of this title. I have a high end system and a good video card and I cannot run this game on particularly high settings. And occasionally when there's a lot going on on the screen it will turn into a mild slide show. But it's not so much that I would stop playing it.

    It could have also used some reason for searching. Firearms and ammo are usually out in the open. It would have added some fun to the game if you needed to search the prodigious lockers. But this is a minor gripe.

    You have no reason to not buy this game. It has no DRM and it doesn't even require a serial number. Have fun!...more info
  • Best Plot in a FPS
    I don't care about graphics, gameplay, or anything like that. But I have to say that this game has possibly the best plot I've seen in a FPS since Bioshock, and I can say that the ending is a lot better. This is a story of betrayal, understanding, and regret. There's a lot more to the game than "fighting ice zombies". So don't judge a book by it's cover! Play the game and I know you won't be sorry!...more info
  • This Is No Bioshock
    There has been a lot of talk that Cryostasis is a spiritual successor to Bioshock, given all the water effects and feelings of being stranded in a deserted environment. Well, that's pretty much where the similarities end in my opinion. Cryostasis is essentially a survival-horror game that is very eery, has some innovative elements, and has some features that don't work so well.

    This game is a bit of a resource hog. I tried turning everything up to high with AF and AA on, but the frame rate got so choppy it was barely playable. With AF and AA off, things got better (specs: Q6600 @ 3.0ghz, 4gb ram, 8800gt, XP 32bit, 24 inch monitor 1920x1200). Graphically, the game looks pretty nice. You can see frost crystals littering the walls of the ship. The water effects are pretty. The game is fairly monochromatic, but you're in the arctic. What do you expect?

    Game play involves your character investigating what happened on an ice breaker that became locked in the ice. You traverse various corridors trying to find some answers. You have what is called "mental echo" ability, which allows you to see what the dead experienced right before they bought the farm. While in the "echo state" you can correct the mistakes that the dead made and hopefully release their spirit (or something like that). This is probably the most innovative feature of the game. Also, you have to watch your body temperature so you don't freeze to death. Find light bulbs and torches to warm up with (which are littered throughout the ship) and you'll be fine.

    Combat isn't so great, especially melee. It feels very imprecise and looks like you are basically punching air. You never really feel as though you land any hits. The "zombies" that attack you are dead crew members (pretty standard). You get access to a few guns (no cross hairs, you have to use iron sights to aim). This is where Cryostasis is a bit lacking.

    Overall, this title is still intriguing. I would say more things work than don't work in terms of game play. For the price, it's worth a ride around the arctic circle. ...more info
  • Nice try...
    This game blows. I thought that a new game would have half decent graphics, boy was I wrong. Not only that but this game plays slow as S*** on my system. Which Includes 2 GTX 285's in sli. How can that be??? I wish I knew. Save your self the heart ache of buying a stupid game that will do nothing other then disappoint. Even if the game played as it should you still want to toss it after 5 minutes......more info
  • A thinking man's FPS...
    I have to admit, I was ready to give up on this game after the first 5 minutes when I could not get though the first dream level.

    Slowly, however, the game starts to grow on you. It is not your standard first person shooter. Game play tend to be slow and methodical, and you have no health meeter, but a heat meter. I think I only froze to death once or twice, so it's no ready a big factor.

    There are plenty of interesting enemies, but what make this game interesting is the puzzle and dream sequences were you have to either figure out a complex series of interactions, or change the past by changing the lives of the many dead people you see on the ship.

    A lot of people here have talked about the graphics, but its not the graphics that are bad, it's the GRAPHICS ENGINE that is terrible. My box will run Crysys, Far Cry, and Doom 3 at the full tilt graphic settings, but to improve the chunky game play on this game, you really need to dial down the resolution and the graphics options.

    Another thing is that many times during the game you will find yourself with no idea what you are supposed to do. Some of the sequences seem impossible at first, but after 4 or 5 times you will slowly figure out what you need to accomplish.

    The 'boss' scene, if you can call it that, is on par with the ending of Castle Wolfenstein 3D. When you start it you will be killed over and over. But once you examine the environment and decide who the real enemies are, it is actually quite well done.

    There are many spots where you will want to search for the walkthrough online, but give yourself 10-15 minutes first because you will most likely figure it out.

    Lastly, I really have no idea what the back story with the land people and the story you are living on the ship have to do with each other. It was all very confusing but did not take away from the game play.

    My advice is to wait for this game to drop to $20 and then give it a whirl.

    PS - There is zero scare factor here. I never jumped once....more info
  • Sleeper Hit
    It is a rare thing to sit down and enjoy something great. That without compromising itself shines like a star in the night sky. A thing which is beauty in and of itself. I have played that game. I am writing this review after just finishing the game Cryostasis.
    This game hit my radar awhile back as a lot of game do, originally called Cryostasis: For Reason of Sleep. The game was held back from its original launch and it left my mind until a few days ago. As I was going through the store looking for a good game to tide myself over until the end of the month when all the games that I have been waiting for are coming out I had settled on a PS3 game but wanted to see if there was any PC titles that I should pick up, so that I didn't miss anything.
    As I am going through the PC section at my local Best Buy I spot a game that I had been waiting for a long time to come out. Which brought up a problem as I wanted a ps3 game to tide myself over until the end of the month and not a PC game, but ultimately I pick it up along with another pc title and the PS3 game and got home and put them down as it was late and near time for me to go to sleep.
    The next day I get up and I have to work and I wasn't going to let myself play my games until I had finished my work. When I had finally finished my work I popped in my Cryostasis game and was about to load it when auto installer wouldn't pop up, after awhile of trying to get it to work I finally tried loading it on my brothers computer with his permission to see if it was working at all. It did and my drivers for my disk readers on my computer were not working. Some problem that occurs for no general reason and it was fixed the next day and finally I was able to load and start playing Cryostasis.
    So how was the game. Well in short the game came at a budget price of $30. Yet I am happy to say dispite this pricing it was not a budget game. I would have happily paid $60 for this game and that is the price of the PS3 game I picked up. No this game is definitely worth more than was paid for it. Thus the games price adds to its greatness. Now that's a word I don't through around. I am somewhat of a philosopher and have come to the conclusion that perfection is an unreality. Perfection is an observation which means that if two people look at something and one does not agree it is perfect it isn't so I don't use the term perfect, yet, this game is like a game that came close to and touched perfection, it isn't but it is a nice metaphor.
    Now onto the more important stuff which you want to know about. First lets talk pros. The game comes at a budget price which is great but they didn't skimp on the work. The story is the most deepest and most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I must stop myself now before I go on again but to suffice to say it goes like this you are Alexander Nesterov and you are ordered to leave the north pole research station you are at and you will be picked up by this ship which turns out not to be the pleasure cruise one would hope for. Now without spoiling anything for those that want to play to enjoy the story I will say that it is deep and full of beauty. It gets a message across without trying to send a message and is not in your face except our morals and beliefs that other games that try this are. No it is of itself and lets you enjoy and interpret it as you see fit. Nice I know.
    Now the game has two features which are unique (it says so in the manual but I must correct one. Raw Danger does something similar with the temperature feature but with water instead of the cold) These two features are one Temperature sensor which is unique but not innovative so I will give it to them on that. It involved the temperature of the environment and you. This is your life pretty much. Though the game is not about owe crap this is the wrong ship now I am stranded, no there are monsters created by the cold which the game will go into. I will go into more detail in the graphics area of this review. When you come across these former people even though the book makes it seem like there are only one of each there are a bunch of each. Now the book only details 3 of them but there are way more than that. They will attack you and deplete your temperature which is your life. Loose all your heat and you die. You can regain heat by finding things that give off heat and turning them on or just finding them. You use the right mouse button to get close to them and warm up. Though you can regain heat by just being in a warm room this is not a major way to do so until near the end of the game.
    The second feature this game toughts and I will have to agree it is a first is the Mental Echo. This ability lets you go back in the characters past (people you find) and change the moment of their failure so they don't meet a horrible end. Literally like time travel and it comes with a nice animation when you do it too. At first when I read that they were doing it that way I wasn't sure it was a good idea, as I had been following the game for a long time and you can get the picture, but lucky me it was and it makes the ending of the game so much more spectacular.
    Now for graphics. The graphics are nice. They have nice frost effects along the walls and when the rooms defrost they will have this nice water running down effect like in BioShock. You would expect that this wouldn't look that great because of the games price but you would happily be wrong. Though it isn't the best in the world it is good. Enemies come in multiple varieties and even if someone says that, that they are just reusing enemy models it doesn't matter. At first it gives off a survival horror feeling and later when the plot is more understood it gives off another feeling and even though it would normally be a bad thing this game pulls it off nicely.
    Another nice feature of the game is the small things it does. Like the cold breath that comes off your screen as you breath in the cold environments to the frosted over look your screen gets in the extremely cold environments it does this area really nice. Now at first my computer was running the graphics on low and I was still pretty pleased with what I was seeing so it just goes to show they didn't fail here. (I didn't relies they were on low my computer can handle much better and I did set them on high when I found out)
    The game play is where games ether fail or succeed and this game succeeded. Though there is no blood but a nice little red ripple effect comes off the enemies body when you hit them. This is heat effect on them as they are frozen. Now most games make you fear the dark this game makes you fear the cold. Though it is not a major aspect it is pretty nice.
    You have 8 weapons to use each are pretty good. At first you have nothing as you didn't expect his crap to be happening and then you get a melee weapon very fast. Like first battle fast. The melee system is actually good in the this game and works quite nicely. Eventually you will get guns and they work nicely as well. This game has one of the most realistic loading I have seen in a game and it does hinder the game play but adds to the strategy. If you know you can reload here you know you can safely use this weapon but if you can't you might want to stick to the auto or clip weapon. Guns are nicely done and the sounds are great. Actually the game boasts some fancy sound system which really doesn't mean much to me but evidently make the game really great.
    The game play is mainly linear in nature with a touch of openness to it which is nice, though I was expecting an open world ship kind of thing but this game did it nicely. You make your way through the ship unraveling what happened and the bad things themselves with the mental echo ability which is not over used so if you don't like it don't worry. It lets you take the perspective of the person where he was shortly before he met his end there and you will save the same person more than once and this adds immense depth to the game play. Though some of them were kind of tricky to figure out they were all fun.
    You will fight different enemies along the way and even see your old friends again down the road and by that I mean meet some of the earlier monsters. It was a happy reunion kind of feeling and then we had to fight. Especially when you are running forward and some guy gets you in the chest with an axe. Ooo, not good. You will find out what happen and eventually... well you will have to pick it up to find out but game play wise, this game succeeded.
    Over all the game came together nicely. There were very few cons to it. Some areas and these were few had some graphic issues and by few I mean I can probably count them on one hand few. The game at times was easy which wasn't a major problem and it didn't ruin the game in the least. The game didn't have many glitches ether. It crashed only once and that was a fault on my end for having to much running at once. To top that off I didn't patch the game. In fact there were no patches available when I loaded the game so basically they ironed out most of the problems in the game before launch. A good use of time of a push back if I ever saw one.
    The game had decent length to it as well. The levels total in the high teens and each pointful and not just a filler level, the game didn't have filler levels. I say this because the game could have easily ended much earlier then it did. I mean many levels earlier not just a few. Yet the game delivered great length.
    In conclusion I recommend this game to anyone and everyone. I would use the term work of art for it and it and that doesn't mean that it is art. It is a game that is a game. Honestly this is probably going to be one of the most highly recommended games of my life. It was by far one of the best games I have played in a long time. That is not to say the games that I have played weren't good. They were and some even great but this game just shines and that is rare. If you are a true gamer you will like this game, if not love it. This is a sleeper hit and you must pick it up. It is a must have and worth the price.

    Though I have to add after seeing some of the other things people said that the game was never to be like Bioshock I don't know where they heard that. Second the game does not have a frame rate issue....more info
  • horror game
    This is a FPS, but there is not enough ammo around to take down the ghouls. Expect to axe, crush and do other gruesome things to your opponents. Don't recommend for youngsters. ...more info